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PFW's Andy Hart with Salk and Holley: With Spikes to IR, is this one blow too many for the Pats D to overcome?

Jan 6, 2014|

We discuss the placement of Patriots run stuffing LB Brandon Spikes on IR with Patriots Football Weekly's Andy Hart.

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As wandered in since -- Gillette Stadium and the art majors football weekly is come down to hang out -- ruled out but to actually the second time wondered. -- our court to find. One could have broken -- problem but not yours mine. That figure can work. Any other -- art art art -- you're going to. And keep the overpriced. Power cord that you bought yesterday. Or -- go and don't tell best buy okay. Want to go. To for about four hours you can return that despite current economy. -- some woman has addressed to manipulate them stealing -- -- steel. I used it for four hours for just this -- step on it's it's effective for -- now free throws and wants weren't. Not rented bought the dvd players from the terrorists of global week 12 movies every night -- -- return and a lesson and I don't know probably. Eleanor the one day you -- them I'm sure you've heard that news for you use. If you if it's longer than four hours and I. But you're fine you're old and just my New York or London -- one which could be kind of like you're. Back. In. There and Thomas are catching all over the surface without the throw breaking news that a problem that. It prepares oyster. That Brandon Spikes out for the -- on our problems. Short term. Short one. Because that only the Indianapolis Colts are going to be running on Brandon Spikes is they run defender but long term if you go to where you wanna go could be a problem. Marshawn Lynch on the horizon a couple games away -- of the problem -- Super -- I could see it being an issue I mean it in the in even mid term if you are able to get past Indianapolis. And then end up facing either seen the legal war or Denver not that you wouldn't like to have them I'm sure you -- in San Diego can control the ball pretty well. You saw Ryan -- are on the ball while yesterday and obviously Denver and the ball pretty well against you it grows by week I would say yeah this week would get the least of the three if you advance next week it'll be a little more laws and then if you advance that's when I think you really feel -- -- but I mean just. Regardless of his specialties and how many people heard it -- -- largely Shia are glad to throw that our money receiver position. Well we got your guys who you ran out of time because it was -- Austin Collie cuts we need him right and -- IKEA mark I was old and washed up and hasn't played because you need -- it's like. Battle of attrition to the nth degree in you know old -- careers were kind of over now being called in to do. -- even look at there look at their secondary I'm in the New England secondary was banged up and you felt like those guys they needed by more than anybody else. But really Indianapolis secondary where you have another -- old friend Darius butler's got a -- in May be the healthiest guy even look so good but at least he's healthy. For the colts in Donte' Davis that look the same. And I've taken -- It's good football I don't competitive I think it is but to -- competitive -- and -- -- this -- I thought competitive but while some good football I -- social we saw some pretty damn good football it's a competitive and and I do differentiate and we're trying to tell. -- football is great football. This its greatness when I agree. Well usually when you threw three picks to lose that game in the post season in your lifetime and Angela keep your 400 hours saw -- he would turn over to vote on the wrote three picks in it was patio while car -- -- gamers can't remember how long. Topic about a couple of times he threw a perfect game they won 238. He's great but everything was well and everything was better back and also -- -- it is great Atlantic you know and beauties. You haven't seen enough body of evidence that you don't and I don't think Peyton Manning's record like I was still young haven't seen enough on them you know this film opened dozens if -- add another one that's simply that there's something there there's just something there and I know it all goes back in T Martin won eighteen afterwards -- -- -- You have to acknowledge the statistics and I think Peyton Manning is great but at some point you have to acknowledge will then why did he go one and on a potentially not. Just. To me your whistle past the graveyard and it covers all the doesn't show to tighten but I have. -- -- -- so not in eleven post season record so far Peyton Manning but if you look at the numbers I was trying to build a case against -- to -- back from a guy so much practical what was the stuff. But don't look at his numbers touchdowns in the post season. Interceptions yards all very good -- I would love to say. In the post season is don't report touchdown passes and 35 interceptions in his rating is 67 point four but it's not in his numbers look pretty good policy. And last year. At the end he joked in the game -- -- he threw the pick. You don't mean so he can build numbers and how those -- doubt that those couple games yet -- never punted. You know and then house and it's it's three picks against the patriots well the numbers balance out -- he probably -- eight touchdowns in the two games before. And now the three so the numbers when you accumulate them altogether look behind me -- who got. Him pretty. Remember right I gonna go to Denver but there and I've said this you feel good about it don't I don't know what it takes -- so much of it is history in these playoffs if you went into the playoffs and just based on what you know today in ignore history. You'd feel one way we can't do that because Marvin Lewis has a history Andy Dalton has history against history. -- at history but if you just go based on the here and now. I feel fine about the angles but history told me they were gonna -- and guess after it was district meet our Portland and -- told -- to army units you -- just in the history of the franchise in the history of the players and -- ask those people get those melting in the moment yeah and that history tells me that you -- melts in the home while what does history tell you one on Philip Rivers -- that charges for reducing your talking about them I don't know you can look at their history and say. I know what they're going to do in the playoffs because -- -- -- now they're different team now Lorena you know Philip Rivers version one throwing the ball deep down the field looking for jump balls to Vincent Jackson etc. is not the same is Philip Rivers version now let's go -- -- -- throw short passes and complain a lot a lot of this. A lot of this is just character studies to remain. You know -- if it's the easy story is you know Marvin Lewis is terrible in the big moment or. Andy Dalton can't trust them those are always a story about just look at -- San Diego -- Diego if you wanna break down the characters. Before the character was and Philip Rivers first playoff run they were fourteen to. He's taken over for Drew Brees it was while Marty can trust him Marty Schottenheimer teams we ignored Philip Rivers and then. The second time it was white Norv Turner. You can't trust or. So that's -- don't we don't that we don't have the book is no book on Philip Rivers put the right or if you ignore if you ignore -- not to do you know gospel -- and not open -- Because I cannot I told my guy like -- I'm gonna let -- the -- is the practice he was there along with Norv Turner was there when Marty Schottenheimer. We ignored him. If focused on somebody all right so there's a book here we wanna see it. Lay people wanna see it -- why. I just that I don't wanna see I really do believe that Philip Rivers is a different quarterback with a completely different offensive system. He's not taking the same kind chances that he took earlier in his career when the offense dictated -- that. Marty Schottenheimer the -- that's the style that often but even don't go back that far just go back to last year when he was just making too many mistakes and to me it did not have a good year. He has a new head coach and I was talking about this are you that that little broke he had rolling left to would head which is kind of an office -- -- little touch pass. That was the type player that had he done that last year there was a mistake your linebackers their -- -- -- blown up you would have picked but he is hot right now and I don't think you can discount. What they are right now they have a little of that swagger and what are they calling it their sixth post season game because they needed to win right -- through. And the one thing I'm disappointed in the -- later I was giving -- credit. Endlessly for the ball he showed. To go for the yeah the fake punt and then I find out later that it was just an adjustment Colorado man -- -- and didn't even know was coming as -- that really disappointed her because I was giving McCoy you know. Fourth and 21 Euro and 28 overtime you you don't get this you lose I was giving him. You know the biggest the biggest phonies and they -- or on the subject go to Stephen along hi Steve. -- -- Probably and it's Diego team I think if you and then it would -- more people -- -- what occurred at the people that make it to make the argument that just especially if you don't play. I don't and I thought pretty darn good for. Obama speak I don't know what they are about any artists are -- what's your name please do the -- bill good football -- They were greeted -- and it went in and got editor I don't know epicenter I don't know maybe he's pretty good on and Leo yeah. -- and what we're. Going back. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Com as well. Who adopted away from now on board to wait around inspired thank you Randy. -- -- -- -- Let that 45 pound -- I'm a bar no if I let the -- of a bar that you can tell. The age and security of someone. When you asked them. Searchable the question. Like how much do you bridge okay that's a -- Somebody insecure. In their own -- and as much of that. I go to trial for the -- What. How much like. Here and after college. -- is -- 300 pounds. Then after that you like what would want to remain. That's made everybody assumed humid that was that was nice that I appreciate and very supportive I got close again toll to 85 -- -- -- I hurt my neck stopped and then never and then realizes the stupidest thing in the world and now. I the exact opposite here now my big fears like it'll is going again legit man boobs. So I don't wanna bench and all wanna do like capital -- -- a brother throw the ball are much sets of thirty then put anything any weight on them terrified of that. You know -- only turning into bad. They're willing to demand the -- will go dormant and moved -- in India and it's really awful I can deal with a little chaotic and little punch in the face of the neck. Until you're fundamentals and I McDonald and I don't like it imminent public erupted you know those -- he didn't like the right. You can only ones yeah you get the man boobs sucked out promised that costs I've knowing it can't be cheap right it's that much really hit -- -- Ed it's not that bad it depends -- it's not right now it's not that bad but I don't care what is the biggest key to the pitchers against the colts. -- The biggest one of the offensive -- we talk about a few years ago. I think to just diversify the passing attack I don't think you'd be tickled by just -- Julian Edelman every. Like you know they've basically done the last three games and I think Shane Vereen is sort of the -- that I think if you have settlement some -- like we've seen him that is his best times. I think you have enough. I just a difficult 92 stars Andrew Luck on offense I don't even by if you like I'm sorry. All of the action is come at a personal knowledge at a few minutes it sure sounds like you know Wyeth because these folks and taken away he will take away. But you look at the 600 yard games five -- -- at home and one -- in Houston. Do we really think he's gonna come out here