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Jackie MacMullan: Dennis Rodman is "way out of his league" being in North Korea

Jan 9, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan joins the show and discusses Dennis Rodman and his travel to North Korea. Jackie says Rodman is an "alcoholic" and that she is "disgusted" with his actions.

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Jackie McMullen covers all things Boston sports for ESP -- boston.com and she joins us on the ATP outlined Jackie not little -- And get you guys are good but we're we're talking about the Celtics West Coast trip which has been rough so far obviously you were their last night covered again you're on the Comcast. The -- probably you his concern is Lewis about -- soldier these last couple weeks. Yes I am. An elected body language you know I I heard it but -- and what you guys are discussed in. It's -- to have a hard foul that -- good. And by the way Carol -- wants someone to deliver hard talk about him explain. What it's not that. And looked in the follow last night didn't he would. It wasn't a good basketball what about while playing at all it was -- hard solid good -- sending a message it was a dumb play. Blake Griffin with past and the will play a lot of people on the floor nearby him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because he was the most consistent player earlier in the season. But he's got to be a part of that he's got to be more mature and that cannot tell you can almost see this coming with his body language. During this road trip towards the officials he can't remember in their mind. Many of their minds he's still a rookie that's how many of them look at him as he barely played a full season last year and and he's not good enough. To do I have the histrionics at the hands up in the air in the roles -- EI -- doesn't work with officials. And that and I thought the play last night. Hurt the team. And and it's gonna hurt him because if you get suspended he's gonna put a team that are -- is too small behind the eight ball -- he's got to be Smart. Yet yet and if I'm Bret Stephens drug because you know we here in Oklahoma City and Denver and and really sky everybody just look at narrative any answers they almost sound like a team -- lost right the effort nobody knows why the effort isn't there Brad Stevens -- look -- his team and Sam not much CNET same effort now. He's also talking to a young player benching him a kick him out of saying lineup. And he's he's not getting it's for him as well because goes on -- another stupid file -- the West Coast road trip feels like it's lasted for three weeks for the steam right now. And you know what I last night game the effort was there but the played really hard how they got behind six 26 to ten. The fast break points at the end of that first quarter was eighteen to 20 okay you're thinking here we go again. Now a couple of things if you -- the kind of shots which the Celtics did in the first quarter I think they shot 34%. That can lead to transition baskets and they get a better job of that as the game. -- -- But they've battled back in the game a whole bunch of times. And by the way guys one of those times was right about the time the challenger committed that file on Blake Griffin. And that the clippers went a little mini run after that play they went up sixteen again and that was too much for the Celtics to recover the -- soldiers got to decide. Okay. You can be tough but you still have to be Smart and what he did last night wasn't Smart and it wasn't a basketball play. It was a dirty play really. Yeah we've we've as a group the three of us have talked about what we wanna see -- Celtics this year it's not that to be terrible at. The lose games this year I want this team to lose games and my concern is that Jordan Crawford and -- getting traded here Jackie or Rondo comes back thank Jordan Crawford is the type a point guard that can run this team. Directly a lottery when given 383940. Minutes a game. I guess they allow you and I are gonna agree on anything today but now you make me feel better. It. You know listen he he had a nice start. What you saw last night and -- -- -- -- at some point he made some shots maternal and again in the game -- you want ball movement right there were times during that game that they had some very nice ball movement. They really and I thought Avery Bradley played pretty well but the Crawford you know he can get you. Revert back I gonna do this myself and creepy shots some bad decisions he had two huge. Overhaul. Or bad shot in the turnover down mr. Hideki. He sucked the life out of an offense -- by dribbling at the top of the key for twenty of the 242 guard -- Zanardi sort of coming in a place like you say is be patient this thing is gonna happen organically. Danny age I think pulls off another nice deal financially as far as -- for flexibility those sort of things with Courtney Lee. You know you don't have the next couple of years you look at Gerald -- deal half one to deal with what. What's next for Danny because I think he's done really well from -- the last few deals. Yep I like yeah the bailout still I don't think there's any future here for -- bailout but that's beside the point that you pointed out this is strictly financial and cap space and I think everybody's on the table and I mean everybody. You know it was -- Jeff Green. I think he would for the right price I think everybody -- I don't think there's an untouchable on this roster. Nor should their speech and you know I've heard for more than one that he GM and you know some of them are guessing maybe some of them -- may -- some -- -- actually talked to the -- a lot of guessing. They're expecting him to be self self -- in the market I think you can see more deals before that February trading deadline. Jack McMullen of ESPN Boston joining us I agree it is the way to go about it I just wonder in that sell part of it. It is that we -- every couple weeks is Rondell part of the Sally still not come back the talking about a rehab in Maine or is it. We'll treat everyone around Rondo Jacqui let him come back and prove he's healthy and figure out what to do with him in the off season. I think he's part of a group that's not untouchable but again Rondo. You know he's going to be approaching free agency he wants to Max contract. He is the impact player. He probably is he could be but it -- a 100% anything that guys that you think can totally turn your team around. We're gonna have to you have to be the guy that turned around with one of these great young players. That you may or may not get in the draft this year that you may or may not take is the correct young player -- you know -- group of young players. These so called can't display that one of them gonna miss -- Alley cat. So those are all questions that are unanswered and Indiana percent healthy how -- we know we haven't seen him yet so. I can't imagine they're gonna get