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The Big O returns

Jan 10, 2014|

Glenn Ordway returned to the WEEI airwaves along side Gerry and Kirk. They checked in with him and talked about the BBWAA HOF balloting.

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I've men and you and I were wondering where Andre and we sat there for days while Dino tweeted out. He's New Year's Eve plans since he was going to be at foxwoods and he encouraged people come up right. And say -- we AD now. And -- said the first five people who do that on New Year's Eve. Special prize for them 10% up desert island Mindanao lie you thought it was -- I thought it was like a chip like gambling chip dollar chip of one dollar chipper and I never -- I was down there and I never found. Never fun with the prize was we find out they -- that. You if you went up to him and happy new year in new easy. Host -- sure oh. While Dino assailed the crises it's bigger than -- I think the people wonder what the -- goes to when he was he's kind of a PO group. My question was stalking Dino -- -- yet and we don't know like Jonas of the you know ahead of which -- -- right he's been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whenever yes yes I I asked my tweets last night. I ask my -- to guess who our special guest host was it was top secret. Only men and new and everybody that crystal that was it only a couple hundred your current -- did you tell. I I I experienced my first -- of -- -- At six also the other station precious allies had a right now as I told the case I to -- what what part of don't tell anyone. Was. Asked about the -- that's. You got to experience the First Amendment to miss the two men who lost that it is that's been -- and -- and -- -- -- -- -- you know. I get rid of a read for us to buy advice how much info on Tyson's appearance foxwoods in Manhattan just cost. Rather suddenly interest -- -- -- the -- and get this ministry has been huge contract right. -- pro to correct the that's what you'll yes that's tonight go to behind and maintenance for everybody -- yeah that's right and then you know what's gonna happen you know bush saying they gonna happen. -- and catch rats addicted to. When you first met him too. Mossy why's that. He's barely said anything the first time he filled in for me. A column -- this is as awful as it does talk disguise. He would do it he can't two -- you know says that -- hole. Operatives has never put me -- that guy again now we strapped with them for four years of long. All right I'm gonna enjoy this to be fun it's like old home week here committee and utility and for. For -- whatever I did that's exactly highlight I got this opportunity to it. Said the unit -- foxwoods tweeting talking about it on here. I went up to a -- annual European you know -- and oh yeah both cheeks and Google and that I have the rest of my family. But immensely grew up into the acts. -- offense and the -- yeah. We wish I am. That's that's very funds are foxwoods I got foxwoods gift certificates on the consumer the only game I still not sure what are the ones that leg of stiff consultant attention is hidden stake in the world can use some steak like -- again so -- -- restaurant -- -- -- rely out of the back part of what happened but those who don't know. Was some guy came up to. At that gets diverted and that he -- his wife got a place in this kid up and got -- he -- mother line up with this same family all the prizes to score the next week for the you know was. Do the right -- give them back at the guys like gone. You have to have I think you have to probably. I'll wind this thing a little bit better when you go into something like it because they are gonna slip what would you new using your talks with which you want people to come out you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Almost close you've been gone so I think it's -- head Andy as a woman on the is that one and he's not fall off the wagon yet and has been under a lot of pressure -- -- -- and meet. And is still clean and sober believe -- that race is clean sober -- imagine the quickest towards the toward Mike Tyson and he was back on the Olivia marching powder -- enjoyed so much. Like Texans great debt very good story and and ending the show is awesome. And you you can't believe it's as I have the same reaction when I sat down to watch him sit there going how can he pull law. One man show me how old were you a what did you expect and train -- I expected to train were. Which would have been fine record -- it would've been like what are what are you comfortable and really Rodman is right. That's a good question and then when we get other people to do what Tyson did who -- -- radical -- would -- people priceless all he couldn't he doesn't that would Charlie -- members can do these shows ever and I could you when you're not senior doing stuff you can't do -- that's why no Tyson. Is so Brodie says he's -- does this night after night he's he's a Smart guy you can. -- be Smart to study used Scottish as you may not be well educated but he's a Smart guy bright able to pull it -- loft. It's a fascinating show goes there was entire life. In -- works audio and video is amazing any holds enough and back now and what do you suppose his lawyers are holding anything back -- -- at this current what is that I thought. Musical that was the name of the undisputed. And spewed ash