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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE: On Patriots Colts

Jan 8, 2014|

Curran is asked If he could bring one Patriot back currently on the IR who would it be? He also discusses the Patriots Colts matchup and who Aqib Talib should be covering.

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937 WEEI every Wednesday at this time we talked her body from CS and -- home -- know. Almost every go he's brought to you by all the -- -- haired doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get -- 1800 get -- Ironically. He sponsored by me is on their doctor because he is Tommy current. And Tommy much Lou how are you tell them hey guys are perfectly good man you wanna help us settle little patriots argued -- -- it happened where he popped on the -- -- -- -- -- So question was posed to bring back any player off the IR this year. And be healthy for the playoff run which guy would you bring back in the three guys we came down to were male Wilfork and gronkowski -- says basically it's a blow out. Gronkowski I would differ slightly. You Vince Wilfork on a defense of line would you go one of those two would you go your your good friend Jerod Mayo from your great TV show where he'll land on one of the history. I would I would gronkowski -- will who will third yeah yeah. The reason being actually the Mayo can help. Would be acceptable I'm more of these aren't can help -- I think mail would have a greater impact from the guys next -- I think that they would make a bigger difference we thought that I tell -- -- can make a bigger difference in the absence of Brandon Spikes I think he's a war. Ask coverage what will work but I think it would -- -- and mail -- I think your storm in what I think Tom reserve build an. Let's start with the Richard Bill Belichick talking about the -- Deion Branch now -- Agree that it might be no factor at all the guarantees to even play but just your thoughts when you heard Deion Branch signing with the colts you're coming into Foxboro. My initial -- How that can help. Because you know after sixteen games of regular season play. It Indianapolis Coulter to bring -- in the open for information about what the patriots -- doing. I don't know what the world that you -- -- but the battle illustrated. When he commented on the number it doesn't accept -- like bill that basically the only light -- to really. -- armed. In terms of having any experience it was targeted eighteen times. Against achieve thirteen receptions. Chris Whalen the Rick Rodgers and looked on. They gave me. Out of -- receivers right now we're operating on a side. Q are ill and we shall do it a little bit more experience and I think -- -- all three catches for seven yards. It'll be able to pick up quickly -- that it. Feel that -- strategists despite the patriots stomped -- Again on and off yet. Already excited that it makes it to -- I mean that it was the weirdest thing -- backlash. About the number being such creator I agree about -- like. Although that under the castle fifty grander seven are and however much you can make this week. Because I don't -- it -- is what we're looking to tell you are who they wanted to. And here actually was local. He sat on the sideline all year had one try -- December as silent that team -- think it's crazy at all why do you think it is not crazy that much more impact for the game. Is the loss of Brandon Spikes how much how do you think it impacts the personnel at that linebacker position common how much of a blow is it. In a matchup against the Indianapolis Colts specifically. The quarterback position and hurt you would run blitzing and hurt Hewitt and penetration but at this point. Of the season ended with all the prayers spikes have been dealing with. Thinking a lot. Ability it must audited explosiveness forward. So it was playing basically Russian -- the running game pickle hold run at a nationally that they are trying to consult a -- do it again. Against Indianapolis I don't think it's a major major issue. Against Denver will be more significant. Market ball. In -- on the rail against -- it'll be very significant because you've got little fellow gave he would get borrowing through the wind. Iran Nazis couldn't run stretched pretty well and then in the Super Bowl tackles capacity could heal quicker you have. A couple of different types. Who can look -- Korea actually. Yeah in Carolina and New Orleans in Seattle all of whom are very mobile quarterbacks who can run the read option stretch to a and mutually agree pondering I think it's a big deal. Every other week except for the. What about US TY Hilton and obviously the game that he has in the amount of and gave sees it coming into the post season with lock in now he relies on him Aqib Talib. Is that guy that you think government put maybe Josh -- to show on Jack's category and say well maybe it's not the best matchup -- baritone sloppy attached to home. And if the -- say on option to let -- -- like later. Would you expect to happen. I don't think. Too great question. I don't equally clear that could not typically keep -- he. Is anything else. I think it would Steve Gregory let me -- the only number got don't know what else is elect will. -- leader. And -- in the Indianapolis Colts hope for met -- offensively they're they're extremely challenged in the game I think you -- Because DeSean Jackson. Had a good training camps action against him in Philadelphia. The