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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Crazy lunch lady

Jan 10, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed a sex scandal involving a lunch lady in Weymouth.

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All right guys headlines brought to you as always by AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TE network by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. And worker -- and goes. Precision fitness equipment forty mile run tomorrow. Fourteen miles tomorrow training for the murder of fifty degrees high school team -- -- -- start with headlines and he's like father like and I just that I just from the -- -- the audience as were trying to be candid here and open all the gonna get to the calls we we don't get it over but I don't I got to tell you this. She's leading into the segment the headlines yet another hand -- this these cardinals look a little BP while not at least got a little in the criteria was it justified it. This crew is going to teach you you just designed to track their -- age you know they don't need the economy and down. Should appoint interim thing and on a daily petrified is overreaction was the justifiable. Reaction was muted and have a dumb question was posed for recourse it was a dumb question what do you plan. How are just out of the worst -- you've been used American radio who was the worst I've for the explosions just going off the -- But -- in the top dogs and went on but Eddie. -- -- -- that I saw where it's with reading and that was where he wanted to take conference rose to 300 got a mountain yes and give well given the current and Fred having an -- it's tough -- but he was real -- won this game and he was not but he feels he -- was in -- like -- they didn't take these classes are you ready to thank -- for -- but -- -- feet up on the our table was like Sunday it would only NFL football stuff the patriots -- in jail. And it was coming on after us. Apparently didn't like the fact that Fred and his feet up on its knees are just in there. And so we can't he's got a lift his leg up at all times we ended up there what is she walked. And Eddie didn't like the a look at act as the Chinese food -- and -- -- I'm accurate war president and of course who did the right now. Don't forget what -- was a little little intimidate you but settled in a little bit of the only the only the only person I saw Fred intimidated who wins. Was the fabulous sports. She was like three by three. At about 3 am bills are error I threw out their last night guess with a guest host was that a lot of guesses and some some longest of the best -- She's back to Florida delegation as a moral message I don't know where she definitely the should -- Scioscia lips let the two and item. -- -- -- -- I have to have we'll start with Chris Bosh with Chris Christie good idea whose press conference was so long that she starred in order used to work here and it's like a seven year old and hundreds of its longest press conference in history it was on belief like -- to register and get -- right. -- Email surfaced on this past week showing key members of Christie's staff -- lanes closed on GW bridges political retribution. After the for the mayor for the right after you -- the bridge. Did endorse Christie. He's doing traffic triggered our long hours long time to potentially positive but -- year old this woman who. Another emergency vehicles caught -- -- It's as good as murder as mean as bad as murder he -- he did -- -- Christie knows something about that hell no he knows and we are priced talent act one bright it is he is going down in flames and enjoy -- minimum -- marshmallows and that's hardly the president -- older woman died but the same time you like Springsteen. Fortunately you don't want nothing else he stopped just change just because somebody else likes certain -- type -- music. Doesn't mean you have to go along with the entire program but the idea that suddenly become more topology of Chris Christie likes she's not forty points. Some Mitt Romney is enjoying this that's that's -- that's good enough for -- -- it isn't it obvious that Chris Christie knew everything that was going on and he is just lying in his -- yes at least at a truck and I believe I I really truly believe he did not know that Kim -- on. Has the worst human rights record of Andy doesn't -- Right I don't think he know. When your defense of the Christian defense of this -- Augusta singles record as saying your Abbott loop OK so -- as I look at it that I will compliment I ran out and what does it. I mean I love that that I do love watch in the mainstream media turn on their guy because they loved him when he stabbed -- in the back they love me Christine he was their guy. And now that there is blood in the water and he's going. I thought we were friend. How different is it had been sports though he's a guy that also appear and give the media what they want every day and so you don't necessarily judge him. On what he does between the -- because. He's such a great guy if he gave them what they want it was he gave -- -- -- -- we don't like -- a big hug and the final week and helped Obama crossed the finish -- stuck me in the back Obama with a one anyway but I don't know about -- don't lose it which is just as Christie yesterday. I come out here today. To apologize. For the people of New Jersey. I apologize. To the people -- -- I apologized to the members of the state legislature and I am embarrassed. And humiliated. The conduct. Of some of the people. On my team. America flame the little people Arizona -- say it's. It's that. No it's incompetent and out is any aspirations which were real any -- are sound Jesus he's over there were real we'd be really. Last the year show he couldn't he couldn't get the right side of the party just gesture during wouldn't vote for no chance to vote for the Democrat I can't vote I Hillary I'm already over Chris Christie. The only one I would have trouble with -- -- -- Liz warn against Christie is that you would hope for Crist I would have to have you know what I do itself my vote did that happen to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ABC -- anyone but Crist that's what I would rip anybody runs against I don't care who is I would vote for them him her. Now listen this is this a delicate subject we can tackle it now where 836 year old largely. Anyway at middle school was sprung on 5000 dollar -- -- shift after her arrest on charges she rate difference fifteen year old son Janelle fully. Mother