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Around NFL Divisional Weekend with ESPN's Mike Tirico, Salk and Holley

Jan 9, 2014|

We break down the Patriots and each game this weekend with ESPN play-by-play man and analyst, the great Mike Tirico

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Mike to Rico joins us right now be the AT&T hotline Michael -- -- don't we don't go to -- saw you the other night do Michigan State Ohio State. It was fun to get back -- back courts not these -- BP has been for me when the culpable chipped chipped in on the West Coast could make it back that Big Ten opener urge you to -- -- We rated paper code -- exciting time gains so from shifting gears to -- ball here a little bit. And that was a great game -- and you mentioned that that that the national championship game. Amazing and Florida State to break that long streak. The SEC what was it straight for the SEC. 77 straight or go for a northward over it was it was a great fourth quarter. Redeem your company rules and which was pretty good. It puppet excuse. The -- young Texans game that relationship compete in the Rose Bowl. You look out probably I thought that was a great games start if there's a good game at a couple of a bowl spots in the middle of -- would stay close throughout the fourth quarter what is equally sure to -- -- championship. It's built like an SEC team repeat. The draft number lecture this year and next. Will -- that would tackle our state why they get it very simple. Bobby Bowden got older and people recruited against Miami and Florida where it would have been. And very very cyclical mounted -- coach distributor for awhile they become a particular places in the state. Editor in Florida Texas and California -- recruitment stability -- -- -- audience that bitter. Formula for the next few years I've been Huckabee talked to be over an expert for. The average reduced yourself as your color commentator. All -- about a thousand things. And many sports editors are probably done -- along well that was that do you see Brent do that the other night -- is on current concert alongside from -- you know I wouldn't boot extort duly gave our radio I hadn't seen any of battered obviously a -- picture -- moderate -- race. I heard -- talk about outskirts of highlights. On sports center and it for all the people who criticize red -- extra blood in terms call bridge. Tell me about areas whether he has -- had what we're talking about this the other day -- must burger is college football thank you. 98. Sure interpreted to keep what even even to the end to an article -- what it is for any about if you look at. But it -- -- -- Al Michaels guys have done it for 3035 years and why it's a big moment. There are great and I can tell you when you're involved in calling game it's. It's hard to be that good all the time all the big plate and they always hard -- -- -- -- somebody oh but you heard. Five years whatever -- Brent age -- companies whine and complain about. What I do and how to do it. Several that this is complain I just think it's funny -- -- bridges the look on her street faces class. Oh yeah. I didn't either here or here -- our. Go back on this is this is not crushing him this is this is funny stuff hey let's talk about patriots colts because two we've been do with the all year long. It's a good game who do you have win in this game. You know. Start to look at first up Indianapolis gave -- -- city way too many opportunities in that division and a wild card game. If you look at the city if they stay healthy -- in the game. If I I think it would be attrition rate -- quarter running back like -- game I almost never seen that playoff game. To lose that many players as starters and be relying on backups in the most important -- it. So I. Into this game the -- Indianapolis had. During the early part of make it -- -- said that would lead India out New England. They played well. In the second half of the game against Kansas City beat cancer -- retired teachers are being in -- we just put away from the table a week to week. New England has lost so many. Good solid playoff tested performers. On the defense this side of the ball. Will look people are stepping into those roles be as good in a playoff game. Great word torture theater rigorously without saying they're not going to create. I think that the -- horrible question for me or interest what all the Patriots defense keep law and it's not prints. In the low quality duties you assume -- -- -- -- -- gonna put up something and it reported by 230 points that I think. These could not to win again. Thank you for your prediction simply never wondering that myself about the patriots and and we'll find out. On on Saturday that the advance on Saturday we'll just keep asking the question at what point. Do they have to pay the bill for all of the use a great word attrition earlier for all the attrition that they. That they they've been victimized by this year or do they have to pay that bill. Had trouble you'd think that players play their best. In the best -- that's what bill. The legacies of the British people were able guys were out. For the championship obvious -- now and going forward talk with the players who are not there and you think those with a guy who played. Who played -- little -- football. For the last few years that -- wolf for anymore. And -- they're collecting guys who. Many of them besides that they do best in a playoff game against a quality team. A good opponent that is already won a playoff game. And I think -- quarterback are going to look through leadership and he'd played. There is tremendous football -- fought. On those final or drive and Indianapolis that his decision making. Sharp. -- the same thing applies Mike on the air side it you know you lose -- review humanitarian Hayward date. Now erupting between the same category. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because. The other -- better so particularly -- America does well so you did this week. My concern would be ejected -- next week and important as Robert Wood salt perhaps halved its exit and. Edit it looks been our most interesting conversation I think all weeklong -- was somewhat once this year right against San Diego they lost he didn't play that well in that game. Michael look I think he's gonna be great I think when all's said and done we're gonna be having conversations about Andrew Luck is one of the greatest to ever play the but I don't know the reason there right now as Michael pointed out what's them in the blog where do you think he is and his development. -- You're right he's not there but he's getting closer remember you're -- -- We executed cable. And we got invited to -- adult table. So close to being invited to that table in my opinion I think the people around him and hit -- he took the second have machines. Impact it is all brought statistical growth couldn't accept. I go back we -- them in a bowl game. Orange Bowl got through a longer than four years ago and we bent at a forty -- game the following year and we got transparent how -- had -- David Shaw. And coach gruden John Gregory -- our. Lead and it -- And really had a chance to. Understand you're the guys who totally got every aspect of the position. Of football. Of being a star quarterback. Forty got into the -- I could -- I was so good. In college. And I didn't order and highlight Aetna people who watched how much you can do you complex operate in the factory in those things that you put up is great steps so. I've really been a big believer look from recovery college being around him and I wouldn't that these first two years. I think he's. Going to be be -- in a figure -- a big group. Will follow. Brady and Manning is being in the lead quarterback in the -- put on Sunday afternoon and Sunday night Monday night. Watched. I know Frank Caliendo did a spoof of the green beans on John and ESP and it was very funny. But a quarter real life felt like if you if you got the opportunity that separate the Brothers together and what do you think of Jay gruden being hired as -- go to Washington. And it seemed a bit afraid to admit -- case and very different dogs food chain burglary. There would seek spiritual part Knox -- in the angles this year. And yet the big important pre season so they filmed our coaches' meeting and Jay and John. Eating together and McCartney who on. They were growing up you it would be great actually shot the guy who would. Work out all the time look on duty extra running to be extra lifting any need to take every advantage confusion a little bit bigger and change is better athlete. And it'll go up there they tried to do that god couldn't do. So yeah it would be great corporate image pretty good quarterback a little cool to -- relate to. And you are. Certainly we're gonna cultured and more coaching success earlier on but. Gave different personality he would not and so again I'm asking what do reward you what it used to describe John. How we're going personality. Can -- football coach particularly think about it playoff failures since it had the last three years. We didn't think about Andy Dalton repeat. Bernard young rookie running back agreeing came in young wide receiver Gresham was respecting your guy when he took when he got to. -- right this year you -- welcome to light and portable to football games and had the best offensive -- instance Boomer Esiason gates. -- -- -- -- I think he's rated BA coach actually a pretty good hire. Because it's not a meeting for the Redskins and sometimes they go familiar when the press conference. Part of it I think being born or weren't depressed golfer too worried about. -- -- also -- mine to maximize argued for. Might double talk -- hopefully next week but in the meantime what games can people see UN this week. Absolutely nothing real and I have got my daughter's. Sixth grade basketball game. Once on eighth grade indoor soccer game the orchestra. At the let -- watch football -- -- couldn't -- a -- great -- -- but do you play by those. Do not I could do not that I'm not allowed parent can't sit there and watch -- -- people article from the support from the stands while on the system. -- obviously pregnant wife the white coaches our daughters that's -- increased. A lot of play basketball church's associate. Export port in the partly to the Amway produced. We're America -- that that's you're the second guess we've had on today who says that there wife who also. Played at the same colleges they did was a better athlete than them. -- Yeah Matt Hasselbeck. -- -- -- is in the is in the BC. Hall of fame for either feel lockyer lacrosse -- the. That I think I -- feel a lot care remembered Russert on one football and softball and basketball state and Michigan and high school and she is captive for two -- certain -- -- starter -- two years -- Captain senior and you don't go to a school can be -- driveway. Left. There's nothing you can there's nothing like three you can say that surprises mistake on his face tell me what you got your equipment pitcher ever wedding -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go to the post appeared to Edinburgh. To slow old men in basketball blog post up distribute its site under management at notre. You -- uses new basketball we got this new basketball's come out it'll teach you how to shoot. It's got a part that basketball really it's they just debuted it at the CES ourselves our conference this -- folks got sensors and -- it'll fix your whole game go look it up you'll. Five years ago -- an old coaching located in Britain fifty year old coach her and this blog. Shut up and luckily I'm past wraps yeah -- -- We'll -- next week thanks Mike. But it never graduate my streak of -- the AT ideology -- -- -- -- --

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