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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Goodbye BCS Edition - 1/07/14

Jan 7, 2014|

We discuss four topics revolving around the final BCS Championship game.

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-- And now word excel and totally swollen already roller board or the -- Fun game. Mean. Points out. On rate. Up it's been kitchen and you probably know me as producer WB -- -- -- -- -- ship which you also know that I'm proud graduate of Connecticut school of broadcasting -- Great read that that I orders at the same -- -- they -- again. Did a -- one maybe -- terror brought you by see beyond your technology ally got a business to manage one let's see beyond that manage your technology. And radio genius back there quarterly updates -- kitchen. They know it's mean their spirit that you just dominated the Connecticut school records off the top you know this. Sure you greatness was great you'd read your -- victory. Question number one last night proved to be an exciting final championship game in the BCS over the years. Was the most exciting BCS national championship game. It's very distinct and will be the equivalent of his movement in this Connecticut school -- an article that there. What is the click I don't know I don't know they might uniter of Mike Adams valedictorian. Celebratory I think it. That was -- Texas USC that's a great yeah. Vince Young Reggie Bush. Kane county and Austin bill when that you bribery announces offered in an organ it was a great game I'm doing great -- can often that they were running if it came down for all the -- goes pence at the end of -- Which is on its own right but I I go that we're also watching or else -- starts that is. Ohio State. Miami. -- -- the bad passes that are bad calls the end of that pool works on that team you know Willis McGahee got her game do a lot of a lot of stars. Both sizable. Yes we are the BCS national championship game has seen many stars that have gone on to -- bosses in the NFL. Who has been the biggest disappointment in the BCS era is a hell of a list that you compiled here -- it really difficult to choose from these guys Vince Young jumps off the page. He's just been terrible -- -- a few times so as Matt liner. Mark -- has been bad. It was price with T -- actually go to you go to BCS championship. Got to go out and hit his career started off a promising way and it really just gone down so many bad pass a policy and things. As well but it at least with the Vince Young. Didn't didn't jealously rookie of the year. I would rookie of the year tomorrow we have the -- -- or a one goal rookie of the year right you know one good -- you know he won some games he did some things in the league he was all right. Then you know he'll say it Peter Warrick on the list. Peter work to go when you remember that games. It was Florida State Virginia Tech and I -- -- That is yes Michael Vick was one freshman or sophomore. And -- -- he was dynamic that goes to Florida State had too much form. -- work with -- supposed to be great great receiver returner. How do you stop this -- of the top five pick in the draft and part of it was he wanted to Cincinnati but. -- -- what way do you have any memory of Peter Warrick and they'll throw anything. Not immediately when I remember Peter war is that one great run back right -- like -- a few times in college -- the for I don't remember a college rockaholic. Since young was the 2006 rookie of the year two time Pro Bowl 2006. Look -- -- I'm not gonna go into him at low could be on the list except again you've won a playoff game he can put -- on the list. And remember. You from Nebraska Scott frost isn't even intelligent but -- he got three championship game every BCS. It's the because -- -- guys who won championships who became Boston's -- mark would definitely work with Scott -- supposed to be good don't. He was like people who were athlete ever ever indicating that they don't drink that position immediately yes who's the etiquette from Nebraska. In a quarterback who they turned into a safety and Lewis had. Like its name. Way to ward Phillips and Lincoln Nebraska. -- and that's one thing -- the rest of -- north Phillips. -- Last night marked the final game in the BCS national championship series next season champion will be decided by a four team playoff. So after gross and John to be yes it was the old system did to BCS works. Depends how you look at. It worked in that we -- it brought us one step closer to a playoff system which we -- next year and ultimately I think for will be XP and eight and maybe even sixteen and I think that's the dream scenario. For college football on the NCAA but it worked in terms of making everybody happy while what was going on adult. No it did not at all I mean I I actually think that the original system was better than this instead of arguing whether or not the thirteen was really better than the second team some of the stupid decisions that were made it. I almost prefer just saying look we don't really know let's just vote on at the end. -- and leave everything chaos and let everybody still sort of fight it out I never liked the BCS system I'm very excited about it championship. System going into next year earlier -- aircraft Eric crouch I think you've -- spin master that's for the guy whispered. I think it was a step in the right direction. In my my sad to -- you don't know because. What you want is -- playoff system but. I hope you are given credit for this in the early days of the PCS. Are