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Christian Fauria, former Pats TE: On Patriots Colts

Jan 6, 2014|

Fauria joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Patriots upcoming playoff game against the Colts and to talk about the officiating in the first round of the playoffs.

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-- -- not a 37 WEE out. We'll get back to your phone calls on patriots and colts in the match up. Like this one of your patriots fan. Joining us on the AT&T hotline it's our body Christian Fauria. Christian my little power you. -- -- -- Here's the question Fauria other three teams the patriots could play here Bengals colts and chiefs. Where did with a colts have ranked on your if your patriots fan you don't wanna see that the income of Foxborough Saturday night. I would recommend last -- -- -- lap I had well c'mon guys I -- Andy Dalton. Two that crap game when he came -- I wanted him to play ready in this game but it is -- not a one. For the dogs when he can play doctors -- drew. Like a little ticking time bomb that it was due to in other speaker. And use it. The other day joke pal Mikey hit it in we talked about it in and dedicate. Our pregame show your current yes and we knew that they were overwhelming overwhelming lead to thirteen like wallpaper I have on to start all over the plate -- Of mismatches. Put hatred deepened but it would be a pickup in them regardless and he apparently had a great players can cover -- linebacker. So people outdoor space sound well because we got a whole ball really got me all the decision. It Andy Dalton and I did not locked them okay. And good luck -- -- them the bad people in the current cap. All the cattle production him compared to Michael Jordan a little too early right now but it ought to be. He didn't order didn't give a crap actor relate it to get her. He got the pair got affected by it -- -- -- playmaker on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- actually this is this that the team that I did -- secrecy because the other side of the football I looked at it yet all -- ball over himself when he did and gives -- defense -- of injuries decimated I think. A little bit especially -- secondary but defensively. -- look at the patriots as -- if Tom Brady is comfortable. That offense is moving the football they feed off of that and I thought that was the worst defense coming in here at this weekend and asked to do it again. Yeah you know and kudos. You know I don't know I don't know what he heard I don't know look secret these commercial. I mean and cortina played dealer. But it five point agree. Conducted -- it was bill. Close. So all what what game what you -- here if you could. Under Connecticut team that struggled in -- -- -- -- the team that really struggle built -- those terrible guilt or by. People don't blow anybody out and I know that a lot of emphasis and a lot of attention on the -- and now after the last two weeks which is great. But I don't know upper atmosphere on Saturday we're going to be -- he could probably rolled around won't be an issue there. So. We I don't know I took the team we're so week to week. As far as injuries appear having them tried out some sort of identity on top and then try to do it figured he could you guys get hurt. Or go to Kabul to keeping it together. Boy I guess in the playoffs it's not really who got the best players -- it's really cool played the best. And that's what seeking some probably are the best he as far as personnel -- -- winning in Japan going for the simple current. I don't predict any doubt we'll -- of one player the most important player. Like we -- just like preachers to appear at quarterback which really. You know keep a little bit. Plus side a little bit of damage is or what capable. It's all Christian it's -- look at the quarterbacks that are left him in all seven of the eight are marquis marquis guys and Philip Rivers is. While having a crazy Jiri 70% completion percentage back cast of characters but the charges -- question with with -- is not a good use it's the receiving corps Ramey. TY Hilton. Ate up the Kansas City Chiefs I I trust Belichick more than I do. But she's coaching staff they'll have some sort of plan with a good to leave on billboards it's -- -- and a safety and they'll take him out does the rest of that receiving corps. With guys like leaner and Brazil and Griff Whalen can those guys make plays. Yeah I think I think -- -- -- -- Twitter are ideally he is. And he's got. Rock you know it's not that many people are very similar megaplex now. You could runner after carriage. He's tall and -- aren't as good relation would -- Google go to school together towards what wanna try to bowl games. So even have Derrick Rodgers who's a rookie -- received a big receiver. Up and down. Well he's got back and make a couple plays I don't know under much on -- murder and one party might you know blind squirrel finds an acorn I don't know they have big guys. Back to make those plays on so. Little bit on -- up at a ticket and you know they're gonna. But the other great team and on and the other big interest in it -- Even -- return all of a lot you know Apple's COLT is actually not do -- like enter the picture. Hope that you played team that just a broad audience also. The margin of error is bigger -- you can you can make some mistakes because you know they're gonna make more. Okay and then you can capitalize on their mystery the colts. And order section a portrait or sicker there will go to -- over the -- at least penalized team in the NL PG prospective. So it's a look at eagle putt for months ago at -- So I mean we think about it's that coming in here as much as good as they were like out hope they would on the way at Foxboro. You mentioned. Leaner and you're talking about to leave and -- wise but to be at first look I would say okay. I'm not sure T why -- -- good matchup for -- to Lima think he falls in the category of guy that is not a good matchup so maybe take a wait later and try to. Double team him with other guys some Hilton is that is that type but got it gives -- trouble. You that you betrayal of Matt Chatham equally you can talk to match I don't think he's got -- this periodically. That although he usually the number one guy. As well -- matching up on the best receiver. He's that guy that does appeal he's not the best match because it's a smaller quicker because he liked it a little bit about lead would match up good unclear. What you get on Jimmy Graham and play the saints and he took Jimmy Graham out of the game. So yeah tear your point like I kind of agree with you I don't know that necessarily. The guy maybe maybe that open I -- it. You've got to kind of just trying to -- physical with some. Maybe put like -- dirt to develop very bitter court here put a linebacker it is -- You