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Florida State wins the national championship

Jan 7, 2014|

Dale, Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing the Florida State comeback national championship win over Auburn. Jameis Winston's NFL prospects were discussed as well.

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I mean I gotta be honest with the the only reason they and they invited me in here is because you guy socket a whole radio thing. I mean talked about paying off on teases I brought John Dennis talked about this specifically this one guy happening driving at a Boston yesterday. Riding in in the for a long time because of the fog -- Angela. I can't tell me about two late ones you kept it kept waiting that you want to. I think my story was any good could he just look that's it. I've ever seen a guy like I don't know I don't know I mean it's a great story. I did kind of expect them out on a more a more abundant and it really that was. Left an impression I think sometimes it's involves you make it bigger not -- specific have been -- a bigger deal you get hit by ups easily get by car -- a bid on the cruise. I think it's not that they to have the -- some. I fear that's the if you if you are not following -- on -- is minimal extra point oh what's wrong with -- it's the -- has its it's the greatest. It's a Twitter. Walk on the tight rope you'll ever see on Twitter. Yeah. The. Discovered that it happened this week that no one has ever known they have these big ships wall full of people that go around the Caribbean you eat you -- cute sites -- Called -- was -- They have -- -- and it correctional lock this is only -- personality the station that would Credo is significant others one tight gas -- I probably GAAP net. I probably wouldn't go out there now is that my wife and that's. Like I did you know these these things these big east beach like in the fix our focus off today in the -- the us. You know occurs before now. Via long time not one of these big because I just exits the -- -- picture ready for when you see -- you haven't. You celebrity cruise. 800 number. To come the last of those Kobe's celebrity and guardians secret that would -- the incentive I said I. Review the show from the book I that your first week of April is nothing going on them right Nadal -- weekend. Usually at the Red Sox opened up in the national championship game NC initially Labor Day. All the help that racism that to him until now Red Sox in the race. Look identical football pro football we will be on the crises and you all tweet actions of the book days. Of these big. Piles of from raped and temples and I was and you -- like yes. -- and famously night I always thought you'd just set your -- on the cruise and did nothing else evidently you -- You can walk around that -- -- Patrick's -- -- lawn darts laud them. -- the they have a long pass. It's faked it. Oh well I got halt slackened. -- -- John dead at that twittered John Dennis Wright jazz or sides there's no end. The -- hot water aerobics. That was the spectator sport for being an extra eyes and as a group. If they have trivia. Trivia. Owns -- great views are but he was from nice I guess is he hates trivia loves jeopardy like it's premature over the haight street. Is in jeopardy trivia. That's what it is what it collects all -- -- you know pictures intellectual effort oh yeah so it is the difference between just regulatory via an intellectual. -- -- Is -- does it meticulous. And Tina takes pride in -- the most fast if you -- category in jeopardy how -- do you feel that when there's an easy question. And the people who. Everyone knows it. The it was first it's at the other -- and deposit doesn't work and always -- first light at excel. Access and they probably. Honorable approach they'd do if you know ago. Outside -- I don't a lot of power here today I am that the filling guy. One power they gave me is that whatever Kelly and eases off on the teachings post op where I knock five or something significant. And what was guide -- Since support. I have an update on I don't think he had a lot of -- it was like up when. Enough -- he was up staggering. -- staggered at -- he was wobbly but I think it was closed his lead in the all party was until later. And the adrenaline. Alcohol the drugs like this is more about you think you feel bad genes do more I do while I feel like this -- should I don't know what that is abuse he -- Leo and human and currencies you know. -- lady mine purse taken at. At dot I had to help that happen I. As -- -- away rolled away stop that. I I keep it on his bike. Black. The car barely moving this I swear to you 2530 -- yeah I -- it's a green light a ban. -- -- -- -- all but some -- up on a second apart -- wants right near that spot every hole. That. Have. The first thing that struck -- was he was twenty degrees right in the snow banks and the road it's an every year old somewhere you see some guy out on his -- that picture he's just trying to get. Like