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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 01/08/14

Jan 8, 2014|

We tackle four topics revolving around Boston sports at 4PM

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-- And now word -- and -- score or roller board or -- four. Fun for me. Green card. And -- On its rate. I like this I thought you were making it -- that's how much -- -- wrath. May not be more impressed -- -- if I could have -- that made up that would have been more impressive for four brought you by CB on your technology ally you got a business to manage one outlets beyond manage your technology then what we have that it -- him a little cornucopia of questions. Start with the -- ultimately the a -- excuse me they're able to every question out. Earlier today the two dozen fourteen MLB hall of fame class was announced these players receive the necessary 75% of the vote. Pragmatic Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas that's. It a lot of big names didn't make the -- this year who'll -- the biggest snub. I'll -- easy answers the guy I was to vote shy of the hall of fame Craig -- lateral that's a right answer though. I think it comes down to you can't Naomi valid -- to -- gonna give you -- The first what would be my -- that. Unless somebody comes up with a document unless somebody has something concrete about -- -- performance enhancing drugs is no excuse to keep him out of hall of fame. I got 62% of the vote should. Be well over 75% based on his numbers and the other guy. I was gone on and on about Biggio thought but. I look at rock ranged from range. If you had it if you city to pick one Tim Raines or Craig Biggio are collect your brain to even though. Visio has the numbers. I think I think your brain is an excellent player for a long time he's. Well local sugar and -- whole thing. Yeah I mean money is obviously a little more polarizing and I completely understand and respect people who would not put him into the hall of fame but I think it's Barry Bonds is one of the greatest players that ever lived put up numbers that we've never seen before and we'll never see again yes they were inflated. By the fact that he was taking an incredible amounts of steroids and other illegal drugs. But Barry -- hall of Famer Roger Clemens is -- I would put both of them into the hall of fame don't like either of them especially hate Roger Clemens I think I've said that over and over again. But I think they're -- hall of famers they earned. Both of them in the book 30% range on 34 point seven and and Clemens and 35. Point oh is -- -- my question is your true level for one and not the other yeah what what what what this is how. Because I was gonna that I think this is true. Neither guy fail a drug test. -- -- it whatever and other guys failed a drug that Alberto bottles used steroids well we know for a fact Barry Bonds admitted. Barry Bonds in ways I didn't knowingly do I didn't need to I didn't get related I read our games yet I thought it was a well let me I thought it was I thought it was a pretty close to. Moisturizing cream war I thought it was arthritic -- something like that but I was but I edit -- That I was using performance enhancing drug which is basically an admission. I did it but -- no -- doing just -- Roger Clemens Roger Clemens. What do we have. On Clemens Brian McNamee I may -- you really break it down but we have -- we have a common sense right let and we -- but I'm talking about in terms of evidence. Four people voted for Clemens that did not vote for. -- four more people voted for -- I don't know whether the hundred and there 190 people voted for bombs. I don't know all of those 198 voted for Clemens but either way their people voted for won enough the other. That makes no sense. If you think I'm one should be in the should both be where there's no game of shadows about Roger Clemens -- -- -- that's -- I -- effective Ed Ed and I know 01 of the guys with the best names ever his lawyer. Rusty Hardin yes. So Rusty Hardin. Says. -- look. It was he was he went to court. And he was not charged with anything. It was he was cleared of perjury charges now that that could have been the incompetent while bonds is clear to me. No I -- -- he -- -- -- -- -- all -- grow. Our economy are done so. Nobody is that it was not Scot free bonds had it we have to look at they got him that one thing but not yet perjury right they got them for obstruction but not perjury -- somewhat I think you missed remembers that that -- -- you know who got left off here it's -- what -- Fred -- and just for the compliment. Sure those Celtics finally living up to their potential losing eight of their last and -- -- however still firmly in the playoff Rajon Rondo is set to playing with in the month. With the celtics' turnaround with -- Rondo and disappoint the fans and make the playoff. -- it -- -- us to go back a second -- young and what are -- firmly in the playoff -- what is it. Games out of only every hour in the east is only three out there didn't blow it out -- I've blown out last night Denver give a hundred when he put your voice after the game last night. Who all your well wallet or Gerald Wallace after the game we got there. We did