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Dan Le Batard gives his vote to Deadspin

Jan 9, 2014|

Dale, Gerry and Kirk discussed Dan Le Batard giving up his hall of fame vote to Deadspin. Kirk did not see an issue with the decision, Gerry and Dale disagreed.

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The big news yesterday -- we knew it was coming at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon the latest class for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame was announced. Frank Thomas Tom Glavine Greg Maddux -- the three players who got the mandatory number vote percentage of votes. And then the whole process kinda got way laid kind of got hijacked a little bit. By a self important talk show host out of Miami I'm Dan -- tart. We find out we -- dead spin had attempted to purchase a vote of hall of fame ballot which they then wanted to turn over to their readers let the readers vote. And Webber got the highest percentage of votes were gonna get the names on the ballot that actually that part and basically much to be honest with you. But it turns out that Dan -- targets the guy who gave his vote. Over two dead spin. And allowed them to hijack the process we've got a couple things we're gonna play for yet and and the first one. Is -- -- attempting to explain himself why he did what he did. Those of you don't know here's what's happened okay I've gotten some people very angry at me there. I have given my -- my hall of fame my Baseball Hall of Fame vote over the dead spin if they voted on ten people -- very viable candidates. To sort of shine a light on this project on this process on on the the process of the hall of fame which is kind of broken and kind of antiquated and because my vote hasn't mattered for the last ten years I can't do anything with the steroid guys they can't get any of them in a -- give Barry Bonds in. That's two he can't get down -- he he actually had. Up until the last twelve seconds of the you know I can't I can't tip the steroid guys can't get the steroid guys -- -- the -- I would say I think honestly I mean. It is one thing I'd like the credit to the baseball you know antiquated old is the key bombs like bonds out. If it were up to look at -- in the rest of the outwards who don't wanna take a moral standards he's a coward. He's got -- he's got no guts takes guts to say. -- while ago that's a little -- say you know wants -- NC. Cheater on. Not to miss it and it gets that that's ever been our guys I don't profess to -- and that's anonymously takes more -- expert with its -- to vote for them at this point -- not -- -- he's he's no belt because here's your explanation did you future exploration you vote for them. I don't want them more allies -- -- even -- and bottom dollar and -- dumber than that you know what you know what you get for an explanation from guys like that. I don't know who taught and who didn't right to vote for everybody. Right I don't know I actually have the guts to make a hard decision I actually heard -- -- -- -- why Greg Maddux didn't take steroids -- it's a believable. You know he might want you know needed that boost when he got hurt which by the way to -- a perfectly legitimate question of course is what you can do is that you can't vote based on media. Emotionally it's -- not -- -- -- and I have no proof that they did he have to vote for so you think I'll -- It should be no I don't I don't the not so you'd make an immoral. Judgment a moral decision right -- us that. It is what laboratory has a problem right at the moment our lives as you did yesterday's bad -- it that your vote doesn't matter when one guy missed the whole thing by two votes. Your vote matters although his boat actually had I don't I don't my budget it's that the individual little -- at the end you know at the escort retired is the king of the -- effort. He's just the ultimate fan boy I mean he -- when he's in the presence of athletes he's like a twelve year old boy it really is. You get in front of an athlete whether it's a far. -- -- Palmeiro. LeBron would have I mean he gets. Actually literally for a stunning. I think he went into sports journalism just just so he could see athletes naked that's what he that's why he doesn't. And when he cycle that's. That's what his goal is when he went into the field of sports journalism maybe like action and all I know I have sources made -- I have source exercise and or hurt him in if you -- nobody else think the -- he's -- -- that -- -- whole purpose in getting into the field is seen naked -- when they get other goals but that was the ultimate -- see athletes make which an athlete you know he had in mind I was so much for your own struggles. Maybe maybe but but that's what he does this whole. Life is defending. Circling the wagons around athletes you know he doesn't care if -- -- doesn't care of the beat the wives do drugs. Athletes are special to him when he's around them he glow you know I like to you know I like that why -- pro. -- guitar doing is selling this today it's been about it -- -- excel he says he didn't get a dollar that's -- says the same thing. It pisses off guys like John Damon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Old guard guy and you agreed with them on almost every point right. Eloquent man happens to John -- tweeting how angry is that the stuff that -- before. He's defending -- and Chris courage and his bravery attracts me will point -- Larry pointed out and we agreed that that was -- by the way art critic has a mileage that the the ballot that the fans selected here. Pretty reasonable ballot -- embassy. Killings on there at the right big studios on the I want to generate here and it it's hard for me to come -- one of these that I would say it doesn't belong. Greg Maddux got a problem Alex policy people have a problem that sixteen riders left that. Sixteen riders left him off -- well I agree with those -- I'm one -- whole problem he got 97%. Out wouldn't get from the idea it's one victory away. I thought the big problem what Bernard had -- it was unanimous. Pragmatic. Leopard its own ballot it was unanimous hundreds of thousands of about. A foot putt there are hundreds of riders right hundreds of writers write -- and I I think men should be unanimous I hate that argument that Willie Mays was unanimous that action beat. But isn't self correcting season. 