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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Patriots 'Weapons' Edition - 1/09/14

Jan 9, 2014|

We tackle four topics revolving around the Patriots and their all time great offensive weapons in the modern era.

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-- And now our silicon Alley swollen painful rate -- board or the four. Fun team. Green card. Well we solved Ali and sports radio and W. Yeah or four brought to you by see beyond your technology ally got a business to manage one I would see beyond manage your technology. Band but we got -- it's all about Brady's weapons and no we're not talking about Aaron Hernandez. Coming into the season many people at high hopes for Danny Amendola. Unfortunately for the -- things didn't work out quite as planned Amendola hasn't been the only disappoint those leaders. -- -- hasn't been the only disappointment this season however. So whose lack of production has been the most. Offensive. A pretty good I did it. Offensive. -- pun intended. Young men yes. There and I wouldn't go it you know -- He really shouldn't count on rookie receivers too much. I don't have high high expectations for artistic my man Josh Boyce -- had I thought he was gonna have -- Dobson like. Season. And I just never really worked out -- really gonna help the patriots. He's got he's got terrific speed. He's got he's got good size pretty good strength. And help them and kick return game could help them. Down the field so here's a guy that disappointed me. What's been dating and it'll -- that would be my answer would give him and I thought it I thought we were looking at a player that was gonna catch on the ball really be. Hundred. I thought he was gonna do would -- -- -- did this year he has not done that so he'd be my number one disappointment. But who else would you consider on -- -- Shane Vereen. Yeah he's got hurt for -- but what he's played he hasn't really but it's not like during that -- you just looking at the production so if you expected shamefully they have a certain level. I guess if we have got what he's been healthy he I think out of that and they don't like that have -- -- -- -- gonna turn into that kind of question it would be -- Yeah but again you're talking about -- we've -- -- in the air I don't think he's disappointed disappointed even -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean don't you think that -- they are in -- -- -- -- other -- injury mean he has been forced to miss games and it's not because he was hurt -- I don't got a big running -- that important so we get regular about that a board. We could still be disappointing. Brady is that a lot of weapons and running back over the years -- been invaluable in the passing game and others have been vital to running out the clock. Which running back has been the most valuable weapon for Tom Brady. You pretty hard question it is a hard question and there's two there's probably like two guys that you're in. All three of them are there. Put that to me I would say that most valuable guys that -- -- because what you had. We had years of public about a government this year or ever. It was ever write what would that weapon and this is historical break it -- not just 2013. Fourteen. On the phone on the phone with a little 44 we need -- -- we -- and we need religion to be Alex your back here you hold on the middle of a radio show. Hold on mom talk a hold on answering the phone to your greeting hello Joseph from Quincy this way. All right did you mean this year for a talking about all the time credit for Brady -- up here Alter how clock killing tiller. For more than more than fault yes. Sure. I said so -- of those -- I think that it automatically goes to come -- and are now more or turn around now are you short Corey Dylan is more important and then that temple. Got him. Insured a third Super Bowl for -- Guaranteed eight thirds of people. They Rhode Corey -- and -- 16100. Plus yard -- -- And his his manic. It's punishing runs. Against the Indianapolis Colts and that divisional playoff growers say we were ridiculous from the clips from earlier today on Wednesday. Corey Dylan. Was looking for contact. A couple of times Pickett -- run out of bounds. I don't want -- out of bounds I just -- run and if somebody. They hit somebody that's Corey Dylan did you wore them down as much that the patriot deepens -- on that offense. -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah I think I'd go with Kevin falcon -- funny I mean early in his career and other -- in Baghdad kind of drove you crazy he's so talented but put the ball on the carpet a whole lot more than you'd like them to. But think of how many big plays checked out ways to fall the screenplay -- The the two point conversions were Brady would pretend like the ball have been thrown halfway past them and -- could take the direct snap and run through. -- -- I mean look at between those two guys that as far as I can tell him come. It's not Antowain -- of those my favorite of the group I was gonna say even an honorable mention -- got our guests are relevant -- he's my neighbor to watch. And then one other de Janeiro road to I have to say JR read many made two of the biggest catches. Ever made by pacers running what you're talking about guys that would J. R. Redmond has just for a game I don't went back it was pretty good statement with the with the Super Bowl but -- but Corey Dylan made those plays throughout the season had made those plays in the playoffs. And made those plays in the through -- -- Redmond you dose of Wimbledon Jarrett. You know album without Corey -- -- until I don't what if you don't have the first Super Bowl -- the