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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday on Wildcard Weekend

Jan 5, 2014|

Curran calls the boys to discuss yesterday's games, his thoughts and predictions on the 2 games today and what the Divisional Round will bring for the Pats. He also discusses the NFL coaching jobs available and why he feels the Cleveland job isn't right for Josh McDaniels.

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Fourth and final hour NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI bye week for the patriots of course. They play next Saturday night at 815. -- against either the Cincinnati Bengals or the Indianapolis Colts will know a little bit later on today. Probably around 4 o'clock or so which team they'll be playing next Saturday night -- joining us right now -- he does each and every NFL Sunday. Is Tom Curran from CSN and our job. You just sit and watch football like a ban it this weekend I mean that's what I did yesterday you watched it for fun. Yeah so much it's just so much fun to forget because you know experts can tell you certainly is back and so you don't get a chance. We occurring -- to really focus in on what's going on elsewhere even if you're covered a lot of clout game you don't have a chance to really look and see what's going on. With the force particularly physical was great to just looking at war strategy and you know I hate to say I'm like you know hallmark. -- watched the mistakes that -- I'm -- lines -- about lies. And -- holy crap. It -- well as early arrival. -- it's funny I almost feel bad for Andy Reid. Because you know he he hasn't certain reputation. And then he lives up to a yesterday. -- east is clock management skills at the end of the game when you when you go into the two minute warning and have to come out of it burn a timeout. Because you're not sure what play you're gonna run it just it's hard not to mock. Hoopla that even more McCain. Was a two occasions when they were actually moving down field prior an intentional grounding. We have players run out of bounds for no good reason yes they have worst thing that. You have an opportune -- -- another minute and a half now it happened. They ended -- back and they'll vote noble but -- -- -- massive. Those were. Reasons they had basically well and cited in the warning. The this is for now. It just for me in averages to cover the patriots over the course of the year is just really drives home the fact that so many of these games over the course of the year. Are decided by. Three and four please at a time. In being able to execute in those situations and knowing exactly what to do. In those key situations and so it is key situations yesterday the chiefs just weren't able to execute down the stretch. Although the program will get better informed of that in any reason there it's just you know. So go check his neck and Perrier is. You've covered Chris watched as they ought to fourteen years now. The sense that the -- That is possible -- gains -- situationally. He would not seek. Run up as Dexter McCluster is. And then my main thought was pretty intelligent put obviously. That's not a big deal yet -- -- big deal. You -- deal. As I look at the two opponents that the patriots complain next week one will play here in an hour. You know one played yesterday it's one of those two opponents. And I said from from aft fan boy perspective I wanna see Andy Dalton command Matt made a very valid. Football analyst perspective that you know you'd rather see the Indianapolis defense command here in the Cincinnati defense which which side do you fall on. Completely written now because I think in the gulf who can get hot on you much. It in a much -- Petersburg could get better weapons and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- He's still second year players but that you termed says he has called for the other team -- -- last year. A look at Cincinnati. It was great including you I'm Bernard has learned that are shifting their. And -- aggression and -- compliment receivers. Great ones need tinkering. But then that's secondary can take away. Physically. In mismatches and really turned into it it was Tom Brady thank you for electric at Indianapolis. They needed to finish ratings mean. By the end of the game Kansas City look like black like Monty Python. I'm no obstacle Eric still current -- They clearly it. What's so what's your view Tommy John -- we've been talking a little bit here today about you know how -- assault was really nationally -- me included everyone sort of using past performance through. Sort of predict future stuff each team seems to have something out there the breaks the rule. San Diego looked really bad in my view with you know losing -- the chiefs and there and so called momentum game when California 42 were down. Is or anything there in San Diego from sort of passed offers were you -- them standing now or they could be a problem today percent. That video game. Really it was impressive to make it here at Denver