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Jan 9, 2014|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier talk with Red Sox Executive Vice President and GM Ben Cherington. They discuss Stephen Drew's prospects, the level of interest in Masahiro Tanaka, discussions with David Ortiz, and Frozen Fenway. Rob and Alex close things out by discussing the recent Hall of Fame voting controversies.

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Always visited drums now likes we're not offended by -- CA. We're not offended work complemented by them I'm thrilled by him out as you -- -- -- like my happy needed to I was talking about that -- about that's OK come on I'm beyond that it's it's a good time to be -- -- -- did absolutely it is listen if we're at our. Our billion -- that's OK with us and that's where we're at right now on the hot stove show I'm rob Bradford of WEEI dot com that's Alex rear back for beside -- older -- two weeks off. Yeah bucolic two weeks off like -- -- we -- oh you are all assignment errors on assignment would die yet it was not it was of meaningful and important time in my life so do you do that's what we that's what we strive for when you're could be off from the show. You'd better be meaningful and it better be important part of your life the via the bar set high I wouldn't I wouldn't try to get under while we feel -- To get to disturb -- other -- really get to the end of -- that we could have done this for eight hours but because there's so much -- -- about. And there obviously someone to talk to -- that person we are going to talked Tuesday beds sharing and general manager of the Boston Red Sox is gonna join us in a few minutes will break down everything where the Red Sox are at in regards to Stephen Drew. In regards to the -- team overall roster that knocked out of the pitching staff is a lot to get to -- he really hasn't -- I don't believe. In public -- talked in public obviously but not to the media since the winter meetings column as a -- anything since -- you think. Yeah there hasn't been a whole lot going on our right is always good to hear from because he gives us the state of the team the state of the the offseason so we're gonna talk to him and a few minutes but before we get too bad we're gonna dive right into the topic of the day. The topic of the last few days and and that really is the hall of and it's not only the hall of fame by the process of what's the hall of fame participants are selected. There's many avenues could go down here Alex and we were talking in the back rumored debating we were talking we're analyzing. And -- one thing that you said it was pretty interesting which is this has become a lot last about. The induction of these guys and a lot more about who's conducting them how the induction. Is taking place it's just bizarre and really I think. -- as shameful and so -- disgraceful that that what we've seen happening with most awards voting and I include. The MVP voting in the cy voting look if there's unanimous candidate been great that ends up being a celebration of that individual. But otherwise this ends up being this avenue firm kind of for the two operation and purchased hostility. Hatred that you see like levied between. Colleagues in between. You know fans and right -- writers and writers. In it's it's it's it's disgraceful and right now something is terribly terribly flawed with voting process he's. In which we spend a -- a lot more time. Talking about the people who are doing noting. And how they're going about their voting process than we are about these landmark players who. Who defined terrorize you know whether or not that is an era of one year we're talking where you know. That very Trout vs verses Cabrera argument ends up being about the world views of the people who are voting on these guys rather than on these unbelievable. Talents. They're like so few other people that we've ever seen in our lifetimes is baseball fans the same is true of the hall of fame. It's it's ridiculous to me it's ridiculous the players were great take a backseat to the people who were who -- trying to figure out whether or not and how great they wore. Think about it is that you had to pick to the hall of fame always takes of the three players in their hall of fame baseball jerseys. That pitcher might as well have well been on page sixty of newspaper. Because what people were talking about today with the -- tar. Mean did -- hard selling his or not selling but giving up his vote. Too desperate. That's what people were talking about all fame and when -- -- talking about this earlier and you brought this up which I think is spot on. I related to the money ball -- and the money ball aero wise people wanted side which viewers now either you were stats. There was no in between and I feel that's how it is right now either -- a blogger in your basement. Or -- blogger who has a better perspective than any mainstream U member can. And it's it -- a conversation that we're gonna have throughout the course of the show right now we're gonna go right to it though I mean bench Eric in general manager of the Boston Red Sox we haven't. Talked to him. Beliefs and so and Mary beat and I have talked. Publicly since the winter meetings. Well it feel like it but I guess not not on the shallow and