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Andy Brickley, NESN: Bruins need to replace Seidenberg

Jan 8, 2014|

Andy Brickley says the Bruins have a big void to fill with the loss of Seidenberg. He also discussed the backup goalie situation and how it effects Tuukka Rask.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI to -- a bad night stay up to watch local teams out west the Celtics got destroyed. By Denver that a little bit later Bruins. Fall to the Mighty Ducks. Andy Berkeley jackhammers the tired SE group on the West Coast a brick joins us on the eighteenth the -- brick not Lou Dario. -- do well. Do you confer -- brick through the hole yet don't want. I want to rub it in how nice it is the weather here a row on the East Coast for brick on the West Coast. Can you confirm the picture that jacked weeded out last night so they have to remind people and Anaheim they can't Wear flip flops in the press box up there's a troop. I don't know what the rules are rowdy you know one of the West Coast in and oracle all the -- watch hockey games and press boxes control on both. I don't -- as frustrated -- say the Bruins players were after the first period he because. It out pretty -- after 5 o'clock in the opening twenty minutes we should let me two goal lead. At the first intermission. Yeah brick and and it's that they you look at that scenic got -- came out came on hot but I'm just look at a couple of players who won -- you know Daniel by eight kind of really got going here and make some decisions to make. With this roster how do you think this whole thing plays out right because you get Kelly coming back at point comeback in. Maybe the latest on -- not so sure how is the opening play out. Well I think the biggest concern is how -- -- put -- aside I'm not overly concerned about the forced position because Jack Kelly and your health -- -- -- the suspect in the week. -- each is that the goal line up you know that your sickness thing they've got to deal with I think for the lines certainly will play out a little have some options and some decisions to make and about shall surely need to make it kind of changes. They've really -- that third line again and maybe they need to try to organization the institute that your life that being said. The biggest support honesty right now and clearly a lot in the Seidenberg. They get a try in the short term. We continue to we can't send an important -- on the board is that true within the organization. To make -- -- But long term -- they think they get a chance to win another -- -- it to where it to a Stanley Cup final. There's no question -- I have to replace Dennis Seidenberg with a guy from outside. Is that the obvious trade deadline acquisition got to look for that defensively -- done in the past but is even more glaring down. Oh you wanna make -- from a position of strength may be that position strengthened earlier than deadline it's a little tricky with the Olympics you know you go back to when Carolina in the -- in one near Stanley Cup total security -- Kirk. I'd like Mark -- that week prior to the Olympics. And and that is so -- That is that slot that's that's my. That's Michael but I think that's the that's kind of -- that can make it he'll be for the Olympics. What are the player that -- requiring all players that your client are olympians are not a ticket in that case in the area to get that player in before -- -- -- -- week hiatus. And then not in that match scramble in the final whatever it is 67 days to put that atlas. -- bring up a name that Mark Stuart I heard that name and he did that last week or so that's been an offensive player once talked about Ricky was here before. I heard more than one person bringing on that your view bottom up is that a name that makes cents -- got a fun theories deal. Yeah sure he absolutely -- guys familiar with the Bruins familiar with you of the system and in the way the Bruins played a way to compete. -- meaningful frustrated Winnipeg -- really play. In a playoff opportunity here at -- years go by you don't -- chance to compete in the post season. Technical frustrating for guys competitors like still it but yeah I think he's not you know a number of short lists when expect talk about players that would look for the -- -- We're talking eighty -- of NASA Bruins in the West Coast they lose last night he talked about. Seidenberg since he has gone down seventeen power play opportunities for the opponents -- scored seven power play goals per view point directly to. The losses Seidenberg for the struggles on on the penalty kill and DC it technically you watch this team played in trying to account. For his loss out there when they're trying to fight off a power play. I think it ought to do it yeah I don't know it's one to one correlation with we -- with that kind of black goes get the job or can't secure penalties. In his caption for -- those guys are good real good -- -- -- -- able hold back potential flu like better than most transparent. UN weighed more this year of one on one out -- a rep for. Perhaps he's a good decision make it would be aggressive. When not to be an -- position he's real good what state position blocked a -- chart would or penalties. I get to -- -- -- so that those sick in the third opportunities. When the rebounds -- -- so he does all the stuff that you need a quality penalty killer on the search site. The gut and in his absence. I still have other guys they can do the job. But he when he premium penalty killer is certain he's just he's just an awesome player in this system. With its -- in his role in. And when you lose a guy like you know we'll have to -- your point -- equator they're pretty good in that area that not as good as the genocide. -- about us Brian's photo when asked about him because of Chris -- comes back is -- -- -- -- sent him down and just be thankful the of that kind of depth down to Providence or is he made a case of make it tough decision may be with -- beginning. Yeah I think. You know that's not