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NESN's Jack Edwards with Salk and Holley

Jan 8, 2014|

We discuss Olympic selections, B's and West Coast trips with the great Jack Edwards of NESN

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-- -- LA here in just a moment or -- talked to Jack Edwards is watched death from a very. Good seat last night as Bruins played some very very bad hockey. Effective through Europe -- story off well I used to the original of this would you say this is great for every green. I don't know the original well stoned with the way of the world. We got it and it but what what -- -- what's the name of the song but Andy. Down here on the ground. Tells all right. I don't I imagine that was called. As we wait for jackal and will join us here just -- Tammy might you are both watching last night I went to bed at 30 depth that was -- like okay -- seal that are going upstairs to bed. Five by the team is some. -- in the past you got to the West Coast we have very good. Anaheim team are expected to win every game -- really the first game out there can be difficult fine you know yet who gave all your energy in the first she didn't score -- was fantastic and if you lose the energy after that I think that's understandable but now you're looking at a -- to -- Where it does -- it's starting to look like the injuries are catching up to them or more specifically. It just the Steinberg injuries caught up to them. We set it right when it happened all the other injuries they've kind of not been to. Core players I don't know that are Seidenberg or not he's very close -- -- I thought and and and I wonder if this is just. -- that was my quote I don't doubt my thought last night watch -- this is secure way to talk to Jack. And ask him. Jacket which is here now when asked you Jacqueline sit on this question. Which player do they miss the most or is this was last night's game not about missing anybody. -- know last fight game I've. You know my personal theory is its last night it was -- about the domino effect and what happens when you take away -- a player who may not be -- -- Absolute core but certainly it's a major contributor Dennis Seidenberg went up 22 minutes a game reached. You know after -- probably they're both by apple skater at the penalty killer because he's always out there to calm things down who played so solidly and you're such stability and so many other players will line up. Is that. You -- other players you perform in his hole and make up -- -- loss and those players are not yet and Adam -- Was on the hydroelectric power play goals by Anaheim last night I'm not -- him under the -- all. But we -- voted out of equated not that -- -- he cannot play the wayside Berkeley he cannot lend stability to the penalty -- into the lineup in general outside -- -- and it's it's not coincidence that the Bruins penalty kill is gone from 87% on the seat and Seidenberg bush ordered the injury Q 59%. In the knee injury including a couple of absolutely disastrous game on the probably kill. Wanna get -- islanders and more laps but against the dark. And they've lost three out of five since the injury as well so what are you deal -- -- -- I am I agree with everything you just said I don't know whether. When I think of the core of the Bruins before the injury I'm not -- Seidenberg right there about -- put in my half notch. Outside the -- you know into our core of who they are. But OK not going to be here they don't seem to have a replacement in their system as much as I like Miller and the way to stay at home guys as much as trotman might be ready one day. So what are you go out there and get how much are you willing to give up to go get some. Well you know that's the difficult judgment computer surely yet decided that it's a couple of ought to be made it won't -- Blake he he's certainly you know what went abroad are as good as any team in the east. And a lot of people are -- the -- despite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was because they don't believe that -- -- gonna deliver legal expert when it really comes time Cuba to count the playoff went. You know there is a rumor going around that Dan Girardi liked -- available and if that Rangers defenseman that's available. You have to be at the very top of the list. -- -- -- -- forces simply because. It's the kind of player who sold watched like Seidenberg is a complementary. Player he makes the players which I'm on the -- better. While -- you don't really notice. How good a job he's still he's he's kind of a quiet the spokesman. Who seldom gets caught out of position that seldom turn the puck over inside it's -- blue line. And is willing to played very mortgage physical style of game. Making a lot of -- -- -- sacrifice in order to help that they you know. If the Rangers really are gonna. Resigning and he is defending not restricted free agents. While there was a -- that'd be pretty nice get. Was that cost. Was it cost to get a lot a lot what does that mean in the premium package. Well. It. -- more carefully at the Rangers in Q what they're really want that they need correct and they need a great player who could play. -- I don't know maybe -- maybe they were -- wade. And a couple prospects in return. You know maybe they will want. A guy like liquidity a very public guy is willing to quite absolutely anybody's for the right reasons. And you know maybe they'd want somebody. A real like all the a player I can't either brought -- -- what are what they get it. And on believe this package returned. Acquaintance order for Girardi would be too much especially Jordan's in there yet not restricted free agent -- -- It would be a rugged player looking at sand paper to the rangers' lineup. -- -- -- due to replace the department. Would you make that deal would you trade -- in the couple prospects that we don't know as much about for for. -- -- You know what sort and it not cell value out of McCourt talked recently brought. I really like the way he plays. And I think Girardi is going to be a benefit with -- Seidenberg. And you know -- know stamp goes miracle happening here were Seidenberg it is that they yell and yell successfully reconstruct it yesterday. And I did not you with the team and so was breaking episode Doug Ellis. I mean you can get around it is not going to be able to contribute to see on the are also some. -- Jack we're talking about this about 25 minutes before you came talking about the Olympic break. And if it's a batter or a good thing for the Bruins how do you think you'll affect the team. It's always risky because I get -- and there's that concern but that's led. This bullet he intends to do well when it passed -- a lot of gains or perhaps the player really art and those star players. We're being asked other countries. Not that they are. Would really just destroy. Their motivation adopt. I think it's going to be great for the -- So it is an act of all learned a gold medal and I got a skillet solidarity report on that. You know it's it's a wonderful -- he's got to be a participant at that level it gives the guys too little things up a significant time often and they get back to training. After. A really good. How -- midseason break and a little worried about the work -- guys still we don't know chart it it's on battle that Slovakia can make an hour. I'm not really worried about him