there's nothing more important you know. Stated that well yeah that's a that -- -- but first I I would not be doing my job Tom Caron. Insisted that I ask where were you in the Nelson vs Red Sox. Off front office hockey game -- Fenway Park you routes. Yeah -- Or a lot of people including myself -- for not being there you guys probably know that. It's time on the case that I get. Every two years in the order that -- is. My favorite so not media cameras and all that some are like this. There's things come up he can't he can't do that in those were those mornings and I don't think I had anything to do it he the outcome but. Obviously we got some work to do. The next summer out his competitiveness. Don't rumor has it bits that you were there at one of the standouts of the of the front office of the internal front office hockey games ago. I'm not sure I'd I do believe that. You know you -- you underestimate perhaps undervalued yourself as a hockey player. Well. The this -- at the bar pretty low. -- pluses are. Well -- -- okay so. We -- if you pass schedule soon that you were working on important stuff yesterday. And one of the things that that we have to ask for navigate because we haven't had a chance to ask in this is early in a lot of people's eyes the only thing laughed. Is when you talked about Stephen Drew and his market back in the winter meetings it was kind of a wait and see attitude from the from the organization. Q have you seen the Stephen Drew market move at all and it in the last couple weeks last week. Did not know nothing not any specific kind of way we we kept that dialogue going and frankly. Haven't had a conversation. I'm a little while now and probably just before the holidays. And I think. I don't have any doubt that -- Opportunities out there. Good player he's out there so. -- -- -- It is somewhat shortstop. This year and you know we. We've had that. We think that honest open about. -- -- and Scott obviously -- What our interests are and then some of their own issues that were chasing. He. On the same them will continue to keep -- that. We can have a conversation you know. There's nothing motor sport. Insofar as drew represents what seems like an added layer above you know above you have -- obviously the option of Bogart's is starting shortstop with -- career now. As an experienced Major League back up at that position. Is there kind of made a point of Norwich a point where you've got to where you wanna say look this is just our roster were going to spring training with that or. Is this something where you where you can entertain the idea of adding whether it's true or another kind of significant player. You know on the cusp of spring training into spring training. It is their drop dead date here. Like that that are. We as a group and our staff our formation. And our coaches that are. Are flexible enough. Sort of symbol enough. To a comedy you move that makes sense -- -- Comes. You never know when the what gate opportunities come up our runner I would lost -- -- ourselves and LA I think it. You know what we've been wanting -- spoke on the winner and talking about a lot internally just. Earlier. That we have whether or not got and full of young players to reach the leader who we believe sort of -- injury players of course letters that are unproven potential level at all as a fair question about. Transition them -- any sort of -- -- that -- -- -- That said you have young players leave them. There is a there's a real that is real values. Same from invading them -- -- to use some of them. And because you know it and never do you know since think well everyone knows that sort of obvious to say that. The best seeing you in your honor award. An angry young players from time to time and Britain successfully in the and it is that. -- you can better helps you managed them you know payroll here her out that are. You know way to do that of course is. -- could actually play. The question is what. Which players -- how many. You know what is the right on that Sutter so that's really. That's the dialogue we've been having internal. We were in that position that we have a chance -- out or not. -- team -- to lose at all I'll. -- out you know in January. If but we are talking about the valued in -- organization. That comes from. Committing to where it can be letters that are work -- it. Week to support those guys enough by. Having a little or lucky enough roster overall. You know and part of those young players are only position players obviously that translates into the the pitching staff particularly the starting pitching staff and and you have some -- contract decisions coming up over the next year in western union Dempster. Well one the other big spot talking points in this offseason has been an -- I guess the first question would be -- that hosted teams in Major League Baseball who are hosting. To knock is you guys have any plans to have him swing on by. Tom. We'd been in touch who is would Casey close to interpret. Obviously. A lot of work harder -- to knock so a lot of chatter so. Over comparable as our title race Childers. And I had a conversation and dialogue with Casey. That the dollar -- saying this or that. You know we we respect not as a pitcher Odyssey very accomplished them. Not surprised -- Rather give a lot of competition