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ESPN's Ron Jaworski with Salk and Holley: Luck has the ability to carry this game

Jan 8, 2014|

Just as with his older counterpart, ESPN's Ron Jaws Jaworski tells Salk and Holley that Andrew Luck has the ability to take over and be every bit of the QB Tom Brady will be this Saturday Night in Foxboro.

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I mean system changed in contemplation. And they do a great job bringing -- implode in -- -- and and put Human Rights Watch. Junction and personal joke with them and put in the position to make plays and show. You know I think. With all the with a guy I mean it's. It's it's it's a matchup you know matchup nightmare you know -- board. It to coach chuck -- got to talking about these New England Patriots alcohol here on WEEI we'll go to the -- the outline bring in Ron Jaworski and ESPN I just how Mario. Gentlemen. Let it happen here. Happy new -- leader -- you got -- well haven't right now I mean honestly look at it eight quarterback's left in this in this playoff season. You gotta be in heaven just trying to it to debate to go through the film on all of these eight guys. Who who are so similar in some ways the so different and other. Yeah and that no question about you know our our our -- long believer. So that the quarterback position needs to be played from the pocket first Buick championship team. Certainly out multiple quarterbacks that that fit that bill up see Tom Brady you know Peyton Manning got guys that this late in the game greased. I think definitely our guy at the end what he and the play of the Russell Wilson. The -- -- and so it's very. -- back 08 left in rare weekend summit up. -- a lot of a lot of things talk about with all of these quarterbacks costar with Tom Brady in the last time we talked with huge jaws. You mentioned Brady and and you -- think the struggles that he was having at the time had anything to do with him was more about the people around him. What you see from Tom Brady -- the last month or or last six weeks that you were seeing in the beginning of the year. I don't brilliant guy that we it's historically. Done or are now. This -- you want the best jobs. Bill Belichick is ever done it in match. For you all want to -- It brought back they're now I or they -- he would be true or back. Something like I did not expect the study the -- our team on its own -- Built around are ready not that it's not -- -- pre war -- there asking Brady let. The fact after I would awful game this morning. I can't say you're a former head coach Delaware -- out great groups aren't set. -- -- -- The lack of Brady orchestrating all -- at the line of scrimmage. It's almost right now like they're all wait and what it's like a lot of it. Yeah -- the back trip trip that orchestrate all our spirits and and and that's a big. Hole by app or that. What's it it's interesting you bring that out jaws and I don't know maybe it's that maybe it's that they didn't need to do much to beat buffalo at the end of the year I don't know the answer -- you would know better than me but I do think it's an interesting point you make. That they are winning and they're winning by having the greatest quarterback around to do less. It's it's it's an interesting irony how does that work in your mind. Well I think it is it's that's a lot of spot operate you know -- -- -- -- so football player you know we always kind of know now about a couple. -- right now. Now they're in a short birdie arms throw it. Our as long as old teacher with the football team and the -- Thomas playing right now. Orchestrating the game notes are -- It'll do it. They're -- what ever take it back to our site or back. -- mentioned that at least -- That that they were. Those spreading the view at the it didn't order they all schools I'll play it. Or opium crop that I -- -- a little more than I'll ever get it back. When jaws we saw speaking of effective we saw Andrew. Luck engineer an incredible comeback on Saturday vs the chiefs. You think if he needs to come in here and matched Tom Brady passed for past. On Saturday do you think he's capable of doing that. Yet he has yet aggregate reluctant special football where anyone watched -- -- -- let's see that he gets better and better. Andy truly is all of those guys. And and I pitched two perfect fit for our prayers I'll go out there anyway. Note Joseph Montana as they aren't that big in all through. I don't operate all all emulated -- our favorite big gains making big plays at certain to -- Play the pick the ball game the better place now playoff start. It came out last week in in the city needs at the game otherwise we are facing the patrol all of that all that time they let. First -- -- back side a lot -- Sixty or 62 -- they put the ball in the air it -- Orchestra offered -- -- spirit it would look like awful -- every -- -- -- cobalt but the book so. What played an amazing level right now I'm not by rallied -- last week. So -- just them hearing you say that it and thinking OK that the colts' other than Andrew Luck. Look like they have mediocre talent the patriots of all the injuries they've had this year. I don't know that they have much more than mediocre talent I mean it. How how important is the quarterback position at this point we're talking about two teams. That are that are either beat up banged up or really not that talented to begin with just a few years removed from -- in the worst team in the league but they've got these two great quarterbacks who were leading them to the second and third spots and and two of eight teams left in the playoffs. You know our occupy other occupies. The rest that they are those. Offered to design. Know what all about from Singapore and create it off but oh is that. That happened that heavily and Josh. It just beat the angels but I think what order back where our football team it's -- that you really can't measure and that's your ability to lead. Eric gives every single person battle on the hill for both of a sideline. That we got. Whatever Brady -- appropriate you know that he wants. Follow real yet it our way to -- You'll watch it lost its embryonic development they ordered back. Late model number I hurt their short order rally -- a two year career it's a -- so it's that out there are great. Football in debt with Tom Brady at quarterback art it's -- Girls or 1 o'clock in the bat for their per it'd all orchestration. -- jaws -- how to continue talking about good quarterbacking but just pause here to talk about some bad quarterbacking that took place in Cincinnati. On Sunday has been a lot of discussion about Andrew. His -- Andy Dalton. And what he should do what the Bengals should do what do you see with Andy Dalton and you'd think he has a lot of room to improve. All right first of all there were. Watch the playoffs at all. -- -- -- -- connection there well it was jaws are allowed for a sort of