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Matt Chatham rips Roger Goodell

Jan 9, 2014|

Matt Chatham discusses the NFL's commissioner and the fact that 90% of the players don't like him.

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-- alum Matt Chatham for a couple more minutes model -- not 37 WEEI. With -- scatter report your reading during the break that's like a pretty detailed. Or what the patriots might do against the colts were to get that group we're going over the picture I -- most. Actually want to ask you that another scout report. This morning a -- The Herald Jeff Powell. Wrote an article playing into his hands as if he's philosophy and these write a breeze Alley now what what caught my guys this and you tell me. Would Bill Belichick thinks about this. He talks about the colts defense right they don't press -- they -- a little bit. This is temporal Tompkins. Speaking they actually have a Vanilla defense. The DB's happened to play a lot of off coverage will probably have some freedom on the outside if we can actually runs and catch and run routes. To be able to get the ball quick -- be able to get going down field now. That great there. Got a problem with that people all. Yeah you know that that's on the bills. Texting and twittering and using acronyms but that would be -- in my and it's just. -- you know dude that's like that's way to what you know bursting at the letter -- this -- really you know not just he's you know and that's kind of one of those -- -- won't be surprised to go to team -- room and holds the -- -- -- -- -- Yes yadda you know it you really need to just keep -- Blase keep the basic. You know talk talk well about your opponent respect them. Rather good at sister group after -- at this you don't talk to him you know dive and -- and those it'll get mangled in the media anyhow it's just. It's just not a place to -- you know it doesn't help anyone. The call will be great today. I what I did they -- on Thursday -- just it's like we saw with the cold every bill off the defense -- the in the -- of the game Saturday. So two days for game so normally this would be Friday -- Friday morning what kind of racial -- I'll -- you know I'm I'm 16 or eight years removed from this place a limit teams scheduled a Friday is like a normal that -- in normal time morning practice you just had done a little earlier. It was a note in the locker it would -- -- seemingly steady -- but because the wide receivers -- -- video a week you know it's an awful and there should be some. Freedom on the outside get some catch and run -- We Watson all weeklong just. -- -- yet you've got to go to say -- what's going on him cattle the screens and draws in this week it -- passes to just told them hell in the interest as a strategy I'd hate to the rest of the week might not be available at through the media. I love the playoff format to set up with divisional weekend this weekend it's the elite eight essentially the National Football League Roger Goodell. Who you're a huge fan match at a huge. Fan of match Roger Goodell. Has said there -- supplemented to add a seventh team. In each conference and have the one seed the only seed. That gets the -- that it opening weekend like last weekend the patriots would have played if they were planning wild card game to place seventh slot three replaced six or play five. Would you be in favor that I'm having a playoff team. I mean we had this discussion -- you know. It was twenty years ago where they decided to go to -- while cart yeah. Well it is currently with the four divisions of the two while cars the last change we board probably -- like Japan. You don't know but I give it their symmetry to it now. It gives you an extra week in -- -- awesome football now. Boy we we've already watered it counts or you can water the water I mean that's really kind of support program like at some point your little talking about half the draw. They make in the play right now it's 37%. They added to you'd be up upwards of 40% of the I mean that's that's silly. Again one of the before your things I saw out there Lumia. Let me try to pull this up -- did lose a guy wanted to grab the -- everytime this -- -- was was little and I disagree on this I don't -- a sequel would do an interview while I. I don't I don't the goods I want have a problem with a one bit and ethic that we are. We're programmed now. That you know the benefit obviously want you want -- -- seat to get the Brighton to be able to arrest it is just avoid. The possibility of losing one game you know we just move on. I don't I just don't I don't have a problem with that a man might water down look at other sports are hoping that. People look at and say you know the amount number sixteen and 32 teams that make the post season -- to be 50%. If we went to eight they're talking about seven all right I just. More the more football better -- don't know that. It it's not gonna hurt the ratings it's all about the money they know people gonna watch of Baltimore. And Miami played this weekend at 4 o'clock -- of people would have 3030 plus -- watched that game as well I don't feel like the NFL should take advantage of that because they have us hooked it's a drug and -- -- state they're saying what losing somebody in a. In an am big BD -- big oak desk is saying they'll still watch they watch Bengals and chargers wall. That shouldn't be the reason at eighteen you wanna at