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Heath Evans, NFL Network: Picks Chargers over Broncos

Jan 8, 2014|

Heath Evans joins the show to talk about the NFL playoffs and discuss the Patriots Colts matchup.

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Lot and -- -- to 37 WEEI million text on this NFL playoff thing you guys are right. On at a second -- of these teams have pushed the season back they issued two weeks. Start the season a week after Labor Day every year. Give the guys an extra day off during the summer start training camp later. At a bye week on what players say you don't have games but data by week and they issued two weeks all the Sunday that the Super Bowl middle February presidents' day. -- got a Super Bowl holiday. Joining us on the ATP out of one of our favorites NFL network nfl.com former patriot. Bunch or other teams somebody Heath Evans chief law. -- RU. Good -- -- -- -- -- -- arousal the word votes the other night that Florida State. Auburn earlier Auburn grad -- It's it was -- we're OK with that. You know what it was in particular gate which we all know you know it was. It is hard to these special teams policy and national championship you know you know that. -- -- the kickoff return for a touchdown on the running into the slaughter all the ballparks. Just all kinds of nonsense that you that you just. Wish you could avoided you know. They covered some of us are excited. -- ten and a half points spread the and so you. -- -- -- don't talk about patriots colts and your thoughts and Andrew Luck I wanna start or were you talked about now last half hour that's the expansion. Of the NFL playoff format Roger Goodell -- saying that there are some momentum to add a seventy that would mean. And each cooperative seven teams number ones he would get the -- who would play the 73 to play the six and four play the five. And -- would you be in favor of a seventh playoff team being added to the NFL playoffs. No I mean why why watered down the competition anymore this was the colts beat the I mean. You look at the our -- -- and Tina -- -- -- a couple -- -- like do we really walked in the in the -- shortly deserving of an actual week you know. I don't about revenue so the it looks good -- utility -- I'm sure they'll push it through. What you're that this is supposed to be the elite of the -- and I know we keep companies succeed -- perhaps would you know it that would -- arms with. You know. Keep it at the news -- local -- -- we we go out too well audience so sure apple reachable foresee that. Yeah I think that's kind of what it comes at them look at that in the Cincinnati San Diego game in San Diego got in and but people thought maybe no one bad call by -- mission biblical -- and they win a lot of people watching it it's just. I just -- Miami was in the air every -- they would watch that game too you know his followers that just doesn't matter their king. Yeah yeah old people deported to watch it period you wouldn't even let you think about the video or you know mistakes of the -- greens were San Diego showed that in Pittsburgh should have that it at all. -- -- -- Urban -- you know got hot you know late fifties and appropriate. Miami and you've got to figure Boris you are well tell all -- a -- -- Where they've been either they had all the other hand could do anything with. One more on this is the -- we part of this heat because I like the idea that you finished second year conference. You burned by you know you go fourteen to thirteen in three somewhere in there and you're -- arrest that first week. Six of last thirteen Super Bowl winners have had -- by only one of the last thirteen. It's actually been a number one seed can you explain as a player. What that by means for you in your preparation of -- team's preparation -- in a play that first week. Well I think it's -- you have -- a great head coach of the inaugural we would still you know and sharp -- -- they rested. The better it's quite a bit in the younger guys that look -- -- -- you know keep part of the game got extra reps so. Oh my early years you know we had in New England you know accused I got -- picture -- -- got to be -- get better that we put my body. You know you're two point 746. Year old Beagle being much rest with the -- -- -- 31. All of you can really all the rains that could allow public key contributors to get so -- -- that the mental preparation aspect there's you don't shut your -- -- -- focused on your feed yourself what you need better at a profit or a poll a week. This huge. Are you that's get to this game here because some. Major luck comes a lot of people -- -- respect Andrew Luck chuck got only on that come coach. Quarterback combination. You give Indy any chance coming -- beaten a Brady Belichick team Saturday night in Foxboro. And I think you have to. I think. Look you -- I go back to look at that the Carolina game certainly going to be chairman Newton didn't. Pete you guys with is our BP you've got three or more opportunistic world war. If you look in the direction well -- -- if your coverages are astounded that he could. All all of those you re opportunistic runs as well you know we've seen the -- played great these are considerable efforts to. And you know Brandon Spikes you're this and opera. We know this Indianapolis. Out of it it will run the ball consistently this year anyway but could only think about it should -- speicher did. All the different you know -- this. Take it all the way of it. I've never second guess bill we've just got to keep you all could still Trisha RB game plans to cover for. These she's missing part so if you look at the is there -- the fourth quarter I'd be nervous Odyssey that. But you say in it in the fourth quarter -- what keeps a medic as you mentioned. Couple of ways they go about this right Andrew Luck showed off his -- and and work with TY Hilton serve your record numbers in that game against Kansas City -- out spikes there's some thought that. You run the football and you go at Donald Brown interpret that he's been number one pick on it's not been worth that but. You pound the ball a little bit if there around the fourth quarter. What's the best route the colts offensively to take it this patriot defense. Well but it. While you're I don't but I -- I know bill -- -- Slater not going to be open there's going to be a great game where her -- like built. It's going to be other guys have to step up in big plays it back you -- look initial. That ability for these last you know cheap easy and just have to -- things up with no means is he Brady yet though is C. You know Rogers yet know what. I applaud this guy just finds a way to get it done that if they can get the ball rolled in the ground game. Activate your take Russell dual focus away team quite ill or you might slipped -- what are those he shot or break -- back late in the