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Do the Patriots have the weapons necessary to survive a shoot-out scenario with the Colts?

Jan 9, 2014|

Pats-Colts gets a day closer, and with the Colts putting 45 points up last weekend, we discuss whether or not the Patriots have the (healthy) weapons necessary to keep up with them should a shoot out develop.

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It's such a simple question for you today Michael such a simple question for you and everybody else. What kind of answered you what you -- simple answer you -- a complex answer to a simple question. What do you want what do you look at for. Your question might be part of my question I don't know. I don't know I think I wanna complex answer to what I think is as simple question -- I want our multi fascinated multi factor -- I don't know that means asked merger with Chris Jericho and of the many factors I -- lost or Cuba and I want multi factor or a multi fascinated to. -- wants. I want all those things in the answer to what I think is a very simple question okay let's hear the based or will already have enough weapons to win. That's simple does -- have enough weapons to win. Are there enough people surrounding Tom Brady weapons wise meaning guys in the outside runners of the football even offensive line -- you wanna look at them. As part of the weaponry defense turnovers coaching staff. Does Tom Brady when you look at at all. Does he have enough weapons to beat the colts and to continue on and and move through these playoffs to maybe be Super Bowl challenge it's -- -- Question right it's a good question simple question it's a simple question it's a very good sometimes simple is better less is more. I know a lot of a lot of times fans think that our sports writers. Have one column were ready to go on the -- of sharks Jonathan you've written this column before the game even starts to change a couple of things around and just -- -- off. To the Boston Globe the whole thing it's predetermined. And you've you've written several times over and gets ready ago maybe -- -- -- -- the same way. I do have one phone call already got a hotline ready -- -- -- -- patriots get the patriots lose this game. 34 to seventeen. You got the call reading you got the script. Mike and Mike gotta tell you right now Bill Belichick -- that a bad job of giving Tom Brady weapons they don't have enough and it's hard back. With a decision that Wes Welker go. Danny Amendola didn't get it done. -- I don't manager number one receiver. Why don't -- straight up getting second and third and fourth round pick that receiver it's not enough. Caller -- ago they went deport seventeen. And they move on and let's have played -- and AFC championship game. You know. These weapons over -- It's over rated Bill Belichick and the patriots -- different -- It. The number one guy your traditional Calvin Johnson Andre Johnson Connick guy. Dallas on Jeffrey. They play football. So I guess it depends on. What do you think what do you think is gonna happen what do you think is gonna happen on Saturday that -- went on Saturday yet they have enough where. Have you can't get a little bigger -- what do they are represented to you differently because I don't know that it's just about winning and losing. I think it has more to do with the style of game that this turns into. If this is the patriots style that they played more recently where it's back and forth. But but it's its defense of at times there's a running ball the running game it's balanced. That I think they do have enough to play that style they controlled the game. That I think they absolutely have enough weapons if they are able to -- -- to shoot our -- they'll shoot out with Andrew -- this does Tom -- have the weapons to win a shoot out with -- Andrew Luck. I think he might but it is a much lower chance of success of that. The governor I'm gonna tell you this calculation of debate the the honest answer to your question. I think that was dishonest about five minutes ago Larry my enemy -- art maybe I was a little dishonest. The question the answer is Tom Brady is always had enough weapons. Some are better than others but he always has enough. Even the the year that everybody points to where they lost to the colts lost that 216 halftime lead. 34 point an -- pick weight font eighth annual -- -- scored 27 points. An AFC championship game on the road difficult should have been enough to -- Gave up 383834. That the game. That's got the answers Tom Brady. Has had weapons throughout his time here in New England. Now the best is 2007. But. At the worst was the 2006 that's that's that's the worst. That year -- 26 touchdown passes. Now did get the teams that AFC championship game. He hasn't in a shootout to be difficult because not just Tom Brady and Andrew Luck it is. Tom Brady taking advantage of the colts defense get the colts defense do enough. To make Tom Brady looked as uncomfortable as he did against the jets and against the barrel and regular. This is where you're all right this is where you and I might divert and I if I reported look at it according courting potential in the game of course I would never bet against. Tom Brady being able do anything but if I already give you a couple of scores but not tell you. Which team belong to -- score and it is okay this game and Sturm 21 to seventeen record the patriots when you say yeah absolutely the patriots be the team 21 of the team seventeen -- right and I tell you that the game ends fourteen to attend. That happened with the patriots winning yeah course and if they controlled the ball running game etc. played kind of the way they did against Baltimore and and buffalo yeah I can win that game. I tell you that this game finishes. 