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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Marty Walsh sworn in

Jan 7, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the changing of the guard at Boston's City Hall.

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Well someone asked to do this it is 7:28. In the morning and do we get the opinion editor of dynamite guy guys it's my fault I forgot to do this so far. And I have ten degrees right now and the cultural and we'll all grab our iPhone like getting -- at a stop when exposed it is in Saint Lucia. Not can say warm I have twelve. Go to your coordinates with the -- Dale has eleven. We'll call eleven -- for temperature dale -- twelve it's 1212 to go wrong I win. I know it was now or you're out here and now because we've argued about it it's 729. That says yeah that's kind continues to move forward and now with the command horoscopes to our -- -- -- I'm every Garfield as congress because -- cause that much from the moment you think -- martini does that anymore. Headlines brought she was always by AT&T and actions nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TE network and also by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do. And work -- and does precision fitness equipment we'll start with the weather it's cold out. All over I'll the world it's called the average temperature today in the world seventeen degrees. In the whole world yet. Really it's colder in Chicago with the marathon that. Who did the math and found that the average temperature in the whole world -- -- Did you map on Manning has won a playoff games -- 2009 o'clock what you guys a lab and -- -- in the hopper worked. Yesterday. It was colder. In Chicago. There was in the South Pole. Now it's summer there. But still it was -- -- they have ice breaking -- that trapped in like ten feet of ice he's there yesterday. Statewide disaster declaration in Illinois Minnesota was completely shut down yesterday. And it's gonna be like this for the next couple days now meanwhile I got to work yesterday my favorite one of those by the -- yesterday it was colder in Toronto but what's on the surface of Mars right. While I was my favorite bastard I got a car it got to work disregard the car was sixty degrees it's not the temperature in the world's in the US players. -- Church -- a short sleeves it's. Shorts I ran yesterday outside. Expert panel visual 62. -- like the fairly actually tracked the bottom it's on the -- good -- -- did I always a part -- -- so that's what for a nice run. Get back -- shower to packets like 42 degrees. The end of the day it's like hailing this morning get up and it's all my car it was seven was equally in Gainesville Florida than in Augusta Maine. Now. Chiseled Chile and the Caribbean sea. I don't -- pictures Arsov raincoats aside that statistic is a cougar had to put the sweater on for the latest hostage photo depicts a shuttle Borg. But there was not a -- just the -- but the outlook. Reminder sort of product. -- -- -- talk about the disaster. And I well listen I love jetBlue on the jetBlue guy I am to the IV miles jet would get would get -- snack. That she blue chips yet approaching -- that she's not a little cheap little chips I guess we'll chocolate -- blue chips are free right in the of that she's thing we -- but it always. Do you ever -- -- which -- to it. I would rather pay for sandwich in the old days we -- like. Chicken -- yeah -- -- -- -- terrible airline meals the smell near the rest of the flight anyway. JetBlue is halted flights you're from Boston New York City in Newark to allow me to flights back on track it's hard yesterday. Afternoon and you see these people talk you've been there for two days. Eighteen hours and. There's no appointment call all of area from channel 7 tweeted out this morning she talked to a guy in now at at Logan today. Who spent who has spent his entire vacation. At that jetBlue chocolate odalis. Its entire vacation has been spent at the jetBlue terminal C upset about the incident -- -- guessing just a tiny bit you know. King Juan. We're enjoying following -- on Twitter because he's in the -- innings not not that he's getting anything we live vicariously through him I guess he and his cougar. Realize he's going to be -- Curt Schilling on Twitter -- and a half but Laura at Laura. I was in Florida correct. Would it do you play softball team like yeah 186016. -- -- And by the -- yes there really good. Yes and their Florida and they get all their flights canceled and they can't get home so he rents a van and drive do you think 25 hours. And he's kept pictures and sleep in stock and about them you know. Last and gas in the world is that the two of you kids in the fall that's different is it's not about how wonderful like it played today -- that's about the budget disaster you think. -- it smelled like. Byron -- of him but he's got pictures of them -- that sells it to looks so unpleasantness -- that's different you you -- tweet about your personal tragedies that so I was a little worry about with the -- was driving was the turning. Take in the pictures -- -- the deputy yeah it's I think he's I think he's got a lot going on this Medicare development advocate self and not yet anyway why do you do you like it when people like you know mad dog Russo talked