game. I just a good ball control all that old -- try to pay grade is -- -- awful cutesy. The young mistakes were young players. And I think this will be had built part have been regional regional view turnover driven game. Given all lose your recession that. Yes I'm with the other say I think the patriots should win this game affect him in Monday they lost it wouldn't be. Don't be shocked there wouldn't be stunned because I'm a look at this patriots team and intersected comic set with the injuries. Offensively. You know this isn't exactly the ravens -- giants the jets teams the patriots have struggled in the post season. But this office is exactly what Tom Brady's used to as well you ecstatic ball control -- -- -- do you expect a lot to have another huge game against this team. Well I would hope so just because I think that will Brady's -- as fast as we can give the lie that he's not in the open second guessing insult to check pastor rod. It gives up their count the the box on extra digit. He looks to be angle that you will be taken as. You know it it you know albeit did you start Ian dipper things that he's built the ability that made it even though. Were outnumbered the box you know I know we'll -- his -- I don't -- Well that's what the record book before. Vote in the things that you know when you run the ball in your play action so -- all the pot that is that your vertical strikes down the field. Argued that much better and and I just think. Without -- about the ability. To do some of the things -- seeing Brady and avoid -- I think when they run the ball the release. We -- when they can't. I don't wanna say they're an average all that it is Tom Brady we're talking about what they become people. Well -- care of the football. For patriot Heath Evans is joining us the deciding to Deion Branch in India this week he's what was your reaction when you saw that transaction go across the wire. You know I wanted to go check the rule book seems like he could to pay actors is -- to -- to me like yeah I'll also on but you know under Rick for what we you know. What listen to think about beyond his use to push more into it -- a look at a she wins the players that helps. Andrew look at the ball that. He's a guy that a weeks' time could get it there or a playbook is in place XYZ. And play all that it works at all the other. Interval or that Andrew could trusted him on would need be for. Probably three or four crucial catches in the game. In the scouting report side of things. -- and he knows that also in the you -- comedy nose job and goes hey. Third short this is what their record third along. These red -- this is the tendency this is what they want you know. What does Brady like what do you do what would it doesn't you know our goal line run street -- they're very simple openly stop. So. If there's there's a lot of coaching input -- a very Smart intelligent player could help McCain workflow like we. What about the emotional part of enemy Dion -- she wants to play football again and it is a Monday before they -- -- to -- he signs that the colts you know and it was his feelings pellet checks like really -- -- -- you react there. Well it's funny you I told the guys -- they'll -- that you know just the emotional side that he brings to that Pete because you know I beat player -- -- so. It could find a way to get active -- he'd. We would exceed beyond legal victory crawl will be able to triple -- lately pop up after a twelve or thirteen yards per game. -- -- -- -- not at all and then pop up get the first down signal the whole crowd all sideline never dealt with. That's what type player you obviously with his ring sequel of the Pete in Britain and a lot of -- watched it would seem that. They can rival now so will see if you need an active -- -- we'll see with the ball well. Let's got loose ball moved by but colts it's it's that it can't get her. Evil and. -- said that this is that the playoffs are our favorite story line is whatever happens with Peyton Manning you know having -- at the end of the MVP year no one's gonna take that away can make the -- did the best. Regular season quarterback in the history league but the nine and eleven playoff record is at home again what he does. In this post season is going to write his history going forward do you believe that and you believe it's fair to look at. This is kind of -- being a Super Bowl or bust year from -- you look at him historically. Absolutely I think you get rid of the united world. I don't I think if you look at what they -- through right now. -- Denver before -- they were scared chicken beans but I think you guys that'll give credit would be the best regular quarterback. It on me and you can post guys in the mix you can argue but he's. A little slower period BP it will hurt. But there's something about the guys. That on the way. -- the -- -- keen on the back when -- be in the oil -- before. It rather seems so barks you know. He's done it hurt you know us you -- you got a good look at Peyton. Heck my Super Bowl ring with the -- he could argue that you know Payton gave me that -- interception return order you know last year that was some kind of a fluke. Nonsense that went on -- Baltimore you know the division -- but they still lost yeah. And he had an interception that gave your -- restriction so. Let them believe that the tape always tells you who. And what people and he's an -- quarterback. That just hasn't been able should play at a basic level the oil. I easier pick in the chargers go into Denver knock off the Peyton Manning led. Broncos. I think children ride that he's got pulled from the game late you know last week you don't have to looks like -- cord disorder that we were to take care of that ankle you know -- -- Mean you're you're 29 -- -- world -- -- thirty laptop market at a hundred W clutch rushing yards on -- it's really good job Obama did on her plate what he'd made them want the virtual at eighteen -- -- too much. And what Peyton or Brady had to do a lot of the last couple years is. Do you have a lot of strategy in getting into good roles in big big big and very ballots were. That kind of short passing game that we've seen K -- in the last couple years -- that -- better. Because of the running game when that running games -- induction. You'd use a lot of heart so. I think -- -- award goes Hume the chargers safety of their. -- rivers and Michael warrior. What sort of chip was about these fortune or hit some really good all football. -- as always great stuff we'll forty commentary this week and he made a lot of picture fans happy pick in the chargers today we'll talk -- him. Erica. Somebody Heath Evans for patriot now at the NFL network NFL -- comedies with us. On the eighteenth the outline AT&T the nation's -- is now the most reliable forgy. LTE network.

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