41 to 38%. 45 to 4440 or 45 sorry for which we just saw. Don't you think the patriots chances of winning that game goes down drastically I don't think that's that's the I think he goes down drastically. I love Tom Brady and and what he's able to do and I guess. The fact that it's close. Gives me that it gives me that it you know if you're giving me -- scored it's within three points in either direction. I guess that's the one thing that would Terry you know what Tom Brady has a shot last two minutes is a good chance he wins it but what it's 44 to when he four. Beating the patriots win that game. To I don't think they win at 44 that. I don't want that came out and 08 Q we asked Bill Belichick the question on Monday about Andrew Luck this year compared to last year they won that game last year. Corporate nine point I don't I don't I do and not think they're gonna score 59 points now -- it but. That kind of game. They want blaster it and we just different you haven't worked out pretty sweet -- -- when you talk about his weapons. Is it that you don't think they can scored a thirties and forties because. They don't have that guy that did that take TY Hilton somebody just gets behind the defense and just in a strike. Sixty yards later 65 yards later. You got a touchdown is that you just don't. Have enough respect for the Julian Edelman Danny Amendola -- big play capacity yeah I don't have that much respect -- -- -- topic they're incapable of doing an amendment we -- the long -- offs we've seen a few of them this year but that hasn't been what what the Patriots offense has excelled at. Right I mean they're not built for a lot of these long rows deep down the field especially without ground their best playmaker on offense Julian Edelman has become their best playmaker but that's not really his -- -- it I think this. Like anybody in the NFL really wants to do. Don't really want to do that you don't wanna gimmicks like a 3835 -- again you don't. But right now that premiere okay is always going to be that kind of party is gonna be back up our -- ready. Our -- and don't put anything in the mashed potatoes perhaps or -- it don't leave your drink unattended. Is that kind of party is loops. Crazy. Yeah I think they can I I think if it turns into into that type of game more than quick. To deal with a 61777979837. But it you guys in this conversation here just again simple question does does Tom Brady have the weapons he needs. If this especially if this game turns into a shootout with Tom Brady have the weapons he needs. To beat the colts and again I think that he does if the game is played the right way. Michael if it's a close game -- are all always take Tom Brady over any other quarterback in and assume that he's going to put together the two minute drive at the end to win in the other guy won't. But if you're telling me that every time down the patriots are unable to stop the colts and Andrew Luck is score touchdowns not field goals every time they get down there anti white -- running past Dan -- running past Ryan or you know -- to leave just isn't able to hang with the shorter -- -- Faster receiver and he's trying to play bump and run it just doesn't work. It's still scored twenty points a game. So today they have the ability to score but I think -- if it that's not their personnel but he's -- the parts are missing -- Indianapolis. I -- about their defense. At Indianapolis defense I don't think it's terrible. But I don't think it's integrity that's where you say to yourself. We we just can't afford we can't afford to get down fourteen or seventeen point because they're gonna shut it down. The gonna stop the run. We got great cover guys. And it's it's going to be very difficult to just -- and -- -- -- passing arm and watch out for the colts and either candidate so they can -- it -- it into a shoot -- win the game. I just am looking you're right on the colts' defense around him there's nobody there that scares you in terms of you know they're gonna just. To suffocate Ewing and I can have any room to breathe them in I guess the one thing is if they know you're dropping back to throw every time Mathis can just tee off. And he's been so good this year that you're you're giving him that extra running start knowing that you're down fourteen points and you're in the shootout you gotta go throw the ball every time and now he doesn't need to even pay attention to the run in need to worry the chamber Reid has taken inside handoff. He is just common ears pinned back gunning for Tom Brady. And and you're giving them an advantage based on the way that defense is constructed so I guess from the outside that they maybe they scare me more. In a show in a shootout than they would in in more of back and forth. A grind it out kind of game low scoring game. I just I I like the patriots and what they've accomplished offensively I'd like Julian Edelman. I think Danny Amendola is still productive player has the capability of being won an -- come up with a big play policy -- for