know because what it's going. In the end and got bit. The play breaks down. He's got a little bit of that Randall Cobb you know Aaron Rodgers you know ability they just both guys -- each other on the -- breakdowns so I think it's important. You know what I'm sure the party kind of figured out to keep on Saturday right so there's no time for a while. So yeah -- -- the -- point. We're talking a Christian Fauria now that's its -- there with the receivers but. -- league level this weekend Christian for playoff games only one pass interference penalty. In those four games the Bible felt like especially Green Bay San Francisco. They let these guys play and to meet. I wanna see more of that I think that there are too many pass interference calls there and I look you're offensive player tied and so. I deal he'll likely they'll let them play 31 as he called the way it was called during the regular season. Yeah I want to beat Lleyton I don't like I want in my negatively or something completely blatant but yeah I'd like Atlanta. Listen when it came comes down to one play. And it's. One on one it's so inspired it it's a battle. You have to earn like that the refs can't help you out -- you just flat out all the guys counter to repeat them and fighters could be Johnny there's going to be some. The body movements but in the end. -- -- -- play had been at a elsewhere in the beginning of the in the crease he's had. There's tons -- flag they're going to make it in debt and out of their pocket passer not. And in the beginning at it and it it it it came off lightly if it better better cook. Toward the -- out -- that don't want to be accountable for that people are -- was last year -- that the 49ers. And the brave in the last play this the last deciding play for the 49ers look like possible. Personal how. Patrick -- on Michael Crabtree. They can legally called it but while I'm watching -- while watching the game don't think I gotta get opened up -- kept the ball would contradict you can't assume you're gonna get that play. And the patriots. Especially the receivers that picture I think it's Albany PI call got out and -- kept drives alive helped them win game AKA. OK I mean it it's ridiculous so. No I don't think you're gonna get them -- least -- -- tackle somebody which. Could have but also booked for the most part let him play let it be like street ball look good street basketball. OK go on the I'll go. Chris a big man is gonna win player of the year I think everybody realizes that where are you with him are you gonna camp that another one and done from Payton he's gonna choke or what you expect to see out of him. Rick Hendrick got -- you -- RO POP tactics that yeah a little little little this week are four hours were you defended Peyton Manning instead it and people called it for four nobody Christian I do want to me. You call toll that it was like look for topic I -- like you know he did. A -- democracy. And -- -- we can't live full -- -- full. All. That. -- -- I want him to succeed I don't want to beat hatred and I think here's a guy that apple last year. Okay is that they're all the weapons still got talent -- -- a great -- Not in bird -- recognized like most parents. It's not it's -- of the people doing the rocking also note I didn't play defense I think they beat San Diego beat the patriots go to Denver. Okay this play out and amber and that I honestly think it would also. -- talk about eight when the burden of proof. And were -- a point at every critical but when you went vertical on the patriots. Especially after the Broncos had a lead -- group on -- so okay and that -- a comeback in the fourth quarter. I'll I'll be critical. I don't think it's gonna happen. But you know but as far as being mangled I wish him the best of every -- On it doesn't beat featured. I get Genoa this I go to quarterback is not a Manning's level lets any -- I was with the of one of the adult brawl that happened here to let a lot of the Bengals here it didn't happen. Is any adult and the guy that -- get the 456. Year extension in sin city and be the guy they build around going forward. Here's the thing with Andy -- look at. Good cornerback. Okay quality guy he's he's more than just big guys are right he can get you through the he can't -- group a play -- that's not my personal injury did you think he can put together eleven part is -- six. You know respectable look dispute numbers but. Does -- have that. -- -- The obviously Andrew -- out Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and Brees. Or router -- the problem that he got I know how are you ready yet -- and gobble up the border around them. I -- talk about double what if you gave Tom Brady Peyton Manning. Receiver receiver corps if you -- Qaeda and giving him all the weapons. He would have broken his own -- not eaten any OK -- Weapons. Anti doping has got -- very possible the same thing happened. So I think you'd expect more and it hero the third year it. Eight through Russia had. To nervous at the plate. A moment of Bartlett for too long would you like you can't beat that bad. And the major situations I would just bought a press conference lemon guys. It's -- article. I I guess I would I think I expect more of a better explanation other than all the right direction little -- Clark. Mean Barbara -- eleven years no player and current. Okay are going to Barbara Lewis and we keep them -- could we get that Mark Lewis I don't know without -- Mike Munchak who looked like it go to Penn State. No Cincinnati it -- Bengals football Christian going to be over and over again. I guess like you know I guess that's the latest that you're -- Eagles fan yell you know what you do you to -- -- just. The latest addition to OK we're just watching all like I'm Ocalan to watching football policy and a team. You know I want the team succeed like I don't like part of the joy of a go to these games and he'll -- you keep that you love is. It heartache and upsets in the in the come from behind wins and you know and the ability of looking at their home. I I go back to what the -- structure -- about the and that is it still holds true you know they've got some success. But at the Iberia. Of and I felt like beat dole would ever want to go there nobody wants that want to play there -- and will be. You're about guys from Cincinnati have welcomed art in -- 1000 Seattle or wherever they go talk about it a little because our public -- -- new girl. -- -- They didn't do it looked like every public older used tonight yet you want all year that would -- -- Sox. Inflate like I don't know it's ridiculous. Well and it'll be fun to watch what they do on the off he's a Christian we appreciate taken a few minutes Rob Ninkovich gonna join us next. We appreciate the travel popular in the playoffs I got a.

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