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Indystar's Bob Kravitz with Salk and Holley: Patriots will beat Colts in a close one

Jan 7, 2014|

We talk to Bob Kravitz, THE football writer/columnist out of Indianapolis for his take on Colts @ Pats this Saturday.

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Yeah I think that there's been a lot of development and let's get votes they offensively as an entire group not not just him but the entire offensive team. They're there are more experienced team they do things. At a higher level make sure mistakes. And you know just a little more sophisticated than than what they were a year ago while I think that. That has lot to do with the you know the experience of a lot of -- -- like -- Mike -- look I mean -- the story panel line. That they've they've just been together longer. There they're more experienced the more savvy and -- Cuba. Bill Belichick building up the colts yesterday here on salt Ali WEEI -- bit more about this team Bob Kravitz. Home this great columnist from the Indy star on Twitter course -- -- Kravitz hi Bob how -- Our public -- were ready were ready for Saturday night in the you know obviously we've got. Now out of Indianapolis on political jab back -- you -- Betsy and you know sub zero temperatures are your luggage and company. Coveted New England where where did that -- opponents now. It's a tropical tropical order degree yeah it's -- what we're getting here. I didn't hear a millionaire on -- right. Okay as -- because right now it's fifty. So oh well there's a federal reporting about bringing up polar vortex over here for few extra days that just a -- you. I bet you were -- -- On Sunday forced Cincinnati to win because what better than me but it's still candidate if the colts when this game but the next. Peyton Manning vs Andrew locked in Denver. You had to -- that. The call. I was kind of outcome -- for the story. You know in the you know Michael has an old newspaper guy you -- now you know we really -- computer story in depth Peyton. Patent law 200 very cool but. You know I could still happen my guests I'm not I'm not pick and that way. I'm like god -- but he Charlotte Seattle they got. It'll be a blowout by any stretch the imagination let. You know I idea where -- for the second time around technical. We've got a chance to watch great quarterback play in your city for a long time Peyton Manning from his rookie year on the and now of course within du -- -- easy in his development and we saw on the great quarterback last year but he cuts is interceptions and half what is been the difference from last year to this year. Of course the blog and good luck got covered I cover not only -- -- recover John Howard pretenders not Denver. This guy is far beyond -- it wasn't exactly a year and he's he's surpassed. Peyton -- You know virtually every statistical area in his second year I think this guy's got a chance to be has heard a lot better. And allegedly began. I'm not let them all -- just yet he's got stale inconsistent but. He's really learned how to you know sort of harness all that that let them. And play smarter football. He putted interceptions and happy and humble you have. You know these games slowed down for -- I'm not interfere. Significantly different quarterback. And a guy who threw a bunch pick sixes last November and parks are. If you had to put. Headline on this team from David and writers to write the headlines so they get a there's a paragraph went on whose team is. How would you describe them because Gillick and they beat the best teams in the league they've beaten Denver they've beaten Seattle they've beaten San Francisco. They have comeback ability as we saw last week but they've also lost to some teams -- salad shouldn't lose those games how do you describe mr. Little knuckle ride you know I mean they've they've come back a couple of times double digit deficits and come back next week and a -- my side where scored you know total score 9728. So they're capable of being the best team in the league. Question did most of that when they still have Reggie -- Operative you know and go on the road. Manhandled Kansas City in -- -- moment had a miracle comeback. I would I would say that there are -- very dangerous team. And they're dangerous because of Andrew Luck because that kid does amazing things in the game is close in the third fourth quarter. Are you got like pitcher he got in here that are amazing. In the fourth quarter so that a lot more paragraph -- -- -- Did you think that game was over on Saturday. -- at 381038. I pleaded. You know we're the night she's in the she'll later there it's over. You don't nail in the coffin actually pretty -- work. In the water they -- -- they hadn't -- -- -- they have really the only time they stop what I'm not I'm a driver and I watch some of the replay. Yesterday and NFL network just to make charge he would argue just didn't. And you know -- -- if they play that kind of defense to get on Brady years. Then that it is going to be a blowout but I. I suspect you're come back we're much better -- -- I think it helps -- you know Brady's you know obviously first ballot hall -- I think it helps this deeper and not a running quarterback running quarterbacks. Have given them fits all year whether it's social walls and Terrelle Pryor Aleks Maric. Although you know those those -- quarterbacks there are really tough for them to handle. Bob what you stand on this at the beginning of the season it seems like it was it was years ago but it was this year. Where Irsay came out -- -- came around and and was. Pretty critical of Peyton Manning and and what he did what he didn't do an Indianapolis where do you stand on hold on I'm -- I'll which how to interpret. The way I interpret you know knowing what -- thanks. A patent. You know it's part art I thought that. -- interpreted