or a little. Oh -- interest. You know what it is another couple weeks ago extra -- If he has to make a decision. You know I think it. You know me meeting with team loses. Certainly indications that she. I think that -- he wants to get our information from us troops. You know to cease see output without whether they are. The last. You know -- -- We have you know how to get open. If you understand -- -- -- He -- if if he wants to have a meeting with you guys 'cause that usually -- Is this the case from what you understand of him picking the teams that he's gonna go see or is it this that the teams at if you give give him an invitation he's gonna come. Welcome to counter really allows her. -- continued their orders counter. Currently and in the -- So there's got to be some. And so on both sides that. Of course and you know. That's that's -- that's to be determined. But I can but I thought -- to say at this point is that we. We we really respect. End of the picture. She's very accomplished obviously. So looks like I needed Major League starter. Right away. And when that kind of that your available then it's our job to. It'll work that we need to do to -- Norman. Express. A -- interest and makes our roster. So it goes. You mentioned deed in the ongoing conversation about about the clemency internal prospects and you guys have have the rookie development program around the corner. Guys like Henry Owens Anthony Varnado Matt Barnes taking part yeah Brandon Workman. Bob is there any sense is is there an ongoing conversation perhaps about whether or not you'd want to -- Someone from outside the organization on a long term commitment. Rather then kind of committing to committing to some of those internal options. And taking advantage of you know of this homegrown depth that you guys have been working pretty hard. To develop into and to build. And kind of you know he's in envisioning a more homegrown cheap to. It's how you feel rotated to -- how you thought the rotation going forward. Well. I think it's -- -- -- -- be about it you know at least in our Asian. It's important and -- our players SARS. Is as much work ethic. Now trying to help. There anyway we can learn from -- sort of make that final step they're equally as successful in fact -- -- yeah -- -- On counter Howard thought -- -- opposite. -- -- -- -- -- or trying to accomplish this country. But really important thing but it solid you or August he and have the right. Veteran. Players sometimes doesn't reclaim our veterans. Sometimes -- didn't go outside and that are outside the organization. I just think in a place like Boston where. A hard job is to deliver. You know a contending caliber team your -- out and that there's no. Those little earlier so it as a window of opportunity cost us every year. I don't know that I just don't know no matter no matter how many marriage so far so ever. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that serious. A way to you have a little over. Seventeen years now where I have. -- there. A veteran players that so that's what we're trying to do. And how -- yeah. That that's the challenge. -- it makes sense. And we we pursuit try to pursue opportunities as better players again whether it's -- As her -- other intriguing trade. We try to pursue those guys that we think. It's the best. On our team and our organization in the city. And at a price that makes sense. We can do that. If we can succeed on a -- out there. That -- has their -- players. Helped the young players so they'll integrate them also in a position or. With regards to to the pool of young pitchers that you have including those taking part in the rookie development program because I mentioned plus not plus in Josiah. And and guys like Terry Britton -- worked in our all of those guys going to be stretched out as starters in spring training or. You know -- has a decision been made about having one guy who's been coming up through the system or sign Mike you know as a being of working out of the bullpen in the spring. Yeah I think initially viewed. Them -- starter. Routine. The first couple recent and most importantly because. You know. That you had noted it's still hard -- -- starter than as a reliever. So all Jews are young pitchers every chance -- starter or he can't. Of course it's all these years ago. Just from -- sort of preparation important qualities you go from starter. Opener and as you know the later rounds so. I think that group of young pitchers would come that can't. A starter and the other thing is just -- practically this year I think we'll have some. -- man in the workload management of their veteran pitchers. At least early in camp. And they're -- -- maybe. Attempts. -- you know -- compensate her the workload that sort of -- so. Regardless. Here people are over five. Or a little bit early spring training so that made their opportunities for. Younger pitchers. If you are otherwise might there. Or younger. It. Permanent part of a starter in -- and ethical on the mini camp. Spend my offseason time I get a little model because you have talked publicly. Since the winter meetings and that was just a few days after my monopolies. Introductory. Conference call. And tried to cut that -- in the Dominican so there are. I was distracted column but I had a newborn I was also I was PS but