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Ben Cherington talks Stephen Drew, Tanaka, and Ortiz

Jan 9, 2014|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier talk with Red Sox Executive Vice President and GM Ben Cherington. They discuss Stephen Drew's prospects, the level of interest in Masahiro Tanaka, discussions with David Ortiz, and Frozen Fenway.

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Right now we're gonna go right to it though I mean bench Eric in general manager of the Boston Red Sox we haven't talked to -- beliefs and so and Mary beat and have talked. Publicly since the winter meetings. It feels like it but I guess not not on the -- and there's nothing more important you know. -- -- well at -- that you better buffer as I I would not be doing my job Tom Caron. Insisted that I ask where were you in the Nelson vs Red Sox. Off front office hockey game yesterday at Fenway Park you routes. Yeah it. Acquire a lot of people including myself. Without being there you guys probably know that. It's time on the pace that I get. Every two years in order -- as. Are my favorite so not media cameras and all that some like he -- There's things come up he can't he can't do it in those world mornings and I don't think I had anything to do it via the outcome but I. Obviously we got some work to do. The next summer -- it is important to us. -- rumor has it bits that you were there of one of the standouts of the of the front office of the internal front office hockey games ago. I'm not sure I'd I do believe that. You know you -- you underestimate perhaps undervalued yourself as a hockey player. Well. This -- the the bar pretty low. Atlases. Well the ball back -- okay so. We -- give -- pass schedule soon that you were working on important stuff. Yesterday. And one of the things that that we have to ask for navigate because we haven't had a chance to ask in this is early in a lot of people's eyes the only thing laughed. Is when you talked about Stephen Drew and his market back in the winter meetings it was kind of a wait and see attitude from the from the organization. Q have you seen the Stephen Drew market move at all and it in the last couple weeks last week. No no nothing not any specific kind of -- in we we kept. Dialogue going and frankly. Haven't had a conversation. They're a little while now and probably just before the holidays it's. Can you I think. Are -- any doubt that he. Opportunities out there. Good player he's -- there so. Giambi. He's going to be somewhat shortstop. This year and you know we. We've had that. We think without an honest open about. -- -- and Scott obviously about. Let our interests are and then some of that those issues that were patient. He the same them will continue to keep or whether we. We can you have a conversation -- -- -- Scott but there's nothing motor sport. Insofar as drew represents what seems like an added layer above you know above you have -- obviously the option of Bogart's is starting shortstop with the career now. As an experienced Major League backup at that position. Is there kind of made a point of Norwich a point where you've got it where you wanna say look this is just our roster were going to spring training with that or. Is this something where you where you can entertain the idea of adding whether it's drew or another kind of significant player. You know. On the cusp of spring training in to spring training. It is their drop dead date here. Like -- that are. That we as a group. Staff. Major -- And our coaches that are are flexible. Nimble enough. To a comedy a move that makes sense no matter what they come. -- you never know -- in the what -- opportunities come up -- -- -- -- -- ourselves and LA I think it. You know what we've been wanting to focus on the winner. Talking about a lot internally just. Earlier. That we have as everyone -- got and all those. The young players to reach the leader who we believe part of villiers regular players of course and there're a -- gonna commit to that level at all as a their question about. Transition. In any sort of learning curve that means -- sleepless. That said you have young players leave them. There is a there's a real that is a real values. -- from invading them in -- -- to use some of them. And because you know it and never do I think we all everyone knows that sort of obvious to say that. The best team you're around -- award -- An angry young players from time to time and in -- successfully in the -- -- that. Think you can better helps you manage -- through a payroll in your hair out that are. You know way to do that of course is. Of course exactly where. So the question is what. Which players. How many. You know what is accurate -- that etc. so that's really. That's the dialogue we've been having internal. We were in that position that we have -- you -- or not. -- -- -- -- lose at all but not. I was out you know in January. But we are talking about the values the organization. That comes from. -- There is indeed out letters that are or do it. Week to support those guys enough by. I think. A little lucky enough roster overall. You know and part of those young players are only position players obviously that translates into the the pitching staff particularly the starting pitching staff and and you have some -- contract decisions coming up over the next year in western union Dempster. Well one the other big by talking points in this offseason has been an actor. I guess the first question would be just -- hosted teams in Major League Baseball who are hosting. To knock is you guys have any plans to have him swing on by. We got in touch who is would Casey close -- you're not -- obsolete. A lot of work harder on knock -- a lot of chatter so. Over comparable to our evaluation -- -- we had a conversation and dialogue with Casey. A two dollar or saying this or that -- You know we we respect not as a pitcher Odyssey very accomplished them. Not surprisingly there's. -- -- a lot of competition for Ireland. Of the interest. You know what it is another couple weeks ago roughly. If he has to make a decision. -- them. You know I think it. You know me meeting with team loses. Certainly indications that she. I think it's occasionally you'll get more information from us troops. You know to cease see -- now whether they are. You know we. We have you know -- -- get open that if you understand their share. This. He said if if he -- to have a meeting with you guys 'cause that usually work. Is this the case from what you understand of him picking the teams he's gonna go see or is it just that the teams at if you give give him an invitation he's gonna come. Welcome to counter really allows her. Continue their -- orders counter top currently and them. So there's got to be some. It's on both sides that. It's our -- spending. You know. That's that's -- that's to be determined. But I can but I thought saw it and say at this point is that we. We we really respect. And as a pitcher and she's very accomplished obviously. So it looks like I needed Major League starter. Run away. And when that kind of that your available then it's our adopted. It'll work that we need to do to -- Norman. Express. A low interest and makes our roster. So it goes. You mentioned deed is the ongoing conversation about about the clemency internal prospects and you guys have have the rookie development -- -- the corner. Guys like Henry Owens Anthony Varnado Matt Barnes taking part yeah Brandon Workman. Bob is there any sense is is there an ongoing conversation perhaps about whether or not you'd want to -- Someone from outside the organization on a long term commitment. Rather then kind of committing to. Committing to some of those internal options and taking advantage of you know of this homegrown depth that you guys have been working pretty hard. To develop into and to build. And kind of you know he's. It envisioning a more homegrown cheap to. It's how you -- rotated to feel how you thought the rotation going forward. Well. I think it all is going to be the balance you know at least in our situation. And important and other young players SARS. -- much work that. Now trying to help. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On down or however -- -- office about. -- -- -- -- Or -- accomplish this country here. It's really important than it solid you all of the the great Orlando. Veteran. Players are sometimes I mean it's retaining her own that are in there. Sometimes didn't go to outside them in game -- -- position. I just think in -- -- Austin where. Our job is to deliver. You know a contending caliber team here they're out that there's no. In those over -- also has a window of opportunity boxes that year. I don't know that I just don't know no matter Romero -- -- marriage so far our house costs are there. I don't know if there is. A way to Seattle it deliver. Seventeen. Out. Blanton goes. A veteran players that so that's what we're trying to do. Harlem and how did you. Well that's that's our that. It makes sense. And we we pursued try to pursue opportunities that are players do whether it's signing. As her -- and -- -- trade trade. We try to pursue those guys that we think is the best. On our team and our organization in the city. And come. An approach that makes sense that. If we can do that. If we can succeed on a -- out there. Those guys that are young players. Helped the young players so well integrate and also in a position -- -- game. With regards to to the pool of young pitchers that you have including those taking part in the rookie development program because I mentioned plus ops plus in it was a and and guys like Terry Britton -- work in our all of those guys going to be stretched out as starters in spring training or. You know have has a decision been made about having one guy who's been coming up through the system or sign like you know as a being you working out of the bullpen and whispering. Yet. Think initially -- -- Them -- starter. Routine. You know for a couple of reasons and most importantly because. You know. That you had -- it's still hard to find the starter then as a reliever. So we'll Jews are young pitchers every chance -- starter or he can't. Of course it's all these years ago. -- -- sort of preparation important quality of the starters are. So well -- -- is you know the Wear -- so -- arm in that group of young pitchers would come this can't. Other starter yeah yeah I think is just -- practically. This year I think we'll have some. And then in the workload management of their veteran pitchers. At least early in camp. And they're -- -- maybe. Attempts. There you know turn compensate for the workload that sort of our guys so. A car this -- here and you are over. Or a little bit early spring training that -- that opportunity sure. Younger pitchers. In a few -- in an otherwise my order trade. Or younger. Permanently part of a starter in -- and then yeah I think a lot of -- -- camp. Read my offseason time I get a little model because you have talked publicly. Since the winter meetings of that -- is just a few days after Mike Napoli zone introductory. Conference call. And I tried to cut. Yeah outlaws in the Dominican so there -- -- I was distracted column but I had a newborn I was also -- -- PS but well but we're bouncing back in a big way here and and you look at during a conference call I know that Ortiz is down Dominican Eddie just said. That he's talked he wants to tock and I know you kick -- specifics but do you think that there will be dialogue. About David or teases contract throughout the course of either spring training -- the year. Probably so. Simply and I say that because -- all the dialogue would dated this arm. Importantly importance. Ownership. Important organizations -- Open dialogue -- -- players and it's certainly close. And we talked this letter. You know I think look I -- David is the really important player not Marleau obviously. You know it doesn't feel. Uses flew. Please see all the and he sort of it's not just any baseball player. There were a little like that. Expresses. You know they're strong interest in an organization. Well I think mostly take that a good thing you know I mean. That's. But a lot better than the alternative. So we welcome that interest -- so yeah will be dialogue in order to see. That turned into our our position hasn't changed. Its all. It has doesn't -- sometime in. Expected expected to continue to be that. Who on his career it sucks. We wanted -- you know where it's. That straight for and the right for us it's the that it's his career that that type of player that he is there. It's graceful all those. Right now artists you know -- count on him in the North Carolina. Working out. But certainly don't we over the -- did you talk about it whether it's spring training here. -- in that last question and we loop right back in the beginning in the interview. You have a skating rink basically in your office right now. And then you also have a slide right next to the green monster so I wanna know how abuse gave it. Which I imagine you would you you have right -- knocked out in. And on some laps or whatever. Yeah ability yeah -- it on the race it might have have you gone on the slide. I haven't been -- -- slap at I have heard from people that -- farm. You'd be surprised. The demand her I started to -- it's pretty -- -- a lot that goes under normal or last there's. Game on armed. Are about to start shouldn't that certain though it so there's some are out there all the time but. It's public. Growing up and he's -- Especially the older actually you know towards a school you'd have to. There's that there's a period of time and -- You know that your worst hours -- place but today. And so and I police practice at 6 in the morning or lover a whatever. Let sort of look like now again for a a pocket crime hours of the fuel out there at eleven and night. You know five degrees out them. You get an attitude that so we. We do it. Well maybe you can get the Zamboni Isner as I gotta be honest if we had a slide here -- the guy we'd be going down and all the time it would matter what time. Just like it here are my daughter he has really -- replied. -- Federer had four irritated are sure your nice -- -- that's that's always what we want to get to that point where you -- an invitation bad. The bad thanks lot for -- appreciate. -- -- They expand first interview of 2004 team they're -- go there you know marked down as -- -- in general manager. Of the Red Sox we're gonna react to everything that he talked by the I thought you very did he he was very. A specific as well as specific as you could be in regards to drew him to knock out Ortiz that much more than so before.

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