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Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Jan 6, 2014|

We discuss the NFL Divisional Round Opponent (The Colts) with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

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Our -- always still -- -- so Gillette Stadium today in time for our conversation with bill -- -- check it is brought to -- was always -- be -- do Tedy Bruschi did -- get affordable -- life insurance from -- ally. The company that's protected over a million family since 1907 go to SBO -- dot com. Today coach you know who your opponent is what did you. Would you spend the weekend doing you watch the games you sit at home do you watch the games with what is that experience like in your life. No I definitely watched the on the Indianapolis Kansas City and knows those quake game. -- are working on the Kansas City halfway through again so -- Indianapolis so. But it was supposed to tremendous football in course think Indianapolis -- on mental toughness and just resiliency. To have the can't. That kind of deficit and come back and I don't make all the plays -- -- to -- at the end of the game. Offense defense special teams from the minute. They don't before they come -- come before themselves was tremendous comeback. In that situation so. It's very impressive when. I imagine if you go to concert with the musician. They see it differently here differently than the rest of -- -- go to a film with the filmmaker there dissecting things -- -- -- things nobody else these. Watching the football game with a football coach are you able to relax. And watch it or are you. Coaching throughout and and making mental notes as you watch these games. On not to come just more looking for the results and it's it's -- -- the TV scouting -- can't see enough for the game. We certainly have playing time once the film comes -- by Sunday morning to go through with a fine -- common. You know look at each play in front of and all on the game's gone on in this kind of and a loss of substitutions -- the situation just in time. That the flow again just like any of that entails is Washington announcers are immune. Well. Sometimes there are a lot of good insight. Sometimes a talk about what model with the coaches have told them or players told them that other gonna. I'll play a game or certainties are substitutions injuries are a lot of -- in that game at some updates on those so. You know all those things are -- keep up on vote. The real. Really get Clinton and against starts the following morning when when you know the coach from the -- So do you get to watch the games on Sunday -- I mean we use it now actually just watch all four games or by the time Sunday comes around we just fully. Engrossed in and preparing for I guess that we still that no wreckage yet to find out whether or not Cincinnati where. Right well in -- level and you know that they -- interest in the NFC games and that doesn't impact us but. -- this is that it ended and so you know we've we worked on Indianapolis and I have plan a work in an Indianapolis until. You know it looked like Cincinnati would would win and then that'll be Cincinnati. And ever really happens so we kind of just stay on. Indianapolis all day Sunday and then went wrong amount so. We had to wait -- game played out but we. We jumped in on Indianapolis assumes. And Apple's one because those. Those them in the next -- instinct is he too much of the freezing cold agreement. No not much it's so little -- ending their minerals and other. You know great finish with. In 22 teams that were really really playing -- and -- -- came back in the and they when it is time and then. Or the San Francisco held on the field all the time -- -- got a great -- there at the -- -- third downs and and -- Italy Google's -- -- those again. There's so much stuff and that Indianapolis game. To talk about and debate forever really. I saw you quoted as saying. You can feel it coming -- -- they were up 32 and you could feel them starting that. Make come back at what point did you did you say. This thing's not over yet you know Indianapolis -- moments after a particular play that got your attention. -- Dakota the ten points by the start of the fourth quarter. And analysts and Kansas City kicked a field goal on and so it was thirteen point game those are really. Or or the mega six point game on the kick a field goal but it seem like once they got to the ten points to score game for the quarter ago that -- a thousand times certainly there ringgit two more possessions. If they could stop since in and hold onto the field goal. One went from ten to thirteen wasn't. -- seem like that. Mean how big of a deal. Because. Those three points or as well as Indianapolis playing in the red area there were there Republican and Canon and eventually. You know there were -- meaningless points but they if they weren't a factor. You know it's amazing what we are talking about this Michael before. Bill came in. Just that we've we've we've all heard how close and competitive the league is we know -- in the games outside of Cincinnati game on games are very close. -- -- Indianapolis game. You tell your your team about details and paying attention to all the little things and being prepared in in this game what does it come down to. Not only. A game decided by -- point but the final play of the game for Kansas city's perspective. Receiver catches the ball he's on the silent in the probably what three inches two or three inches parent and and that's how we lose him in view. An intentional grounding Amanda I was a big call you know opponent for well third and long whatever was and they complete the president had a chance to. You know it's like he kind of had a chance thrown away -- back and look back to his right now and threw it out of Townsend. And got the intentional grounding call also. I was -- though is another huge play right there at the end the policy could -- away but it you know who was. It was you know a very you know that they call so they call. These games seemed to shift sometimes when a team gets a big Michael I spent a while talking about earlier are not that. We see a lot of 28 point comebacks but we saw your team come back from two deficits this year we've seen other teams. In