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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 01/08/14

Jan 8, 2014|

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So can -- now. 3793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's time for answers the question jerk answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Mike adams' hit it they questioned your it's Reggie by heiress restoration specialists -- your property facility manager. And don't have a cold weather disaster -- please be prepared contact heiress and 8774611111. Or go to -- -- dot com. Keep an open shots and -- I don't know it's my opinion it's going to. Jazzy little yeah. It was a five at the show's been a lot of loans and resume. We can beat him. Closely George Benson when he says who was this the social. Rich -- and also drink green that is the whole home put the dividend I. And you -- A -- questions. He can pick it makes sounds like to get darkening yes yes he did coming up interview with Al Jarreau. Up or Bobby big fan and is out there it is now -- asthma is that it brought them. Since we're talking about from please me. Yes Michael Johnson -- -- you sound effect machine must get at least a sweet treats. A better reference easier evident this veteran. Here. -- Acknowledging how Eminem is yet I don't know -- is an aluminum tubing and it was better -- just clear he has just -- I know it's about a rapper this is everything that that -- that you see this is like every image at all that the terms of like songs on the microphone owed him. -- I don't know if you believe. But it you believe I do. Equipment that was news is that if I ask you tomorrow staying power's going to be mortgages if I ask you tomorrow you figure of the -- There. If you don't want to. Find out. Give it away Gupta answers. Or whatever. You. Guys. I can't look genius and I am not god. A group. 63 -- more all. -- answer the question is great. Actually the question from one of the hosts the station. John Dennis checking about getting now it -- mean it's a mix of man but man at center with what's that. And you might. That's all this history is written notice okay. It's if you spend big money to go to a friend's destination wedding didn't argue then expected. To give a gift you are not expected to. And it -- so much for I don't know that. It once -- a lot about etiquette I learned a lot about it when I got married electronic quite a bit about it you were not. Required to do it again if you go to destination wedding five. You shouldn't use it can get. Because a lot of money right so in general if you're going to winning it's a thousand miles away in general 2000 you're going to -- you should spend on that. Yeah roughly the amount of the -- for many people as. Part so did you -- your wife. And you guys have a nice dinner which spend 75 dollars a piece and nice route. That you she's -- 150 dollars a Greek wedding that is that is the that is the general rule on waiting observe women and alone house for -- this -- -- -- now up to them and -- -- have a destination wedding you're not expecting anybody to make that trip. Short of the people annually in part of it -- expect them to make that trip where -- having -- -- -- and when we -- and get a -- -- if you're excited but it's for you give me cutting costs. And you're saying hey do different kind of -- ago why here. Jamaica or whatever went to one in the ominous threat and I read outs -- all of our planning went silent. Tyler and and it sort of backed off because the womb for rent a flat right. I don't want don't know what because I don't want that went right way to get excited to want to get there -- -- I. This. This relates to other question essentially building on it. Question yesterday was how many shoes is it okay firm hand on the next to two questions building on. One says how many shoes it okay for you to take a -- -- -- -- -- -- that you're using to carry. Out. Well in this -- it's -- carry -- issues. With one parent if you -- in the back -- the candidate who. -- It's a long what you're taking of the exit. Checking of the actual entry. About it after probably go to vacation her flip flops are out her shoes right. It hardly got some -- like X. A lot of -- -- is for you are right now. And we had -- male female. She is forty pairs of sneakers plus. Sneakers jeans. A hundred. At least partly. Because of all the -- how many jackets. Is it -- for mental. You mean it's not to press check. It out check out or Jack -- call as many as you can fit your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Raise a lot of money that. -- this worked my ass off your next question. What is the best western movie of all time line outlaw Jose whales or the good the bad via outlook Jodi you have rocks. Outlaw Jose wells because of the spitting good the bad and the ugly because at the end. -- on -- it was pretty. It's just the end of the end of them -- -- great beginning just to -- the tension tension is there's good public hi -- -- on the -- anything -- were just repeats the town red right Largo is pretty good age in men should listen to him as a great and irritability -- you know Chris Kristofferson James Colbert -- and hopped into the kitchen door to show -- blazing saddles. And have -- -- Seattle and -- I think you what was under rated original parts accuse me why I would. The true grip on the came out a few years it was very good and with Jeff Bridges. And the 310 to -- true or not not a true -- not the John waited a lifetime the lifetime achievement award for for John -- got that -- -- that's got to the original right I don't I remembered that Jeff Bridges version came out what two years ago -- -- was -- -- -- it was a it was a really really -- and then remake of three -- really -- -- -- Next question. About the guise -- I'm a person very modest means -- this person who recently. Like an hour -- -- -- -- home to people with heart missed a 400 dollar item. Continue to feel guilty. Or considered gifts from the university of the world they're being karma payback that's again. Think you vote in our hundred dollar -- take that nobody could ever outline why. The department of 400 dollar immediate -- Get five or does our own people don't they check your -- on the whale that -- this is not like in the grocery store don't want people they check your -- make checks on and off no well -- -- of Walt you're going to be what they don't go as low as they get your shoes right sometimes. They definitely do that I'm not great but that's the cute -- you fired that's the thing you know one who's gonna -- -- -- we've -- you're gonna go back to the service desk in Salem was church's Easter was gonna look at you so much -- -- -- Sacramento. And what what is -- our item. To -- every time. Through those Fredricka you know it as you know what intelligence. -- person had the means to -- toward. They put the 400 dollar item in the car up so -- it's not like they're struggling they pay for you know what -- which you're really feeling guilty about it. Don't do it don't know bring it back to -- the money given to charity. Kind of good charity children's hospital and if you like the kids to inspire and plenty to -- what about -- just don't -- two dollars that's a department which might. -- up and I mean it was that you benefit on the it's on the way. That's a great compromise. To -- it looked like Xavier job here next time through give me another free. -- question final question why us -- such a bitch listening to video game musical play more Guitar Hero IMAX. I play guitar -- that's on Guitar Hero that you do that then. I didn't know our Internet James because it. Is are there who will do little little -- -- -- Adams at some point did in that your stress it feels like just kickass. A little. McDonald's. We'd do you think of the good visuals Holmes and noble. Birthdays today in my at -- help you tomorrow with it's eight years old that's all that he is 42. It would little people don't believe it because -- -- collided and actors I asked you earlier what is your favorite Elvis. And you said little sister but there's about a hundred of them because there's what is unique about -- -- obviously it was a story -- -- Jurors remember the whole thing -- sightings that you receive. Status as the live on stage of the human out. -- -- Memphis you know Hartford civic hybrid civics 176 I was just a young guy -- -- there's like a big. Hague or was that the record he is holding which is -- overtake one wiped the sweat off and throw to the crowd of fat ladies and -- -- -- so great they squeal. Over. You know nothing else because he's constipated last five years is what did with his daughter now. Personally and she recently simmering Lisa Marie. And she was only it was for civil. Awful she hurt her face job she did not go off at -- especially now with commercial ones buried -- -- day. Was personal. And -- don't see the -- was that much of that make him. Korea is still. Mike got his stuff like. On the -- -- -- -- we got it got here. Hasselbeck on the show tomorrow while colts backup quarterback. And also like to show becoming a tie with -- it is going to manages you know crime reporters -- exported one sticker that good stuff Mike -- up next we'll talk -- guys tomorrow.

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