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Lou and Mut debate on Deion Branch's motivation for signing with the Colts

Jan 7, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Branch signing and Lou relates it to his playing days when he was almost traded to the Yankees.

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What -- ID 37 WEEI 61777979837828. At 37937. Where woody Deion Branch type position. During career and I remember a story. And that's why I'm saying it feels weird. Thousands say giggle -- boring people say not get over those trades happen all the time I was treated. It 2003000. San Diego beautiful and Kevin towers calls me -- sick you don't. Pretty sure you'd be trading in next couple of days -- all right cool we got you going to Fenway. Probably probably go to Fenway this weekend is that on Wednesday or something so gonna head home -- -- -- -- back to Boston is that not necessarily. Right now the Sox are going to be -- -- this week in the -- the Yankees. And I Cashman once you. And and deal once you back so I'm just trying to work -- -- and get the best deal possible. And I are talking about Deion branch at Billick is a patriot -- -- And Kevin towers and Mikey. Katie can't send me back to Fenway as a member of the Yankee. We can't do magnet. Really it gives you a trade me to the coming. While I was told him what the deal we're you know I was good friends with the got a guy was good guy and I was like you can do that the media would you set up he said you can't -- me though Heidi said Laphen any site. And -- happenings that I'd never do that the end historically the -- trying to get a better player in the deal to try to play the two off one another Soviet -- music's all upset and -- -- -- out of Boston -- This be ready -- what happens and member go to Boston finally did -- never got past public so. Remember being at it claim they are sucked guys again we try all its player deal that argues awful. Might get a bag a balls warming. But the Yankees to deactivate -- -- the first base coach the of the roster. Again hatred brio bit inevitability ideally infielder. So I was there now -- IQ I'm not Deion Branch. I did do a deal embraced in his career but I'll still like. This is gonna feel weird if you ever -- to Boston. In my first game as a member of the Yankees. Yeah the -- we are -- -- standbys doing it I don't hate Deion Branch a get to the five point is it just feels. Doesn't feel right six. A second telephone call but the difference that you had a job either way -- you -- you're such a good player that -- all -- out. Two teams wanted you. Two teens were in negotiates to trade -- now one team gave up a play that never got past double leg get -- heard of so okay. Might have been an invisible player not a guy -- -- a midnight they'll girlfriend type deal. What you wanted the Brant settled the entire year that the rate the -- could assign him how many different times to help out the wide receiver -- never did. He just wants to play. And -- it. I just. I understand the winners I don't understand that patriot fans are offended by this or that you think it's all where he signed there wants the play flooding it's awkward. It's where there's -- over 617779798. A similar phone number as promised. Stephen Matta in first up he joins not -- on 937 WEEI -- Steve. The argument. That power source -- in the states yeah. You know it sold out. You don't want a twenty out OK with it but did you can't but 40000. Dollar and income ought to start at the Italian coast. You know it can't be -- Egypt wants to play. Look all that probably played its -- in the -- is not good and I'm not -- It's a do you think he thinks that I understand what you're saying the patriots should be the -- but -- that would Deion Branch who sat out all year strata Oprah teased most recently the colts does he think to themselves -- What if I silent this year probably you'll lose only be around a week or does he say boy I'll upload Andrew Luck. Wanted to get chance to potentially go to a Super Bowl. Don't wanna come back and play I don't that you pay yeah I can't speak it is -- I believe it's a little bit more consistent slap slap back at the age. And if you look at it it. They are cooperating well you know. And maybe get a look at what it honestly it you know they play all right now it could it. I think if you slap that eight point all out war. It he's got to make in three hours. Now it has that they you know what I don't Steve I'm not mugglenet floral or you know I I'm not sure that that's the motivation is. The slap in the face -- that's the reason why I believe the reason why is -- who wants to play football again. And if he's there for a week maybe two maybe three maybe -- the Super Bowl -- Indianapolis who knows. It has a better chance to play football next year I