well but we're bouncing back in a big way here and and you look at during a conference call I know that Ortiz is down Dominican Eddie just said. Says he's talked he wants to tock and I know you kick him specifics but do you think that there will be dialogue. About David Ortiz is contract throughout the course so either spring training -- the year. Probably though. Simply. Say that because -- -- -- all the dialogue with David -- sperm. Importantly. Important. -- ownership. Important organization you have. Opened -- all their key players in -- certainly. And we talked this let her. You know I think look at David is the really important player -- -- obviously. You know he doesn't steal it means it is true. It -- city. Although he sort of he's not just any baseball player. Sort of like that. Expresses. They're strong interest in England organization. Well I think mostly take that a good thing in. That's. But a lot better than -- -- So we welcome that interest. So yeah will be dialogue in order to see. That turned into our our position hasn't changed a it's all. As and some. Expected expected to continue to be that. Who -- on -- -- his -- it -- We wanted to -- it away at -- That's race for and the right for us it's yeah. That it's his career -- Like the player that he is there. As graceful and all the -- and right now artists you know we're on the podium in the North Carolina. Working out. But certainly don't we -- it sure did you talk about the Islanders and -- In that last question and we loop right back the beginning of the interview. You have a skating rink basically in your office right now. In and you also have a slide right next to the green monster so I wanna know how do you -- it. Which I imagine you would you you have right to use knockout in. And on some laps or whatever. Haven't yet. A -- at -- -- don't race it might have have you gone on the slide. I haven't been outside. I have heard from people and it's a lot of -- You'd be surprised. The demand her based on their side it's pretty parallel left and lows in their normal lesser. He gained on on. Are about to start -- -- -- -- or -- so there's some are out there all the time but. It's probably. Growing up and he's -- Especially the older actually you know towards a school you have to. There's there's a period of time and -- -- You know that your worst hours of -- of the day. And so and I police practice at 6 in the morning her lover a whatever. Let sort of what it's like now again and -- officer -- -- -- -- a -- out there eleven united. You know five degrees out there. You get an -- that so we. We do. Well maybe you can get the Zamboni is era -- -- and I gotta be honest if we got a slider -- the guy we'd be going down and all the time it would matter what time. Just like it -- -- my daughter he has really -- replied. As veteran oriented -- and your eyes -- I think that's that's always what we want to get to that point where you offer that invitation bad. With a bad thanks lot for joining us appreciate. -- -- They expand first interview of 2004 team they're -- go there you know marked down as parents aren't in general manager. Of the Red Sox we're gonna react to everything that he talked about the odds -- you're very did he he was very. A specific as well as specific as you could be in regards to drew the -- -- Ortiz a much more than so before. And we've talked about that we're also gonna get back in the hall thing I've never seen Alex and fired up as he was right before bad Kmart will get all that right after the spring. Are -- I still show. We are back. Stuff from bench -- him. Good stuff Alex I agree now a -- -- WI dot com I'm rob Bradford stable organizations is not stale so so. I'm my decked out my goals distinctive clothing. Alex can attest to that yes I think he should get a monogrammed with Justin at the as -- present the year my new year present to you promote it tell you go over NC -- I'm not failure to give your fingers over NC down because till suddenly people all those steered in the right direction I'll tell you want. Also obviously beaches of Fort Myers and sent about will be seeing them soon and -- -- countdown is on in and bench Sheraton talking. But -- the the things that he was talking about. Stephen Drew to knock a Ortiz. The little bit about spring training about how they're gonna approach young pitchers. It was all really contrasting all really got close to spring training use the -- in the conversation -- -- you asked the question Alex is or drop dead date. Four when you have to make a decision on Stephen Drew -- in case you missed it what he said about Stephen Drew was that he he hasn't talked. To Scott Boris. Since beat all of it out which is so surprising as. I guess although I I think they did it tells you something about where the Red Sox are in terms of their pursuit of Stephen Drew namely. They've probably pretty well defined what they're willing to do with Stephen Drew and you know said look if you can go button you can beat this offer them you know and great like. It's it's seemingly. This is also this is also the nature of a Scott Boras negotiation to go right. Michael -- February 15 last year -- I keep coming back to that and by guess what it does for me is. The question I would have his has your approached altered. Since we knew it wise is in the