a team reflected if there are six or seven years in a -- Were ten and eleven when he's being left out of the post season all right something's got to change. But this year outside of Arizona the next to step up would have been an 88 Pittsburgh team getting -- the other side last year. -- at 1016 get in but the year before that would have been a seven in nineteen Hollywood at its dividend at the Arizona Cardinals could edit. Let's Emmy for every Arizona Cardinals the -- -- -- the other way around. But I look at the you know a glass maybe time to finally you're looked. For well I it's in -- I'd. I was actually thinking more of London super boy thought I was -- funny areas or not that was well if they want are just the Xperia play announcer make it tough week. Really went off the deep there was some stuff. I thought it was California I was clicking through this stuff and I I saw the headline. I follow atomic current news and NBC guy and and I don't Wear it sort of -- my way back to this pro football pro football talk exactly pro football talk is one of the more. Well traveled places out there in the Blogosphere for find -- football fans I just thought you know like. -- I thought that the kind of and only focus group to stuff like today and probably try to figure out where the the temper of the of the group of the globe people are. Except that you don't hear our fans call us every day -- we wanna Super Bowl. Those calls back -- -- X -- -- in the super warm woman -- -- in this game like bad idea jar they keep track -- so obviously that -- I'd love it all all with or ballistic they're sending us to the Super Bowl -- then ya. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just left of the civil split and see if it but we split roms three. And now we're going a lot of what we look now at every stage and ultimately a hostile somewhere but yet we are at the London. Hobbies that parliament go. You weren T I don't do this off then what did just what really grabbed us like this is same like almost felt like this is. His own version of trolling write like him to his -- but as it was for real. Stimulate your read the article are what drove pro football talk to the caucuses to -- doesn't rule out a lot of Super Bowl. I don't like Willis this is seriously. Emphasized. And you read through the thing you go to the comments. And I I think Dexter some of the best comedy that's out there you hear from the -- to hear what they stick to what they're really -- gonna get -- keep it keep -- -- obviously put. It's called the find this kind of unanimous unanimity unanimity does that work. Out there and affair basically people are all over the board cowboys fans deserve them now but they are sold. To keep other on their disdain for Roger Goodell you cannot find -- -- the -- but -- I find this kind of concorde out there and independent. -- -- While talking to bought votes Roger just stock shot up 337. Up votes to six hoarded it is -- verdict comment. To give that kind of humanity -- -- and it worked. All right good and into the bulletin it's close enough it's close enough. Hole and 37 to three. 1083. To afford it like how like -- and again not my words I'm not calling anyone names -- Read now ruin union fell 216. To do. -- is that yet. People's heads together also don't like that Texas right dates and Lou not months there's got to be unloaded I've been here I think -- I as the gang connection right I want to an -- -- I want to ruin the game. Dash Roger go to 17 there are enough votes to one of the point is like -- really check with your fans this is -- yourself against him. This stuff sounds crazy assures me of of Marlon Brando like Ireland did the -- doctor -- reserves is weird guy out there are just crazy out of his mind and is the lunatic I think he's come out of all those weird stuff that's like one room and kind of went off. You don't listen I don't know reenergize the so no I don't think it's a place Johnny Utah an illusion. The place for -- league division in Europe. Mean it just makes no sense. I mean look at our European correspondent but I just level it'll do what would be so. Crappy about being loaded and it's arguably one American give it to a city that angle -- make a lot of money that is the thing. Or we WTO felt. You attorney beyond the trends and -- -- -- noticed all due to earnings immediately lots of double teams and get. In a beautiful trip to London that. How many how much money which is. My governor Matt -- public money how much -- -- how much you know revenue does that city take care how much public so you gifting overseas. Are you giving it to Europe -- it's it's a way that -- they -- something with that that you have that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna go any -- -- ago. 36. -- -- Pats win and cover Matt Chatham breaking down the game after the game on Sunday morning WEEI Texas says this just in match -- -- suspended. By Roger Goodell a product that is happened. Welcome back into the -- top -- these can join the bottom of the hour at 1230 but a lot of felt like I -- your calls on the -- on the new playoff format. I want to talk more about peace rally has called this game and let's have a discussion on the one we talked about a million patriot players. There's one guy that it is important this game we have not talked about all all week that's next month Lou we are 90%.

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