Jan 8, 2014|

decide between Alex Trebec, Bob Costas and Brian Williams.

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On this episode of -- -- Jim -- wraps it's another installment of which way -- wraps the vast featuring some of the best in the business like Alex your back don't push me because I'm close to the end -- trying not to lose my head. I made the change from a common theme too up close and personal with Robin -- another plane another train another model in the brain. Never let me -- -- -- and I'm slipping. We knew who and bomb when I jump in my car people treat me like. Is Bob Costas the best white rapper ever. -- -- Rolen torpedoes. -- get blunted with rosters. For a hefty fee upon your racket like Bob Costas or is it Brian Williams. Ago. I'm just praying for. Get your spot wanna see you -- coming at your borders on the house -- -- -- -- in this strictly hip hop well. This bringing this to the entire nation to black and white -- brown -- good vibrations. Think he's the best way grab remote we think might -- who's white than the rest is the best of the best and you might even hear some of his skills on the next year olds don't you know Ali wraps.

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