every day. We're not talked about did this and that that. Would forget the sound of that. -- -- walls better route and time I'll bet you Gerald Wallace but not in a better that I am a -- raps right now -- -- -- about this week. And there inability to play -- to do anything right. I don't think Rondo is gonna come back and help the -- I still think that they'll they'll figure out a way to keep -- and hold them back at any Japanese say something to keep to keep pace with Jim Paxson right. All of the present. Which -- jobs jobs -- jump -- that you -- He's got to do something to keep pace of job as the one that Larry Bird rights it John Paxson wanted to generated or -- for nothing was like -- in. -- I'm pivotal -- amber to report about this but. What an editor at. What do you do -- after the win went straight a guy who gives me nice tribute -- every night. For a guy that we waved it. And a couple larger. A couple of draft pick that may or may not be around eighty years -- responded by tying -- -- on run those physical therapist -- that he couldn't get therapy anymore. Yeah me that they're doing the right thing just got to keep losing losing. 03 or four. Or just during. Earlier this week -- Olympic hockey rosters were announced that we've got five Bruins on the team's Bergeron graphs charts -- -- and was clued in Peter surely. Do you think it is bad that there are so many Bruins playing in the Olympics and not taking advantage of the two week and it shall break while. I only at bat I mean certainly doesn't help them I mean you look for your players that those couple weeks off question this Bruins team which has been so devastated by injuries recently by. And that's what happens when your team -- you have a lot of good players are gonna coach -- chosen to play for their team's equipment more meaning you know -- the ruby critically for the US team there's talk that meanwhile Lucic -- and on the Canadian team I mean it could have been -- could have been on the Swedish team none of those things and happenings. That's -- go I mean it's a bomber and certainly the -- go one with one minute you worry about most just the sheer amount of new and it's evil and applying but. I don't know if you -- -- is -- took reporters -- but overall I don't think it's a bad thing because they don't necessarily need the break commitments unconventional but the entire National Hockey League. It is taking a break but your adding right now to deceased are -- sure but they really need a break and it is not strenuous it is not the you or your typical. Hockey work load you're not traveling to Calgary -- not traveling to win at just traveling to Russia and neck Pittsburgh and all that stuff. So you're it you're playing with the best players in the world. There's an argument to be made that maybe pick something up. Special that Canadian team. I mean that that's a who's who of at the guys who didn't Canadians know T and let's not team. I think can medal in the Olympics goes so I don't think it's a negative from its Olympic hockey it's great. -- I have a question author Maya quarterback question to be here. I'm await proper role in the front like the greatest course -- -- this is actually before actually before turning it into the fourth questioned there's -- the fifth question because you got to help out as just human got a four and now we did we do. Yes it's fourth down to this sport in this the commerce trust we're. We covered two -- them can we had to get into the union to rapid speed to get a -- graphic. Rapper you know like you wrap on on demand on -- -- -- our paperwork reference collection number one. Paperwork is great but doesn't it on the west is that on your favor -- at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or by your doctor Frederick and -- what's your question outraged ball. My question is this who's the best quarterback in the league that you would move on. -- -- -- give you as your quarterback -- they -- at the time for me to move on and get -- -- -- Andy Dalton conversation economy come to my mind like who has the best quarterback out there that you would say nope not good enough on meet the draft accord. You gonna throw some names -- for Matt Stafford Tony Romo. Andy Dalton. That's probably the first three that come to my mind but I can put Christian -- name out there -- delegates went OK that's well but so but I got if -- other guys level like what look like at what point do you say knowing need to move on that's a very locker put his name -- -- -- No it's a good question because Jake Locker yet to move Jake Locker -- the jet -- Jabber on all those at Christian pop up please I just and all of your outline all those guys are overdraft facilities right. What -- Andy Dalton territory. That's where it gets it gets interest -- Because the case for -- defending mr. Dalton in court. -- go. My client 26 years old. Strapped by the Cincinnati Bengals. We know what this organizations about you know the history of this organization before it got there. They got their second round pick. Got to deny it wins in the playoffs. His first year second area improves improves his numbers that teams win. When I go up by one other -- six in the playoffs in the tough division. Same division