the NFL how to -- change. From a coaching perspective when either you find yourself up by 8142125. Points or down by the same score. All right I don't think they changed fundamentally Dunham and there's definitely have only human nature you know when you. And heavily to maybe not press quite as hard as you would win. When you're doing anything totally you know it's. On tennis court on the golf course. And plan whatever but sometimes there's a little bit. You know human nature just. He's off against a little bit and glacier can do honestly we've seen -- time again many examples. What did you. What what was that lesson driven home to you when you've been in this league since you since you graduated from college I don't know it was. Something just got at the age of 22324. What if something happened in a game where you -- are. I learned my lesson there there's you know throughout my 48 the third quarter this game's -- over when did you. And that become clear to you as a coach. Moment I think I learned a long before then you know it's currently coaching family -- watched a lot of games -- against -- And I remember going to you and watched watched games that he was gotten and and the game was you know it the score that the winner was declared that the game wasn't over. And you know he's he turned those plays just as if the game was riding on them you know because that was as part of the game you know it is if you work in the game and never. In -- stop doing it until the final whistle blows off. And the -- system. It's Brittany -- as it -- put it. Andrew -- when a couple playoff games in his first two years in the league what has allowed him to have such success early in his career. Well he's he can do a lot of things as a player who is obviously got to you know -- great ability to throw the ball and see the field he's very good vision does a good job on. On the touch plays -- the ball down field. Very poisoned pressure. And does a good job. In a move in the pocket and also move -- out of pocket he's run for some key first downs. And he's also been able book by Tom with a slaves and -- -- scramble plays or lose place. After. The initial plays. -- on them than brawn than and he can improvise and make things happen so on these very. Very tough got a -- he do a lot of things to be get you go to go to all the. You know and they came here last year that was that was pretty interesting game at the beginning and look like it was going to be issued out first two possessions. They have touchdowns. These guys come back and then game got out of hand you wind up with a 59 points against them. What the two questions one is there any carry over there anything you can use for Mac game -- slightly differ. -- -- Obama it's an homage -- monologue. And offensively is this is definitely not you know adversary in the offense mrs. You know different offense you know with the preference and you know defensively. Mean -- wasn't you know wasn't really there and and so I think that there are some differences there certainly some players. Like Landry. You know like polar. And so. That's that's a that's a factor too and Anderson's special teams coach and so. And that's quite a bit different so to a three coordinators are our new head coach -- -- his new book. Wasn't at the game and he's on the defense side of the ball so I think there's some different definitely some different elements there. As well some of the players and some matchups on the cigar couches and a factor in -- game he won't be in this one so and so forth and so -- so there's there's a lot of things that are different. And he's a rookie that game known -- second years it just. Over the top obvious. How different he is. Now. Compared to how it was that game and you look and amount elements elementary when he wasn't capable of doing that last year making that check for making that call. Yeah I think that there's been a lot of development and -- -- an -- say offensively as an entire group not not just him but the entire offensive team. They're they're more experienced team they do things. At a higher level make sure mistakes. And you know just a little more sophisticated open them what they were a year ago -- I think that. That has lot to do with the you know the experience a lot of as well ultimately -- Mike McLaughlin mean things story panel line. That they've they've just been together longer. There they're more experienced more savvy and they -- Cuba. When he cut his interceptions and a friend went eighteen a year ago we only had nine interceptions this year and you bring -- QY Hilton clearly there is. Chemistry something up on the has developed between the two of them over 200 yards yesterday. Like you oil and emerged. How how -- a wide receiver like him. Come out of nowhere and it seems like opposition has a lot of these guys. That it -- that the guys drafted in the first and second round don't always live up to expectations the guys drafted late -- -- in in later rounds. Drastically exceed those expectations and I know that can happen any position but it seems to be exaggerated. That the wide receivers. You know -- he came out of nowhere I think everybody knew about him coming out of Florida international right and you know the issue with him the two issues with him were you know one he's not a big guy -- sizes. As you know not not great. But he was also injured his after his senior year so. What you saw on film. In college and what you saw in spring work out generally matchup because. He just wasn't a 100% and I think that was the concern just well you know. At the at the level competition his plan against an idea he was an outstanding player email a lot of plays in the passing game and a lot of players on reverses and on plays on returns but. Wasn't playing against you know league competition and then when you saw him work out you didn't see. That work out that just blew you away. And he was on percent and you know clearly what you're seeing and now it is. Would look like in college and and he's healthy so. Once they came out of nowhere I think there was some circumstances around -- and so I think probably league but you know many people only had a little bit of that reservation of and how -- are -- gonna take a guy that we just can't see the speed the quickness the explosiveness. That