so many loopholes. It was so easy to make fun of them. And they can they kept making -- and weeks and weeks to perfect and imperfect system do what it was better than what we have to foresee or distribute. I don't want chaos I don't -- voting on the end at least there's a game you can disagree. Okay did out who deserve to be in this game or work or Auburn and at Florida State the only team that should have been here. -- was Alabama. Penalize you heavily. We're losing the SEC championship games -- still go to Alabama army who calls but you have Auburn Florida State one vs two. The winner of this game is going to be your national champion maybe can make a case for the third best team for the fourth best team. But but most people look at it this year at least since day and they get to pick -- the two teams right and I'll say I'll say this. I'm glad Michigan State beat Ohio State -- championship game. Because that would have been to bear to prepare for a while it last night it would have come down to the final drive towards Florida State would -- -- the Clinton beat Johansson couple with -- I was out they were collateral -- -- just the first. Just -- the victim to -- projected. And the Great Britain must remain called his final college football game last night. His contract ran out -- -- yet. He did leave before giving us some jams however. Good evening it. -- -- -- -- I'll let her out of her -- it's so good on good -- I don't know why that's so ought to vote but for her district basis priceless he only sort of reacts to. Now he's predicts. These market. I like it I don't know Beirut on. Its popular culture. It and. They're just sort of. -- okay. And surprise you call herb street my body he -- the hottest rigorous -- -- -- daily Russell -- a little Bill Russell the group called -- so they want that was less awkward in the evident that few weeks. They were discussed in and around we. All. If you if your question who should replacement. I was relating to get that. Who should replace a -- could not tell Eric how he isn't back -- who would you like to see replace. I'll tell you quarterbacks you get -- with a good look into the eyes of love beautiful -- -- these AJ do well. Some things right that is a very dumpster and Alabama and -- -- bit of -- We've got criticized for that job. Brett Butler but I'm not threaten us -- our -- you're looking live a lot of little references the holes minimized opened -- re all itself. I want Brett bug expert come back but he can't come back. Pop up that much and -- Jack and it's only 85. -- he's only 85 you know we don't know it now. You know that's I don't blow our that you can still do it gets killed or what. -- -- I love Keith Jackson you don't have to sell me I wanna go from old to older. If you are not gonna bring back the voice of college football Britain must start. Or Keith Jackson and you don't want his panel to be in the boo -- that. Lou Holtz I from -- Bob Griese can't -- Lou Holtz. -- couple answers -- a couple of I mean there aren't they're they're more realistic and he attacks and to be honest with -- but if you like Keith Jackson when you take -- that the guy who was most -- Jackson who threaten us. Palmer's Smart this was a lot like Keith Jackson is not quite as much. Southern miss to him what he's got the same kind of withdrawal and the subsequent during the water for Britain a little Birdie -- What what was probably brought a -- I think it is okay sounds like they may not resign why I don't know. So there's not a problem with a bunt hit his get a what he does have short porch on. Sharma government -- fine with the reports of college and Sean McDermott is an excellent broadcaster. He's an excellent broadcaster capable of doing many things. But I think the voice of college football. It is a regional bias here I am thinking of the softener joked as a tour and on the road a little bit -- yeah -- -- like. -- viewers to it would cover story earlier about and Jackson. You're talking about describing -- Music played please daddy. And it it has got a broader new radical -- -- think flavor -- -- -- and -- -- you know white guy and that. I wanna colloquial guy -- public -- Kessler how some of that enemy. He admitted he hated every week if he got the best game every week for the next five or ten years I think you would identify him with college football you're right I I don't know that shaman Don. How does that mean he's great doing it he's great to a college basketball baseball whatever he does but I think some of that versatility in some of that. He's a little innocuous at times because he's so smooth that doing it that maybe you wouldn't identify -- that way. And maybe just as we still so strongly identified him as the voice of the Red Sox for so many years but hustler has that but I think there -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think he would -- the -- that I would -- -- all the people who -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm much longer he's gonna do it either for CBS is the voice of the SEC he's very good eventually somebody else gonna have to take over that role right. Yes he's pretty good. Elliott and are not Denver but those are pry the two guys and eventually will be. Will be replaced that's where you are college football wise I'm sorry to get to see more of them the mega cast last I think you would have enjoyed it always is watching the game I thought it was. I've thought it was a great game. Great ending. How about how about James went to.

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