of the Super Bowl champs that year ten and six and it's thirty here eleven and five they win the division. He's 26 years old. He's thrown for 3000 plus yards. Got more touchdowns and interceptions this career completion percentage has gone up he you have to have a learning curve you guys are too impatient. By the time these -- created 29. It will have learned from these mistakes and you'll be happy to have an adult and it's not so what are move up of any doubt about the Bengals no I did not feel about Tony -- So I think it was Africa. Stafford interest he is right I think I can normally answer I would you'd move on from him you know I got to try one of the indictments yet. -- something for Matthew Stafford might think he's got but he he's they have fantasy football three. He -- for a hundred yards. And touchdowns -- interceptions. First round pick or two for -- are. To Matt Stafford an injunction I would like him to try to do Philip Rivers -- this year. I I think of the two of them somewhat similarly I don't rivers had more success than Stafford to vote for a couple of -- print exactly like everybody in San -- don't -- Like that air raids there. They're all that's like their jambalaya for this year you saw that picture his couple have to offer Philip Rivers in the bowl time I did. Tell me in the goodness apparently did not get that message could look I'm telling you apple -- case. Did you ever find a place -- -- viable or did all bull too actually there's two places follow. Milton has to -- meant no not one of the players to be as comfortable on our stores should be in our. Both both sides I don't remember the name is exactly that someone might have -- vintage clothes not a particular -- tortured or go to did you go to Milton and asked -- a man to him. Go to militants right now. Groups want to go right now -- right now I go to the what did you say if any and -- -- for him. To them. Michael Holley told me ask you. If you have both. If they come out right -- -- -- right here what his -- holding calls ago. They have are linked him to address is well he does there's no wake him has doubled its researchers feel is apparently in the imitators. Collection of -- Courts in both you combine all -- that labor store -- -- and I got a they've got a delay evening has failed they've got to display and it got cuff links. Have also got links to probably have become a category -- out you don't you don't you don't -- -- went to a couple of -- I would I would rock up -- a glimpse. -- -- -- -- money -- rocket cuff -- all how many pairs a couple of XT cuff links is not a money they expressed a question for us. Should the money that couple. Absolutely not a conflict is kind of money not somebody that was. Oh really. Pies and -- an expense of conflict where even find that the shirts that go with conflicts don't those that cost a fair amount more money now. I'm always imagined that assured that needs conflict cost. On sometimes you can buy the shirts with cuff links are really. You don't to have those Disco ball. Org got a shirt the shirt I like Bob and I like the government like -- like efforts -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm thinking I need to Iraq three piece suit. The next time -- record to -- -- never on the top of formal little worried Obama beat eulogy to pull off -- you all swipe after Chris Collins worth -- upon the up puffy vest last week on the that's like open season that an English don't chubby guys wearing masks being certain that showed me he looked tall and skinny and made him look. Job he did this. Some good news if you did your little -- to drones -- yeah you can have dropped two hours. This -- perfect they're small enough got a huge collection names of cuff -- a little political terrorists when you get your French cuffs and the Q also won again at that too much the notable is that too much French cops and three pieces. Now knowledge -- get -- and it's okay. You're gonna you gonna debut that on NASA eventually caught text over the some hazard on the ship and got the -- right over there must give myself a three piece suits and cuff links. And then if you're gonna go all the way up demise open pockets. You can. Never done that I've never felt comfortable enough to rock pockets where but -- -- rap on the air I feel like maybe -- Get ready for Al lecture cat one on and his wrapping is wrapping debut but he always -- well. -- -- yet French company had little pockets Primakov was worth lycra suits. Let me know about it let me know when you're going to be on TV in a three piece of him. Lets you know -- over there with Dave park I got a -- this happened Larry I need a great three pieces and I think that's what I need violence the next thing I need are those that question yesterday and into the question. Question was how many shoes are too many for -- own. -- -- at the text machine earlier 3793718. To text line a couple of similar questions building on that came in earlier today we'll get to them about 545. In into the question Jack Edwards joins us that's what the -- it's happened -- the Bruins they were pitiful last night all the way on the West Coast we'll talk to Jack next rockaholic W --

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