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Curt Schilling: "The wrong people are voting for the hall of fame"

Jan 9, 2014|

Curt Schilling joined the show and discussed his hall of fame candidacy. Curt told the guys that the wrong people are electing MLB hall of famers.

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Number 3-D and C Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold in for John Dennis Gerry Callahan Kirk Manningham are both here as well joining us right now on the AT&T hotline. Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling I think the band is back from Florida good morning -- who. Gloria courier -- was then ride home it's on the little. Well. We create as a guy you always hear we know from your parents -- or worse in the Arianna. -- -- And as it. They are smelly -- nastier. -- the group that many guys. But it was worsen regional play -- buster rebel -- And as a dad who drove around female hockey players they're even worse than female softball players. Whether the capital markets. And the thing that the government was the only cap with a variety. They bid for a thousand event. So you're you're you're the coach you're the coach this is a team of what is that you 18171616. And you're in Florida and your like gets canceled and you rent -- van. Yes we won't work we were due back Monday morning and the flights are canceled and we were told that we would. -- probably wouldn't give back and unified that don't want your Thursday. That was before the airport closing -- on Monday so. We didn't have I wasn't really an option these groups are pleased overall academic we like four point 04 plus students so they were gonna miss school so. You should put that on your wallets for and credentials and a vote of Regis you know when no one who went to that. A little -- hell. It was let you know is good news network of like everything else that agency in the kernel virtual -- They played the -- stuff down there and and did well. Where you -- not surprised at the results yesterday at least as it concerned you. I got to play a world where where analysis I have literally it was about eighteen hours in this trip. And I started to get FaceBook and Twitter messages and I I wasn't sure why. -- -- don't fight I had completely. Been consumed with this whole week haven't forgotten that the date had shown up and it has started. I certainly didn't expect. Could be. One of the guys that you're given the plot that was out there and given the rules of the voting rolls and stuff and -- -- it has become such AM a politically charged. Process. That. You know -- much on the ballot by yourself. And then all the cases can be made -- against it's it's really it's it's hard and you know the the good thing is he saw three guys and I think. Legitimate first -- alternate careers going as a religion. I don't know if you saw -- your busy man. Did you catch the -- and hands case for Curt Schilling might. Our law actually ordered me only good at Mac started there was -- -- like anything else without catastrophic. It makes you feel that it is by it's it's. That that people there are people would take time and effort through the book beyond the fact that you know you were twenty and eight. One year I mean they they go into it and they they -- apartment they put -- -- and I wish everybody did that hurt. Whether it got me or not I would -- to see the process being taken that seriously part of what has broken. You know every year you see just people doing they have really stupid things because of the -- welcome to create. Project and there are articles from -- whatever. -- -- -- Do you look at a guy like Blyleven who in his second year head like fourteen or 15% and sort of that -- crowd that -- of the stuff I wrote about with you and why haven't the people that write stuff like that that message gets out there more more people jump on. I think you're eventually -- again in fifteen years is a long time do you think you're going to get elected here during that during -- Well. The curtain just opening. Given the way life is -- -- -- last couple years from. Start to get perspective I think a little bit better perspective. I might appeal -- more of what was next in our case. I like I can't worry about it I completely out of my control and I keep referring back to effective you know when you talk about things like this and you look at look at what they mean. Ultimately come announces the respect and and I think that's the report guys that are suited up with for the -- so I played. Mr. had to win a game. I think a lot of it wouldn't give me the ball. And and there's not much more gaps for out of my -- and not in the at the capitol awesome and you can -- the -- to be in this position as you sir are you don't -- diminish what it means. Which also don't wanna make it up to be more than it is and and I've done pitching kick anybody else out. So you know that your that your policy credentials fluctuate by 10% support percent -- is kind of awkward. And it it kind of I think civil right on the fact that the process is covered in field against the white. Then it ultimately I figure I I want simmering drama. And it can -- -- also Raymond and and dale Murphy is -- all -- And I don't hear a popular. The frustrated that you or -- a victim in this regard that you played at that time. Where everybody's under suspicion and no matter what you say they're going to be people out there are so -- of course the use something he had to. Intel is here to think if you look at my career trajectory through our. By Paul writes clearly a group under the microscope because I have my best years after it was thirty for -- consistently have a couple here and and and I can't. Say anything that anybody that hasn't been tried to defend themselves can say. You know I just happened to run into