about Timmy scored six points and is now today -- -- -- -- as I place that I told our JV team luckily enough. FaceBook FaceBook is for stuff like that FaceBook is for you know weddings in them on the cruises woody there's an area that model -- if you between about how he can play the present on his kids some time now what I did not knowing about his kid how she soccer soccer's I don't I east that. And you never annoyed me at the point where -- -- what -- -- -- he picks his spots the bitter guy oranges you know you're like they'll -- them at the game with my daughter she says this guy's tape it and we need so it gives you really do it once or twice three times I'm done. Mike it was born I didn't put on Twitter it's -- at some hitters and will they might care but its purse the search thing we -- a very personal. Now I mean listen my wife as -- this cougar but that's a pat on the the picture that's different that's not that's a public site at all let it let people know exactly when you're not -- -- -- think it's important. -- what -- don't know like that that's an excellent point if you are tweeting about I mean. And that's I mean everywhere she got to -- before -- left you know to the picture his home address and put them on tours as well when I get back at how these and I see lots of pictures inside of his place that looks very giants that's true how come you -- satisfied he invited -- That's gave us enough of watching you that night as you due to the bra on all I I I just think I didn't make well it's scored prestigious list. What a day yesterday Marty Walsh. Taking over emotional. Everybody was emotional. I was with warm weeping at this event you can which is to say that. Nothing changes now zeroing -- recollect themselves scrape transition in this and you know it's like them on the public hold -- -- whole new parliament or something. I think changes I absolutely not I heard different Brian Williams on the NBC nightly news last -- say. Nothing happened in Boston the last twenty years without Tom Menino -- permission true. And he was a dictator a -- and he was known for revenge if you crossed him I would destroy your life but. Really what's the main -- is going to be a nicer guys that the difference with a celebrity. Group at this thing our pal Lenny Clarke was that we place on purposely we got any big Marty at least to the right of me I love Marty said I'm a big a fan nobody's of the right next regular close dale go to that yeah. John Kerry was their John Forbes Kerry. The ball Patrick. On law Billy Bulger was how's he wants he was in the house yet. Yet payroll their -- -- our our new mayor Boston's mayor Marty Walsh curious yesterday. I just think about how fortunate I am and how fortunate Boston is. To have loving caring people like olive view that here tonight to celebrate. Bringing in new air into the city of Austin. You know he sounds like you sound like Mick Foley in the ring thing is for all you great people right here at Sacramento California and well wishers from Boston in August -- -- -- experience. Of them are juniors but other than doesn't change. Last -- -- was it for twenty years this man is here for towards younger obviously for thirty years I mean he's not hadn't the bigger better things we agree. Heading toward appeasing national and I -- -- -- please -- this. You know candidates. Like Elizabeth Warren was. -- thwart -- six minute speech yesterday at the the inauguration and -- four and a half minutes dimension and the first four minutes were about her she said. Start by saying greetings from the federal government which is always agree and I -- -- but social so this is and as we say hello we Aussie good -- Thomas Menino leaves burst on Twitter. Our reactions from people a great mayor and a wonderful person. He said the bar high for the rest of us and injury ferrets on Twitter. Join rejoin Jersey job well done so -- served as well. In -- staff to really do this I read this yesterday and believe. Mean no staff saying for he's a jolly good fellow and hugged and went throughout the morning yes. -- he's a jolly good fellow if they also give three cheers through its went too far. Stranded at the airport to. ZYR and say if he's going to get a flight out he was little walked to Florida so he maybe he and Schilling may be passing ships in the -- to Fort Myers and Naples or somewhere with Angela. The wife then they showed a picture straight in the airport via cougar. See the picture Rex Ryan mr. that the report was just sit and an -- -- -- -- -- in the orange sweatpants -- with those I thought I. -- -- prison jumpsuit the way that that out. Serious we say goodbye to Menino and it was -- on its they would say bracket again. All the cups ago from look at what Christmas mean Marty Walsh is in the grade or -- he -- name you'll know he knows who. Steven -- yes we want this -- I did you know while I disagree with everything the Menino stood for I agree that we will miss him. We will miss him when there's another championship -- this and other press conference. About sports or anything but anything. Brady has had a wider view result -- -- -- are almost hear him in an NBA -- right corner and has an all. In Boston we have an amazing thing or not athletes whose actions a moment. -- and honor in sports. Have a check all the ball. Best way over the