97%. He's not -- he doesn't stay up -- no punishment. Max is a hall of -- today right did he get 97% get almost in all and so Gary you're generally don't get Jerry getting around for so -- these these guys have piazza in should be hall of fame right. And. He said that yesterday -- should be in the hall of I would -- said that yesterday they have piazza and -- -- your your your guys your your voters don't -- how many in my family has already -- -- you said yesterday should be Ambien in her -- don't -- it if he doesn't get better -- got guys got to -- that. Did you get these guys -- -- that's just that's what we're telling them what he talks about the LOK okay all right your guys. -- -- guys 9% of -- vote -- Mike Timlin. -- we should really leave it to the people -- in the hall of fame JT snow 5% of them voted for JT snow right how many woods sends the right of zero yes I get a vote thank you. So more and more -- -- more of your guys more of these. Iconic young hipster -- voted for JT snow and Mike Timlin and and -- -- -- Sean Casey and Richie Sexson. These idiots that that took labor -- vote. 9% in public then I'll actually should be and how -- yes I do. He's on the -- on their ballot and guess what he's. These idiots who vote for the hall -- eighteen years you have to give him these idiots 29% think Kurt shall we should be a hall of Famer I designer 2% think Tom Glavine. I agree with. More people think will be Smith should be -- all -- Curt -- these people who do this for a living comic apps coming toward lasting legal in the clubhouse is for 25 years. I guess the -- these don't have to hear act like these guys these people that's been -- just as qualified as the hospital might have much real firm that brilliant you're out -- -- -- good ballot here's the thing one thing -- tart said that he was right about one thing. The system is broke. And it is I disagree and it is ridiculous is anybody ever gonna get -- opinion today besides yours evidently I'm just curious if we're gonna get to have one that doesn't agree on the -- -- -- he result. It is broken. Eight system that allows -- -- part of vote and Vin Scully doesn't have one is broken. I'm amused me an example of a guy who watches baseball every single day one and avatar. Avatar has covered baseball in a year that's a good point he should hasn't covered all that they care document carefully covered baseball every day. I mean I feel like I'm sort of got replica just disqualified. It's been eligible for the whole thing I mean I just. I can look at numbers I watch baseball because of ensco is -- I'm sorry it is exact same thing it is ridiculous that Gerry Callahan has a Heisman. I -- ridiculous. You don't want to college football a year I guess I do -- do I put the TV on and watch what's on at recess and what is the background it Gilani here and Woodstock and and and when it comes time to vote I'd read everything is the don't ask me who to vote for. It was years ago besides that meter. Really. Knew his college football more than -- -- -- -- show -- that's why I deferred to him and then he blew it and that was ridiculous that you have a that is not true that is not true do you think I do my homework -- think I read -- look at this the -- I don't think that's right he. -- more homework on this convince scale ever. -- -- -- -- -- -- Vince Scully would sit there and break down the numbers and really immersed himself in instilling those with Mike Mussina is careers ERA pluses yours -- for somebody else I think that's a hard look did not know I don't I don't. That are right artists -- there just to -- that self important posing. Pandering fool. And it works I mean it works today. Even the guys criticism he's brilliant is he really huge star this guy talks about the the process of all of -- exit joke. Who uses his tottering old father as a prop on TV. Since it was post takes years this column. Puts his father exploits its own father process let -- hot. Since he father -- father's doing not really that not -- My only -- reaction. And hysterical and nobody watches the show nobody even knows exists but people of the respect him because. You know he's he's managed to partly very. -- partly this oversized ego -- whole career of their lucrative career. And I've got my point is running blame. My point is not that -- -- belt but my points the fans can vote just as well as any one of these guys if you get a 100000 voters from fans that we -- about that's what you wanna do justice representative it's just representatives of the bush is selected -- -- -- have one -- the year went to France like absence. I got one vote that so do you have mattered Biggio to -- you think the MVP should be fans -- the NFL -- -- we have one vote do you think. Heisman should be just fans a vote to show a -- to yes or not element. Right -- all -- this five -- Hillary do it one vote for -- usually based on the -- is significant. This is a 500 optimize. All the fame voters in baseball. He wanna give one that the -- -- let's solve the problem sent you that the fans to vote for for the Heisman this year. They would vote secondly everyone else it wouldn't give the vote for -- American League MVP. Cabrera probably right probably yes so what's the difference people that what's that sheriff mark anybody else -- -- know they put your yes they do. What's the difference you just said what's different so it's really not significant