winter meetings which is early December which is gonna wait till the market develop -- -- -- -- Steven. And then come back to us down and that evidently hasn't been all. It remains the -- Down book sounds like you know it sounds like there -- still exploring to -- and you know part of that is probably because teams that may have you know that may be wondering -- every going to be able to get ex pitcher -- pitcher. Indelicate these resources over there may be they missed out on those pitchers men the thinking of cup Morris's then they'll have these funds available that are ready to me maybe they'll. Then pursue someone -- Stephen Drew and the other part about that conversation wise bet -- talking about their conversations with the organization right about warning. You have at some point you have to make the move to young players at some point you have to take that leap of faith and that. Hey Stephen Drew might be better for this team right now but -- -- better team. That doesn't necessarily mean it's the absolute right thing to do. For the next few years yeah I mean it's an interesting dilemma that I think that with shortstop they've explored in the past for instance in 2009. Coming up the 2008 season. They have the question. That there were a number of sorts of available on the free agent market then and in and I remember off for cal coming off a good year and a number of other guys. And the Red Sox were like now we are committing to Jed Lowrie at this point is our shortstop that. Didn't work out as they have intended obvious yes. That they had Julio Lugo available as far back also didn't work -- hasn't ended by it I guess the point is is that you can't he can't even those into -- has some work to do which shortstop. Defensively we know he's not Stephen -- right now. You take your lumps because that will get the you to the point where you wanna be. A lot quicker right there are some development that has happened in the big leagues and so yes there there will come a time there there are times when you make the decision. Look this guy might be an upgrade for 2014 but our best overall organization for 201420152016. Comes from -- today young player now. What was -- other big takeaways and there was a few what was the world one that jumps out the nature of the -- conversations in the fact that he declined to characterize it is anymore of them you know being that he's had conversations with Casey close. I note not specifying whether or not there's there's been a a meeting set up with soccer what exactly. Taking a lot of meeting -- but it sounds like more of today. You know what will meet with you or it will -- -- saying. I'm going to be the one deciding where I'm gonna go who I'm gonna meet -- and the reds. Reading between the lines here but. But the Red Sox kind of insinuating we'll meet with you if you -- meet with them but -- -- is gonna go to the place probably feels. Are the most viable -- right well the other thing that turned and said regarding snuck was of the Red Sox are already come comfortable with their -- So perhaps they don't feel as if you know they they don't -- this is but -- back is yeah or the player out a feeling comfortable where they're going to be precisely they've seen him they've -- -- -- -- people's -- and -- and watched him right and you know and maybe there's a feeling from two -- camp that you know there's a long established. Precedent with regards to successful Japanese pitchers and Boston feel about that for a who knows but it was the it was an interest -- Also Ortiz Ortiz at the of the interview. -- talking about that they've talked to him. They're gonna continue to talk to him using -- did Ortiz wants to talk Ortiz. Based on my conversation -- based on a conversation before that he. Desperately wanted a deal done it's whose spots well but it wasn't the kind of the the narrative that. Ben had during their carpets are referenced in an interview Napoli conference call which is we're not gonna get into specifics you know maybe you -- tool it was more yeah we're gonna talk. Indeed and I think that at this point. I think that there would be no free agent defection that would be more surprising and David Ortiz were ever leave the Red Sox before. I would be shocked if it happens in I think that the organization. Wants so badly for him to spend every remaining game if he's going to play in a Red Sox uniform. That David they're very mindful of the sensitivities of the situation and making sure that he feels want. It's it's a whole show of conversation we had a conversation -- after Ortiz talked on the Medicare because there's so many layers of it. And we're gonna have to get to another time it will do podcasts on Monday. -- -- -- Wouldn't doubt talk about David Ortiz contract but we have they had to break -- what we gonna do when we get back restart the show talking about the hall fame. About the different layers of that conversation. There is the ten girl nick conversation is in elaborate -- is the process. Alex was passionate. In his analysis of it earlier. We're gonna get more from Alex and then I'll give you my solution after this. Alex I told you it was going to be one of those shows rob I heard drums earlier than that you -- you -- -- -- what we were routed tiger's streak cut. Can't wait -- did. Can't wait for