and that's if we had you know creative people we can do Colin would wait for them that we disputed true undisputed truth. -- Oakland or something could you handle that. An hour and a half. You sweat almost as much -- -- that may be my next -- and don't for some reason I recently came in here today and if you noticed this -- all of the lights out of our studio lights brighten my. Eyes right now or water. Now for those people watching on us. I am a little Syria Libya that -- a sensitive guy and so it really gets an embargo. Mind if you if you leave if they throw your ass out here. If you pictures are up on the wall all personnel you get down I get that understand it but they kept mine up and defaced it yeah to me that something that was -- -- I don't know. -- better than someone who was deposed. After you. Disposed of after you that took his name plate. Office to someone we know did this because -- of storm put in the tunnel vision and that's just took a picture of really yet and then sent to -- Atlantic I mean sent it to wherever the guy he has sent him a picture to Atlanta. Yet to wherever. Of his name that's in the normal people. And I doubt prove that I would be I've. And it would do would be that. Viable LB balls -- is a good candidate now -- -- -- -- a wonderful guy that can't be just went up to that guy told them. If you ever have received Boston again from a punch in the face of I would say that LB. The truth for once it I'm I'm that guy and I have to fly somewhere and stuff in Boston as a -- different flight -- again that some balls just an hourly oh and sorry I can't sale would have would have little -- -- And he knows even scarier in his own way. -- -- it was the strong. -- about a way I do apologize for not tending your your Christmas your your -- -- a big Christmas but but that it will attest to this -- I saw him he was dean as party I was at the sport. You know hug me for dear life and -- be true when I saw it quits -- I'm one of his tweets I saw between it was errors from his Christmas cards pictures of all you guys. I've -- in the past I invited you like ten years ago when you can come. And I don't blame -- -- -- like we don't live near each other it's a pain in the ass I felt like a beep you know especially ecology every -- it's common common. -- -- Would say funny when he'll call me every day for any second -- against rival. Camp in Kenya have. Erections. Who wants to do that stop me team player. He did you polluted -- total denial of forced an allegory -- forced into doing -- we've been here eleven months into a force in the you know he was in play in the game he didn't yet have -- multi year contract. No chance I would talk a lot of football today it is my understanding is that you guys -- sports now that -- now yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I SR one was on TV I wish you guys sausage should open mics and and then on the list there's during a break. These -- Throwing stuff. In and Mike Tyson were shocked at that ever it was slick. Casey case them in on the -- too often Casey case and -- -- frustrated of frustrated with. Our producer Chris Curtis I am worried that he has the intellectual path you. This which is teasing -- duplicate its predecessors that's typical. I've shown you should be able. I mean guys he's good results sneak the interview process is if I don't think that. If you allow these guys to walk over you trust me you'll be coached here. -- it'll be back my sister last seventeen years that I go through life -- I'm doing all right evidence that a mental hospital you know what they interviewed an Olympian processes that make them come for the revolving door in if they can do they can get off on and off at the right time. They get the. We're all. That. And all. The calls I get us a that there that bleep button and you know I don't like I tell you the first time I heard Jerry. And I've been working for those that don't know national -- Saturday and Sunday. You know about -- channel channel TDs and show is no rule like it was 8200. Like visitor at Ole. We look at -- that. An event was a deal to. Go on Saturday Sunday morning -- tool but it was the first time it's equaled. And dropped an F. Like reaching. Out. But -- -- -- -- -- you know when your -- you have no FCC do you switches. I I actually have thrown a little. By mistake. Because I got. He gets a YouTube that the -- -- could I could get to do you do it would sound like you assess you can't force it is definitely there it would stern started. Probably Stewart all the time the band easily could do really -- -- first start from dropping -- bombs yet he drops a lot of yeah I'd say about you know what is shows is. With the F bones and because it's part of what it's natural it's natural to you build it. Uses that which -- and subsequent attempts were on the phone with each other reefs where. We come on here we can't and somehow. But that could sing a foreigner here. Trying to get an earlier question not whether you're -- that. That should what you look for job that you. That's -- about. It. That's all I can say is. That about -- was still has a job like that stroke on -- mean he's failed in how many years. -- -- eleven and Cincinnati I believe eleven years old for five in the playoffs and if you're. I mean I'll try to figure out Mike Brown why would fire. You can't but he makes the playoffs every announced three years in a