we saw on film but what we saw on film wasn't against. You know a -- competitions -- You think he's faster quicker more explosive now or is he healthy enough force or some other quality about them that is getting allowed him to succeed the way no I think what you see knows what you saw on college -- I I think that you know us as a college players there wasn't any doubt about his. Play making ability. I think that the question was the level that he played you know and and the and the competition -- play against. He was a lot better than than those guys you know what that carry over to the next level. And had he gone out and run you know 44 times and you know 37 shuttles and all those kind of things. They knew it's okay you know we see it -- but he just wasn't able to do that then. The net that total probably guesswork into just war what. You know how how really athletic -- -- athletic explosive numbers does he really have. And you had to kind of guestimate -- if he was -- a percent healthy. You know this is what would be in it and I think we see what they. A lot of different teams -- -- a lot of different people so he's he's -- You said something last week when your press conferences from very interest in talking about. How a football is is is unlike baseball basketball on terms of the playoffs it's not -- the reason not four out of seven mrs. You know one game -- want shot. The public and public that the lately is very competitive any team can win on any day if you look at it is there any pattern you seat you. Teams that keywords that other teams that consistently. Have done a good job over the years of winning at least eight playoff game or couple playoff games. In this one and done. System is it that mentality is it something you look back is there one thing in common is forcing turnovers mean. -- boil it down which could you boil it down to this is what happens when. While they -- stars of that and a good team I think that's number one thing that's a lot more important than. Home field advantage or by a week or any of that other stuff I mean if you're if you have a good team you play good. And it doesn't matter where you play or if you have to play an extra game I think we've we've all seen that so. You know it's really about. And up in a little perform well at this time a year and you look at a team like San Diego. Undergoes what their record is euros of they go to wherever they go to. -- looks like their plan very well and that's not a bad place to be -- we've seen that before from. Other teams other you know like the giants like ravens. You know -- wild card teams. Went on and you know won a lot of games won championships so I don't think that's. I don't think the seating is nearly as import business. The way the team's performance and sometimes your team just hits their -- little peek at this time a year and sometimes it doesn't and we always tried. Do everything we can't. To be the best that we can be in January or in December January. And that's. Sometimes some one doesn't but the soul is -- the goals to be playing our best football this time a year and that's this is what we need it the most and that's our that's our objective and excellence or try to do is -- get our absolute top game. The Saturday night from there. And always -- a while talking to you about special teams last week and then I think was -- Wednesday or Friday press conference to talk more about the extra points system in and how it's become more automatic and maybe it was originally supposed to be. What would you do -- if you were if you were the commissioner for -- -- how -- what would be your system for. For extra points. On death set the conversation for now some of the time right now with this I'm just trying to. Sibling to the best I can get our children played -- We we know we have to work with so we'll try to. Due to us we can -- -- and whatever happens after the season on. Other things like rules and changes and suggestions at all we'll deal with them. Don't have to do our commissioner for. It. They -- started out with a coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. Don't -- Mercedes-Benz CLA as a rise to them on the record in the USA dot com. This week's questions from David Boston. First aces thank you for such a great foundation. Which you march right around how they definitely. Thanks he wants to know how you became such a big fan of across there and he. Connection with the skills that crosses to -- in football. Well you know when you when you grow up in Maryland you. -- you run across and across was the bigger sport over baseball in the -- so. You've been on the Maryland DC. You know tickets on baseball -- I mean you see if you. You use him on the across fields on Saturday mornings from. The time they can. And -- walk and chew gum at 567 years old -- out their plan and so and he kind of growth on the cross and in the state of Maryland. Probably similar. -- is similar. Thing that I saw on Long Island when I was there for three years. So -- similarities well you know there. When the both of festivals have contact and they both a high degree of skill skill stick or skill. In on the passing game and the kicking game and things like that and professional football than you have contacts so. And I think speed skill and contact make for exciting game. And the -- very excited. Please see kids around me. Playground I was consumed with blue cross game voice here no question -- -- -- you pick up they put it up across. But yeah but a button. -- and more importantly you know when you see the 678 year olds out there you know that little stair steps each field the kids are a little bit bigger and you have you know 810 fields and high school. Whatever it is and and their you know there of them in the fields fulsome speech you know. 3400 kids out there that are now. Three feet high well. It's that they're grown up whether they're going to be Clinton. And you know. And if your kid that it she -- wanna be out there with all your friends -- -- two men -- Islam or that the markets. -- baseball time. Coach we certainly appreciate it we'll talk you next Monday after Saturday night's game look forward to it sounds good part of -- we -- there's no -- back in just a sex alcohol WV.

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