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Mike Tyson: "I read my biography on audio book"

Jan 9, 2014|

Mike Tyson joined the show to discuss his Undisputed Truth show. He told the guys that he is sober and is doing ok financially and that his show holds nothing back.

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Fourth and final -- DNC Sports Radio WEEI if you had the opportunity to see. Mike Tyson's undisputed truth on HBO I'll know how good it is ask Mara directed by Qaeda directed by Spike Lee we need to get out on tour. Live on stage and in fact Friday January 24. Mike Tyson will bring undisputed truth to the foxwoods resort and casino. I it'll be at 8 PM tickets are thirty and 55 dollars you can purchase them online at foxwoods dot com. Or by calling foxwoods box office at 8022882. And the former heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson joins us on the AT&T hotline Mike it's dale -- Eric how are yeah. -- Mike the we were just talking about the HBO show it is mesmerizing I had my adults about it I can't say how much I enjoyed it is the show. I would tell them that first when they are still. For the Cuban HBO caught it who might -- -- -- -- looks. Like I won't -- wonderful I didn't think that Colin falls. Our mayor thank you thank you very cute. How there are different is the show its target for the show say night. One night to the next -- the one we saw an HBO. The only difference always it's always said he didn't lose a different crowd different acting different villages. Some probably really create your statement I'm very disciplined in this rural. Honey I need to do is -- someone's in your earpiece right because I can't believe you could ad -- the whole thing. Almost seven and the more of them actually gonna have a script for -- so much and living. That is if there -- -- ability to go to to hold it. Why did you wanna do. Her -- detain people you know they wanted to discuss slate barely speak out talking to -- yesterday -- to -- Apparently it didn't see it live. He made them know what do you let him out of out joke so flexible -- -- children usually egyptians look. There until we couldn't do without violating USC the level. After it went on most days ago. As a -- achievable and detain people. But here's here's -- my favorite part is when you. Just open up -- Don King because I am and I always knew Don King was scum and you signed all of them and I was like why why -- you doing that he's -- fleece you. Did you do other lawyers there telling you gotta be careful because you seem to really you hold nothing back. When you talk about these indeed the maggot dot that was Don king and what are. Telling the truth you are but there's not a personal about it trillions. -- it would let us know what's really in the attempting pretty much objective. It probably personal Gupta is I can do to show. A special story for myself I have to be very objective and be like and act the Katrina might try to work to do that is what else. Those are and what does that -- emotional book just published a clarion true choice muscle through my main objective is to be objective. How much do you think he stole from you total over the years. Arum and our morning. If you -- was last time he saw Brad Pitt. And. I -- so Brett so Brett. Never. What goes in the. As torso stories archer you and rob when he's Dayton your ex wife and you ran into a mean punch them out that sub never happen. Now another -- punched in the actual almost. Thousands of Robin and -- definitely and it seemed they keep it repeatedly skittish mild say hey guys -- hired back in there. He would. Barbecue and took him. But I that they -- -- and the talk was -- tucked her. I don't know a new year to. Hey I need to know why did you not go see Florence Henderson. I mean that is true that baffle me you didn't wanna go see this -- Brady when -- imprisoned she comes to this that you wrote -- -- -- but look what it. -- You regret that I mean you admit that you have regrets in life right. You have to -- -- -- to the top of the list. But I -- symptoms she understood that there could someone explain to the situation. Abruptly come here. And I -- that they. She understood that you didn't wanna see here in the condition -- And changing here who hit growth in the hole at that particular time. Tributaries. What why did did you ever find out why she came to prison to visit you. Our I think he'll be very grateful that she did you think Annika what she did things and star spangled banner the -- -- They didn't have you know is very great achievement to devoutly. Patients -- -- person she is. But you had sex in that room that visiting room with -- other women right. Well yes -- did some things Kyra that they gravel -- -- it means are they shouldn't have to have been. Issue -- and have to do that paragraph and the only thing through that. I should have been restricted from being with people -- -- when did you have added new debt they weren't ideal because actually told on a lion immediately and situation that the group to be it. When not when -- Spike Lee first talked about doing business. Was there anything that you said look I don't want talk about that I wanna leave that alone. Ultimately in the before we got brightly we -- trivia game away she -- -- it would have very emotionally secular state. We just gave that would -- mr. troop cut throat undisputed truth. And there's nothing. That would not go back and say because the -- along and -- flat encrypted Golan. -- you remember stumbling you remember the details of the street fight -- Mitch green. Yeah I thought you were drinking and drug and and everything else do you remember all this. -- -- -- drink and without them really have been pretty much in my apartment using an outfit by and they had a few drinks and stuff but the -- that is conclusively. What was your is is I read your read through your book and I've seen the special. Leading up to the Buster Douglas fight in Japan is that really your training regiment those weeks leading up to richest women women women. All of them are good crew -- I don't have to have a good -- -- Internet -- or five girls and one day. It should turn to live -- tricks. Or a would you do -- -- -- -- could talk. Live out. Well to register yourself somewhat washed over at six. Well. -- you you fall than Hoosier guy paid attention who's obviously what do you think about Dennis Roma's trip to North Korea and what if that little. Tyrant Kim -- phone calls you invite you to come over for a visit. We know I guess -- He kissed -- good stuff in the -- You know I don't know what that is mistaken mr. Roberts you have good intentions. And shield if that the German eluded presidents I don't. Gene -- -- with a good pace vehicle you know. But for some rewarding those state took in the mr. Cuomo are so terribly bad for the channel that's for some reason it seemed -- They're a very dignified environmentalist few occasions in the past. It seemed like a -- -- and dignified man and blah just got a -- seemed like room. They just didn't -- they can place the day he too long to be in that. This scene and he didn't fit the mold you know I could be -- -- -- -- in the world will -- Egyptian strain. So you wouldn't do that I mean you seem like kind of got that that he probably knows you -- obvious fan. Be college you would. I have never met in my I don't know what he is in the that that's typical South Korea in the North Korea spiritual movement of the plane out of airports. But in the and then -- them -- to experience of being in the Korea. When when you're. I mean everybody called you the the baddest man on the planet where you just playing apart then or were you the baddest man on the plan. Flatly don't look at that particular time in the -- and -- his -- which is about to start the golden eagle -- So that certainly parliament are probably believe that stuff you know and just -- you alluded secured kicked it. You have what eight kids might. Seven -- as you. Afraid that the learn every little thing about you were you OK with that you don't know. He broke me do you play. Because of television. Do you hold anything back. Now the -- so. Do you feel like as a boxer do you feel like you wasted your career he could have been there with Rocky Marciano Joseph Louis and Ali in the -- Since we have bigger waste of my career -- at least of my life post -- -- you know I'm still. I don't at this stage in my -- -- still we built them myself from the in the next. I really wanna live my muscles to be the person that would be in the end I wanna be valued -- -- life was just I'm just very. Grateful that Stewart and -- conveys gratitude that I have a great deal of gratitude now and I could change the word from the it's my right. The way they are believed it's meant to be live and beat him and there I want to be now life. All the the dating game. With a bunch because it was too chicken smoker it's dead but allowed it to be Amanda -- to be him from that. In that situation that didn't dispute anymore. In this I don't know in the middle -- in my -- -- -- -- to -- that appropriate repeatedly and that woman being in the overtakes me. In the last 60% of the golf development that at least. To that he would be the person that want to be in it should be and deserve to be. When you when you electric tax return on April 15 and -- says profession what you put. And it Ed do you wanna be an actor the rest of your life is -- is that we you see Mike Tyson being from now on. And now this is what I am doing. I think -- Definitely it can and dictated to -- my wife is going to be. 1020 years from but I mean it's over them stadiums seeing some. He's stated now on the positive perspective. Do wonderful thing -- really don't want to see them have enough and I have a Greek you have to do is to do incredible breakthrough that I'm very grateful for it. It's -- pay whom I owe you the book the truth. I've been work. I've been worse you know it's in Japan it depends what you mean financially and my right to have the money bit. Bad -- in the planet money's no way. Let's have a better life couldn't function you're about to -- in the plant under me in the doubtless I think it is thing that I'm writing to get to eat. Things you from Europe that it now. You must have gotten over the years from insane crazy offers for money -- just insane things I would think right. I would take over the years you know people know you had a tough financial situation I'm sure you've had some you know crazy offers to do things for -- right whether it's you