a second nick and I was just gonna ask you name department heard you mention in -- while. Masters before him are you trying to distance yourself. -- distance yourself and Danny -- now. I hope and I hope has come across. I would never do in the beginning I mean he's got to have some loyalty in the beginning you were a a member of on -- yes. Entourage movie -- Danny Amendola. Was was was earnings or -- he was Vince that he has had an external it was very -- turtle when we're terrible as I want to look at -- drama off a couple of drama. But -- it'll probably -- you know calculate publisher these guys one -- branch out of my own if you're. Yeah well look I mean you can ignore cold hard facts and he didn't have the year that I thought he was gonna happen over it's over I think he's been hurt all year in the -- guardian played through a bad injury I think he's shown signs at times -- He can he can be something year or -- to the player that body was going to be when he first got here I still think he's incredibly talented it's why I was trying to get something from bill last week. About you know the difference between the two roles the role that element plays vs the role and the position that him and they'll play easy answer there is one guy produces some guy does -- right but certainly that's been the case the issue about trying to figure out why what -- is -- -- that much better player. That doesn't make it he's got that's -- familiar is that much more familiar it was at all this is it just familiarity. Amazing just Brady's more familiar with settlement and so we trust them more credit goes to a more the better player it's weird he would be a better player -- is it because it -- dole had established himself I mean. Really. This here's this this comes back to our our argument before the season started really really establish much. And I think it it was comical. That he was compared to Wes Welker is nothing about them that says Wes Welker took the fact that they're both the white. Is that you've. Got to get this is gonna -- minimize this guy and a marked he's just another white guys that what it made me. They maybe there's nothing about a. And that says Wes Welker to me but they they they got lucky I think. -- got lucky with the production of settlement I don't believe they thought cattlemen would be like this probably thought. If if you said you. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady before the season. August 31 our next month. Season starts for real what are your receivers. Gotta catch over 100 balls don't worry about west. -- gonna have a great season Denver when he receivers can catch over 100 ball. Probably both say yes can be Danny Amendola -- So he did he never filled the role that they had -- Julian element is better Danny Amendola. Am dole is bad acknowledge it anyway he can watch it and prize and Michael along those lines is at the beginning of the year -- -- -- -- -- that first game really -- right in the car -- the middle a couple of huge third -- pick -- allows them to beat buffalo maybe they should've won that game. And you're thinking right Derrick I know got hurt but. I kind of see where this is going and he's out for awhile. He comes back and in the first gamer to back is OK you know what it's gonna take a little bit. In -- -- the concussion right right afterwards here OK it's in the sky while the had to get back into the swing of things. I was more the only reason I really stop talking about it as much was the last couple games would seem to be more healthy. When he and man and woman were both out there at the same time running similar kinds of routes. Except at a woman was open to Brady was hitting him and -- -- -- -- I mean that's really or stood out or maybe -- dole was open. But Brady have more confidence right. And cattle so I mean that's when I kind of looked at -- look I mean I like the guy. I still think he's incredibly talented I still think that there is any moment coming. For -- -- dole remakes of big play -- picks up huge third down for them where he turns the corner in eludes a tackle and picks up an extra eight or ten yards. And it ends up setting up -- game winning field goal or something I still think that moment is here for him until I wouldn't give up bottom. But I'm not blind -- mean clearly he hasn't produced at a level this year that I thought he would mean American. -- and make it to give the credit they had a deal. He had a I'm gonna make you fall in love with -- game. The first game of his patriots career apps for -- a game of this -- -- Korea against buffalo he did that. -- had another opportunity to do that Miami. On the road and I think. I don't think it was an easy catch salt but I think he should be he should've caught that I don't know. I should -- I didn't see it that way but maybe Brady did 'cause after that we haven't seen much more Danny Amendola catching the ball 617779. 