the guitarist for a total is going to be whether shows it was that we feel we can go eight hours we could tie it we go to Doug about what Ben said. Another four hours. There could talk about the hall favored other four -- -- -- hours you know I'm capable talking very very fast if you wanted to have this conversation in like high speed. As we should make note also we're gonna go Los sendoff but. Fine year relations person -- likely -- I was moving on. Oh celebrate her new job and after this new drug. Lisa -- she's -- she's done exceptional work it's not an easy job that any of the media relations staff members do they have to. Not manage the expectations of two very demanding factions. In the writers in the players may do. An extraordinary job of it they worked tirelessly. -- always did so has always and so on Boston. With extraordinarily good cheer at something that we are very critical figure of off Fenway Park employees -- noon. Who is the baseball coach for Babson. Who everyone should go play for him because he's a great coach but he's also the batting practice pitcher but the Red Sox during the summer. The lefty pitcher so he stimulate Felix and it. After we talk about the -- plus he's stimulates the prize and no idea I put this that he weighed down there that they aren't aware your mine's going amount. Allowed by after we talked about the -- in and -- the bench are gone now on the he text me said -- fast for every guys you may end up in bull. -- a backpack that's a nice. Need to work out gets filtered sized are -- maybe didn't text you that it takes -- it has anyway this is the hot stove show I'm rob Bradford. WEEI. Dot com as Alex -- of WEEI dot com as well. We're -- before we hit the road for planet Mike yet another great planet Mikey John Ryder we saw a year earlier in. Mikey Adam's going to be another great show before we get to them. I'm a little bit more into the hall of fame which he -- in the show and Alex -- about. How it has become more about the voters and has actually become by the people being inducted. I just kind of go through my solution for a couple these things that one with a did however -- situation -- -- the Miami. He still -- for the Miami you know right now he's on ESPN. He's Miami Herald columnist who gave his vote today it's been now has been suspended. For a year. And he has to have this hall of fame vote taken away from him. Tender organic with the other guys. Was he with he was ELA based ML IR LB dot com mlb.com he had taken the stance of I'm not bode for anyone by Jack Morris. Because I'm not voting for anyone during the steroid era. My take on those two -- -- nick. I don't agree with but he's playing by the rules -- in the organization. He's using his ball how he wants within the parameters of the system I do not agree what he did by. -- I listen he's he's doing it through the rules. That's how he's approaching it. But Leavitt -- -- a bigger issue with this because you're in the organization. I understand what he's doing and I applaud him in some respect for what he's doing. But still. You're in the organization you earlier this right after ten years to be in this organization did do this you have shown no inclination to get out of the organization before this. So even though you wanna do it you're not playing within the rules those -- right -- takes on Alex before you respond by other. Solutions to this -- hall of fame -- You should vote not at ten years in you should -- at five years in because I think things have changed so much. And there are some people who are five years it's a new of people may be can add some on nuance to the the the voting. And I also look at it as maybe where. Once you start once you stop covering things when you stop writing about baseball. And this is contingent on how the chapter chairman feels. And from that point on you're fifteen years if fifteen years eligibility we saw that was Jack mark Wright didn't get an -- -- But from that clock that clock starts at fifteen years and -- -- this is perfect. But I'm just try to find solutions. Well I think it your idea of both sides of the date questioner are insisting it and ballot because I think that. You know the problem the reason why they're used to be this great requirement for miss so many games in so many years on and to be BW AA was because people wouldn't have seen all the players. Well we have TV and how got to figure we have national TV packages. I I would like to think that ever -- has a much greater familiarity with the entire landscape of baseball particularly when they are on the beat than they did you know win the hall of fame. Introduced itself to the BB WA for voting you know almost three quarters of a century ago so agreed on that front and I do think that it's very important that there be. That there be voices who covered the players who their voting on you know certainly at the far under the authority -- enough right well or maybe twenty right because they'll beat. The last year voting elegy to look at is when he is but I think that I think you're in the right ballpark I would tend to agree with -- with that approach in terms of restricting the the membership of the voters in. On one side and opening it up on enough. And I wanna come back to what we started -- you were talking about what upsets you the most