won't change and you just make you feel better. As Europe populist like Atlantic and the author of how I got -- My point is yesterday and this this is it better -- final agreement with Barnes a climate that's fine it's a different but this is a better ballot then these guys came up with yesterday I did it -- some of I disagree on what some of them and we could go -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right -- -- -- -- three -- -- -- 90%. -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- that's. What I -- -- these areas that wait let me just correct you here here's the problem. The fans who voted on the day it's been ballot you can vote for everybody wanted. There was no limitation you could vote for a hundred guys and -- too which is why guys like -- in channel park got votes. Now I also think it's ridiculous. That the hall of fame limits you to ten guys. I don't bus rolled over the Muster only who is brilliant and who puts the homework and said his list had seventeen games. He thought hall of fame worthy names but because of the limitations -- the -- puts on him he said I couldn't vote for Curt Schilling even though I think he's hall of fame worthy. He didn't make the topic it would work -- all good and in -- seventeen guys conducted all my yard I'd be horrible what what what -- Fifty anarchy. It basically -- fifty years and years just so you can spread it out yeah I mean there's there's. These things are self correcting this idea that it's scandal. That people didn't vote for Maddux I think it's stupid that you would vote for Maddux doesn't matter in the end. I then you think a guy who looks at the numbers -- to Max triggered 55 wins the cy -- everything it says. A pass I don't know the excesses I don't vote for guys on the first which is why oh why dumbest thing I've ever hurt and why does it matter in the end. I think it's idiotic but why does it matter why does you happy to have a widely Mays didn't get in the first DiMaggio didn't get in the -- and a personal. Ali you weren't voting for Willie -- or Joseph demolished -- whoever you lark. If you haven't got a reason. Then you shouldn't have a vote. If you're too stupid to come up with -- -- and that's the reason now that's not a reason Anthony -- Douglas does -- -- -- -- -- I kind of call -- where does it matter. And it is that -- urgency can. Yes can Guernica is as big of attention he's here is left him but at least -- but people and and you probably right people's you know wasn't brave. Let me -- -- -- the biggest self promote an -- -- question a question and he's gonna pretend that -- actually say I don't want this to be about me. Let's all be about him away demand an end to -- follow up that and I give him Kirk and all the credit in the world. He goes on Dan -- -- showed yesterday. And refute exactly what Dan limit our access which one do you think instigate more of a national discussion your way or mine. Well I think the I think the focus is now on you and not -- process and that's the problem is you have said. This is broke and I am going to start a movement on my radio show to get this changed. Here's how we got to do it I'm not come both this year and I'm going to encourage others not to vote until we get it. Street that it would be about the process instead I think it's about you and I think that unfortunate. He's much diplomat. Being free and know exactly and I get all about getting -- -- correction could keep it keep his cool I couldn't because. I mean the idea and he's doing to pander. To -- did spins. And the did spin crowd that's way you know let the public's nothing more than to be applauded by you know the hip ironic young. It's been crowd so he's enhances -- over -- them knowing that they will. Reciprocate. Now and forever. He's you know he's always and that is a hero finished in the -- what he wants roughly Obama to be in the -- that's what he wants. You want to know you want that many hands are plotting due to Omaha but again I don't like about our -- no -- what he did well on that zero in the end -- -- if if if Paul -- gets 75% of the vote. -- -- -- -- -- Ever ever -- that's good did you baseball writers of America these guys that Merrill. And did though they didn't -- bay did not laboratory wants -- pocket but the most -- guys have -- what is -- -- the decision on our bodies up about why does he think this is thankful to the baseball writers of America. Keeping him out -- -- would put him in. -- the tactics the system's broken one what is he says it's typically a psychic as I can our guys man and he accuses bonds and fine that's fine bonds Clemens. If you put bonds and Clemens and you have to put Romero and McGwire and he wants -- and -- about issued to the -- the only you know you don't demoralize elbit. McGwire a hall of fame worthy you see is not his numbers don't they help hold -- don't. Nothing else please dale he's not Els automatic all the fan I just about steroids. You pick a guy with 583 Armand is why shouldn't be in the hall of -- well I'm assuming that you you have to do more than just hit home run well I hope you all may work at home runs RB -- on base percentage really high. -- player he says he had to Gallardo went a bit besides we're brought up a Mark -- which is say no steroids. Those numbers come up on the ballot he gets in the first day when we were grown I -- -- -- with 400 he has almost 600 omens. But. Marrow lock lock hall of Famer. Damn advertisers upset because we looked the other way and say this lying cheating fraud. God does not belong up there on stage with Greg Maddux Tom Glavin of Frank Thomas that's. Why he thinks the system's broken so you said you agree this isn't broken but you have a whole different view slight. I I I wanna take the boat completely away from the BB WA. Only to whom who gets the ILE no not tell you what I'd wanna deal. I wanna put together and I'll