think that's his motivation. I am I understand what you're saying well I don't know I know I'm not here. Inside me. He sat all year Steve heating get a tryout in the second half of the season that you're the two Deion Branch stories from 2013. One was at the beginning of the year we heard reports that were never substantiated but there are reports that. Brady had been texting with branch tried again to come back right we heard that the Rappaport. Beginning of the one of the NFL network guys go to Greg Bedard won the Q. Said that Brady was texting with the on ask -- wanna come back. Until December 12 the all branches off the radar. You outlook on Brazil loose and playing was it a walking boot in practice. In a week heading into week fifteen weeks sixteen. He gets a work out because of that because they're all banged up he Y Hilton the Rick Rodgers Darrius -- day. Only at three receivers actors they bring the operates is at the time -- that we from the the colts beat reporter was can confirm -- worked out the -- range doing due diligence just in case nothing imminent. Well the evidence came all the week alone at the place Darrius Heyward bay are the IR. And -- down to TY Hilton or Rick Rodgers and the only other guy I keep forgetting his name. Griff Whalen by that right Griff Whalen you don't have those three guys one guy -- play in the league. And you've heard it Darrius Heyward-Bey the Tutsis have veteran. That nobody else the -- last got ahead and of work got a wide receiver was Deion Branch. So they go inside and and I think has nothing to do with the patriots nothing. NASA do with the colts' media guy who's been in recently. Eating a lot of receiver and called the first guy on their list and that was the hot as in New Hampshire talking about this would -- and Maloney. I -- Up to. -- I don't know it's -- All -- that -- -- -- -- the colts are branch. Mainly to pick your brain about to whom achieved a PG. I -- I don't. I'm sure this conversation. I'm sure their talk and write about I just I wonder how much. The on knows about this team right now I mean the personnel the calls it's not like the same ones beauty of the change -- the week. Tendencies for Tom -- it's a whole new wide receiving core mean you look at say Letterman not Welker but this is what Obama to do with less like I just. I don't know how much knowledge but I'm sure that the conversation share this know what this very thing I don't know is some film do you see anything. They probably look at it but I it's I don't know that was that was -- I do agree with but there was indeed there but I I just. I wonder if the -- and a singer all the injuries you had bill you know you can use you could use me -- -- motivation. You know -- setting gesture let's do. But I just that this doesn't feel right I mean that's. There's there's a little used somewhere along the lines you can speak to this more than IQ and you are professional athlete. I feel like athletes in general fine whatever they can motivate themselves and I give them credit for Pedro Martinez was the best pitcher on the plenty of what he still remember remembered. Harmless sort of the Dodgers say is too short the pitch. So is very chance that the -- is more motivated. To play Belichick and the patriots this week sure there is likely Kim signing with the colts. Had anything to do with the opponent being the patriots absolutely. Not 0% chance. Zero pursue Jamaica cited as a complicated all deal when asked you the dollars we need to yes and -- No I think there's this could -- -- complicated is that extra motivation. As an athlete at a school by what -- athletes who said he wants to what you get. What I view was being a motivating factor when I'd be motivated to go back and work against an employer that didn't want me. By the -- I leave here or go to different radio station about it like extra motivated because they -- us. But that happens in every walk of life. I don't think it makes it Wii and it makes it competitive he wants to play. I'd be more surprised that he wants it more motivated I don't care I hate this job I don't wanna be -- backed factual joke. But that's -- -- anybody. -- competing in an epic -- football whatever I don't think it makes it weird. He'd be where he wasn't more motivated. The play a team that. Sign -- flashy but that you know what we're comfortable this year with a couple rookies Kabul Matthew Slater against the snaps there on the outside and -- special teams. Ash that's that's the way I see it but -- feel articles appear. That are talking of operate 61777979837. That is the phone number AT&T text line it's 3793 set -- we start today. With the two roster moves yesterday IR for spikes branch to the colts which is the bigger impact in your thoughts we continue next.

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