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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Rodman back in North Korea

Jan 6, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Dennis Rodman returning to North Korea.

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730 to 47 degrees headlines is brought to you by AT&T the nation's fastest now most reliable -- LTE network. My pursuit of fitness equipment shop the pros do and right. Precision fitness that's right Jerry who sponsors I have to of these stories at some point today don't want me forget. I pick them and seen again this weekend. It's let's just tell us that now that I got violence because we'll get to get to. I don't think he actually but he might cruise ship. Wouldn't do that we'll get that -- -- -- wouldn't abandon and you wouldn't crews out now and not know our Brothers in arms. I read this book this new book that just came out dean has been texting tweeting about it and I'm -- an advance copy this book is I haven't heard what is your oldest. I just it's Monet. Who may survive alone survive -- yeah read. I should -- I don't know what yet. Now -- you see this. This had broken through. There's this thing comes otherwise that lone survivor if it's half as good as the commercials it's going to be great great move and act mr. Richards -- are -- so good those are cadets. -- wonder what happened have been baker. Anderson yeah and those losers in those -- -- said -- bankrupt yeah cliff Robinson. They could come now Doug Christie's do whatever is what tells -- that Jackie Christie. Dennis Rodman self appointed basketball diplomat led twelve US players. Monday to North Korea where they're gonna play exhibition game to mark the birthday. Birthday of his friend Kim Jong -- the third generation of the Kim dynasty that dominates North Korea regularly threatens peace in northeast it's dollar. His own people and and fed his uncle to 120 starving dogs and and not only does -- goal there and then allow himself to be used as a prop. He says. That Kim Jong-un is his friend and he loves him. I love him to promote that same I love Hitler is -- You know I love -- pot why I think we don't yet right I think there's so much we don't know -- with this guy's doing so we thought I'd open up saying it's even worse -- we think it was a great letter written to Rodman by the one of the only people who -- skate. Right who was born into a prison -- if you parents -- prisoners. Europe you know you state you you are raised in a prison yes he talks about the meeting they meet -- -- to create more workers. And they start view and and you and I mean this guy watched like -- Mother get -- acute he escaped and he said. Dennis Dennis think before you act here. Unfortunately he wrote a letter and Rodman can't read so this is that little slice is legal. -- well I think it. So it is like that what the globetrotters do its goodwill missions that I guess yeah. Yeah why you that's -- -- -- doing it that promote good -- around the world -- heard that Kim Jong-Il had 800000 dollars worth -- Kanye. Played. By the way that -- should put together. This is eighteen it was built attack. There all those -- -- the north Koreans after his senators like five -- things you think the team is gonna go into North Korea beat them yes. Yes that's a meal and Baker's team meal. That's true. He big that he now he's got -- I don't know I brought -- -- beat -- on his last visit December rob spent like forty freaking times. This time -- with -- whole time rob promise of the Beijing airport most technical back there to me he's a nice guy. -- out Rodman turned out to be Nicholas Brody and kill them when Rodman via hero around the world may be yet. -- mean his and our commitment to the dogs but it would be worth that that's what's going on could be in the Anderson. -- Christy that just to just help them now as you plan as we continue about a global warming and it's proved it today rates. Almost degrees here definitely gonna stop using plastic sheets of these temperatures this weekend in Iowa right now today it is minus 51. Parts of the canceled school in the state of Minnesota minus 85 and some parts of Minnesota. It turned out to be I thought how -- the support. Aaron Rodgers is not Mavis because it's which she's she's not as bad doing football -- -- to baseball now the she's okay. Now here's met -- yesterday. As our own Erin Andrews who using your Christmas story reference hopefully. Hadn't -- -- the goal post in between your homework and right now. So far so good that I anticipate yes sounding like wet from a Christmas story that could be here. If your tongue working OK that's. Scared at at at. -- did know what to say you put your roll with the punches but -- Ashley did to bash they would just oceans are fine -- all over there they're all into global and -- sideline reporters don't tell -- much I -- that own them all over. Kind of read about the Packers. Left tackle when I was sixteen -- stupid shot I know that we shoved his way onto the field with -- concussion up they dream played a play did you -- working right now. The three month -- yesterday yes. Mystery it was and there was a Michael Budinger and earned her -- it was a much to pick him and I I do think as bizarre and I wrote this a couple of weeks ago all the things that the and it I thought it was a pretty good line when they're all the that survived all these injuries and survived this in the survived that the survived murder right. They have this a library at the patriots. -- along with -- all their other. And obstacles yet. No injuries. Murder was part of the murder there. Well that was countless distractions appointed this whole story it's what we've talked about it was a lot better really. But one good point makes it's true is that during the games the you'd never your hands. Or Tumblr -- -- guys that of seasoning so to say that Hernandez situation oversee murder overseas in jail like. Conversation it's kind of fascinating. It never comes up I'll -- and gets out of this spring he told the saint don't say murder I think there it's on individually I'm comfortable with that. And I still laugh every time they run the promo for -- and showtime like you want another hour of Phil Simms. What showtime it's like caller who is holding up like that if you want another hour of Mike did. Note tune into the show he can hear more cliches in non struggles again -- Personally off the record and talk to buy -- it seems annoyed with him. I think he'd be -- be thrilled to have someone new someone new -- is right. Boomers not with. CBS. Could he do against them would get away with -- -- and we -- radio gig he has. -- -- could do the games some money in decades as the tactics private she let it go he only does them. East of the Mississippi and it's it's a west -- in August -- yeah. -- obviously I would imagine you're paying attention this story Mitt Romney on Sunday