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Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: Ranks Tom Brady last of the remaining eight QB's in the playoffs

Jan 9, 2014|

Mut and Merloni speak to Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News to discuss his article in which he ranked Tom Brady No.8 of the eight remaining QB's.

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But -- Maloney 937 WEEI getting set for patriots -- colts. On Sunday on Saturday night. Right in the quarterbacks all week you spent all -- talking about which quarterback you want competence level and everything else and no surprise that. Went silent the sporting news does that as well Vinny ire. Who covers -- the NFL both sporting news ranked as quarterbacks and he joins us here on the ATP hotline -- not Lou here in Boston how -- you. Find budget. -- -- -- feel the patriots they have they're passionate responses to you look at it and you can tell it like. Yeah it's it's interesting the response that you got on this and I guess. I'll be honest and start out reading that the story itself I feel like you wrote this. Just to have what's happening right now but he Boston radio station called up the talk about it is that the case do you truly believe the ranking system that puts Tom Brady -- the big quarterbacks is. A good way going about -- in the QBs. Well -- -- -- it -- on -- after the -- obviously wouldn't look at what he's done what -- you -- and -- we're first we'll tell you that I like -- that break any debate when we get to all time but I'm looking at the short window. I look at that just quote -- quarterbacks. These final eight. I don't think we've -- -- group quite like between Europe for older guys Manning and Brady Brees is Phil rivers in the book for young guns don't -- kind of the confluence -- -- credit talent ever at this stage so I think it's an exciting. Group of quarterbacks I think right now. That anyone in Hayward the point where. One -- eight there's not much difference in my mind that any in -- and that lifting the Lombardi trophy. And that's the thing I think that -- -- that when I received the best suited to get there I'm wondering. Was this based on the the weapons that he has left or resisters. Individually look at each quarterback -- I'm looking at the accuracy delivery for example leery of Brady seventh was that because the the percentages were down this year. Would you believe he's the seventh. Well old second the last best quarterback we wanna put it as far as accuracy and delivery -- I think you're a good spirits and -- stoked rumors I -- when you look all time and most he's -- pretty much so pervert but still rivers. An exceptional season this year. A lot of people credit wrecked behind Manning in terms of the -- in the in that office so when you look at you know the weapon public I think that. Plays in there that's a little bit I think the patriots. Put a team that can go away probably have to we will put more on the run the current dispute so that the defense that well so. I didn't look at a picture of this. Right now would not in the past and what accomplishment -- of course Brady is going to be the top guys in in terms of that but it's just. Shock me a much older -- there and hope that these young guard that you play that. Having -- I would agree on and the -- quality quarterbacks but. This is where you know -- I was -- and the accuracy look at this year tip think. We're where you lost me Vinny was -- was some in the intangible category -- leadership competitiveness. Preparation dedication using words like this. Any intangibles I'm guessing -- not to do with you know maybe the the weapons or anything else and you still have him fifth. I'm Wilson -- breeze. And use words like that that that's where the other categories might fall show up as far as intangibles go that's where he lost. Yeah I think that that's that the appointment -- -- -- to these younger I just haven't. Guy irate at him this is occasionally any player of the week like I tend to lean toward the young players in terms of what they can handle it. I'm not worried about their inexperience and these -- -- situation -- some birds prefer the older guys with experience and America that's fine. For me that difference between the water in five and in terms of intangibles there's not that much they just bring different. Nvidia say that but that -- you can say that but then your ranking system -- it's a four point separation at the and that's -- Brady feel we've started this by saying. There's not much difference between one and eight your rankings say that there are three guys in the top with 28 points. Brady is last with fear with fifteen and I read your intangible section it says things about leadership and competitiveness in the hardest thing to do was deliver what's expected. What what his -- eight impeding Manning this year yet mr. Welker for a couple of games at the end of the year for the most part that team was helping Tom Brady. Lost all five of his top receivers from a year ago when you say deliver what's expected. He won that division with a number two seeds so how. Can you possibly say that Wilson -- and lock. In separate Manning and Brady when it comes to your own words leadership competitiveness and delivering. What's expected based on what Brady had to work with this year. Yeah and -- in particular compromise note that the court that comes down commanding person ready and they know that that's where the separation is and look I just -- here -- -- here in exercise that you showed me that there are a lot of guys that are very -- -- territory and that's. We're broke down and I understand. I heard the -- Tom Brady. One electoral players of all time Ortiz doesn't -- I'm just looking closely at this year -- -- can develop and everything in the let's go -- around the team and what. How that seems suited to go to that play out so -- just. Think in this case the other quarterbacks are -- -- situation. To take me back to that explanation of those -- the difference for young quarterbacks and in the veteran quarterbacks you you don't look it. -- experience you don't you don't worry about young quarterbacks may -- lack of experience you you don't give more credit Tom Brady after being. Through walls so many post seasons don't give more credit or. About a chance in saint Andrew Luck. I I don't think it took part in younger I think they're built differently ordered there -- skills that are that would be confident. With. There