know anywhere around the world now. It didn't get -- may have -- to watching me in memory you'll that's never happening. Not something to happen again if that's. I'm is that that person anymore how well I'm just you know to be a totally different person to be that inviting me -- if this is not what you know. CI I wanna -- your new book Mike and I'm not -- until you do I heard you tell. Howard Stern you haven't read your own biography -- I'm really I'm -- it would I would still want to read it. But Adam did grab it today and may affect -- I later that -- and now audiobook. Mine on my iPhone a couple of audio book about it. You know. So you don't narrative and know what it is is a good genetic awarded to do. It be better -- you bought -- that I read the book -- the book was good. See -- should read it a shot like that like. Well I -- -- -- and and you know it jumped out to me that the first thing I saw these BO think last night watch that -- a blast. Right from the start -- you're sweating like crazy publishers to go through. No yes -- insurance and listen. I mean it's gold for it yeah I'm really try to -- -- stated on his own. I'm explode and then give me everything Erica. Well it's it's it's ago I didn't think could be good -- and think you could pull off a bit -- Dennis Rodman couldn't do that what you did to school up there how long is -- hour and a half. What are they just wing and just let it all -- out. For a towards home and they have to be cleaned themselves -- the -- in the they'll have to use we'll have to use on the key piece apart from that we don't seem to be the same person that we don't use. You could have tried a political person -- -- -- -- much economic surely feel -- but that's our critique they need to do as well trinket and to go to a local you've. Options at least to me to people who market it would have to be personality would be about hypertension. I thought you still drinking. Now no more drinking. And no drug no drugs. Not good for you. The period. The show is called Mike Tyson undisputed truth it comes to Foxwoods Resort Casino Friday January 24 at 8 PM. Go to foxwoods dot com or call the box office 8022882. Mike Tyson our guests we thank you very much for taking the time and would like to thank you name it you take care. That is Mike Tyson. Several of -- have said here many sounds much or put together than I would have expected. He does sound a whole lot different from back in the day -- -- he said. He doesn't drink he doesn't use drugs anymore I'm sure that helps you sound a little. And claimed that in the book in her in my interviews and they seem completely in -- note that of this of this of this rate. Endorsement great detail in the book as well ghost -- great detail -- effort yet to show on the rich green flight is unbelievable right but the rape and and get people -- we can challenge and I don't think we were really spent half an hour. Called back and forth on notice argument is free trying McKay get out three years he says there's no way if -- really guilty that the that the federal. Federal prison Indian and it wasn't a federal crime. I'm losing in the anyway there's no way that'll let me out in three years of -- indeed commit and he said. That she'd accused falsely accused of -- like six months earlier but it wasn't admissible in court. You know maybe if we could -- on going on the attention but watched the hate to be that much of a -- for but I've I they did not think he can pull off. I started watching I couldn't turn away I would go to this I would actually go to fox with sedition and I took a month think you'll watch the auto pilot that was -- watch -- amazing that you know here's -- -- -- -- He notes that holds nothing back he knows that he just has to tell -- so there's no -- going on there's no internal editing going on -- -- I can't say I don't know I can't say the housing not sued by Don King is -- just -- pretty I'm -- and -- truth -- -- I was gonna say the process is the ultimate pad is never stopped on came and he he really -- it -- in him which is good. And you know every enemy kills. You name and anyone who's and he was enemies he lets an all out. And a sand. Has to be lawyers HBO lawyers likely lawyers to Google this but they can't -- -- and they it's just him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Direct impact yet. Because I'm sure he gets off on a tangent that we try to steer him back they have big still 4000 big video which really helps intimate Mitch -- face. All eaten in and you know Don king and stuff like that and custom -- he's he likes having respect but he really. No talks about being used by -- costs right. But the whole thing is just one big stream of conscious ness and it works in the news yet it is -- De Tyson fight was such an event and it was unbelievable I couldn't tell you a pass the Klitschko could mean you know they had a lot to think now it doesn't exist basically the host the open you know. In the bid bid wider divisions have some guys but again he could put me -- -- for a year couldn't -- -- -- -- you -- and yeah. On the clutch goes up back then -- things well we'll -- that -- Right 6177797937. This telephone number right back to the call Sports Radio WE yeah.

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