representatives to -- getting -- and then we've also coming actually injured for a little earlier or against you Smith and clearly. When Olympic Tyson probably start to get under. Way. There's -- -- conception out there that keep we can't do the little guy that's were still on the books 45. I think he can run. You like -- -- that would compare it to show on Jackson's. And I would not hesitate I would patriots put you -- aren't here however. If you thoughtful aren't. In moving around. And you're not able to get a camera which is something that we can do what you decide against him that he might wanna use. Smaller guy quicker guy. Well in our theoretical question rock is back and in this case he's not offensively Tom. It is it. Was what he saw the -- block the running game was that buffalo and the snow or do you expect. An approach that would be focused on the running game in this first round offensively against the colts. Running game running game running game play action -- learning the running game play action I think that's really the formulas say. We'll deal with -- I think you might also teachings. Do for instance what. All the Balkans and commodity was saying okay we wanna run -- it comes to say he's now. Can view it from your guys a side. And that'll be the count the property is gonna be actors and -- -- up. So what people say age just in the shouldn't call out on that we're on third until there's going to be a lot of those. Options are cooperating and complying with -- probably rightly called the district we know deodorant or. We know we currently. So you're gonna have to try to beat -- looks like we're not gonna let that happen. A similar to -- blunt and it's obvious not that that he's he's gonna get the guy released and get some carries but Steven -- himself. Who will -- yet with him I mean is -- okay -- gonna kind of be the guy to post season and just restart this whole thing over again next year and see how he does. I really think it's -- became -- oriented. -- it depends on what kind of a decent you're going insurance. Usually quick to insist reform front. I'm in decent chuck McDonald good news now I would. Honestly. I can't say it is the city that we haven't -- or not -- actually look at and so little. Put -- this is an attack increased forty cents to start penetrating into the hole. And Mike -- used to at least a little bit more like our. Because that -- packing up. And getting it easier to absorb what it is bigger player. The media or perhaps earlier jumped proper like you -- -- point. Aggressive -- along the front seven. If Indianapolis -- -- or you were gonna whatever screen tactic game in which. -- would be important I think it's gonna. They'll go into the game with an initial -- But they're not gonna go in France -- support. What -- capable pretty. -- will be altered as we came on full. And I Philip Marines got a big impact not looking at this last one for me the the opponent the way the colts go about their business we've. We talked last couple days about the type of teams that beat the patriots in the post season ravens and jets specifically. Big tough defense is -- the middle the field. And make Brady throw it to the outside I. I just don't view the colts as that team and I view their injuries especially quarterback where Davis is banged up and Darius Butler. Is going to be when you're starting quarterbacks is not being that type of defense -- rank. The party here the colts coming in here as they face the -- Saturday night. Today. And it better start. So little makers in the first quarter. Talking about Indianapolis offensively and defensively because they're not going to be able -- And beat the patriots -- not try to -- the patriots has little real for a seven petition the patriots. Put -- to a 44. Click here at the city's east who looks more Charles. Where the -- final. Importing lower your best options at the end of the year we -- know punitive football with a remote luckily -- all. And still up 44 point that came. -- -- -- So I think that the smartest thing for Indianapolis. But it would become in New -- fifty point underdogs entering our kitchen sink the patriots. We've asked this obviously got a Brees talked about Little League in sacks. That he shown. That's why you have great quarterbacks right gets rid of the ball quick he always knows worry is -- you paid attention to him the expect a big impact -- expect quiet day from him. They're usually go to you know if you like ill. And Robert -- this -- came. With ridiculous numbers. And simple plays which is games are saying they gonna shut down completely that they take all the big games organ recital ball. I think the picture -- promote the game having so what failed. If that's because I think proposal for the two players thanks very. We're gonna shut them down are saying they don't lose -- Robert Mathis has built to spec means forces mobile I'm just saying that. It would be surprising to me they let Robert Mathis you like Hilton get. I know it's the playoffs I hope that means is that get quick glance like a playoff -- issue a more right now. I'll go -- next level. We get that recording was terrific last night. I think you'll enjoy it interview tomorrow -- out all the other activity in -- this Julio. At some point that I did this movie time commercial entitlement character might be good -- it's -- time with your -- or not there yesterday to consider. At the -- thank you.

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