as something very ethnic what do you try to send maybe. Not very Smart way it was that he felt like the way the team is built. Turn the page met here that they basically. -- Peyton -- that they didn't surround them with the kind of running game and the kind of be tranche. That a championship team needs that they change the way they wanna build they wanna be more erotic scenes which are not yet. They want to be able to stop Iran which they don't do. Particularly well yet they're 21 and only. So lot. I just thought then lose. You know in the way of saying we failed. Peyton Manning I've thought that keeping it -- -- or not so veiled shot at Bill Polian and for the way he constructed the team around -- and -- -- office. Albert ya I was when I when I heard that that's why Peyton Manning -- that the guy who really should be upset. Is Bill Polian because that's the job have a little older. That that's exactly right you know look I know greatly -- -- talk to -- You know briefly when I went out to Denver the week of you know -- great ones and viewers clearly disturbed by the whole thing by. I you know I even told us that he. I typically. I think Bill Polian as the one who should skill like is the Fox's bidding war. -- had trouble selling out this week what happened. Very well first of all three out of fourteen had difficulties now. So I thought it would be more of a statement about I don't moral black art and -- -- well. -- wallets were pretty individual team you're you're you're talking about. You -- we got five days. To get yourself together buy tickets. They are very expensive. Andy. -- you know you don't -- you know are really until Sunday. In the unity. When you what -- -- -- you play that got killed on groups they'll usually they get a couple thousand. Group's sale -- every regular season game and in five days especially -- holiday. They're just not time. Saying hey you know you're under these orders 200 people from our church group. Let's get together and go to local games so. You know on the fact that they had a hard time selling out Green Bay which is sold out every game since I think 1959. And he says more about the process and the as you know very individual market. So who's gonna win this game Telus. Now I think that the page it's gonna wanna close one point four point eight. That's record in the paper tomorrow paper. Basically respond to our partners Nash on the -- column. That are -- to -- candidate can get ready to be rolled out. I handle on what that. I think because -- marketing. I just don't sense that Indy. It's just happy to have gotten this far I mean I'd say they've accomplished all that they really need to accomplish at that next step. I have a lot of -- to lock. The second time around and quite honestly. While I think the patriots are very very -- in have been -- a long time I don't think this is one of the great. You know between the patriots team that we've seen in the past me that I'd like to call somebody come from behind win. On the miraculous -- they're there and they've just been detonated just lost Brandon Spikes. So I don't think it's one of the great patriot he would've been the patriot he's on the -- Sounds like you kind of agree with Dan I mean that's sort of predict that right he says they just seems that they get -- just lucky. Well -- -- certain guys and I I. I don't believe too much locked by. I mean -- -- against Cleveland Browns -- -- -- -- and could have. That's just part that's that's hard to understand. The COLT had a bunch of games to an -- at one this weekend. When I bought all you know is not that it now ground and about the nuts and detailing his helmet. Right Andrew Luck Pete dyes or like Walter Payton so the colts have had their fair share -- Cuba. I guess I just OP is a great patriots team among the great teams that you have there. And actually there to steal a line from the late great Mike Graham Jack they are vulnerable. The leak from her -- and attack that's what makes Bob Kravitz. -- -- -- -- in Indianapolis agreement Indy star dot com run twittered Kravitz are an idiot around kicker got liquor up that happens we get a dude thanks probably appreciate it. I -- I yard Bob Kravitz in the at the sort of same thing I did I know is not a hall of Famer yet he's on a complaint for two years but he Andrew Luck when all -- done hasn't changed all that all the chance in the world to it to do what everybody all went all the great quarterbacks have done more. He really does have that kind of skill that body type and accuracy. And you know may be starts this year may -- starts next year the year after that but there's definitely some special. Let's talk about eightieth victory but that record up and ran him out plus there's the sports world number two we're talking about it. -- if you're ruining pictures live. But up up. -- -- -- kicker about -- -- -- is going to be a close game because I wouldn't I mean why wouldn't you think any of these games or is it good every NFL this post game. This weekend we had one game that really wasn't cause it was competitive it's still -- competitive that that -- out of the last seven or eight minutes -- But this this week in and going forward and is there any indication that -- -- blow out Carolina or vice Versa. Seattle and Orleans and maybe you can see that would get out of hand good. The games in the AFC I think I think -- because I -- not be surprised at all if all four games -- close yet not even a little bit every one of them you can make a case for either the teams to at least be able to keep a close for 5758. Minutes and let somebody make a play at the end of the game to practice of your calls -- a lot in the table. Talking patriots and are they a lot DT talking about Andrew Luck talking about running backs a lot going on soccer ball WE.

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