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Rob Ninkovich, Pats DE, previews game against Colts

Jan 6, 2014|

Rob Ninkovich joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Patriots as they head into their playoff game against the Colts and discusses Indy's talented offense.

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Lot -- -- 37 WEEI every patriots money we talked to our guys defensively Rob Ninkovich. Joins us here. -- -- week it's it was cold yesterday for San -- Green Bay. Not saying it's gonna be to call but say get like. Does year old a temperature it's negative windshield I forget you guys are gonna Wear sleeves or you -- -- as a matter -- There are notoriously. What do you into the game uranium and it just yet you're warmed up runaround and when -- focused on make plays and you're out there silently get those. You know. -- And an airplane on the they're -- on the sideline they're not out there so I mean you're climbing out there not. -- -- into the weather some sound analysis brought their play and as you'd expect about the weather that in. Which leads an excellently -- question do you think guys who Wear sleeves are soft. They saw players. Still like -- You could get in their head or easier who. I liked them. And on the SE guy's got a week to prepare Annie get. You know -- -- guess Andrew Luck is probably different the new two quarterbacks who gets out of pocket how much time did you guys spend. Kind of prepared for all three teams or was it just more but you guys. To do about you know just working on the same that we need to do better and you know wherever we're gonna play the other routinely. -- -- You know look obviously. Our home you know use is you know come back there. -- pretty good so. Bureau worker out first to prepare well sure those guys you know -- you do it quarterback. Who you know it can get her out of pocket -- scramble a little bit but you know especially. Notebook -- -- -- -- You know part of that self scouting stuff but it and preparing may be -- into law the legal back -- Carolina game at a gala Cam Newton and now we -- you guys couple times of some big runs and it's okay -- need to have some discipline keep artist Agassi can take off to make some place. Yeah I mean we played a sponsor Gaza Iran you know this year so I think that. You know plan a guy like lucky not to you know he's not look at our artistry -- everything covered -- trying to run first round. You know I think he's he's more on the pocket guy that wants throw the ball. And everything else's you know not there then -- general -- down on -- you have terrible or actual danger. You know that that's when the investment purchase so. You know with a plan of what you guys that could scramble in the in the past year you know obviously deceptive -- -- -- in. Not let him just go a step up in the pocket and run a middle for a first down. We're talking Rob Ninkovich a year your coach Bill Belichick rob is often said that -- year one year to the biggest jump that. The guys make in the NFL you played Andrew Luck last year you watch them on film this year what. What are the biggest differences you see in his play compare -- to his rookie season. What secure you know especially at quarterback position conferences huge -- think this year is that we're more confident. On you know he's in control of everything might make more checks this year. That the controlling you know what's what's going on on the seal. And you know catches. Note with him being able to run around a little bit. And you know he's he's able to get more control offense and check things go check out of certain look -- were. Not you know social on certain things he's he's gonna check to another -- -- turn to another place sort. So not -- detect dispose of more experience in this series he got the experience from rookie year all competent making a lot of great throws. And we have we have you know work -- -- source. They'll want to ask is that a last week. This Hulk Hogan video went crazy with it -- met Mulligan I want a lot of fans wanna know the Hulk Hogan belts is that there and that locker room yet. It's been there -- -- you know street -- felt. But not out on video responding. Let's get to the -- Mulligan. Being mentioned by the -- Not pretty also mean. A big board game to be a wrestler and so so you know history is critical that to shut out there from our. Whole. Artsy or -- old school wrestling fan you know late eighties early ninety's is to follow it at all. Now you know -- -- which it -- -- -- watch wrestling but. You know nowadays seven I don't that a lot should look a little younger at the -- had the stuff macho man Randy savage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's called wrestling body a lot of us have -- have everybody there are a lot of us had them I had the ultimate -- her brother and Hogan the old year that's -- much from an oppression for -- the year I could see Brandon Spikes in arrests like if you tight race ammonia can be -- like he told me. You know what your team it's who's in a WW we afterwards I see spikes he's got a little diesel. Screw loose every now and then. -- Are you know. I does that work out of that fuel. Here. We appreciate the time rob prep for -- this week we'll talk you next week. Our secure our Rob Ninkovich joining us here on the eighteenth the outline AT&T the nation's fast is now the most reliable forgy LTE network product that. Macho man Randy savage repression -- let anybody carrots Ninkovich. Great that anybody OK that's stands up all year that's a pretty good. A pretty good -- -- --

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