some amazing people who Chris currently. Also artisans and some some guys in the military government state page. Who who worked me understood how to get me to get the most out of myself at that point but used to work. Honestly feel that I ever -- you frustrated I don't get frustrated with that at all because. That would indicate an enormous amount. Or a significant amount of of energy and being expanded at a camp. And there's nothing in this that I have any control over and again what sector -- outfits are thought so. I hope -- -- -- not that there's there's the stuff that I was able to be a part of the World Series and all the things about Brandon and that gives me memorial that has again if that happens. -- -- repair worker who Wyndham sort of broaden. I played with hall of famers and so. It means something to have that plot but they can't means it can mean everything. And next year Randy Johnson Pedro -- you. I I almost dog are also expensive legal and it would make him. -- -- -- Baby out of that but yeah I mean that's you know I didn't either type I -- Pedro after his peak in but I saw over and be right in the middle of it. You know -- -- receptive -- watching a guy that was gonna have a bronze bust in Cooperstown at some point it. We talked to Pedro last year is funny and I I think if not for you he might not have left them and it was a kind of a petty little thing that needed our share the club I'll share of these starting rotation -- you kind of regrets that now he laughs about it and said. That you're Craig in a great teammate degrade Canada you know share the stage -- -- -- -- do you look back and then sand that was just one of those silly childish things. I didn't you know it because with the exception of what stern doing your -- knew that we Leah we roaring with each other thing. You know I I I went through that a couple -- I mean I had there -- some some some situations and Arizona where that was an issue as well. But it was always -- the other guys don't managed care. I I guess that I got to be I got better and I got I've learned so much wants America officials and doing Clark. Much the same way I did with Randy -- -- -- ready for me there's a lot of a lot of what I learned from Randy was cerebral and a lot of what I learned from Pedro was was usual and end. I would've been who was born -- the season -- -- without being himself with those guys saw I was I was ecstatic about the parity in the end. You know a lot of what. -- all of those animosity but a lot of what both I think both he already said he felt about a lot do what was written. And then I didn't write it I mean there's a lot of people say hey you know. But -- this then there's a new guy in the number and then this and that and and Pedro obviously is very frightful got. And and he took down president not there's something being said about me it's. But about someone making a statement about him and I think you take offense that we never had problems or anyone else serves so -- If you wanna -- he finished second in the cyan three times if you went and won a Cy Young. Would your career would you look back differently and create and do you think may be these numbers would be different to be a little closer Cooper. Hillary is that I would do remote bitterness about the but by the award was kulicke and I have and -- -- present ran the American Embassy isn't on display -- -- -- up there are pretty good and the thing is. You know if you look at the three year of record executive I would've -- assailant I think justice starts at 90% of the overseas -- that in the in the modern Arab League seasons that I hadn't finished second one of one. I mean if you look at the if you go by match I mean -- that -- caused by match I expect it out. I've lost out -- three. Wanted to like of the better Q never pitched in the RJ is 2001 until and you know. I can't help affecting your -- -- ever went up 44 straight starts without losing in 04 I mean the students will learn split when you look at what. He's brought in what our team did that here I was I was good with that we've we've -- two of those years we won a World Series so. I was -- the poor work. Your respect by and large the 571. People that are voting for this do you think they are at the right people to do it. There is -- think I I actually don't think favourite people. The but there is its puppet has great respect for anyone I don't know why you know Jason stark I know possible lead in culture and I know they agonized. Over the past and again and I appreciate -- I. I like him that a lot that you or Terry Francona talked about Mitt particularly all star team. It is that it it's gut wrenching for about because they know a lot of these guys amend their players -- based -- covered. I don't know. I think that personal criteria change because clearly can't have. If any I think I think one of the world should be anybody that gets a because. Because my biggest problem is. Still have a hard. Can go to Vista is not. Their platform. This used to. To make your. I took some from last year bill common who world -- so well here. Has his wife went government to do after that it was the first I ever saw. Make a statement with a ballot even vote for the war and he said he didn't vote for no -- because of Don Sutton didn't get unanimous and don't know what should. And I called about on that in the -- embarrassed him in the clubhouse there's been repeatedly about it. That was the first day that I ever looked this sort of they're biking to work proposal. Bet because if a guy like can do what he did and anybody can and NEC that year after year and it becomes. That the compartments -- yesterday's from what people will. Seventy message -- FaceBook and let's put out a posters are remote stretch from governments have a substrate celebrating. The accomplishments of the guys