7937. Hear from you -- Tom Brady of the weapons he needs to win especially if it's a high scoring shootout kind of a game this weekend. Against the colts go to Tony is in the car hi Tony. Are you doing guys Tony. First that we just didn't. Obviously he had the ability checked that it would go look gondola -- Element got a lot more passes thrown -- -- -- it in the goalless but that need to give -- -- -- -- pay its limit when -- -- -- Is that the defense and doesn't it wouldn't do -- -- -- in the big game and then it integrates -- court they put -- on the board also. Either by putting -- team in eighty you know in the 3029. Of the year of the prominent Soviet scored themselves. This puppet is not good enough to put party points party by corn on board just by the two up and because they don't have the weapons that. Well what love is well if if if they're targeted up to do it then that means by that logic. Then knowledge the only team that can't do it is Denver in big numbers don't would you recommend that women they were they were second to Denver. Yes they will get paid the orbit did not take into consideration how many points the defense scored. Or probably -- to beat them what the -- on the 2030 outline of the program. I. Forgot to note I regret but usually I got -- consideration. Take that into consideration Tony absolutely that's one of. But I tell you right now are patriots ago on the Super Bowl bid at that don't think that CN BA but -- never sought to be under the weaker. Does he -- stinks the Tibetan Indianapolis. All of the differences -- a little bit older animals bank on. All they have senator. He has created named Diego could surprise in this week and they get that being the ability and that state bill or bad they totally compete there and then. I would and that they're gonna get by this team it's not going to be a close game. Yep that's there's going to be a blow up what do you make people like what he went to ten 28 to end a 28 to fourteen -- might bet. The ticket artist he's telling the beat them all CN BA. Going to the games only. No if you had an opportunity to go to the game which ago. GAAP revenue and a covered area committees. -- -- Well maybe this is what you guys this is for you or maybe something your neighbors were given away. Patriots colts tickets. At 5 o'clock hour tomorrow patriots Friday tomorrow. Patriots colts tickets and opportunity that men. At 5 o'clock. As -- -- our from our 5 o'clock hour Marty wanna go to the game if you can be that cold it was and in the forties. -- it always going to be that kind of hard. Saturday night. That kind of a party will give away a couple of tickets. Tomorrow and go amateur hour -- -- quickly tell you that today at 330 Matt Hasselbeck. Pulled back a quarterback course local product went as a -- high school went to BC I'm not will join us at 330 to just over an hour from now and then -- -- -- later in the show Mike to Rico will join his get his take. As his Monday Night Football season has ended but he's still course. One of our favorites talk football with so did that at 430 this afternoon in the meantime Bob or call 61777979837. Simple question. The pitchers have the weapons to win. The they have the weapons is Tom Tom Brady's great nobody is considered to number stinks nobody's gonna say this team -- aren't sure about that no but I think for the a trip with a guy called yesterday. I don't understand -- everybody doing public Tom Brady so much now right now and on the other one guy he he proceeded to say that he likes harbor director but there is one guy. Vinnie here -- air -- a year he doesn't like the paper -- -- -- -- doesn't like Tom Brady. Was methods make any sense it's the ex alcoholic WEEI OK it. Always going to be that kind of art is going to be back up -- -- ready. Are ready to put anything in the management and parents throughout. The plot almost. Why is settlement better than -- and -- assault. That's why does look what's happening to -- crew. Jinx them bomb man you're jinx. -- -- -- Oratory crew awhile ago yeah then they went all way to. The final. You know and earlier this year so it's not like he fell apart. He fell apart he's falling apart now and that's Jack told us they're clearly did a rookie wall if you're gonna jinx him that would last that would happen along to have mine so you think he's safe from whatever -- I have. -- -- -- Are you on him now yeah. Passionate guy -- not Sammy. I wanted to be associated with having -- and crush of people but I like Steelers game on. Russell Wilson hasn't fought and he seems to be doing all right there that's my that's my ultimate ultimate so the people that you -- -- far. And our path to please. Balls off man come after me Sam a big jinx giving an adult time. And one year notes from -- in more than one year and we'll go back there. Go back to the rams went public about what you're here been one year here can hold the rams against them the rams think -- -- classic. So where and how to how to explain now. I explain it. There he had the same as some of the same issues in New England that he had the rams and how to explain that yes. I don't I don't have a good explanation -- better there but it was on the field there he was better actually go to so why aren't I mean that's the thing I'm still wanting -- to figure out and that's why. I think it's an interesting conversation Julian Edelman was so much more productive as gentlemen that much better player. Was was was -- dole still injured while playing through it this year does Brady not have confidence -- -- -- -- -- trouble learning the offense the his skill set decline and -- I would love to know exactly what it is that happened 6177797937. David. In Brewster hi -- They are. Well into the way back machine to the forest game while collapsed season. Who was the starting slot receiver. First game of the 2012 season yeah. Well