gonna look forward and I have less concerned with how that low skill. Third -- or collide when everybody's help treat. By it would surprise me if there is some kind of -- trade. In order to get a different look perhaps. We talk about -- seven through twelve. You know contracts come and play well you know. They'd like the speed of right and I think that's something that they really culprit. In that bottom six forward. In EPA guys that helps when in the postseason does he win enough although one on one battles stronger about it he competitor and a competitive enough. The you know a go to guy in terms of every third ship. That remains to be seen it all depends on how well he plays from here on out. Are you know which can get Chris Kelly creek in the playoffs because of that compete factor in the experience in the air what they really Eagle Lake right whose skill set. -- multiple -- his speed and I think that's something that management will wrestle with. To determine what is the best opportunity enabling -- -- -- I'll follow up with a question about to grass he's been awesome this year this Bruins team. Is only given up five goals and game three times it's the second time Rask three games. Last three games where he's given up five goals. The goaltender have to make an adjustment when a player elect's side eager Seidenberg is that it's always assumed -- in new guy steps and but in the case harassed you see anything in his game where. He's trying to adjust for the loss of the second most important Bruins defender. Not nah I don't I really in the judgment article in that situation. My great concern is that -- you guys -- not all. All three major issue could -- certainly. From my analysis of -- Seidenberg. Situation. Now that you like three and four others that wouldn't stop and try to win -- Erica. And then the backup. Couple situations and I and I say that meaning it took a rest. What is the optimal amount -- gave my heart if you want him plate knowing that he's going to politics. I guess is that he will be -- critiques and and what he's built to handle in terms of work. We advocates -- what can honestly maybe because of his age and style play. Took a little bit more in terms of in control. Little -- more efficient with his effort and then how much energy. Yet -- up to play that position by his workload has been pretty heavy relative to the cease and and I think that's -- great concern not yet that side or value -- you might tweak your game. But more about the workload what can I handle and how much to I want my number one -- -- -- rest play. Which means my confidence in my number two to give him you know a pretty good amount of work going to the final year. Speaker of the Olympics I was curious. We surprise at all but looks to make that team Canada was yours too big interest. The team too good. Does not -- privacy at all you know it was a long shot to begin with the way he's played this year he certainly made him think about you know. -- which could possibly -- here but I mean it is that they could put routine the other thirteen years so it's still you know a pretty good hockey in between the two of those teams. But I'm not surprised that Leyland didn't make achievement. I mean you look at some of some of the election by extreme care and some of the players so let's start the eleven guys coming back 2000 settlement on the ball. And there are some that some pretty talented guys that that are not returning for team Canada -- still great players in the NHL oh -- not surprised by looters. -- selection. And I am sure he's disappointed because something that he probably one -- his resume at the end of his career -- You know what is first responsibility and natural approach so what -- A Bergeron at such an important important part of his Bruins team I know he's been named to team Canada yesterday but given their depth brick is it fair to assume. That you shouldn't have to worry about Bergeron playing a lot on that team that they're so much sentiment depth that Bergeron might be -- fourth or fifth then. Might I really Wear himself out and -- Olympics for Canada. The -- I think he'll be notably top twelve all it but I think you'll probably play a wing and you know tickle our state such as necessary. You know that you protect it a 10 lead I think you'll get it here like I put his versatility is -- RP IQ what they're you know his ability to make big plays defensively at peak time. That you'll get this year like stuck you know he probably won't lineup as a sentimental regular -- given the effort they have -- their position. You know when you have Crosby gets slapped a case that the virus I expect Bergeron probably play right where. I'd be lying if I said might see on TV Thursday -- San Jose with that hand at that opening shot with the -- when Jack that would be I wouldn't be pissed but. I'm going to be desperate and espionage. Well. Yet to an extent that apply to otherwise. We get an opportunities easily and I -- -- out here Al west. You know I was actually perpetually late in the first period when you talk about you know how it is in our primary out of his posture. Particularly chilling cold -- let them down last night and I it'll be another us. Stern test on Thursday. And probably in the top of one on Saturday so. It gave a look forward to together on a little bit late but we're. It did not did you say it's nice opportunity -- hit your irons. Because it. It was 77 iron eight iron with that at -- Well you know it -- one of the perks of the job load it wouldn't go to these nice warm climates and you have -- Stacy -- -- -- considerable Talladega. I an advantage to get out there advantage get a little bit -- straight brick. All right port brick enjoyable we will talk if you brick next week he's an. Of -- and -- mark -- down as a four on the card for Ricky joins us here. On the eighteenth the outline -- joins us he brought the a buyer friends and Norfolk power equipment and by common wealth --

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