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Buster Olney: voting process for Baseball Hall of Fame needs to be changed

Jan 9, 2014|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the results of the 2014 Hall of Fame class, the decision of Dan Lebatard to give his vote to Deadspin, and possible ways to fix the process.

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Baseball writers of America immediately revoke their vote please say yes yes that's who have been immediately and so than immediately look. I love what I'm gonna sound like Charles pocket he's my great friend bought. You that there's nothing more democratic in the voting for the hall of fame one Manuel Manuel all the time -- -- -- -- so what do you say it it's got it that's not a good process is not a good to have them know it is a good system would not. That is if you say. I lit -- that you might go with such that I'd layup and you would spit in your face and give my -- away if you want the steroid guys again if you wanna make that argument. Abdicate the steroid test write columns but what a radio show goal on TV and don't throw the ball away is so sanctimonious. Love to talk to him off -- -- into a car bomb. All wife -- my favorite shows. PTI Kornheiser will bond going off on day eleven -- We'll talk to Basra oil all things that happened yesterday that includes Dan -- -- giving his vote -- dad's been in buster a previous BN. Joins us here on the -- the hot line so three get in buster what surprised you most about the way the voting went yesterday in the 2014 hall of fame announcement. Oh boy. You know I knew the rule attend. Where the voters don't vote for ten players and giving -- it was going to be an issue. But didn't realize until I was looking at some of the balloting in an -- guys have lost votes exactly how much of an impact at. -- -- -- did -- in any of these PD conversation. -- locked -- more hundred votes. And it's not because he's the -- less qualified than it was a year before it because in the writers like myself -- having to pick and choose who they put on the ballot. Is that clearly like Craig Biggio didn't make it this year was because. The rule and it's a big issue and I'm sure that all of thing in the baseball writers can address the next year. Was visual and got it. That you felt got left off -- I look at it and I'm still shake my head -- Mike Piazza you know given what his career what's. And -- you know I mean for sure right W and I voted for Visio I'm not surprised necessarily about the shot that. -- unique he's like a year presidential election that battleground states in Ohio Florida. I think might be out there and Jeff Bagwell or the battleground state for the whole conversation. About what to do we candidate linked dvds can do it's clear. That there are a whole bunch of writers who basically saying I know Mike Huckabee great up until pitchers in the history of baseball. But I think he may have taken performance enhancing drugs. Now there hasn't any hard evidence to that and in the way that you know an admission by a Mark McGwire suspension for Raphael Palmeiro. But they're comfortable -- that stands. And I do think according to declare -- I told you guys before I voted for you know Clemens and bonds and the -- and at every year but going forward. I think you're gonna reach a point that if you got the naked in -- -- will make it and. I think -- bad that point some of the the voters who would -- their vote for badly on inclement. I got to believe that Lisa bloom and some of them don't you know what I should pick the best players in the and we can't really worry about trying to determine who did. That's funny bring it up like that buster who gets in first I separated -- you mentioned the of the rumor mongers the the Bagwell Bagwell. A -- 180 I don't have evidence I would vote those guys it implantable I would still. Take a stance against Clemens and bonds a particular level of fame numbers but there is there's some big big connections there with TDs with steroids who. Which one of those of the group gets in first -- the ones are more talented and bonds and Clemens -- stronger ties or is it yachts or Bagwell getting in first. Well I think he got to get the best chance students based on yesterday he's got a higher vote total. He got I mean these statistics are overwhelmingly. Qualified for election the whole thing. But as they say it's pretty clear that there's a large percentage of guys who are saying dead in their own -- mere suspicion is enough to withhold -- vote. I do you wonder that you know all the overtime and I told you guys making -- the past and my feeling is. That I think you have to put it within the context of the times. And the fact that baseball didn't address that the whole institution for 20/20 five years. That's the reason and look you can back up on the legal a lot of guys started doing it was because that feeling what. Now no -- do anything about it and I got to try to keep up sell and make that choice that we can criticize them for that but ultimately I believe. Thousands of players minor league in Major League east we're doing this. And what we like it or not that's what the history was and that's why I get an -- set aside the PD question. Because to me it's retroactive morality play going to mount Rushmore -- saying you know what were taken Thomas Jefferson and George Washington opted they were slave owners. If not that's what happened in this 17100. Our -- that we although there's that maybe some tinkering to be done in May be is something that can be down what would you do is it a perfect science and how would you fix. Number one I would -- by -- and by the way the winter meetings the baseball writers. That formed a committee. -- due to form a committee where they gonna study possible changes. Number one I think the baseball writers association of America should offer to recuse itself to the hall of fame from doing -- of fame voting. That's an operative accused it's not saying we're gonna -- ourselves. But I really think that this is so. Messed up now and it's getting so much criticism it's like a presidential crisis. Where people involved also the resignation the presidency it's up to the president. Whether that wanna take it and I think we all have to remember this not baseball writers rules. It's a whole plane rules and they wanna. Tinker with the system because one assistant and a place it was newspapers. And really nothing else newspaper writers ruled the world. Now does it make sense to build genes. AA you know John until warned -- team broadcasters aren't involved where