yeah I hate it it was the starting receiver was settlement should have and should it have been. Well that's a question that the topic. And wars that they were trying to send a message well there. You -- out Eric David -- got answers overseers I think that the question and we know what the answers answers no. He was he better than Wes Welker. Easy is better than what. Well I I'm I'm trying to determine whether the coaching staff coming out of training camp. At that particular point in time slot that a settlement was that they're prepared to start again. To that question you you into what you're asking if I get understand too David is -- heading into last year everybody thought it was all about Welker and sending a message and trying to motivate or maybe about -- contractor whatever but is it possible that the coaching staff legitimately looked and said you know what. Welker skills of declined -- mean is ready settlement right now is a better option in the -- and while. Can I give an answer there my answer is no less unless you have. Two people in the organization. And it should thank you Kanye and -- -- -- two people in the organization. Who are or both powerful. And at odd to -- at a at odds with each other and doing the opposite of what the other does because on one hand David you're right. They put Julian -- out there to start season over Wes Welker who if you if you wanted to say they think settlement is better than Welker. That makes sense unless you come back and listen to them when they defend themselves and say we offered Wes Welker more money. The Broncos did. -- you thought Julian Edelman was better than Wes -- you never would offered more money in the Broncos did. So they wanted him to come back he just didn't take their proper they thought he was good that thought it was good enough. To offer him -- and dole of money. And he didn't take many may be may I mean I don't know like I am I'm trying to go with David's point here in just saying. You know the good question is -- interest to cook -- maybe that's what they thought heading into heading into the season and then. After the season was over they looked into that hey you know what I guess he still has little something left in them and so you know we're going to make him an offer we're not gonna go crazy we're not going to. We're not going to -- pave the market but we are willing to make the guy and offered for works out in great we're happy to keep around and we're happy to keep Tom Brady happy because he seems to -- The 6177797937. -- in -- hiker. They are on I I don't think that what our product upgrade over pop out of the locker. -- a product or you can stop that Obama called us and again that he thinks he's a product of -- He's the product -- no other receiver. Welcome at a hundred -- it will turn and it that would crack house and the key element would never have under catch those guys healthy. Body and and -- felt it. Like he had a lot of catches even when grant was in the that would get me. He'd -- but look at director picking at. Where there's no one else -- -- go to that pretty C -- -- and welcome played the same role at the CE blanket. But he played the same old street like it was better receivers around. Occurred -- the only issue and I knew that I would have is we seem to be able to it to use this both ways. On one hand we say all he was the only one to throw the ball to and so we ended up catching a lot of balls but the flip side of that is. Defense -- were keying on him because he was Brady's weapons he was the guy that it thinking everyone knew Brady wanted to throw the ball to verses when you have a couple other guys in the -- when when gronkowski was healthy. Well he took some of the pressure off of settlement and so -- was able to catch even more balls. Maybe I don't know I think that it's difficult to to say the production comes from that reason. Well -- -- absolutely right and you got to catch the ball for them anyway but the other reality it's -- better than Welker why what he certainly welcome this year. And that's really the appropriate I hate group I. -- -- it was read David's point that he was starting for awhile until we got hurt. He still play the -- aren't historically not to -- the you know. And we all know or maybe we don't know we assume that Belichick welcome welcome laughter may have been that you know at some dynamic there where. You know we know that. Belichick sent apparently bombardment that battle right back here you really don't you don't know there -- like that's the gentleman in adult conversation -- -- have to look at. How long element and the system and along and -- -- their system. And -- would -- go down well. Whether it's -- they're not we've had great receivers come and they can't -- the system -- an op. Now look coming that's one of the question marks for short -- Michael made and why didn't Danny Amendola do everything he was supposed to this year partially because he was injured but even in the games when he was healthy implying -- He did not live up to the expectations and I think most of us had -- -- -- certainly that I had the wall wasn't it was in did he not understand the situation that he just flat -- get beat by -- and because of that he wasn't in position is often the what is it that happened at that they took their biggest -- -- -- -- and -- them. A pretty marginal player this year. All right