four from -- pleaded not guilty. Yesterday. To this and here's where the story gets. Tricky she's hot and she's she should be awfully excited on -- -- Our early on machines doing fun down here is it. Okay. -- once they don't look like an -- night I think the reason that -- by the way that's it that's -- they'll want to hold its the most amazing mug she would call the quartet setup on alternate shot. I've ever seen him in the look at her face Aaron Hernandez didn't look quite like that was is in crisis got back him terrible person orders allegedly refused. But she's an attractive stump she's very -- I largely facilities the school my American shops -- we into my the trailer I walked down the aisle. No tea. -- there's little Chris -- in that -- to hurt her multi schools there to 2.0 oh SharePoint she. She is. Good friends of the kids -- Defended the victim's mother know each other since high school prosecutors have children of all went up to what she does us. Which he did it was very very wrong but I've never ever seen launch late for a teacher that thought. The the the pictures amazing or -- and that's looks like Jesus now I know how to teach. And we do we treat this one differently. Because. You're -- eagle -- it and the reason to bring this -- is how many times have we seen this story. Where the school teacher has an affair with a fifteen year old male student six and seventeen year old. Male student and most guys he does like dog the -- and -- -- -- I don't know Parse what are they of the great that a partial or total output greater reward yesterday outsiders for yes -- -- he was -- off the charts right. So they do all the time. And they do what most guys do and that's what she's hot rhetoric that's what they -- but is -- is different now. And that it's not apparently consensual sex with. It is well she can -- -- -- court can't set an age fifty relatives that's what the analogy apology in his arms out -- departure deface the property -- -- -- you -- at that age can consent at least that's what the Romanian -- said. It was a reasonable and just. The fabulous sports being one of the pictures of them about a -- -- -- has looked up all night. -- which is what Augusta as an -- -- story yesterday I did not tell us abut and have the and happily the Academy Award winning actress. And my -- complete horse race I mean what -- was -- that great but I wouldn't say horse race for sure but I must say that she's not nearly as hot as the women's lunch late and I'm not you liable put together forget the fact that Italy's saints -- Janelle Evans -- -- -- -- ticker this launch lady was sending lewd pictures to the kid. So lewd pictures of when a woman 36 year old woman to a fifteen year old child. She -- gonna get away with that they always their not -- you don't always need a voice over toward her. It does sort of edit you shall. We divisible by one. I am happily nearly drowned in Hawaii to be terror policy or -- time yeah actors to the swim on vacation with hobby -- -- -- -- waver around wildly. Doing all this stuff issues that are so popular the oblivious husband on the beach. And then is -- any studies sucking on her towed to see that is apparently she hit some some coral here's what I don't get so it would have been aiding and passes away is it got. You see the picture you can tell you right now she's freaking drama queen she was not drowning shoo away the attention that's you hear these things about here. Issues all these demands you certainly can't say -- or are pretty stern did this year and that thing where she went to a charity event. And one of the demands was people couldn't talk to -- she would appear. Which could approach how -- admitting it's true that passer at certain interviews she -- these people she goes and ropes there should be some sort of -- -- smell which you want to. I like really I do like to -- our little studio some. Disaster unless there's a little disappointed that the idea and C -- smells here but that's just as LB Kamen says Heidi -- -- elderly could jump and I know what help becomes in. And -- jumps -- -- -- weather's gonna shake it and now we're gonna take you down that is that nightmares every night that our old process. That's the door open and there's LB it's likened Braveheart when the door opens and is to this -- did you just know that also -- Utley was hit an awful lot during his playing days did you just don't know when he comes in -- -- -- -- Whether he's in a good moment or whether it -- guy -- still -- point Toronto you know would you be scared if you're a former boss and he voted to put they'll meet the ever on -- absolutely. Mean you're in an airport nice guy oil bulls and great -- great yet I logo is such a nice guy few even. Is able -- emblem on Google -- knowing I was frustrated he holds a grudge that's got it. He's a great guy every time you talked to -- I'm so glad he's on my side and a so glad he's my friend quickly got -- -- -- -- she's one of these girls -- wants -- -- hockey such as such does nothing for. I believe you guys she's it and nobody -- big winners -- rugged and enjoy your -- or but Portland as it is there it is before she agreed to attend they can't. Certain research charity event she made sure the event staff were made aware over long list of demands. An email of those working at this event to Santa Monica say thirteen was quote. Getting real concern that people would approach her for photos and autographs quote everyone was asked. Not to talk to her. A source told touch. The email also notes that others doesn't -- -- no such demands quote I -- in the past our hosts have. Mingled in the party but each person is different we're trying to respect her space -- go to the event. And -- was allowed to talk -- a source tells radar online quote she was so rude and act like a bitch too few people. She did speak to she just sat there rolling her eyes all night. She's she wasn't drowning. -- -- is part. I was driving you so is that is that that -- -- at -- at Webster and glad that's an attempt to that was -- that's of their pay annual big botched the -- what we're going to be featured at these guys -- that like years ago it is I wanted to steal from them. That was actually want to -- is -- for. Stole that from some Rush Limbaugh's from whoever's right yet she sees that everybody. Steals from everybody everything's -- it was a completely invented. Thanks that's original so I was -- What was or was feeling I saw how you're right you know sub account in the -- removing the copper pipe. For.

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