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Adam Schefter on Wildcard weekend

Jan 6, 2014|

Adam Schefter joined the show and discussed the opening weekend of the playoffs. He said that if he had to pick one AFC upset it would be the Chargers over the Broncos.

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Our number three Dennis and Callahan you know out and handing Callahan -- talk radio join us later on right now drugs and the AT&T hotline. -- -- PSP and our conversation with has brought to you by TCU the Angel that federal credit union what can DCU. Sea view's always joins us here Monday morning good morning how are you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Same to you we talk to us at the last segment -- if you could only. You're only allowed to watch one game this cup upcoming weekend which woman would be. One game wow I think I would take probably. Believe it or not. New Orleans Seattle. Bottles last. -- and I think -- been very difficult this week Sunday is. It and -- -- today Warren but sort of the way a perfectly outlet to the games to build up. I think Saturday the great support that think the world here don't agree game I think -- -- an -- game -- -- Sunday. So wanted to just go physical battle Denver San Diego good game but you know we read CNET matchup force -- a lot. So we'll look at what you've got success. You know what it's they're all good -- -- to cop out they're all good the Brady the Brady Brady -- the best QB matchup. And we love QB matchup. Yeah that was that he can get the divisional class and you broke through the divisional president -- poured in thirty years okay. It's amazing how often it is that the final eight -- Typically are really the eight best quarterback in the game right are very -- -- NATO -- on the outside looking in this it is always. The couple about -- I get it but by and large you look at the eight teams in the divisional playoffs. And they always had eight at the very least -- court. You -- -- Adam because pressured gets the quarterbacks as you saw what Andy Dalton he was the twelfth best quarterback in the playoffs they were twelve quarterbacks. Even though he was home even though we had the best defense may have seat he -- and he just couldn't handle. The stage and you could say just the opposite the boat to you know Andrew Luck -- -- -- Well we were saying yesterday as you're watching the game it's used in Europe that. Those catalogs for the quarterback. So the like that you're taking us. And that's that's -- and that rightly Darknet team not only yesterday Manila but it was kind of lost interest these securities act and he lost say. It was a really good -- -- lead in the -- pick last year bounce back down the quarterback putting together some parts will be back this year. Cincinnati saying do we have a quarterback that can get us over the hump or what are we doing until these good skill position players and we don't know -- to -- them what. I think it's easy to blame -- Marvin Lewis is always an easy got a knock identities have won a playoff game but you know if you put the quarterbacks yesterday. -- society wins that game is at fault the Marvin Lewis the coach actually not. -- have more the most open Geovany Bernard probable that it is it that this is what we do it though the so I -- living in judgment let -- -- -- -- dramatic and I would address that at some point this week at a more expanded session but. They -- 9/11 playoffs doesn't come through in the clutch you could say that but it's the sort of games. What somebody -- do something. -- -- it cost him it's a lost now that these guys they went and they lose as a team that broad based OK but but inevitably set. You wouldn't lose it came at the declared the blade usually one person. What do people -- coach -- quarterback. Adam is -- Josh McDaniels can end up in Cleveland. I nobody -- right now I think -- east. Sifting through it I could prove that they they had a great meeting on Saturday. I know that Jimmy has -- The browns are made a mark on him and Jimmy has and a very impressive guy. I think we look at -- -- Haslem. Has to have us in the summer. Wouldn't -- -- it'd been. I guess just us. There was this Jimmy has -- Belichick live near each other and target. And I and I. I know that those -- -- of -- -- and I am pretty sure that judges test. Over his opinion and it builds things very very -- -- has. So if there's one guy I think Dickey -- Josh McDaniels to Cleveland it would be the browns order giving has them but I don't think that. The -- -- Josh has made a decision as to which way they wanna go but it's sort of makes a lot of sense that equivalent of going that way. If you're mcdaniels and I understand the view -- more money needed to be head coach. You consider how we was bad in last 1015 years they might even more -- to stick around. Little action this I would imagine this is the way he's thinking right now. That basically. That is a city of franchise to franchise said as he can read out some really good people. And it doesn't matter who's there it spin it spin. A simple and can that a lot of people. And so did that hole now if you'd just be playing host to me what you're saying it okay well. We've got an older days that is going to be one of the great owners NFL and I and I believe that. And if we -- to be a big deal here. I'll take my chances to the big deal and they are anti sink into the sinkhole. That I'll walk away with -- but in my pocket. Right and he's from the army that is a lower if you grow up. A good guy you know right in order I'm going to. This. You know I don't think -- that's. Go to bring him back I think it's that he views that. -- equal parts. Advantages and disadvantages. So I don't think that's simply that really effective in this decision but you might think. This is a Michael Lombardi. Higher if that is simply if they -- -- Lombardo. I don't -- I think Jimmy had to do go to Michael Lombardi type people look at sort of what they know that they try to Kaczynski that this plant has been due to global instability that they have to get this right and there's no way that I -- -- guys can go out on a limb and say -- we should -- this guy get a tremendous growth. And everybody's names and reputations are going to be hanging in the balance I think everybody is going to be a board with whoever they hire literature just beginning to somebody else. It's amazing how much money Tom Brady has made for a great great assistant coaches