is how polarizing -- actually voting. Process is compared to. Seek celebrating these guys being hit I said at the top of the show that. You have the three guys today and they had their picture taken with the that was pushed aside so we can talk about in elaborate tar. And and you had said how do. And an easy you were about that. -- get away in take this is like Marty ball this is to meet people are just taking sides they're digging you know undersized the bloggers vs the mainstream. And they're not finding any room in the middle that was what the problem with the money ball scouts that right -- went on in baseball for years where the reality was it was it was somewhere in the middle. Yeah you gain from having both perspectives from a broader diversity of perspectives in. The thing that is so frustrating is that the great technological and information revolution that we've been experiencing over the course. You know since the start of this century. Has permitted us the opportunity -- greater nuance about these discussions than ever before and yet it's become a more shrill -- than ever before in which people. Rather than coming together in finding a respectful common ground have instead found this volatile disgusting environment. They're really quite frankly. It's sickening over the course of day after day after day. And it's not only hall of fame to discuss this of course Debbie this is the voting is the MVP voting -- Yeah yeah I feel like an old man talked about it as this is the nature of almost all. Of almost all of dialogue of of so much dialogue that we have. In sports and in society and visited -- -- perhaps because we've been reduced to a 140 characters yet and people and people who we respect. From both sides he get frustrated when I always come back to the things that frustrated be. -- that the early days of the baseball prospectus crew which I have a tremendous respect for. They changed how how -- you've -- out so absolutely absolutely -- go down the list of the reasons why I admire them. But there was also the element just like on the other side the element of we're digging in the element of okay you know lot. Pitcher up first and second tied game nobody out there in the ninth inning you'd never thought you just never thought well you know about it and not so and so so my point in that. Is that -- were digging so much and that's what's going on here. Is it you have the bloggers people think oh well you know what bloggers can look at it through the prism of nobody else. They have a much better viewing this because it they're not painted by the clubhouse. And they also do more work in terms of the analysts. Utilizing the stats and then you have the other conversation about blog of all there in the basement well. You know what. Does everything this take all of it is not just generalize everybody right what is going on right now. What of the great fascinating things is that of course Bill James you know who is who was really the ultimate outsider. And to you know who took the ever won his you know big games in senators. Are idiots -- for so many years is now such a well established game insider -- he is one of the great examples to my mind of someone who is so respectful. Of the entire breadth of opinions. About about various conversations and doesn't tend to you know intends to see things is being as being not black and white which would be it would be a lot you are a bit -- I completely agree that this is the problem right -- it that these two sides are digging in and that's forming the animosity that we're seeing all of fame voting. That's that's part of the problem as is the fact that votes right now we're present opportunity costs IE a vote for one deserving hall of fame candidate again let's focus on the greatness of the players a vote for one deserving hall of fame candidate. Didn't denies you the opportunity from voting for another -- contended so clearly. Clearly clearly the time has passed for ten player maximum. I mean there's been expansion for God's sake we've had we have twice the pool of players and usually we have. March more we have like four times the pool players and it's -- baseball it's ridiculous that the the the ten player maximum remains. Almost has to make one more point -- the same for next or -- the delegates at eight hours we could go -- eight hours today. I thank you very much the bench Eric and gentlemen to the Red Sox for joining us I thank you patio dead another great job behind the glass I excellent job -- Awesome he's gonna have this whole thing. Up on the website where you can digest I do. My long runs -- We gonna get that got the weight you know I don't company for fourteen miles on Saturday -- last Saturday fourteen miles liver foundation good -- and Alex Bears -- to have you back I'm thrilled to be back and they -- Tobin if she is listening for some remarkable years yeah absolutely will be back next week with. Another cavalcade of stars. And and John McDonald's going to be joining us on occasion as we go to -- spring training he's been with -- last couple weeks we appreciate that offered a lot. But really appreciate Alex but you coming back good to have you back to have -- could have patty. We're gonna see you next week good everywhere.

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