ball fair or text in right. KK is. On but on those break. On the -- team. It felt like that the president trying to name members of the Chicago white sides does -- do you think. Any of that was an act he's thinking no no no no no I don't he thought his name was -- -- with the actually. Dawson seems -- because people are expecting some Allah prop isms and and I actually tumbling theory. It that he would you know have these mistakes I was find -- I understand my politicians have exactly they know anything about sports I don't care and no word they don't just just cut taxes stand in my life. Get a lot of matter got I could use that cutting taxes staying out I mean I've almost guys told -- that before him. -- and someone has been says something nice -- -- Barney Frank one time and I did said he never pretends to be a sports fan. Right unlike in Obama -- a complete phone he doesn't know any of the White Sox that he grew up like golf. Many or -- is that unlike that guy. Did by frank ever pretend to -- -- open victory parade or pretend like I've no idea I don't think you'd -- that -- was at Fenway opener I don't remember seeing them it may be one just for the party. But today he never you know wanna throw the first pitcher segment blocks with Henry and Werner -- -- that. The pictures sits in -- right -- them -- you never see by. No -- in iridium the next election you gonna have been of these people protecting the sports fans it was with Warren's gonna pretend she's whatever Hillary Clinton and instead cruise envisioned it's just like she fly -- after it usually isn't such a frozen rolls and cousin Wahoo. That's atlas. I was. Should get warmed up I wouldn't want. I differ. Bright -- okay I'll give you one more quick and I like authentic you like the move Variety Magazine I like Alex movies I've heard that writing magazine and hold. Statistical that analysis they came out with who the question is who is the biggest movie star in the world today. Box office striving to restart III know why why would was that the rock. He was up there he was number four I'm surprised because they said his movies made a billion last year yeah. But -- biggest. You had to put this guy in your lead movie right now it's gonna happen again here as we speak it's gonna get 200 million dollars. Mark Wahlberg know Brad -- know while. DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio. Is the biggest movie star on the planet right now that is I think the -- at their legal right to me and say and sycamores actor in the movies out like. -- is a flaw Will Smith as flops is moving that last summer with a son flopped partly because no flops lately he's been a nice run. Yeah. What else when it was second. It was his second -- an option. And you -- -- -- done. My ball but I know it's wonderful I I you left me wanting more. The rock still has to give apportion them as profits to the Vince McMahon -- -- got so not a -- yes. This is the name the rock he has -- doesn't use it anymore. I usually doesn't always going Johns Robert Downey junior is second. So Iron Man -- had -- rock cover the last two Summers stale these same character that the avengers was enormous and I am in three -- was -- massive hit. Why I. -- met with kids are -- there. It's a fantastic movie Iron Man. Third was Denzel Washington. Who is by the way I've said this before the greatest living. Americans but he sure has a stinker because you seem to guns and but -- it was all the while I actually it was on demand that you know year -- it's a -- Friday night try to figure out and I and I like Denzel like Mark Wahlberg elect shooting him and all that horrible it was a mess with and yet it didn't know what to do with just Kapono and all these different directions. But the most underrated great Denzel movie is plight would you deacons -- and I must say I. I couldn't watch after awhile -- as it ever fly again. Well it from a flight was at him like this story the girl drug addict -- category like the flight stuff. You get away from the stuff -- the drunk drug addicts stuff with him linkage yet or he self all Dexter brings up good point about John Goodman has always ask that he was a law. That was a good -- taught us flop and I was stuck yet. It's totally up front with our -- -- ever day but that's there was a total -- that's different yes flock to flop from the look at the -- are looking up right now watch this trend by the way. Would John Goodman count -- that he's been in every movie that's come out here's the pros here's the gross for the swap -- point by the texture. In the United States of America -- 144. Million all 144. -- Full court for Leonardo DiCaprio and what it was a 1000500. Million dollars worldwide did not that's a -- completely. I don't know. Did you see great -- and the worst piece of garbage -- but it doesn't know what I don't disagree that isn't about Iraq and like no that's my boy garbage completely that it does it but it's a hit avatars the biggest us -- sucked -- and sausages attempt against she'll be just stops planned music yeah well. I don't care. The bedroom. Oh that at risk significant and picked one at the little longer recruitment in connection -- -- the cap. 6177797. ID 378 TT -- line it's 37937. It's dale and Jerry and Kirk Sports Radio W media.

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