then there there are two things going on here one that question and will will never know. You know what really happened with Danny on -- until they missed evaluate the player. Are they regretting giving him the contract they gave -- guaranteed money that money been. Could it could have been better spent somewhere else that's what -- the other thing. Our market Julian -- I don't think of Wes Welker. And I also don't think of Danny Amendola. Tell exactly Julian Edelman -- settlement and is. He is. V. Right now I say this cannot use the term junior varsity out of any disrespect. Toward hit. I use it because of the -- to compare to is that university Troy Brown. Wes Welker tore -- -- Wes Welker gonna play cornerback. No no not -- can play well Julian cattlemen played in the secondary. Julian cattlemen can return kicks if you ask and it should return punts yeah he can play in the slot and he can play on the outside. -- settlement is Troy Brown so. When he's healthy he's -- he's a light easy -- -- more on the -- I agree that more than Troy -- -- -- model will get -- is Wes Welker I know Wes -- Welker was -- are a little smoother get a get himself into the right space catch the ball and sometimes turn upfield but just as often kind of sit down in that spot and avoid a huge hit Julian Edelman. Is a little shifty when you say right now and that's invest in terms of his game personality wise I don't know to compare to the tickets on the field he's like I've been. He gets up first down and he is gonna like he could play for the raiders he's talker. Or or or the lions despite what those teams. That got or the Seahawks just what those teams like shut up get a fifty yard unsportsmanlike. Gonna get one of those. -- -- First down very enthusiastic. You know just just destroy everything everything he's doing it's all out and that it's not meant to the game. It's kind of you know he's he's kind of steady was thinking about making smoothies and that is he's got his side businesses this movie maker. Mean I think that's what it is and if that's the reason it worked for him -- work. An even if you're not that good in the secondary your game for the try. You can go out there and not totally embarrass yourself and you could pick up the concept of what we're trying to do -- kind of guy. Series and main actor. They are they don't -- They on that say that already has more than enough weapons it is -- can keep them up right to make -- do that I don't do -- there. So it doesn't matter I mean they need to score 45 points to win as long as Brady has time he'll be fine. Absolutely. -- -- -- It it's difficult to say. That Tom Brady given enough time that there's anything he can't do -- mean the guy is has shown that. You know they just go had bet against him and see what happens the flip side of it is. Do you see them as having guys or he's gonna who were going to run past defenders in the secondary and -- and hit him when you need quick strike. Budgetary I agree with you I think that they that they can beat the colts I think they can beat anybody I think they got to run the ball well I think they need to short passing game to be successful they need gentleman in the run after the catch that needs to be successful. But if they get down 21 points in their throwing the ball all over against the colts who have the ability to throw back and forth with them. You really see this Patriots offense. Getting involved in a shoot out and beating Andrew Luck after watching him do what he did last week. I have no doubt is law is going to keep them up that -- -- idea about a complete faith and aren't rated it back from any thing. You know Terry. I think you're right. In the there is this the reason -- accurate we saw you know gold and also wild card round in the wild card round can skew anything. Because of it it generally there's usually a team in the playoffs have another record says they made it. There's generally a team in the wild card round this doesn't belong there is not on the level when you go in the playoffs are over and you look back -- who participated you say. Look at the champion and you look at the teams that played a wild card round. And you say -- this team so far away from the eventual Super Bowl champions so I know it's skewed a bit but the colts to score 45 points. And you tell me. -- -- Are -- weapons. Like receivers. They got one receiver that we're talking about a lot he -- And I -- later played with -- with Andrew Luck to college is pretty good and I think that he's a better receiving tight end and the patriots have all the best that I don't -- but -- comparing the buy weapons we know how does he compare to the other. Tight receiving tight instantly it's easy better than in -- I mean what we're cheesy that middle of the pack now that he's a good play good days of good solid receiving tight end any wasn't last them this year. He has he has he has. So little bit more you do anything as a rookie. So if we're talking about the colts and Andrew Luck in the explosive ability that he has. And you might as well say the same thing about the patriots could earn the same category and I think they have more trust worthy running -- and political. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I area that was going on. While there are I don't want to say I I you know I hear about them while parent eminent though and you have them. And now compared to -- -- time. And -- -- that has. The patriots your ear or collapse and and don't quite get that veteran wide receiver that deep threats. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I respect you more aggressive in going that deep threat because I think it would make an and the dollar while -- more effective to Percy Harvey. And when my party aren't. -- -- -- as far as like layers which are elderly that some of these teams and I think they take their wide receivers or granite. You have already got to write regular repeatedly but did they draft back. I mean isn't Dobson that I think that would want to that it sounds like Matusz who may have the coolest name of anybody hurt seriously manatees. Them. So you don't want the upstart you don't want the he's got a high ceiling you don't want that story you want the established. Larry if it's your body getting used to say forget it how would only our first couple draft picks we'll we'll go up our first of our second when what Larry FitzGerald is that what you're advocating. Yeah because we don't have much -- drafting wide receivers so in my outlook -- gravel not drafting other positions. I got -- it just seems like that's always very -- feel -- outside the numbers in the granite blocks and then not. -- public this'll and an answer this last question -- how how about the three championship teams that the patriots hat. All right but but you're I mean -- the need is for me. A veteran wide receiver big tall guy who can run down the field and -- a deep threat they didn't really have that any of those three games. Not like that but I think that that the team has built differently and that kind of I know Turkey -- that they got away from the brilliant defensively and they you know they got more of our high powered offense and. I think -- I think you're right I also just think that they were in a middle of a rebuilding defensively I think they believe that defense is now pretty well rebuilt. I mean it's not exactly the way it was supposed to be the issue because you're missing three or four of the top guys that we were expecting to be major contributors on your starting defense. But they were rebuilding the defense right now it's rebuilt them and I think the goal is to make it look closer to the way it once did. 61777979837. Cast your question yes but you know I'm not I would never tell you how to -- To be in your own house now and never -- But your wife is expecting correct yes occur to tell -- it's a girl I have involved everybody -- another girl may change I I'm gonna have a second girl. That and you know because I was gonna suggest. Mantis mantis as a name isn't much you can have as a girl can't have a girl named I don't like girls may have to counseling names there's a clear clear choice what does that. When he's not going to back away -- -- -- -- know is going to be that will not know each other of course don't tell me that well at the college I -- -- yes and you're still stalking her face and have -- back in a moment so rockaholic WEEI helped area. Really turnaround we Norton hard not here in this -- you know China Chinese -- -- and be on hand we're again Saturday. -- -- Garret blunt how much of a weapon will he be we talked a lot about what the patriots will need to do this. To beat the colts and whether or not they've got the weapons on the outside to do it. Thousands I told you earlier this this week that match -- doesn't think blunt is going to be a big factor for them this week. Interest he doesn't think this is a block game isn't thinks 34 defense instead of a 43 in need to panic -- them is supposed to. Beat them. To the maybe Shane -- or even -- -- Ridley becomes more of a factor than -- airport does even though it's been blunt is carried the little the last few weeks. The patriots look at it saying hey what is the best fit for this game they are chameleon like right -- they don't just do the same thing week after week in -- to stop it they look for your weakness and how to attack you best if they say that did it recently and -- are better it's against this offense we may very well be frustrated the next day the whole thing doesn't work as they wait. Your book was so good for the last two weeks why would you leave them off this week while they don't look at what my game got we got something in the back for the -- what it calls for. Use this is this the situation. Where your driver and a new driver this week news. Steven Ridley you driver is on on nine Britain would be driver what would. What -- what which lingering. Is a he's a utility club obviously you could he used a wedge I thought -- he's utility club you can use some you can hit them. Off the tee but maybe he can hit him to -- rescue club maybe it would -- blunt is the driver. Right probably and in Ridley is worth three wood. At least three will moderately got a marine has more utility Kerry got everybody else I guess -- -- iron but -- McCain in particular after the entire. Depending on who is a question it's just a hybrid no big deal mats in the car -- Matta well now we don't get this up Matt. Not much to and sent her cats and second -- got a little bit more objective about they got to pick his pick one. Pick the two teams in the -- And Sam Johnson -- was the talk tiger. The other track and out of occurring without Soledad I don't think they have that -- quick strike ability -- up and anyway I'm