experiences in terms of working and studying and preparing the way these veteran -- -- looking to protest that although we. Older guys that all the younger that's what on the and that. When -- on the scene and I expect Tom Brady and Andrew Luck you'll look great our secure. Old -- in the school that they expect. And expect you expect at all and I think it's just going to be that much fun thing. Whoever emerges is that some of the utmost respect and it could be pretty desolate it's. Well you -- -- -- you come back to have an utmost respect for Denny's guys to win I mean your ranking system -- were done of any are the sporting -- your ranking system. They came up with with Tom Brady. As a as a fifteen point quarterback when the three leaders Manning luck and Wilson were 28 points there's a significant gap between the himself. The question do you believe your rating system like when he when he did this understands how to put together. When you put together a Brady's last few sort ago. And -- didn't put this together the right way maybe this rating system that has Brady last base in the year that he had. It's a different way to go about what quarterbacks are prepared because that's a huge difference you would admit that right 28 points for three guys at the top and Brady with fifty. I would admit that's for sure it gets something that -- What they've even mentioned there are -- an exact science you know -- mean it's the way that I just sought from the governor I didn't actually have. Stubborn blasted it to lose weight came in together so. I mean I know there's a lot of parents and Brothers but what are we are not surprised at any of these quarterbacks win it was just an exercise that a lot of history. These are stark and that's what it came -- rule that would let me. Any mention get the reaction of England fans with their party you when you -- this at the end when Brady came up last. Was that a good thing we excited about that that you -- you get some attention the patriot fans would. Will be Afghan -- what people write stories and polls and react you want reaction on the Internet right you want us the call -- with that. We excited when he got that result there at the end. You know what that's that's ridiculously mean people to sit trolling well this is just my opinion that. I think that's what you guys want as radio host and -- Twitter people understand that. There's a controlling its forty -- what you know. -- and excited by the group I don't -- beat me call out all this stuff on Twitter -- -- so. I mean I want to make it in there at the end it just happened that way I think you guys try to do that feed into it I know that. Drug one thing I we rent we got a story had a two assists as Tom Brady is ranked -- in any quarterback in his intangibles are behind. Three guys who have one can find suitable Brady has three. Afraid to say that -- strident about what what are excited about that because because of rain last innocent you know we gonna get the reaction because you want a reaction you wap page views and ratings last. That the reaction I didn't you -- To get a reaction. I I agree you wrote an article. That I think when you also and done you know we're talking about Tom Brady who is. -- is Tom Brady is first ballot hall of Famer into cities the eight best equipped and invest equipment group with with you know weapons he has fair enough I'll take him he's done before bad weapons but. Still the breakdown that's all -- was a -- when I think of Tom Brady I don't think about bonuses immobility I don't mind we've put -- I think of -- pocket presence. Yeah I don't think -- -- seventh among that even among this group that does a lot of good guys out there you know I think that there's more to do with how many times you were sacked. As -- a pocket presence -- quarterbacks -- of the football. You know they they know there there weapons as they know everybody's going to be. Tom Brady ethics on the best pocket presence in the NFL about these athletic guiding and he seventh. Though it -- it is what it is we just don't don't agree with some of the stuff wanna talk about high he went a ball. Some -- decision -- There -- it's going to let you know it's not they don't quite get attention from that's not what it was all about and and I just hate that we're trolling right. Never try to do that would -- in their right they just put my opinion out there I know sometimes it's different from what people on the air took off the wall or off. What I've tried it. Think about -- in early and that's all that are trying to present about trying to make anyone that -- -- -- a moment to corroborate them. The world understand that some of the other quarterbacks are so much. You pop -- on talked about it Vinny and you get a lot of reaction from the we appreciate taken a few minutes of talking about your story and thanks a time. It's many -- covering the NFL for sporting news to follow on Twitter at -- -- VI and and I eight. I YER. And he -- the quarterbacks and he came up with Brady locked in Wilson tied for first when he points in his rating system -- fourth. With 22 points new fifth when he won points reversing cap predicts six. At a bigger problem that is a huge -- protect him that I and there are nineteen points you'll bring that up I was so blinded by Brady. And I'm Brady -- database that he's doubled the -- the intangibles. A pocket presence pissed me off but intangibles. It will take everything out right -- weapons take the team to the defense take everything. Intangibles. And this is -- just candidates. -- nauseating. You know I mean. Not worried about the youngsters have never been there before listening to young guys can win a Super Bowl in the -- inexperienced when a Super -- went. Some point -- got to look at as far as intangibles go when used words like leadership competitiveness preparation. And dedication. And it -- fifth. At that -- debt that's thanked his opinion do we want. You can check that out at the sporting news and I twittered out a leak of -- -- the story yourself. At -- WEEI but WE yeah I will come back. Your phone calls up -- 2 o'clock with salt and only 6177797937. Jacking balls and Joyce and fifteen minutes from now. On the Baseball Hall of Fame on her friend Dennis Rodman and the Celtics who I have changed. My opinion about a player on the Celtic roster and happen last night -- second quarter of Celtics clippers or talk about that next Sports Radio WE yeah.

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