including one Billy O'Brien. Which is cut the big job in Houston the best job I think of all the openings Adam do you are you hearing that he will take. A quarterback and number one do you think it'll be Teddy Bridgewater. I don't think it'll be table to her although obviously -- -- -- a -- to go to the entire process -- best finish quarterback -- the players. Determining which is the player they want -- I would say going to today I had debated dollar. On who the number one pick is going to be the 2014. Dressed in a mission this source of the Houston is going to be very open to trade that pick. Is that both teams at the top of the -- Houston Saint Louis who want to. Are both going to be entertaining offers which could change the dynamics of the entire draft of course. But I think the guys that I would take is the favorite to -- in the -- right now. Will be used to that of course. Real -- doubled the girlfriend yeah. I just think that these guys the intangibles that people look. We both have gotten already back from certain -- people is that he's very impressive. And pretty good quarter. As good a -- is public and the good things I've heard some skepticism about and skepticism. That it had not been good but at least not in the first -- -- I've -- take this as a good person picked I would think when. The process. It's good to say there are certainly taking any quarterback inevitably. I don't quarterback gets inflated sense of gonna go to top -- temptation but that that's an issue I just I I think that -- -- also has a real chance to go forward. Where do you think -- cell lines up what would not which -- aware of the draft. Yeah -- I think it would ejecting that we took its we can get up and take it and maybe top five pick because. It's a quarterback they're not tainted -- the quarterbacks and he brings the added dimension of market the marketability -- like a Jack to build questions that they keep. Use a little shot in the arm of energy a little shot in all the excitement. Were shot on the ticket sales and I think Johnny meant to open it. Could do that this franchise him again. That's the most important position I think in sports quarterback in some teams like Jacksonville Cleveland Oakland Houston did that. They -- don't have a quarterback right now. But you see it this week and I'm so important you can't win. Without one even if you have any decent one like Andy Dalton you can't win you need that franchise guy. O'Brien knows that better than anyone I think the process is just begun -- out of that aren't there. Separate quarterbacks in the just going to be measuring them and evaluate them and now a look at. You know into their eyes and trying to figure out which guy can be the next Andrew Luck. Oh there's no question and you know -- -- go back to. I think the way it it seemed so easy to analyze and an excess -- but even when -- -- him Ryan -- for the same -- and we laughed about it now people. People forget this and see that this is true story you'll take the coach's decision conduct that last week -- last week. And the Friday before the draft. So into the so they were they they they they -- appropriate manner and it should tell ya if we want it taking you within a one pick the first thing that you're gonna deal. Well how you celebrate and seven as you can copy the playbook -- yet. And it's fairly well -- if -- take -- -- -- first edition of motivated support of my friends embellished the -- and it's sealed the deal and emphatic. And I think it that was along time ago but -- -- the people -- finally figuring that elect JaMarcus Russell even though controlled eighty yards on a rope. Same thing went to Vegas to party and and their -- and then look at a guy like locker -- Wilson they say. He's gonna live and breathe and just immerse himself in this job the way the great ones too. That's. Obviously something that you must have you have to have that if you don't have that. That their quarterback tested -- leadership told the entire building in the entire team if he is not gonna do that didn't. You're not best record but -- notably the receptivity to god it hasn't done that the civil war we're gonna change simply put -- by it would cut. -- account that he has -- in tournament to play and obviously a lot of times it doesn't happen because the admit this straightened successfully addressing quarterbacks the first -- is probably less than 50%. By a question for me -- which team would you give a better chance to go on the road this weekend AFC colts or chargers. Well. I think that public but the chargers. The ability citizen of both of them. I I have been thinking and -- be wrong here -- haven't been different animal broke away amid heavy favorite station it but if you go back and look at this. Since 200568. Or six in -- who wouldn't want seats and control. Did you read that. Okay that's because there's a lot of parity in the league that sixty -- opening week on the road. And usually it's a little bit competence and momentum rolling well but what keeps coming up to five. And -- every vulnerable the course. Last three games this year and the rest -- the -- many tidbits parochial. Apple is doing -- anybody to place at the seventh but should they beat the chargers. -- have an opening roster. Now New England. Seems to -- at -- that -- year the last game in Baltimore. The other everybody's got a wire with the patriots couldn't -- it seems like. So -- looking so good. That. And initiation into one -- to leave Saturday and where I was actually important. And Chris program Bill Polian and Wendy. Colts fell behind thirty want to ten -- into this the best thing that happened -- they're bad in the -- or area. Could now. They're determined to do over and look now that the spread the field now they have to go to the not to let -- take charge. And I took a support that's the case what -- -- split -- -- that all the time. Semantic about what to do that on Saturday night and let him -- because frankly he's the best young quarterback in the game. He's that good. So the quarterback that good is only dangerous. -- especially if the team that's missing players to injury. Especially with the team that slightly this year as doing good proving to be visible. That's going to be good all four games should be great this week and the of the get the Saturday right now -- -- talking about next week appreciate is always. Shoot shoot I tell them. I'm sure after his --

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