accepted the apology from MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry here's what happened is. So there's a -- Christmas holiday -- Ron right Chris. The -- celebrate Christmas I believe it's Christmas card it's all their grandkids and if it sounds great right. And that one of their sons. Sounds adopted he mixed race -- that right I guess I think you didn't it's better on his left or right whichever. It's anybody's panel shows and MSNBC here's both. -- -- It everybody loves a baby picture and this was one that really a lot of people a lot of emotion about this baby picture this year this is -- Romney family yeah and fifth and of course there are content -- Governor Romney is knee isn't his adopted grandson. Who is an African American adopted African American child care and -- make any captions for this one. Want -- yeah. I'm the -- and innocent and that's. Willoughby beach front and center -- and -- -- the most gorgeous my to my goal is that in 2040 the biggest thing of the here. Will beat the wedding between here and Romney and northwest and I had a run any kind yea well I -- -- -- I I. These pictures creates aids and really sums up the -- the Republican Party. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Still have so much to get too including the annual look back if not the tradition of. That you wish -- get to watch that show regularly Irish got a little more an agreement but that hell I mean whether. -- But that's how -- -- -- it's blackened by Fairbanks that's racist Clinton family they have a million and they adopt a black -- in the market was fired. -- only they get suspended chief apologized tearfully pleaded. We have that my intention was not malicious but -- roped a ground rule that families are off limits and for that I am so army. Also allow me to apologize to other families informed through transracial adoption because I am deeply sorry that we suggested that interracial families. Are in any way funny we're deserving of ridicule. On this program we are dedicated to advocating for a wide diversity of -- It is one of our core principles and I'm reminded that when we are doing so we must always be but the utmost respect. Genuinely appreciative of everyone. Who offered serious criticisms of last Sunday's program and I am reminded that our fiercest critics can sometimes be our best. You don't want her fired a little bit after here that. I think people -- he. I mean she did she now I have about people I don't have a profusely and I don't think as she -- a free -- -- -- free speech I don't want people 5% stupid not individual and I want I want you around here for a long time achievement for failure. Big new multiyear contract might point. -- people in the media say you know fire on -- really want someone who screwed up clearly says it's real you'll like. It's always it's a -- that was supposed to be in jail if he needed -- for people and our businesses say that all a great in the first habit that you say should get fired on known not that episode that did that the jokes are so once I -- I do I do not like maybe follow its. That doesn't that is true I mean. The fact that she thought that was so and wasn't something in her mind that clicked it's that he can't do that -- fumble that was back the other people I think in the handle this what would try to find out when that's on I really wanna watch that show -- That all of -- -- some. Rabbit rabbit wants to weigh in on rob what I thought -- on the cruise with -- rabbit. He lit and I'm on an excellent value that we -- Rabbit I saw a rabbit I saw a couple of really said to -- this morning you're saving up your money. You go to Brett Favre hall of fame induction that is saving your money for. Both kind of like a joke when I got to love the guy you could put that memory and -- got -- all right so they have this show on HBO called white. And there's all these like reporters went -- Rodman are right yes and we are. -- Democrat -- humanitarian bought this -- -- reporters. And then they execute all talk about those guys went over -- -- he keeps getting back and -- table I'm like we snuck in while or blah you know -- not gonna happen any of them. It's crazy but they need based on inside the country. You'll -- -- Kim Jong Il's son and a nurse and seeing. Really street east just to prop then I mean you have to -- this really really stupid to Nazi Pruitt and Rodman is really stupid. Topple -- you know golden. I mean he's just -- -- if you're Kim -- boom it's not like you could get. Again Michael Jordan. Larry is a big basketball fan that back. Out in the a stock due to start a big -- any dumber than Dennis Rodman. -- no LB DB -- that's headlines thanks -- six what 7779. 7937. Talk radio join us as well your calls also you come around on the cruise -- because rabbits going to be on. Rabbit is Travis idiotic -- said as soon as Dino. Tweets out the details. He's signing copies in public people. On the -- like the one that Johns on right now. How many people on corrales from the 34000. Johns grain vision like you know. Howard -- big vision was spruce goose. He -- big vision is the houses of Dennis Kelly it's elevating around. Yes any ulterior motive to that. I can't think that one I can't I can't think of the worst ID either but you want it to be with money go out in I'd love to -- crews -- -- I enjoyed them directly you know Mike McKay and you don't tweet out his room number. -- East -- flight number is room number he likes a good party yet and he's you know likes to meet new people. Prefer they were you know. Before abilities. -- installer and Wellesley College -- and I mean I think -- show how is gonna work as you like to say we're going to be like somewhere in the corner in the you know what what time is. What time is it there -- It's the same problem. I think really Michael off an hour earlier at some point a -- or five it would got some will be seven -- that's where we'd be. The vote in the high level where in her room like where -- -- -- -- -- like just the dining room or bar. Obese minutes at the table that land would have discovered we do. So do the show and only about real arc cabinets have -- captain on the fate of the unit and -- we have to captain the ship. John Oates is performing and I would have some of the -- comedian on board is usually can be guys I was comedian that to be elect a guy who juggles for the kids entertain the kids to have him on yeah. It's -- the whole time eating drinking telling. Haven't stories Kevin storage and you know who got the craziest and before. Probably do this first week April its -- open makes -- -- -- Tom Brady as I said earlier and I don't talk like that well it's 1777979. Resentment when when you get a chance yet and you -- prominent tea about the guy who I may may have died in my presence like may have seen. A guy killed this week and I wanna hear that as well.

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