a picture on his Twitter all I think this is again who's had maybe three of four from the lives. No and licensed business this that in polite. Ludwick and drives -- -- Is Aaron you know. But it's all accounts -- repo. And -- on the bike anymore like rushed. It's good for the report by the the -- -- the -- -- is always old copy that these news yeah. -- pastor Dennis as. A but unfortunately he just Florida that they have services season. You only get the CD and all of -- Whitney hits and one it was an avalanche. But a certificate helmets. Alliance so when he hits port today I think he gave us the itinerary so he gave mrs. Bob Barr. It's a signal maybe somebody else on board is it that's my guess friend. I know he's the party's PO says that we -- when Obama talks with and he make sure everybody has a good time. But the current whether they won tournaments prose has like 3000 rooms right. Between them -- room number and how many people on Twitter following him out of ten or twelve it's just a little room crew ship. -- -- -- -- I heard that where you captains we're here for the party that. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The tip where all. How far did you guys get into the national -- I got a system dale and on call yeah I like the road and I have a system and do the Monday Night Football. Games like this what's the first half which was to reflect what's first and but I did refrain I don't know if you did review of -- this is over. Items like me I was -- what they were doing and ESPN. That was ridiculous that I don't know that one's a matter I I don't -- that -- -- for. A stroke of good -- exactly what I was trying to think that televised disaster -- if you haven't seen. ESPN regular is beginning of the game Mossberg co workers and still made Brent -- -- sound like -- out. I'll ask you as the greatest play -- play and understand that it was -- -- split screen right and with the guys on the top from the guys in the book together. And yet they -- there they split them up by some think he meant they had -- at its home. But the people all talking at the same time trying to sound casual tennis wasn't his and then. The -- -- to empty one that likes the back of the room. To sit there and -- and Ryan it's. You accept -- or we'll get -- and that there was Jameel whatever news hill. Just tried to tobacco ruling you know she does she tries to be hip and cool and be one of the guys it was a mess. And the food is -- to want that wouldn't -- -- that be like exhibition baseball game you do write them. Game you know if you were at Florida State against. You know Chattanooga Tuesday you'd -- and we need some year. It was a -- I didn't stay did you stay with Mel I don't know yellow and I love train or train wreck TV but this is more aggravating and compelling the change -- so. And I tried -- in my Twitter followers in gold gold watch the coaches and brightest in knows why but -- -- outlined the SP in the numbers I don't for an -- the -- -- one I had to go to my -- define the lights on April while. But the problem -- They were football coaches. -- they wanted to talk about football they didn't actually wanna watch football right to like they're running for touchdowns on the screen behind it up in front of their and it pocket at which they timeouts. And you have challenged and -- Don't forget and by the way. When you watch in the scam it's not it's much less to do with strategy in -- do recruitment would you say that those teams. Particularly Florida State just recruited -- lot of that. You know that class mean we know Winston is the star but he's got some great received -- there's some talent on that field that some athletes. And miles on low lever before him chizik. And it did a great job and an even better of the Fisher didn't even better job just stocking up on talent. Mean that's why teams like duke a piece a year whatever -- can't have no chance no chance. And look at the last play of the game winning play its Winston just thrown up to a 65 receiver. He's being coveted defensive back all the -- hero Chris Davis you know. Who would be the -- the most murder as we like to call on who got a LT RC can have a big game without a pass interference -- gonna pass interference the -- on the two and they just screwed up the 65 guy -- who went and got it and Davis had no shot. But. But it was entertaining web but my point is there I got up and put on the last three minutes. And so what's the first happened last three minutes I'm new who won or how it played out so I knew it mattered and it was common. And I'm glad -- and I did that because it was fun it's a great entertaining news and what's the last BCS championship game ever. And it's it's football and say this all the time is just so entertaining now -- And it's just so much excitement in -- and an offense and passing and so much spread and it's just a great game to watch -- say this. Did you do this what I what I did was always want to say houses -- gonna play in the next level. Would