not I'm not become a deep rhetoric like that at an early that in any but. They have been able to score without that keeps her fairly quickly I just don't do that ability anymore. You know adamant about receiver it adds I can. Catching the ball actually not dropping that much and 80 -- -- -- -- a bit more chance to be that much. I -- -- Tompkins I think of you but if you look at adding that hand situation has been more on I don't know what the stats -- officially. But I would think if you look at drops advocate Dobson. Who's got more build ability I think than Tompkins but Dotson had some big drops. Delicate Tompkins is as an -- big drop guys had a couple of I honestly don't remember. I mean he's he hasn't been a factor in it all out if I don't remember what he was at Urbana I L and only had two big catches for -- touchdowns early in the season one against Atlanta won against New Orleans obviously with. I respect that -- the play. And then that we watched he's gonna Kelly like twelve balls for 175. Yards in the then we like got about it remember this guy he was a -- -- T. We've got about -- now -- it's an interesting it's an interesting question you -- and I I don't. -- don't remember -- pumpkins and remember him playing a little bit when's the last time he caught a ball. Can you remember he was injured for a while and they came back played a little bit maybe call one or two catches along the way. But he he's been searching non factor for so long and I barely remember what he did. For this team when he was in the -- Six what's at its epicenter nine. The study three adult cattle call Michael stopping the dental -- -- in the car in the Michael talking after that -- -- -- -- it showed thanks for providing my entertainment on the way home every day. Thank you. One rewind back to Tuesday at first popped out of the running back situation. Being from Dartmouth we had the pleasure of watching Jordan trotman. In the mid 2000 size secured the number one would have been a number one back about times and our level in Massachusetts but are they have to regain. Each and every year her senior year we're not UConn guards. There leading rusher a year it came out and now he hasn't smoked the shield yeah. So to say that you can you know -- -- we played beat it was behind. Whoever who artery -- get out your current -- but not okay. Padraig aren't yet. I -- it brokered pact brokered back but. He can't -- played not not Nagin kitchen and we -- package and a third string back at second string back Chen reports that -- string back -- -- any sort of say that they're not you know that date you can just you know. Next I -- it doesn't happen too understated guy and shattered in the Q&A major track tumultuous. You are doing the second half it and run the ball nearly as much as they should have a could have. -- -- -- My point that you guys have been talking about it some this system for the patriots in my opinion has been why did the pages have been so successful. -- whoever. Capitol steps up there hasn't actually here. If you can look at it statistically now there -- -- out there. How far the ball travels beyond ought to spring Mitch in the air on an average pass for the patriots over the last ten years. They'd they'd dump it over the line of scrimmage are ya -- secured their -- and they effectively -- the blog I'm a -- appeal. Aren't -- you could plug -- A second stringer with the ability Eric are so I -- the supermarket. And it outrage and I'm I'm confused by -- understand what you're saying but I am confused that guy. Who called up about two minutes ago -- -- it made a case for run back -- That you just can't put a second and third string running back in to -- you're gonna -- -- just put it back counselor replaced Tom Brady I don't think. -- that just happened. How I used to what you're saying is that running back is more important and harder to replace the quarterback. -- yes but you are what you walk. And it. -- I gotta be perfectly honest that is the worst thing I've ever hurt anyone's question if you've got to be kidding me if you can't possibly mean that and I did some really dumb thing I mean I've said. Pollster a stupid thing. -- -- But the system is good I don't deny you that but the idea -- a -- but you know it wasn't. It wasn't number. -- -- yeah US it was got a contract re worded. Or re. Comedy comedy running how many running backs is Tom Brady played with in his twelve years. 101215. They've made the playoffs every year the Brady's played except for one. The one year Brady and play in the playoffs. That would mean that -- at the -- running back position. He's incredibly replace what might be the most replaceable position. In football and it's right there are certainly in the offense it's right there among the most replace W confined and you're gonna say. Tom Brady is just a product of the system but running back the one that is most dependent on whether or not an offensive line opens up holes forum. Running back isn't -- -- just happened I just -- I'm I'm I'm so blown away by how bad about it -- an idea. It's the same -- Strip and on that accurate truth of fact is that are so what -- worse what is worse. The idea that running back is much more irreplaceable thing quarterback in the NFL. Or what this guy from the sporting news wrote about Tom Brady that's an axle -- W via.

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