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Colts QB Matt Hasselbeck with Salk and Holley

Jan 9, 2014|

We talk to MA native and Colts backup QB Matt Hasselbeck a few days before the Colts take on the Patriots at Gilette.

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-- -- WEEI WEEI dot com as well and civil wanted to go big this -- -- to get some good in depth. Analysis of what these Indianapolis Colts are all about who better than Matt Hasselbeck their quarterback and of course. A play a lot of quarterbacks here and around Boston BC's variant as well Matt how are -- man. They're going to keep getting a backup quarterback never to an -- back up older and maybe maybe -- all act and I go to the doctor. And the pay the patriots got that position versatility he's -- -- humane and meet their problem here. The five what is the vibe there in your locker is becoming Europe's. I think we're excited for the challenge hatred even looking at obviously we at congress for everybody around the league there -- -- You know here -- no other players who are we are part of it. You know the patriot COLT has become a little bit of rivalry in. Post here and you know for coach isn't. Administrator. You know scouts or people that have been here for a while. You know there are no -- to -- -- -- Burlingame very avenue. Try to -- a well -- Then you're no stranger to high level quarterbacking -- yourself. Or watching Brett Favre now watching Andrew Luck -- how does he compared to. Some of these tough -- he's always compared to the greats how does he compare. A lot of from Larry that you actually not like anybody yet that are aren't just in terms. You know the total package personality. -- a lot of time grown -- -- in Europe actually and and England and Germany about it that was involved with and a failure are pro and I called worldly. -- actually entered educated. Got a -- after cashier's -- You know ignite a typical football player back but he is great in the locker room -- a great quarterback. -- eight Tuesday trading annual. Because I really respect and pretty vocal leader and you know -- to get credit for that kind of athlete that he would he actually. A very good runner big strong powerful guys that a speech in the pocket or out that the art is -- -- rewarding to get to work with them this year and then import. What was he like on Saturday as you guys realize you're down 28 points early in the third quarter. I mean does his facial expression changed -- is attitude change at that moment he just seemed to come alive write them. -- you know unfortunately we've been down a lot this year in games like you know we started slow in some games. And it brought -- back in in many cases. But I would say you don't change should you know we can have a thing here sixty and it won't play the current don't charge. And guide it really is more of the same kind of reminds it's. It's. It's what -- about says each and every day eke out -- part of our vernacular art our our our our thinking -- You know the great game a lot straight purer and purer and figure out again. It was not the most comfortable. Our situation I've ever been backed by the output even with I think we just you know stuck to the plan. And we aren't we aren't endured -- -- each and every day. I was hitting the lips of your profits of coordinator during the 38 to ten moments so I know what he thinks about it can't sit on the radio. How much you mean at when it's 38 to ten what was going through your mind. You know it's funny I don't get her out with. Like Christian in the quarterback coach here or not jaw pain many years and not it's actually a question -- -- it will deficit that the bills came back from the get -- to -- -- wildcard game. And election mean. And I'll let it had a good omen that I talked to frank Reich they -- still well. I like it and I. Like to get elements. It was pretty cool to come back again everyone really believe and and you kind of believed in ourselves in the team and and were they were actually a little night for the deficit -- because there is kind of taken at one on -- at a time don't let the coaches to cut a couple of decider given that it can't vote. And then not know what it -- your front but you know we found a way to get back in. And now it would -- you'd like. Tony I told Michael before we did this at some point you would mention the word temple. So that was your obsession when you're NCA out remember talking to you and you are always always worried about what the temple was of the offense analysts thought that was. The key how how important his temple and totally you guys do and. Well the funny thing is my first or -- I hear people say it -- you know the work that I had no idea. -- -- -- come -- we better -- I have no idea what they're talking about. You know basically for us to how much time do we spend in the current ways. And we were down so many points. After the first drive of the second half we decided hey. They're actually -- -- and and even -- we took the lead we can't look at that mentality where Taylor -- -- aggressors in our country. On a four point lead that's part of -- that. You know what shall be offensive. While on -- It on a magic can help us out here we we spent so much time debating quarterbacks and what makes a quarterback great whether it's. Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady hey Brady's got three super -- Manning has one or. As somebody -- being Andy Dalton no playoff wins ripping Tony Romo won playoff win. Wondered where a guy who's been around and has played that position and have heard people inside the game and evaluate quarterbacks. What do you look at what makes a quarterback. Great what -- you start. You don't start to become my my my strong opinion I don't think you can try to create cornerback in terms of measurable. Terms of the stuff that they do that the compact. I'm probably partial Lebanese and I did that come Monday. That's I think that's one other figures because I've been around urged early Elkhart is that it did not want. Way to beat a great you know a great quarterback I putted again today -- got to trust -- got to respect Eric coaches have to believe in new. And and I and I think that as an important ingredient you know what can actually. We had our green there and I know -- and here is. People to believe -- trying to -- something that that would happen because you out there that. In a way it made because around them better players. And they may be already aware and and it's a special thing and that kind of let me a bottle kind of ingredient that you can't just manufacturing can't. Measure and I jumped or forty timer. How big your hands are how -- you are and you know an excerpt quote physically get out out front on your desk and work within your everyday. And your countless years coming -- comic. We're just say that trust is more likely to start of the quarterback is it on the field in a game like -- Saturday's. With Andrews or is that in the meeting room where a guy steps -- -- says our coach and I screwed that up I you know yeah I know you're jumping on the left tackle to left guard put. I screwed them up I had the wrong wrong protection on or is just say it's my fault he does that carry more weight than actually doing on the -- and on the field. I don't I don't think it's 11 simple thing you know the rookie symposium was one of the worst experience -- my lecture or they have ever been Q however. Bill Keller spoke at it and now I should come from and I think we're really really true and it held up. In March 16. Year I would say this culture. Is if you work your butt off in the locker room respect. Or if you are really really really -- your job guys in the locker respective. And over the -- saying that. As are two ways really earned -- -- he's the only the only part that this kind of a common denominator that how. We -- attacked. It you have to be an unselfish. In -- spiritual -- you're able to do either one of the -- the other thing. I think that's a great place to start terms earning respect and and interest case in all three of those really apply and not your standard -- have been never will be that. But I thought otherwise short term though our. -- by joining us here on WEEI you mentioned that Peyton Manning earlier how much does his memory your or just the memory of him linger in that building and in that city. -- I think. There's no doubt that he has helped pave the way through this organization. Except him and not just am just Saturday's. Martial law Margaret -- and lecturing -- a lot of great players that they had. Gave the way here or. Standard that what is expected. You know I went from Seattle can actually. You know the expectations. Were a little different you know electric Jake Locker or in the -- following. I liked it Xiang a little bit different for a guy can't lock company in following. Eight innings noted. -- exactly. In your opinion of that last year however. People expect that your thing in this building in terms of professional. And you know division title. Working after practice thirteen -- in the off the or. And any under stepped up peace except that the risk of being a leader on the -- party agent. You know it's great if you actual practice equipment as a waiter at with all these traders -- around which water expecting that you're going to be worked out. District tragedy in their lifting. I'll read before you start running. And there -- what you -- planned for strong partnership. A level of respect and I think. Absolutely. That the credit goes to. Successful call genes that are you know come for. Saved from. Four and eloquent speech from bill cower in a memorable speech from bill -- sixteen years ago. What made that symposium so born. There was the first few particular order Ingrid Vicki Kennedy connection -- I guess I guess -- have my mom to get to blame for. Her teaching me that that -- our current out. I guess but it didn't want to endorse it and thought about it a long time in my. Don't blow all your money there. Don't don't like ten houses. -- -- don't don't put people on the face and get mad at a other -- They don't eat it we we look at this cold semen and a lot of the focus of Boston this week has been on on Hilton on the outside. Who also we need to know about -- it as as patriots fans who watch this game and maybe haven't seen the colts play more than a couple of times this year what else do we need to know. It's really just gonna committee. You know Iverson Tracy lane that you kind of are -- and the committee. I would -- strike at that rely on and Germany out and then pitches he protested about it. -- -- committee -- that kind of practice squad that are that are playing you know playing pretty well. To attack I obviously had the big touch template last week -- I you know he's been a part of Apollo and everybody's been -- not get too. I ask an expert Jeannie entry locks that are up -- forced out wide tight end -- receiver. You know really in a lot of -- are NDP this year and Donald Brown the running back economy then. The most steady music that is all over from. In the air and you know he's he's really come -- huge forest and -- -- regular routine it's learning or getting better but we won game. On the way. Or winning games as we're improving as -- growing out we're able to let it again this year like last year. Took another step to order a first class came so. I think there's a lot of optimism. For what the future holds here -- working on the at present terms no one -- been pro bowlers and attempting. There are happening there where Robert -- -- are more control over. A country that you know there's not a lot of guys that you're gonna market and. I know your professional Europe you're a member of the Indianapolis Colts butcher from Gary went to college here. How often do you find yourself thinking about new England sports and your families here but but. Are you still 88 new England sports fan and an observer. Are absolutely absolutely. It is to be when they're winning the world championship at a world champion. I think the hardest thing that ever and do you know -- the Red Sox could come on Seattle and I. Sitting there watching -- -- Red Sox game like he can't act like at quarterback -- Iraq. Can't should be here again mayors you know especially get to know those guys. Golf welcome in the off season they figure why -- to be friends. You know true. You know. Pedroia hit -- home run game whenever you get it to fit your feet like Ollie asks. Why. It. Yeah they might -- Robert -- -- you know along and they you know after the -- Arabic it really aren't. They weren't great dominant man that was really really ought to be an -- a locker room. Away and your between your and eighteen. Is that after the second basking. And only true you know that was earlier comment. They I guess at this point it. He's got to -- your friend and obviously the patriots were the team looked drawn -- a legitimate after the raiders rhetoric. Adam for a little -- nameplate and I score the ball boy and a lot of them again sucks. And the danger I mean I didn't hear that. If I was. Interest -- -- -- -- Oval -- alum Adam and end and they win a world championship and the protect. -- tell you tell that you can be bought it doesn't look. -- totally totally I like diablo gonna vote is. If they already old voted for economic dialogue and loyalty but it really does. -- I love I love pat patriot love that look sixteen years how many more. I'll probably get your share probably just pictures are planned not China. I'd go as long as it's been an -- -- haven't correspondent. I've been rewarding that. That's kind of -- in financial trouble and not a good this year and how great your next here and then. -- -- Matt it's great to catch up with the men have gotten the talk to you for awhile you could follow -- -- could follow at council backed. Just straight up Hasselbeck and of course c.'s Saturday night thanks again and we appreciate it. -- -- --

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