you take if you're next season's Houston Texans. Would use the topic and James -- the. No I would I would Teddy Bridgewater non market next year old next -- accredited the first pick -- -- -- -- -- you know deal Billy O'Brien let's at least for gas right outlets guests probably the jaguars it's not so much and -- was -- -- -- -- -- -- Salute jaguars would you take Winston sure I would not I would not. -- this and for the same reason you and I talked about this a lot lately. It just I mean he makes you nervous and look at the comparisons in this game to the national -- human Vince Young. He looks like can be plays like we dominated that game not quite like young younger couple hundred yards you have but. You wonder if he's got all the physical tools menu here mapped to which uses carrier not your holding the fact be dominated championship game against him now because somebody who stuck in the NFL to the same thing not just at quarterback a lot as well a lot of guys have stuck in the NFL show and I think a -- what I would do would -- -- And the and every day and become more convinced men's hill won't be that guy that franchise quarterback. Originally of that too. Why why do you think because I think he's going to be killed. Halfway through his first half forget about the but I can't that's the thing that that I think is gonna end his career is good -- to present -- -- -- for argument sake he stays healthy I'll just say that you think he's good enough to be good the quarterback not thinking might be I don't I think he's good enough I don't think he's devoted enough dedicated enough I just -- a minute think. That's the problem do you think Vince Young lacks a physical skills. On now not a -- I mean you name we've gone through all the name's Ryan leafs and and and jamarcus Russell's do you think these guys lacked any physical ability to play the sport now I think it's become more mental we talked -- -- that we as you know Brady about it. It's become more a matter of are you completely. Immersed in the job. Journeyman seller showed no signs that he's going to be completely immersed in the job James could have I was gonna say you can ask -- -- game as Winston to -- on. -- what hazard and nothing should record the NFL is gonna look into that while they have an irony. I'll look into that the ray picture alleged rape the sexual assault. I mean it's scary how it's been just how. Careless and reckless he was even if you think he's. Not guilty of sexual assault just say he isn't isn't completely innocent completely innocent if you get two teammates on the couch watching news. With a girl who's drunk out of her mind what's needed rape or so of the so that's what got 818 year old how was -- the time. Is -- -- it was nice when he had a funny yeah yesterday and I continue here he wished himself a happy British I did here. It you violated UCH game Karen's mom tweet us and -- it's do we adjust quickly kill real quickly but of course they live up forever rights rhetoric or tweet was after Winston's. Post game press -- yeah interview with Palmer and all but he was is he speaking English and of course she gets killed in the PC police and it ended tweeted what's wrong with that. And to just ask I mean it well chipper so he was talking to -- problem is who she is cute that's that's a problem. A laminate I understand why it's inappropriate understand while and lots of people here. Themselves but let people hear what he sounds. But they got dollars and you're gonna have received it in the first. I'll take a look at this thing if we control our own did he know me. I'll play some more runs -- on Leno was yelling on a cruise ship. This does arm around me my birthday until that -- -- careless about -- And and by the hasn't it I mean about Adam I want being a big men win. So but this am assuming it's almost him. And he does go on which itself after birthday and and criticized haters. -- Would hate to be the people who said that you probably shouldn't. And ball with a young lady in Rome with your teammates sitting on the couch watching those of the haters oh OK I just made it girl's mom and dad. They might be dictator I get short and I know this is he. Topic that people a lot of people don't wanna address that won't talk about. Do you think a lot of NFL teams will run from that guy that guy who you know. Having sex with the Russians call not these really good well well as I disagree if you were away you know Robert linebackers in the fifth round the detective Wilma Wilma and the question is will he BA franchise quarterback you get the story at this than from and -- today yes. With solar installer right here. Ranked in the quarterbacks we can discuss it. I've a couple of disagreements with ban on this. But today it's this weekend is about the quarterback last week it was about the quarter at the sport. It's the biggest best sport in the in the week -- right now in America right. All the -- all about quarterbacks. Coach quarterback asked the court quarterbacks