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Patriots Cornerback Kyle Arrington joins Mut and Lou on this Patriots Monday

Jan 6, 2014|

Kyle Arrington calls in to talk to the guys about the Patriots upcoming Divisional playoff game against Andrew Luck and Indianapolis Colts. Kyle thinks that Wide Receiver T.Y. Hilton is one word: FAST.

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Let's say the patriots Monday we talked to our patriot players every week we talked to Kyle -- and defensive back for the -- joins us here. Our fall on the file we can now knowing it's the colts on the schedule Kyle my little Dario. I don't read -- got -- did you watch a lot of football this weekend you watch -- colts and -- Saturday night. Are you did get a chance to watch a little bit. While in -- -- you know. Lot of good games as we can. You -- there are a lot of and I know. Obviously you Watson indie game -- and OK that's the team we could play we won't know till tomorrow but. Just your thoughts guy like TY Hilton in all different things he can do and how lucky uses them. -- it's. Let me -- first inning. They doubled -- prior I think you know it's a fact I had actually -- president yet to be. I hope to be I've got it you know -- you know it's. You don't -- in the army and and now we have been start you know and at the top -- entry let me argue this experience. Group they -- there. Well at the resilient and added I don't -- mentioned TY Hilton -- the other guys these are household names guys like Brazil guys like Griff -- I mean. When you look at these other receivers how -- they complement TY Hilton in that receiving corps. -- obviously you are numbered -- assembly Nazi -- home -- you know you take. Is that you know you can that you guys. And things of that nature I mean every every team no problem. Made -- different and I -- And I look like a statement he'd like to get on strategies you you see it's our. Are without on the web what we'll look at -- -- is. Tremendous tremendous talent you know armada that is the mainly into to be -- that it didn't elect or peace or home. So the -- I guess we got a runner. Well or not you know what we're we're in this this weekend. Coyote and you guys talking embargo self scouting and working on what you guys do and how you can improve last week but as far as. Time goes may be on each team was to spend more time on one was equal what kind of things we guys do an individual. But I don't want. Yet that out is it that with this right now me what I figured out where where does my down immediately felt like we -- Cuba. Correct as -- the year has yet progress on him. Now the legal plan you know that you're gonna get on Indianapolis. Are starting you know black guys -- today but obviously tomorrow and we'll get back to work. So yes we'll look at Serbia after bigger game leader. We're talking a patriots defensive back Kyle Larry ten would come -- the receivers let's go back to the quarterback he called an explosive. And Andrew Luck is interceptions this year Kyle are down when you look at -- you guys played them last year vs the quarterback you see. This year DC a more careful quarterback do you see. That the experience of -- one tier two has changed the way Andrew locals about the game. Definitely -- respect your legacy became less able to get city you know it is -- rather -- our own I did not -- particularly. That has you. Play more games but I ain't gonna judiciary the UT CU if you will. This armies that we -- -- happy all hat on that this week you know if there's a chance to -- You know galloping a -- watching football this weekend was that for four games one pass interference call. All weekend long and there -- four -- of holdings do you -- defensive back kind of like that they let you guys play schemes that something you pay attention -- how -- they call what. You need no votes and you do business has beaten into them and notes about. Gaga and that particular calling you know -- -- yes. You YouTube but I don't -- you re not saying. Shall I that we -- no -- you've been around corners feature that we live to this point. On and on and asked the question a different way. Would you like it they just let you play Saturday night Saturday is that -- you let the and you're good you're up against TY Hilton and you just capital ball a little bit and they'd. Like -- green -- every -- Kyle they let some of that go and say you know what we're not gonna call every time you bring about a receiver would you be OK with that. What do you like about. You know at the -- Especially in the game was turnovers and -- can change everything you know -- area in Green Bay game down six -- and he'll turn over changed that game. Obviously more stress on that you guys get the ball away at ticket always the other team protected. Our -- yes sir. It's you know and in this in this -- you know it's when you lose that you direct correlation. I like it eternal battle. So that it is certainly not something they're working on. On the Upton. It's gonna -- like the Saturday night game prime time. -- -- I'm -- this. Actually try and it's Ramirez -- you know you it should be out exciting me. Because the vote on on already around -- around the community. You wiggled. It's the colts and patriots Kyle Arrington defensive back he joins us here Kyle appreciate the Kabul plug you next week. -- That is that Kyle Eric -- an interview with Kyle Arrington. Is brought to you by Verizon stay connected to your patriots at home and on the go with files quantum Internet and the NFL mobile from Verizon. That's powerful 6177797937. Text. -- -- that AT&T Tex went 37937. Continue were your thoughts on this matchup Bewkes alluded to it. What happened this weekend the NFL because the stat in this case the stats don't lie. It was a -- week for the NFL this would indicate that the passing game and curious if fans like the way it went down we'll talk about that -- you guys next.

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