getting burned out. Sure Barbara -- Milwaukee team looks pretty good. Yeah yeah they are like you know it is pretty stacked the -- he like -- -- -- there are some there are some pretty significant power but you know it's there at the ship. Our republic pretty good period of the. Now we're talking about Seidenberg says it's the domino effect. They wouldn't mention is that Shawn Thornton and no it's. It -- and talk about a fourth line guys to the Bruins met Shawn Thornton in anyway and if so what is. Well yet they miss him because GA it is a guy who. Is able to make a consistent contributions you know exactly what you're gonna get from -- you're gonna get off that you're gonna get anarchy you're gonna get good golf -- You -- spell the beginning of the C Torre had about a half dozen games or watching what form but. The different street port and a guy just goes to other flights that born to play he can score goals he scored big goal this seat in the wrong. It's -- just got to go out there and all the other guys don't score. Ian and Campbell. And -- together for game change. Campbell a couple of games don't had a chip that changed the entire over the game and though when you put those three guys together who played so well for so long. -- their -- or changing them all but -- and that's a really important thing for team that. Probably past that have a couple of what students in the back of -- mind as to whether there really is good that they thought their work or Seidenberg went out and and maybe they're not that there without. Tag won't ask you about my two favorite young players your he mentioned one of them and I'll start with crude that we can get to Spooner may be right afterwards but you know as much as I've been high on -- crew guys I just I love watching the kid play. What do you what I saw at the beginning of the year was amazing. What I've seen for the last what four or five games pretty much since Seidenberg went down has been at times disaster short of the one great game he had against the jets on Saturday. What is going on with him and how was it salvageable quickly. We've seen this before it -- The rookie hitting a wall. 45 or fifty games into and that's. Probably what's happening at -- group like Al other teams they've gotten a book on -- so they have a strategy. Against that war accused. Pretty much an unknown quantity in the first half but the -- -- -- -- space especially the -- the -- -- that the -- the schedule. Fort -- in the play. At least twice against every other report so you know the league really got spread around and a lot of injury getting their very first works at to recruit now they have all gone and they know auto attack them. Because there is no player -- corporate and includes got to -- that think they're great athletes there which is to get up to the next level. -- It brought got to be up and down until the Olympic -- and I would be surprised that he is not a back in the Olympic break looking really sharp really rush. And right back to the that level or what but he did you -- Which is of course up a couple of notches toward what the beginning -- -- because everybody gets better during an anecdote campaign. And as for Spooner I mean again I love so much of what I see and I know there been some. Some holes in the game especially getting back on that getting back defensively with some his some his responsibilities. What what do you think they think what is -- think -- of defense is so important to Claudette and taking care of all those responsibilities. How was closed looking at. They likeable lot and the reason he would play a lot in the first couple period last night. Was simply because with which each -- they moved -- -- will bolster those ships. Along with great yet -- so orderly Estrada. A ban on an island -- they had the spot a left wing. Worst order and so like you really get too much site but they likeable lot and they should Michael why he's doing the job eat at least -- a lot of office. He's winning puck battle the one area in which she's still very all the report straight start he loses a lot of draw. Yeah he's working really hard at newseum at the fact is that the morning skate boarding a lot of attention. You how to win a draw and and talk a lot with. I'd like Bergeron encourage you got extraordinarily. Good at any study a lot of video it is really attracting and it's a true professional at what we're all. You ward and orchard with an opportunity like that and you may create some difficult decisions with a broad -- -- out why when Chris Kelly comes back not that you would all -- out of the lineup but there are not out of the question that. Where supporters of -- is that the is -- -- really high flying senator -- -- in -- pushed them away which only makes the court's order to combat -- -- black. Yeah you get -- to actually -- their way -- a lot of your putter keeps war. And if you have to have Chris Kelly take those face -- Ryan -- that on some oxygen back I think neither seems like a lot of upside Jack we always love talking to enjoy the West Coast would do it again soon. I knew what you were warmer where you are I'm not knocking it on how nice it is out here. Tell us how telethon I was there you Jack. What -- -- chilly. Out. Half half half after effects on Twitter real Jack Edwards a document. Thank our guard Jack Jack he's brought to -- Norfolk power equipment. I really do like a lot of -- -- game and -- itself on the watch them play there's a lot of Marc Savard in there and he's got some of that. Speed and and and offensive ability that I think we were hoping to see and saw some of from I would say in the and and other players like him but he's not a once in mind going into the corners I don't think he's a great. Mockery in the corners I mean that's not ever going to be is game but he's not afraid to go in there. He doesn't shy away from contact he's not afraid to do any of the dirty work go to the front of the net to all the things get back on defense and he certainly. Has made an effort to do it all in all things you did not see from castle. Orphans taken while they were about -- is gonna say but is that the standard and the only reason. Sagan and -- standout is because you're so used to seeing the Bruins play and a and a certain way you guys don't do it. We probably pile on and exaggerate. Their deficiencies because just a lot of character I think most Bruins players like it's not a surprise to make sure that but I that's the case though you're right. -- just that he has some of the offensive skills that those guys how's your -- -- -- you may be looking at another David crate she may be looking at another guy they can play this system well but he is not done well enough. The defense still has holes enemy was responsible for the goal. I was the first or second goal the other night where where he just clearly beaten back on defense -- just a matter of getting back at your job your responsibility. But man. He made up four and scored a goal this is later in the game. -- really enjoy watching McCain I think is a really bright future before we get back to the football 5 o'clock. A Celtics question for. So a real honest solve real sell question for -- and they came to me this morning hours and has uploaded to a -- park there's nothing who. It's a -- W -- -- -- -- not even close.

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