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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 01/07/14

Jan 7, 2014|

Ask and ye shall receive... but just an answer.

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It's time for answer the question jerk -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So which could be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question. It's a question brought to buy heiress restoration specialists at your property your facilities manager don't have a cold weather disaster police plan -- -- be prepared contact areas. -- 774611111. Or go to areas served Docomo viking and you don't just as -- as you know you don't just. Contact they are -- know what you -- if you meet to talk to an arrest somebody they are you rich called rich don't. I got -- tells it like rich. With it and -- -- this from the Mike Adams. They said give your call -- pivotal call you. Stupid. Mike saw -- -- and a couple of have you had a disaster now. But I have a disaster restoration game plan in place you will cause that would value -- -- edit the disaster. There's also Steve dared terrorists in order to Jeff several nice people and -- so the pope's. Appropriately went into. Disasters we're not exactly whom disasters they treatable company like a family you talk to people work. For them and terrorists and they feel like it would be happy -- really it is a great company. Part what do we got. Pushed -- -- what you Wear forty job. As Thomas and that -- -- as a joke. About it. As a man a man wearing pretty project I just academy -- to. -- -- who grew up folks analysts in a winter -- -- Right now I don't like get him my -- and there at the field feels wrong. Hook -- -- the doctor that did after that tournament for. -- Scores have you ever searched for former girlfriend is. It's. -- -- it is right there third -- electrical India based. I don't know certainly you know we'll see her answers that -- -- I was another ex girlfriend and who Wear our heart music. Our or. Our old white -- talked about the -- -- this poor girl or -- -- -- -- -- It battled. Everything could go to. -- -- where were you asked me that. WW we went old school on all last night what do they do and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who else you shut your mouth and -- Roddy Piper and really million dollar man. And -- beyond. That you can. What he -- how deep was the decrepit you know he did flee to. There -- -- -- -- bags of skimming. Through the steroids. Bag dispute to the question here is who is the greatest pro wrestler ever. It's what you asked -- wondering -- floor. Biggest name in that hope that you like animals. Think the best combination. Mike skills in the marine rock out there but the rock -- I don't. Agree. It is combined. With your favorite he'll. It's important to. Us. -- -- I guess the -- here always -- Tripoli does it really is that these are systems and it does matter to where -- -- -- he still he'll. I it it would Texas it is those which for all went out there absolutely is focused on the the -- it's going to win -- -- -- -- like when you did split apart by this. Is marketers. Work after she's. Not so -- give you full description later your electric -- yeah racism. Is like an age at which. Next. How deep is a good question how many how many pairs of shoes is too many for me and so it. Or not want. -- definitely that should not have a salary cap -- Issues unique. Just move accurate view of the international space to which. We things I -- As I'm walking. Outside I was walking with different. Different shoes is that -- surrendered. Just like federal. Personality to that comfort takes awhile to break it appears she's just I think Scott is -- appear black shoes and her brown shoes right. To have a pair of sneakers around the -- boots. High top basketball arms and a pair of running shoes to go running and appear -- at seven -- -- he's gone how many more do you need decisive process. Why you know you're playing basketball this morning and -- what you need multiple basketball excuse and not end here and it adds up but oh man another wrinkle to. I saw that dialogue about a month and a half ago. Ty Law always well dressed rightly. Looked out dialogue rocket. Some gators. Look. I said. You -- probably got these by my rookie year. My second year in the way you know that's. Let the company that -- gators went out of business because they're so indestructible but it reached a saturation point and it could so many. They -- a lot of -- now. So you can't stop him. For twelve I had her -- while some analyst meeting schedule and anybody -- you get money and give me give you more and fifteen but after fifteen in the public certainly not an issue four pairs of black -- to -- our -- -- -- -- different if you get there there's issues you know how are those you have a chip Morton. Okay you have a give some away and -- and announced he had some 101000 pairs of shoes to believe given the -- We'll analyze the tires and Tony you'd say it had one too many she stuck when in the -- of a chip family members according to the Yemeni would probably out. Get out of there right that was. Question please. After hearing grow and -- talked last night it was a better group dale Russell portrait. It's too bad because I like muscle. It. Anyway here's what here's what threatens to -- stuff. Opponents went. Questionable. Either way I mean even if you take the festival to imitate -- It close. -- -- top give a rat's -- about regarding the Houston because you know give residents of any music past 1977. That central what do you think of Emerson went wrong we're talking about them -- -- and a lucky man of whom you ask him do you buy it and Emerson like plumbers. -- -- don't hold the BC EP a first down it calls and we'll do. It. Have a question dispersants -- just the statement -- the BB WA shouldn't be voting for the hall of fame MVP -- -- or rookie of the year exhibit exhibit a and now he's the guy from LA daily times beat writer you know who you know it's not vote for Greg Maddux only voted project more Jack horses here -- -- voted for les met with your vote from checkout -- winner as -- WA circles the way rise depends old -- boost bow to report that would prohibit that now no right to acts like this cycle punch hole should we vote for anything -- the rule itself but once. Touch rule that I you know I don't ever offer Google it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't believe in when you go to some of these somebody's second hand stores you would never buy shoes and now. I don't know how people buy into it and I just never closed at a remote it's grossly -- and not at all these. Places are great shoes don't jungle rot and -- to feed -- -- what the aptly fungus. You know just like your arms reported your bodies to reach some sort of -- during the day you will be -- and so -- just -- shoes you you know. If they take care of -- I have bought secondhand -- -- -- -- -- actresses really surprised that the black pants -- shoes or whatever. -- -- I'll take the stereotype overall what did. My question that those stereotypes in the -- minority equity it would be brought about our guys -- out here for today Mike Adams coming up next. Really aghast that I think revealed law for the rest this week what we do have confirmed on Thursday Matt Cassel back to back up quarterback. For the Indianapolis Colts give -- that book is schools join -- on Thursday after working a few more for tomorrow and Friday. -- --

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