on hold put on hold a foot -- on hold it right back here just a moment to tell our -- stock market right to Andy -- they're coming out if you think Andrew -- In and -- he was starting to say that they were 24 teams that were sitting home ball Andy Dalton and his Cincinnati Bengals were -- -- playing in a -- global market for everybody who wants to -- and -- We buy you buying what he saw on their on radium lock -- not just with their not just the x.s and o.s of the creative. The creative sets that they are often the corners put him in the much of it is just their leadership ability. The confidence they inspire in their teammate I'm sure it's a big part of it. It. I don't I don't know of leadership and leadership and your ability. Is enough to give you your CIR and I just disagree with you on the on the mediocre talent. I just don't believe patriots have mediocre count you can't. Can't have mediocre talent and and be in and have a -- fourth consecutive year let's get to adjust Bakken light just you there. Yeah recruit somebody Andy Dalton and you were saying about him. -- Are there any Dalton. Well straight years. We get the other quarterbacks going out and watch. EP so far. Right. It will apart that regulars sat in the playoffs we. Well he's got a great supporting cast doubt that ripped out. 208 mistake he made some very -- -- in the game. Chargers all that threat he spent the defense that at soccer take Manning this year -- interception it got in the -- this year and in situations when you see a certain look you have to expect that trap heat stroke that interception. By the -- look -- that context the game Cuban artists they follow all the -- made -- mistakes when the football but fortunately -- back. You must play error free football if you expect to ban in all it's not. But still believe that for a fact the all sides have -- Are just we got another year now to look at all these guys the the group of young quarterbacks whether they're capable of running or not so you're gonna talk about -- neck. Lock Russell Wilson RG three Cam Newton. Those five and if you wanna put anybody else on the -- fine how -- you rank and those guys now as of today. I think each little our partners are at -- incredible. Are obviously. There playoffs is its own order back still helping. But I think you know. I say it is at number one but there's one -- that the rest this year I think he'll do. I -- that game out of Carolina against border in my life. And he was actually but -- models down the stretch play in the quarterback position from the pocket. -- I believe -- must be played from first there have been great it really stay at the plate area also but that's argue with chip so what I saw. But too late in the game hanging in the pocket while flying around in bulk. -- oh you'll win the football game. Here are they have so Jim it's great to be called up all this and they used. Well also worked out later this year there's an app for. -- fact -- -- that -- -- back vote it got crap out that sort of David L they're. -- to accept that fact that. Or -- power running game so clearly cap yet. It it is giving you sort out the shall last year down the stretch where -- bit slow respects or -- sure they'll vote I think that might lead late in the. -- our jaws we've talked so much -- over and over about New Orleans and its inability to play well on the road. Let's say New Orleans overall is a different team on the road. Drew Brees specifically have you seen. Drew Brees do things at the superdome that he's not capable. Of doing on the road is that overstating it. Oh god we're stating that it is it's true. -- Drew Brees play well. Against oil eagle on Saturday you know two terrible intercepted and -- out of that game he played much better in the very. -- wouldn't expect this I like order offence. -- sixty that 39 time yet multiple and on the three tight end Jim Graham that -- only played 47. And the feel about it but perhaps they were running. All their power running. I think -- certainly an old upper state. My feeling that -- they want real call will. Follow at. Well early. Late better search -- I think they took. All on a power running game but with a football game against illegal out. That third game I've ever this year out or they want to a lot of they bought shares. Well down the game outlook but once we're back yard stick it he'll figure out -- out of it -- -- chip. Why not get it is a framework of they go all out the other and it I hit back with our future. There is no -- Green is not the same order back in part whether -- -- Oprah on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ball a little little -- to -- the sale that real tight spiral. The wind up that is all -- receivers -- all a little bit because the way. They don't catch cleanly. The first out the legal couple errant throws for agree that you -- -- out we win the weather a factor in the fall. Our jaws my final question for you comes back to the guy we always talk about that Peyton Manning. And I are ever brought a lot of people asking this question when -- guy he had his record setting season. How do you compare this to others was -- the best season of his career I know you've studied him extensively. Throughout his time NFL where does this season -- and -- statistically it's up there but you know get inside the numbers a bit where -- -- you. It's it's been pretty amazing guy and you know -- -- -- you guys all the -- -- by -- back there. -- you know I watched every ball every quarterback throws and try to get. And in depth analysis accomplished by our tape study not watched. All Peyton Manning to throw the Indianapolis Colts and -- -- those -- -- -- I think there's much. That year there's there's a certain -- in game. He had a tremendous supporting cast yet every. Possible you want. In an offer so all I get you know they have the west Welker that slot and they'll sell it added dimension did not play in in Diego. At first it. You know they got the running back. It -- they collapse start would note on -- The office life is not break the week ending makes him better. What is it just seems to -- That patent our emissions this year there -- temple office. The way to attack the -- are which are going well are you read that herbal sparked meg it was -- and it sort of offer it. Up a -- for their perspective so I. He'll look that there's a great career but and so far I -- the numbers bear that out there and Specter -- watt chip. And what they're -- like is that year. Joseph was always great to catch up with you enjoy these last few weeks of the class and enjoy all the quarterback play we'll talk -- -- soon. What you ID -- are your ski course via the AT&T hotline that. I -- like a million more questions for jobs and when I ask you wanna get a a quarterback question that I olasky coming up plus. How we can have some fun wrapped snacks alcoholic WE.

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