again thirteen passes sure thirty degree weather -- little Florida's guys. What you don't want and I'm not have assured that I the whole start thing I'm not -- and coming stars to the patriots. And how can they have more stars and idol than they do in the field. On that and and they all across the street in my will change Lucas account yet he was turned in his cars and grant was to ignore the don't know what you are trying to use our coaching he's you know it. Not guaranteed to get that money back into that field. But I think I think at this at this stage. And I'm with you really maps and look at the public the colts and look at that resonate in the that the teams they have knocked off. In what they have stars and that they've figured out a way to keep occupy Denver and Seattle when Sampras it's pretty -- little. And that that's one of the things that that was -- you know the resiliency bowl because -- -- -- talk -- patriots here. And proven their -- we certainly could argue that about the colts as you just said. But I just. Who scares you besides Mathis and and talk. And I just I mean what would only to see anybody once you have the quarterback that's enough to at least Puerto. -- -- -- -- due to make it game is I mean does Andrew Luck by himself mean they're gonna beat the patriots know of course on other players factory and but they've got a guy who's up to the challenge who god will not he's not -- -- is not we will not to -- -- right there's no question you're not anger the momentum get afraid I'd love and everything he's dilutive the fumble taking full you know I put on the bad situation of the super bubble -- -- You know everything about him I love -- now now maybe you'll get more unlikable as he goes on when Alex I think he's right now -- as a an opposing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I could be Andrew Luck you know. Com and if you -- Let's I what is let's let's all come together kids on the playground very grown up a major like no okay do you feel. Well who was he -- Elton John and birds and I'd. All pace talking now the F thanks for taking my call it as I appreciate -- the wanna call on Friday had no idea what my home town was. Yes western mass you remember now what's going on there. -- that's too much here I was thinking about the key is the game you're just talk about the patriots and colts. Personally I think we've got enough playmakers. On both sides of the ball. Stop into the walk that I really do I mean it's Hillary's Nicole that the score 45 points against the cheaper because they were you know trailing by so much -- -- I think if we put enough pressure a lot with like Ninkovich and you almost. I think we can slow him down and I think if I believe this healthy enough which will be -- a factor in the game I think he gained control -- of other other receivers as well. I wanna hear guys obsolete I think what's the point making skills. Well I think they have two of the best play makers mean if you talk about Robert Mathis mean even last week he showed up. -- that strip sack that a lot of people feel like it was sort of a play that ignited this or something there. And nineteen and half sacks everybody wondered you know whats -- gonna be without Dwight Freeney while he's going to be apparently better. And make plays. And that scares me a little bit. But in the -- luck thing isn't just his -- he doesn't make mistakes all off with a three interceptions this week you know it and 969. During the regular season and eighteen a year ago nine this year and wasn't sacked on. You know -- the -- athletic upbeat he's big and he's Smart gets rid of the you know there's. He's a tough guy to defend and that's patriot pass rush even though they've had the most since 85 in terms of sacks. I never felt like they really only gains here really control the game where you said they killed the other court they have ever been directly right hasn't been imagining. If you think about the -- that they want the patriots. It and we talk about the colts and then in their identity what is the identity of the patriots as anybody figure that out there are a lot of patriots fans talking about who they would rather play with a wanna avoid in -- -- I think that team's -- great. But the patriots. Now without Brandon Spikes in the defensively is their identity to. You know is the identity with with -- -- it he sets the tone is it. -- -- the defensive -- who never come off the field Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich or it just hey Tom Brady and and in a bunch of guys what is the identity of this team. -- that in some games I think it has been to -- like that New Orleans game I think he set the tone is getting in Jim grams mug him being physical. I don't think he'll and the guy you do that he's a smaller quicker faster guy he's -- guy you know we -- to -- Jackson due to -- trouble in the practices and stuff in the pre season. I don't think it's a great match up for -- even if he is -- and they we don't know where use health wise he's coming off a -- but that it is still sort of a question. But this isn't a great matchup -- in this is not that physical -- ideology do you want Deion Branch and that's -- -- -- on -- -- -- take anybody I think they needed to make sure to leave sombre I'll just agree we're not gonna -- Diem branch you don't cover Austin -- and -- one thing you can -- -- you can you can -- -- at Logan -- on TY -- nature always -- safety help. And then trust Aqib -- on one of lesser receivers on the other Cy Young players make. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Steve Gregory agony massive defender over last year at -- want to run him out of town but -- pretty good year. And you about it not much on the side when I've gone a couple weeks good clockwork you -- -- -- -- -- that was the record and they are good to have you anybody we'll talk too soon thank you there's -- Hart Bill Belichick spoke at length about you like Hilton and what's made him good. Hear that interview and much more coming up next in Dexter calls WB.

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