ever get the second that are always talk about the spy -- people. Mike Cook if you are right I encourage you to talk losers. Still written in Q1 and Q where immigrants but I did. How many -- you. And -- Those people. In a lot of them are in Pittsburgh. They were once an error there wondered for example can't be there one area like. How could the patriots in 2004 pocket go to Pittsburgh. And get shut down. Right around Halloween and then go back to the fifteen and one Steelers looked at record. How can they go back -- emblem on the AFC championship and you know how. If Corey Olympic Games that you lost. Think you rushed for five yards total net gain from mystic and lost Matt Light. -- Hillary is there everything changed. Great acquisition for second round pick -- Three. The guys in the trenches never get enough -- but they certainly have been instrumental in Brady's rise to greatness of all time. Who among them has been the best weapon on the offensive -- All time. Wrong is that Dan Connolly. And John had the fifth I would think it's Connelly for a great -- back couple years ago on both great grandma doesn't he win. Do you actually offensive weapon. I was declared a title -- -- take more seriously. I -- in the Brady tenure who has been the most valuable offensive -- and it would have to be Matt Light just for this year amount of games that he played as Brady's left tackle. Most important position on the offensive line. And he played it for really long time and did it very well about like the obvious answer honorable mention at Logan Mankins gets an honorable mention but. As it was single title as you mentioned the other day. -- -- -- another honorable mention me as well. And -- I -- go of Matt Light Matt Light one of those guys if he wasn't it's far from Jonathan -- far from Orlando please not that big. Left tackle who's going to be perennial pro bowler. But he wasn't terrible either he was just very good for a long time and you wanna talk about Tom Brady. Industry championships. In those three championships at the same guy protecting his blind side. So -- -- get you gotta -- of that like because most of the never got -- on that line moved around right Damien -- went from standard and guard to tackle right in what was he could do this should give us -- over the -- -- -- my heart it was a minor Compton JoAnne drew one with a rock -- -- -- totaled one -- somebody's got to get the -- two months to get to me what life. Which guy Greg Robinson -- programs ran through. Yeah current crop and that what's dude -- Seattle's Grey Ruegamer. Is that in this era. Yes because -- limping off. He was bill Belichick's. Hires what his first high draft pick that there are now the first victim of the first round pick because of ultra right. So the first draft pick of the Bill Belichick era I think what they drink comes -- the with a bang and a huge uphill even faster balance. During his time would Brady Randy -- that the league twice in touchdown receptions and Wes Welker was the end of don't receptions three times -- the rate. Who among Brady's wide -- has been the most valuable. They might -- house transcripts of the black -- plane that. It's more done -- life in it yeah. There is more I don't need to make it bottoming Michael. Not what -- -- in front of your defending somebody -- me right now. With Michael Smith. -- Michael Michael Michael Smith who was Michael who was Michael Smith. What is it might cause this and on Twitter about me you don't -- life into gap body say what it sees a. It was the same on ESPN -- -- cast the other night the middle of that national championship game let you know what I'll look her for. I think that got trapped that's -- that's -- answer to that. This simple Randy -- what he's right ready -- what he's focused. It's tough to beat relax only -- -- charge of all right never won a championship they caught the way he -- which should have been the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl wasn't enough. Man fell down as -- Randy -- could -- -- -- he was so explosive could cause you to hold out there are no -- -- -- -- this is what you know I know. I was there. And children are who gets an honorable that you have nobody else who's next short ground Troy Brown as he's too. Wes Welker -- or or or vice Versa Wes Welker to Troy Brown group -- to. Big moment studio had to be how do you all -- -- four. Former patent. Probably right to boldly and creepy dude he's. David -- still -- listed here that don't play and Andy was watching this story is one of the great plays and patriots playoff history isn't it. The touchdown against the colts where they they the little the little. Wide receiver screen to the outside. Quarterback completely fit comes charging out and give it to scoot right by Brady throws to -- -- can I give and outside the box honorable mention your. Mike -- How many -- and how many touchdowns. Mike Vrabel comes into the game everybody knows what he's gonna do everybody knows this is pretty -- And -- -- Christian Fauria this guy took about ten touchdowns -- He came into the game this linebacker just comes at a Friday and etiquette to touchdown passes for it was talking about it -- disproportionately yet. The way we did all the work to get down here and then there's an Israel comes in -- prevalent it is kind of obnoxious and I. That's like what's the -- what's the team's going to be football movie. Varsity blues. For the coach Q I don't want -- -- out -- -- stake in the black running back out every time they get to the goal line -- -- want to score the touchdowns even though he wrote -- them all the way down the field. Is that Belichick -- Vrabel Vrabel. A lot of privilege into the Super Bowl 38. Comes