row. And lose in the first round. You -- can you fire that -- not many owners fire that guy again mixed play out some of god it's been leading the office offensive coordinator just got himself. Multi year deal will we -- coach up Andy Dalton -- you can pick your job while the place you -- ago we evil but it's not real just like the Redskins what -- think Dan Snyder knows the difference between -- gruden and Jon -- to me sounds similar dance and Jay gruden was a better football players that maybe that. He's been the only sixteen years this is eight coach. They averaged two seasons he's in his Steinbrenner -- -- average success Tennessee's cigarette looks. Looks dumber than it does he look like he can manslaughter is now your expertise in the locker room. It reminds me somebody who this has got to look to bother me. Looks like some mines don't hit it is a utes if you actually that the only thing I know I know who you're talking about we don't know. I don't know I don't read the right crowd I don't know car camera is it'll show little timid now we get the new deal if I did it say c'mon tough guy it's in the question jerk. We do and that's an answer the question you -- you want -- right. Well -- I'm not. Doing anything that's not schedule a schedule it spoke he said we should do that. Said scheduling issue of sponsors. And big sponsor that well so it doesn't want to Austin where. So you stole some of the garage deck. And by the way that was not. -- somebody else's shtick. And -- -- -- sponsoring yet they can't help himself Oakland sponsors. They become enemy. -- recently several more like I'm so bad that it took a picture or when we vote and here it's like Hillary can't do I can't. Mean you walk in the -- them -- why you -- you pictured notes and follow the reason this one button and tried again America. This one and what that he is who. -- looks -- -- -- meal and it's you know it's not look at this. It's an all right why is that burglary he was moving too fast or not I'm not fast enough in my intellectual heft to question this morning. Between -- is. You move in the temperature you can keep the things you know you coupons ride it around the street doesn't make any added the brightness make these ones today. He seventeen year old Romanian. -- Patrick -- -- not play offs. He didn't pedicure so I have the remotely like good guys and by the way did you notice to dealers try to be artsy with -- vote as you're having trouble. Get a this guy is John. Strategy artsy with these photos now it's she'd like captive. And she's honest she actually looks like captive she looks like one -- girls and taken when the first taken when they get to that public place -- -- all the rooms. In the chain of the bids what's ironic is the one hour the date right now -- -- let's proceed the sun. If she opens up a little bit he's -- the peak out and take a look -- for you guys don't there's been looking since you is that next week the week after post you wanna come out you know out for. Who knows it's I get I figured crap when I was out for a week and have been awful like six weeks and -- Images we don't know what he's coming back where -- opened my -- come back we don't summoned back with them on a cruise ship. So when he things can go wrong you know he could get thrown overboard he can throw some overboard he could get on one of those islands he begins in trouble. Where they don't which leave. All right we don't know what's -- -- in three days US -- directorship wanted to -- -- I don't want to Armitage would have taken abroad to Nebraska and do what I saw us take a break right now because you know for you for the first time -- deals even gonna hit the brakes on. I have more than one is going to be -- -- you have got to start working where they Clark here -- you start work you have the time attended regular Italy's public DVDs will talk lots of football all of a -- I'll give UT's Jerry got himself into week Twitter war. Would Dan led the tar and his father took it gets his father and it's every. Up and I must say this you gonna do this because I know you know. Hugo you wanna talk football we wanna -- baseball but we also want the people. Linesmen Dan I know my guys -- Texas for -- -- -- -- dutiful and Otto gets six twining usually you know you get calls but not always right off the topic is we don't take calls in the first segment people a -- The talked or Kuwait when Iraq in this in the -- it's not he agrees I heard that last year enough got to go -- we'll take calls to and I'll tell you. Then -- retired I mean I guess he's I learned that he writes his own I thought he would like people that reddish tweets for this debt. If his death it. They give him a little bit tired. Took a shot at me. Over ratings and I laughed out loud because I just checked. You know that infomercial would lower the lure of the coast and they showed him underwater camera right he just beat Pete and -- can't let -- get info Marshall -- its TV show again last week. But we'll get into that I did you know on Lipitor it's in the -- towards. I know I I think it's clear it was where I ended your eyes well well well didn't. What was the issue is deliberately he's. But it is gonna censorship to know ironically. We'll take a break we'll come back we'll take phone calls we'll talk more about this and we'll get it to the patriots game.

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