reporters who were -- for 35 years are. And the whole -- want to take the opportunity. And take a mob connected to tweak the system I think -- good I think obviously -- could change rule it and open up the ballot. Allow voters to pick -- many players -- they want I don't think that can make it different for bonds to Clemens because there is such of a voting bloc against them. Odd number three I think that I have a higher threshold. Then 20%. So we don't have every year the conversation about Don Mattingly when he doesn't have any chance of being elected and. And also -- be more stringent on the name of the players who were in on the ballot. With all due respect him no chance to Jack Jones Armando Benitez JT snow we're going to be elected yet every year. We all kind of look silly when those guys get a handful of votes. Where you look silly because somebody else voted for the buster -- -- would be in and Luke out of the gates said let's cut down the number of voters and you seem to think of the same thing and I agree with you secondarily. You do this and I gave you credit you explain your ballot and you show your ballot the MVP voters we get to see their ballots on the BB WAA website. I wanna see every hall of fame ball I wanna be able to email or tweet or call or text or -- Null. Thought -- Jones or JT snow Georgia are. Eric Gagne. -- hall of famers that's got to be part of this more -- day. A transparency of who you voted for and explain to me as a baseball -- what major vote for a model but he has for the whole thing. Totally agree and in fact Patrick wrote the article this morning. Someone sent back on -- -- me -- we need more transparent you know like all and I would like teeth there which had included that I I totally agree with you and I think it. -- -- -- I'd like to know with a sixty people -- -- Greg Maddux -- because no one but I'd like to know the reasoning the other fifty. And I agree with you maybe even the percentages yeah we're talking before maybe it's -- 75 MC five and find out who they really are but you mentioned how -- winter meetings you know BBW a get together. Ability forming a committee to look at some of these things so that was done before that Jim Leavitt -- movement. And I don't wanna give him any credit for if there is one what your thoughts on him revealing that he was the one that's -- is his vote. Well I think you'd think it on one hand I agree with everything that he sang about what he thinks is wrong with the system I mean I've been there is probably -- people the depth of the last couple years talking about the rule with and the problems in you know keeping the whole era of steroids and contacts and probably logical. Come on board within that way the execution of what he did -- Flat out disagree with I think it was wrong the way that he did it. First of dead and offer which it probably their prerogative. Was -- you got to remember what we're going to be bias a hall of fame vote. And and that's what it is even after they got an agreement from -- and apparently that's what kept up on the web site so when this thing came down yesterday. The perception of a lot of people as they bought and let's talk about now after the fact they clarified that. That they didn't -- the vote dampen that statement but I'm telling you a lot of people thought that was the case and it paid employee to be at hand. Really bothered me that people paying its. A colleague of mine their company somehow allows us to sell the vote again but so what happened. But it that they excuse it was poor and I really. I don't understand why -- it do it on his own well and -- plus they'll think I'm -- television today you know what. I think this whole system is a bunch of garbage I don't know what to bill to tell -- I'm really deduct all you people. He buster I -- a story coming from but then. I also think that what he did no way went about it I can understand ESPN how like -- because again a lot of bulk of the dead spin and should be used ESPN as the platform. And announce three SP and he was the guy who gave his vote away but this the way he did the you're so angry Kornheiser is angry cartoons angry and will bonds angry. This does bring a Mormon national attention to I think this has a chance to. Present for a date change for the voting process and then Dan just going on his radio show on the afternoon saying here's a stance and take you'll -- That it it's creates warm -- potentially. Well I needed to create more Biden to declare I mean I disagree that I'm not sitting here poking pins and it can't -- hard hole. You know I did I just don't agree. We how we did it. And and I also on top that I also know the baseball writers association who might be something Larry Lucchino once said to me. Describing based on how Moody's said it it translated to read not it takes years for change. And so even though only for the committee and even -- fame is -- the -- some change. I really don't think there's going to be any significant change that did and started I mean it's one vote at a 571. That wasn't already gonna take place a and indeed they just don't react that way I think that probably want to take intend to vote away at some point but I've really. Think that all of this conversation would have happened even if he had had done. I'm gonna get -- on this one I bagged jumped the might the stump yesterday said -- a vote I'd vote Curt Schilling in the post season numbers the strikeout to walk ratio is the best of the modern era. Pedro is -- owner of errors three yet she went down yesterday. In voting percentage is that he Bert Blyleven -- type thing you think eventually gets in what's your feeling now on Curt Schilling buster. I think you'll get real close next year maybe even get and if they open up the ballots from the get rid of the rule and. I looked at the ballot this year I had seventeen players who I think hall of fame worthy. But because they're all stacked up you can only pick and I believe seven off. But you know covered for three years. I didn't put him on the ballot -- -- colleague of mine he get any work would be -- they paid -- I didn't put on the ballot. He's a hall of fame player but I had did come up with some sort of strategy had a deal that. If they open it up and I do think there's an excellent chance that they will I think there's a chance you can see him between 6575%. Next year. Buster only BSP -- can read all's reaction and espn.com he joins us every week during the season throughout the offseason well. Buster appreciate the timetable talk too soon.

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