into the huddle -- -- -- this college reported that. -- don't we all know why I'm here to look at me. We 44 as we talk. As we talk weapons and that was the first question of the day off our back out to you very simple question talking patriots to Tom Brady have the weapons if they get into a shoot. With the colts on Saturday night does he have the weapons to win a -- He can certainly win the game and there's no doubt the patriots have enough horses to in the game the twelve and four for a reason they had a better season and the colts did they got the first from by the play at home that got Tom Brady there's a lot of reasons to believe it. They can beat the colts especially if they played their game and not the colts game. What do they get into a shoot -- he saw Andrew Luck when a shoot out. Last week 45 to 44 you heard Matt Hasselbeck say that they've been down quite a bit this year and found ways to come back and Andrew Luck is special to have the little team motto. Which I thought was -- at the end of -- don't judge. -- -- Sixty minutes one play at a time don't go to college. What does that mean that's strange. They don't judge it your your teammate made of leukemia made a mistake you made turner may have -- her rich and after an interception -- two or three. Andrew Luck don't judge the judge could be you don't judge I I do kind of like it could get -- but it's -- people make mistakes sixty minutes one play at a time don't touch. So if you intuition I would present him which will not judge each other. Do you have a do you have enough weaponry to beat the colts an issue. Is Tom Brady have enough weapons on his side. At wide receiver tight end running back position to win a shoot out if it -- that you think we're having -- seven iron. 7937. I still -- I don't know yet you know no matter what tomorrow because I don't know if you think the patriots are gonna win this game. The question columns. -- -- -- -- It is the patriots are gonna win. That isn't this the question for the Broncos now. Because they can't win a -- against the bronco now. They can't when they -- and issued against the Broncos they need to know can play a shoot out against the broke and they went to -- got to get the Broncos are -- completely different team with -- -- well -- it was an unconventional game to ensure in the head rock it was a completely different team at that time. Withdrawn or maybe we can have that conversation. Without -- I don't see them winning shootout with the Broncos and certainly not in Denver. If you wanna beat the Broncos which I think they're capable of dealing. You don't beat -- 45 to 44. You beat them by slowing down the temple -- heard Matt Hasselbeck I'll talk a lot about tempo you beat them by. You beat them by by a by -- long sustain drives short passing game. Running the ball wearing them down keeping -- on the field knocking them around that's how you beat the Broncos San Diego. He'd -- the blueprint a couple. Weeks ago. You beat Denver and I assure out there's more any architect can tell you there's more than one -- -- I got us to act like a vault full blueprints. About this. You know beat the Denver Broncos. In a shootout viewed in Denver Tom Jackson in. Baltimore last year. The door and thank you Tom. And out of Baltimore Ravens should be able this year or last winter to get what he heard I don't know but that that team had three big time weapons on the outside. Did -- not. Time went -- an even bigger -- you've got here at one. At Torrey Smith yeah I was Miami Heat is not threatening and then Kimbrough taught -- just Farah -- -- one catch in the last five weeks are. Now it's okay. -- notre. Judge what -- at all but like I showed today wait a minute that's what we do work out on the team what that's -- -- -- -- I don't play for the colts I can judge all I want the judge you'll judge -- talking about it you can judge me and I -- most of you already six admitted what planet are the odds John W Warner of particular geographic. -- writes what you can just -- -- -- for for 24 hours to go you know anything about rap. -- Got hurt us don't have a little bit. And he's reeling back at all the really answers the opposite you know too much about -- come down your your your in -- inside baseball wrap. You know everything -- stroking his beard back I can just see him through the you know everything about its -- his beard and what you can't but the real answer if -- -- Out of the worst understanding of baseball. Thanks thanks in front -- you can win a shootout. Against the Denver Broncos because not about patent -- their defense. Defense is vulnerable like all of these -- does every single one of them. -- remaining in the AFC. There today they can all be they can all be exposed. And they probably all will be. Well look I mean if you bring up on a probably good point there -- if you do get into a shoot out against Peyton Manning in the Broncos do have the possibility that patent or the bad pick. At the end of the game and that's what ends up costing them the gaming back and forth type of an affair and -- ends up throwing that big pick which certainly seen that before so all right final out that possibility but I still think the best way to beat the Broncos is to keep paying off the field. Drive long sustain drives. Big time running game don't turn the ball over score touchdowns not field goals and get into the red zone and keep him off the field I think you win that game. I here's that we got Mike to Rico scheduled to join us coming up in a moment. Tickets to giveaway tomorrow in the 5 o'clock hour to see the patriots in the colts on Saturday night last like 30 about an axle canal W --

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