that give him rather than -- but what didn't happen. And it. Thankfully guys got him but I can't even imagine what could do you feel right now. But. Guys it I respected it is news. Part because again I don't know them I don't know most of I think you should have to cover the sport I think you have to be in the sport I think it's at some point you should have -- -- We actually know who's on the bell what they did. Can either there's a bridge Susan Burton just you know there's there's no point -- that man having a -- And you know so yeah and in some -- yes and it was a problem. As a guy who appreciates the art of pitching. You must have -- up particular appreciation for the selection of both Maddux and -- guys who probably. Couldn't top ninety on the radar gun most days. But but really understood the art of pitching a baseball. Well that that was I I I haven't proved to go on as a couple couple also games. And -- both of those guys -- guys like sought out every single time I played catch with in the outfield. Believer relatives against dramatic increase school they -- after. And sellable. The end he threw harder as well but he didn't in the big leagues and what you saw the big leagues from Milwaukee standpoint was and everything he had he controllable might be there before he just never did. And and Glavine was a guy -- luckily catch them at the bit to get an All Star Games. And it was like playing catch with a guy like -- -- His -- like he's just all move like -- ball. It was unpredictable. And and I used to have -- a word about a bit from publisher's perspective what are my kids. Also memories was. Glavine and Maddux and smoltz and Tony Gwynn. And I sitting at a table that we were talking about. Approaches to hitting and pitching I want -- -- And it was just athletes stunning to hear these guys Procter and so many things. What that idea professionally. Will based upon papers saw him do something anything to write teach kids now. Our philosophies and theories that I heard him talk about or heard about him. I would to Japan in 98 with the major there's also received principal factor and Leo Mazzone was pitching coach and I want to know. You know what he's taught what they partnered programs -- -- -- -- it's your Purdue. I have no problem percent Greg Maddux wasn't on steroids or Tom Glavine or even Frank Thomas or even Curt -- for that matter. And I can't stand these limit cuts I don't know if medics was heating or not. What is your respect you feel at perfectly comfortable send Maddux Glavine worked clean. I do. I do right away. I don't because I never -- For me I would look at the physical. Change that is not necessary to implement Barry Bonds had -- -- sizes bigger the physical on the field you know 57 mile an hour velocity jump. -- or some sort of some sort of change you know and there are some guys who have never been mentioned that bet -- -- parent -- -- -- obvious. Neither want those guys are the same pitchers were deleted data requires enormous start. Doesn't mean they didn't do it. Does that mean. You know. That bit you know failure says something about about the and and and been frustrated. One of the challenges. As a player from mr. is that the responsibility is on us default -- with us as players especially in my situation as a player -- We have a chance to do something about it we chose not to just like the media just looked the other way all of these sanctimonious guys that are that are. Make him make him a state with their ballot go back and read the stuff that they were writing -- was happening. They all -- -- it with everybody else they were all -- like everybody else and we have players didn't do what we should have done and now -- -- -- It's the only criticism I have a Glavin. Is that he was one of those people who was squarely against the idea of drug testing. Gap by an end and got together it was going to be there or something you're you're talking about different parts of it -- -- the player. I was against it as well initially because we didn't trust the body of people when we were rewritten in in cahoots where are the collective bargaining process. Was incredibly. Acrimonious and and we had this you know threats -- -- be hypothetical and it was something that players we talked about. Let's just say that that you -- you don't trust the owners and the horrors of the initial college it was -- on the -- kind of handling in overseeing all the drug testing. You got a guy with a 300 million dollar contract and former aide says you know we got a baseball breeze. We get regular -- contract. How hard would be for them it -- to create a situation where I was false positive. And and and is clearly -- and that was I know that's that's you know conspiracy theory kind of stuff. But when you're talking about negotiating partner bargaining and you're one of the sides used in your incredibly good. Then why they -- at the table and I watched them and I hope of life at the table but different things. There was if that was the main reason why because we work in this situation where. We have tests were we felt comfortable that you -- 99.9 99% accuracy. And initially it was there was a lot of push for me hours to be the guys overseeing the process. So that was -- most of and that you know again that's our -- about getting them out there because of all you -- was felt -- Say you know players refute some players don't like the players are -- and it much like when a major talks about a player negotiate contract when they say the things they do a lot of times. It's not really looked at what what's being meant meant to be sad but it's -- comes across. Her we always appreciate time and talk of baseball with the thanks. Thicker -- that is former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling.

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