full value for Rondo before he comes back and puts on the uniform in place. You've talked before -- different scenarios that I forget last and we talked about upping your relationship with Dennis Rodman yeah I feared your -- -- the way he went really disappointed I that we we brought it up off the -- boy wonder what Jackie thinks of all this -- guy goes to North Korea again he's definitely. It drunk on TV apologizes -- but it. What -- won't use. Out of his -- yet and doesn't belong over there and he's an alcoholic technology this -- this before I think he acknowledged that himself. It's deplorable deplorable what he's what he's said and what he's done. And and by the lamp outlet -- baker and sleepy Floyd the rest of those guys off the hook either I guess they need money. Because if you pay any attention -- -- and you should have paid attention before he went over their or your agents should have paid attention for you maybe these guys. Because they're retired don't have agents anymore I don't know. But you need to understand. What's going on in North Korea and what this young man in charge of that country has done including as recently as what amounted to go by executing his own uncle. That the human rights atrocities in North Korea I'm sorry. I don't care WR. You need to know better and yeah I'm really really disappointed -- debt -- I cannot defend at night and first second. He said he says he's way over his head -- -- is. Is is there anybody out there I mean it is there anybody that can talk to Dennis Rodman because it seems that he's not listening to. Well you know it became the Chuck Daly passed away because Chuck Daly was with a great friend and him and make -- -- that -- bag. Still -- the former PR director of the Detroit Pistons has also left us. Because he was another one that could get through -- and it's a place someone else and I seen her with him on many occasions that policy and receptions and events it Penny Marshall the director. She has taken a liking to tennis and that she tried to help them. And he's someone that I know he's very fond of and that he listens to so maybe she's someone I can reach out to them but it's really sad to -- -- I hate to -- it. He had a great basketball player and and at one time I I really do believe he was a nice young kid but he he blocked his way in and if this is unforgivable. Distance I can't defend them. I thought we watch in a hall of Famer when he played you know watch in the way he went about his busy work or an. Idea and now the way he acts now represents the whitest. It's tough to see an -- Alcohol alcohol ruined people you guys know many people in your life in around you need CNET and and it destroyed people on it and that unfortunately that's what its contents -- -- speak speaker of the hall of fame and I -- a member of the BB WAA. The listening now that might file used to be and I let it slip of. -- so you used to be so hot -- hot how did you get out the. As I left I left the business for a couple years. I took when I wanted to -- by the diplomatic. Maria my daughter was -- it was his sophomore in high -- my son. Would few years behind that and I wanted to that -- decided I'm not gonna work for a little while so I didn't hit a couple years option and start right but. So I I just I don't let some of my membership slip in the -- you know the baseball writers was one of. Boy it's interesting because the Lee you know you portray the way -- for you with that I feel like there's other people out there that almost. Deleting that particular time away from the game now -- done and still have a hall of fame vote. The biggest customer our vote out well that's right -- that -- there's others out there that are the stupid Balata covered the PGA. They have all fame votes right now the three people out -- voting in your opinion. Well maybe too many of the wrong people. Because for instance if I have called same boat in the scenario I just have presented to you I would relinquish it. Because I'd be out two years that would be following in the game that is right. And I mean I'm not gonna beat up on the baseball right. I have had great deal of respect for Taylor but I think he's a super talented guy great writer I don't like woody did. I don't think it was necessary I think he could've made it -- different way. I don't think it's necessary to make a mockery of something that so many people have devoted their lives to and consider very important so I'm disappointed that that it went that way. I think there are other ways. To have the discussion that we're now having. Is Curt Schilling a hall of Famer. -- You know I think he hit and then maybe maybe we're biased because we're so close to -- -- -- And it's very bad but you know we talk so much about numbers now in war and whip and all these. Evaluate numbers so let's talk about wind treatment here career wins you could make the argument. That it -- far too much significance. Paid two pitchers in their -- career went I don't know if you guys agree with that absolutely yeah. -- and I think that's -- keeping her -- now. But if you look at the rest of his numbers his strikes to walk -- one of the best maybe what five -- big time. Clutched pictures. Of all time. You know twenty games wins and -- World Series MVP all that stuff to me to help him you know I wonder about this guy to Roy Halladay you know just retired. I think he's a hall of fame -- Not in my language yet and yet but. Is well under 300. Career wins. So they leave him out -- and it lets you play this game disrespect and I have I mean I'm glad are you kidding. Definitely deserved it loud Tom Glavine and only met him a couple of times but so glad he's in there. But let's take com -- and off the Atlanta Braves during those years. And put Curt Schilling on the Atlanta Braves during those years doesn't Curt -- get the 300 went to put up some pretty bad teams in the ninety. I I think wins this overrated year's tour and sixteen wins in your right to hold that against the meanwhile they're sixteen pitchers. In the hall of fame with fewer than -- to sixteen it's just that right that's 300 number gets everybody -- it didn't. Egypt in the market beautiful Jack -- saying that was the last year. I knew Glavine and fanatics they were you know he's in Frank Thomas those are all -- give and so I don't know -- Immediate changes that. I'll be stumping for the best post season pitcher of the -- there -- Curt Schilling he should be in Jacqui thanks for your time is always we'll talk to next week. Have a great week -- tell Jack -- here with much Lou is always Jacqui brought -- buyer great friends. At Toyota of Nashua and by commonwealth mortgage 61777979. To three sets the phone number you get deductions that way you can text that's on the AT&T text line 37. 937. Dan Shaughnessy wrote a column. That is annoyed aid Indianapolis Colts fan so much he's taken to YouTube you'll hear that next.

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