just -- -- number for the sake of discussion I wanna put together a committee of twenty people. And and they're voted they they are elected for a five year period they are the selection committee hall and much like the microphone all eyes. You're gonna stick -- that on a -- a hotel in Cooperstown New York for a long weekend. And at the end of the weekend it's going to be like the white smoke coming from the Vatican and we're gonna know who the hall of famers are. But I want guys who actually why I don't know like watched the games. Like what Bill James might be the most brilliant baseball statistical mind of our time doesn't have a boat rental sorry you're not -- not work. Should be should be he would want demoralized either. The fact that the battery as you deserve -- voice I mean people like Dan and lemon -- have a vote right now let's -- this he writes books as voices. This happens to be voted on by the baseball writers of America I'm OK with that I think they -- and I had to and did a bad job yesterday. Do you almost you you thought that's what I predict he predicted I was wrong I got -- we rugby you know students and -- stuff who was the fifth. Piazza that he thought might sneak in debt and is how -- fifteen years. So guys will gain and didn't in the unions like BG he's nuts with Jack Moore says -- gently -- treated him eventually. I hope that -- and when you look at the climb like -- lot of Blyleven because of steroids and the factories views the clean guy all the low. I think to be tough for garlic. Schilling together and with if Lipitor were charged as you have to make room you know for and Canseco. -- Canseco. 440 home runs a lot MVP. And -- wanna -- a business reason wired hasn't it in my vote the only number you can give me from -- it -- and hall of fame -- I know he cheated to get. -- twelve time all star telling quality home runs that he hit without steroids. But that's exactly what I want you and I don't cry but Hamlet but I'd want to ignore that if you ignore the steroids and look at McGwire as a player and I I would not -- that because he's -- used steroids he's eighth all time and slugging. Hampton home runs hit all time in OP yes in history and that's a guy who we get and what percent. Would vote him out with. All right but I think what what his numbers be like clean I don't know and my guess is that although -- -- -- -- this happened this -- rebel and habitat is really. -- -- -- -- -- Clemens McGwire Palmeiro he wants them all in just -- -- as -- one moral lies this guy make in this expand -- thing rebel. Whose whole issue is I don't want more lights and wanna judge players as one judge -- He wants the game in public debt levels are probably but let the parts of this is that you know what actually think if we went to dad's been polled. 150000 fans that do a better job -- I would do the right to be -- if he did that. And and what proves well away just gave about to these guys they producing don't know because I know where he's coming from and -- come whoever voter why isn't frustrated because he can't get odds. You know why they're gonna strip his ballot from him. Because he's in a hole because he signed. He's seen the original rabbit that's a good sign. He said this is my ballot -- my -- -- -- right here. -- -- say you know what I group all ten of those happens sorry tech guys noted they'll let out he signed it he doesn't get -- but what does everyone -- for seventeen you think that. I don't -- -- guys I don't think everybody what. Look what you're notable for not gonna say look it's a crummy years are last year another you're gonna look at music. I'm sorry that ten doesn't upset -- reactionary because that's what's going on right now -- but -- right now just have to change a deterrent to fifteen to seventeen unlimited for five years from now. Every situation will be flawed in this case I give the writers group one thing. They don't take it lightly unless you're -- -- of -- want to do publisher before La -- terrible the guys you know McCadam. You know honestly I mean. But I see all of the guys nobody else do you think he took it seriously well yeah that is Edgar and he's going to get in -- athletic I don't out. Jerry though that's true you're probably about the six got a lot of six guys who voted for in Omaha but the six guys vote for -- but the two -- to vote for -- to -- -- for snow. But the guys look for but these guys self talk show I guess for Kenny -- correcting is over 500 -- dramatic doesn't matter because that's about thirty guys right that it mattered but the point they hit the point so they get what they get there it's a matter there that's what I. God you're used my argument you -- -- say these guys that a better job. That's it really so the 1980 -- -- John nice -- 8% who voted for noble did a better just different it's ugly and it Ryan intimacy they did about Georgia. Just impossible even though I don't know he has a I don't unions yeah. -- -- -- expelled was as thick as that extra points out by the effort Alley at the time and I guess about eight trickster brings a great point you get two guys who right now right for golf digest. Haven't covered baseball for years. They still got to vote they vote for I don't know -- but quickly pointed it I don't care -- -- they follow the game they're job is the cover well I a lot of these guys. Right about their selection process right and they show you their ballot that is why they voted that's rare. You don't see that for every election and every award re on our. I think in a lot of ways. It works -- -- a lot of discussion does not 6177797937. The -- he -- minus 37937. We will talk to Curt Schilling and -- five. I'll we will talk believe it or not to Mike Tyson at 905 -- vote -- I don't know. He'd probably put -- bought -- that -- target I'd prefer to have done this anonymously.

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