more important in the coach and certainly more. On the traction in the coach -- me were going to be watch what was the number via the -- for the the which came was that at forty million was the highest rated game of the week and it was Indy. I you know -- always come back if it was the use. At 38 million people watching it was it was the big comeback as the colts chiefs game at its -- the no no was not colts thought that was the on the -- -- it was a whatever they like forty million people which is like. Five times the average World Series game and it's a first round playoff game it is the biggest deal in sports. And the quarterbacks on the big deal in that sport. And you you have to ask yourself is it if you're whatever the -- of first. Is he one of those guys -- he going to be franchise quarterback who makes all the difference that's all -- O'Brien's wonder now but Teddy Bridgewater. When John humans will -- portals is that guy will make all the difference especially if if there's only one -- If the you know he's the only there's nobody else there's other other quarterback possibility out there. I promise you there's another guy endgame is Winston Kennedy four point oh GPA in high school. And spring 2012 -- -- three point oh GPA -- state you believe that. No I think that the high school line and Florida State TV he's really devoted student. To graduate and I don't I don't I don't know to have I as a but I do I think that they're lying about as high school G -- at that I don't think so well I think he got in the specialty four point oh GPA I don't know what is is that 45 was probably have a four or it would class synthetic and high school I don't I don't know. And and Florida State. The keys I think you can talk. One way and not -- -- is that. It's I -- I just believe that this just a certain way some people talk in their main -- them as you sound sometimes underestimate speed so you would use the first pick on him. Which he's confident I don't know who else is gonna be out -- year from now but I hear it the other thing is it's not the same brisket was. 567 years ago we that you can live with four that are. He can't financially the world doesn't it right and into the world -- -- particular with a lot and that's the problem if your Billy O'Brien now she's Jack Leo Bryant did his franchise quarterback they party that he did with -- never the other end and someone residual market suck to it's because. Knowledge and next year they -- right there yet let's say Jacksonville. And and if you get this wrong. Franchise stinks anyway Jackson but it's gonna -- really bad for the next 56 years if you get this. I mean you went Duchscherer piper six years you picture any of these guys Brady -- -- Russell Wilson. Brees new and you picture any of them. It's having sex. With a -- faced -- Wallace teammates watched. And -- just don't maybe him being naive to -- smarter. Then than more careful. And that. I would scare me from a NFL team -- -- team and my -- from a coach like -- Billy O'Brien or. What is and isn't next August Bradley if they can mine hole -- like my livelihood. Ride on this I only am -- solid and where I think you put the nail on the head here's if you're talking about a second third round fourth round fifth round pick. You are right -- get this wrong it's gonna stink but you know -- it would. But if I'm in first overall in disguise the base of my franchise I screw this up public coat how many times do you do that -- it wrong answer. Your coach. How many times do you take the first I mean it was and JaMarcus Russell was like six coaches RT three I mean could this guy who got a good and strong they not only used that second second pick it made the deal for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Graduated early like central Smart as hell military family disciplined. In you can't picture him. You know that -- the drunk girl by the way according to her into the bathroom because he was too many people -- that disqualified is being a potentially great NFL quarterback -- arsenal that it -- I had to be great NFL quarterback can dispute -- Roethlisberger would use doubles yet was -- -- -- was yes -- -- record -- went yeah yeah he's -- policy board is not he's already got scored on a hall of -- he's not as good as yours but -- great quarterback I don't know -- -- else. I had look at that performance against Seattle suitable was terrible terrible. Terrible went down the -- disaster but the word you'd say great for Roethlisberger. Yes he's great Peyton Manning was some basket dale I know you already used the -- the odds were great I initially said yes you're talking me -- saying very good it's -- our problem -- Portland -- what's the great -- -- -- great yes it was the great -- was the last great what's the bottom of great quarterback -- the worst great or write back their worst great today are -- historically. The worst rate -- -- question and we'll get to only combat --

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