game we great -- really -- you know what let's -- after -- and bring -- We open receivers and Barbara not what local what sort of regain that since. Change meanings. You know the way meaning that go -- what was it -- -- played with a little gritty group converter Caldwell was in. Replacing poker and other games I think the -- -- great game and so can -- very -- Cincinnati. I don't know I think I don't like. San Diego it was in Diego electric vehicle castle rock. And I think history is -- -- -- I don't like to say well -- Just because in 1981. Loss to Cincinnati in the AFC championship game but I all looked and I just don't like the -- from all. Tom is Josh McDaniels going to Cleveland. I would say 6040. -- It's just it's not the right -- groups the institute in. As much -- but here's what I would argue. That will be an indication he would. Worked -- since he was really relieved of duties so quickly last week when the patriots. Secured by. In order for them to move quickly on and so. They like order previous coach. Not knowing that they had indications that. Their current target is not going to build. So. That that the media this is what is. Fly in the ointment is I felt a lot more arms. That position and pros. Most notably I think that. He's gonna have to go in there and start them trying to convince. Folks in the locker room. Meters greater. Than the norm it has -- coached. We -- -- or Matthew let me put on hold grab conceding. Picture. Don't think he's moving -- Probably you know with the fact that it's better now okay good idea we were Lou's new for second their time ordering we did for a second pitcher out. A look at what the babble. It but I -- When you look at how much is gonna have to overcome because of the community is that you have to look -- -- he I think we can be a big -- -- for him especially he doesn't translate well. Every -- screamer and that's what he turned himself into in Denver. I think he's a better teacher. Better when he's got to -- -- it brings an intensity in the doesn't have to leave the pink and may have depleted then she goes and the Cleveland. And that fear based and so sick as anything Belichick -- City they're a hard time overcoming. That initial script. There also you know skeptical of a -- related individuals as well. -- -- -- -- That'd be disputed though I'd know I'd how I wanted to follow that up the idea of of whether or not you think the patriots are gonna lose them. Added there's been a lot of talk about the patriots losing George godsey two suit to Houston as part of Billy Brian staff down there and what that. You know might how that might impact -- problem help me with this guys who come George got -- It's tight ends up so it's not -- quarterback at George tech. And into the -- in the the ACC and then he coached at Georgia Tech will. -- -- So the guys who fail to. He's transition after Hernandez and gronkowski that are uptight and has not been a huge component -- them -- It when you look at the diversity of the guys remote and -- and it was not cute weapons they've been -- but. -- -- -- -- -- I think that that would be. A normal transition if you are parent coach to better jobs. Dugard looks well and the trees in front of and also political. Does that sort of seem obvious took it to all of us maybe is just to me -- nominated here. That the that the California teams almost by default or at a disadvantage today. Playing in Cincinnati in better conditions than expected. And in Green Bay in as bad conditions as expected doesn't make sense that those two teams are at a disadvantage before even kick it off. A great yet because W disappeared. In theater to about 10 AM local. So that I -- back on so that's the disadvantage. -- it should be especially given San Francisco style clay. They should be able to conquer. You know a -- -- type scheme that there is it going to include. You know. Some adversity and some difficult physical but I don't know than he -- physically tough for the week. There's different Cisco but I don't have a lot of basic confidence and called -- and in the snow especially the student in the cold. And I know how equipped last year against Green Day and know how he embarrassed them but I think they're pretty good. Reference this year on other read option is his tackle play as a compliment but not a -- I'm also curious because Aaron Rodgers you know what sort of saved the season for the Packers last week comes in. Beats the bears you know gets them into the playoffs a winner go home situation. But I wonder how close to a 100% he can possibly be under the circumstances at least he's got another another week of practice under his belt but. It's hard for me to believe that he still the same old Aaron Rodgers. But he came out very flat last week -- it and you know bill people who didn't describe is really rusty this. An injury I wouldn't either I just distributed. Directly at the plate and a lot. But I think it was a major major. Check mark for him to be dropped quite a little fired play operational must win game -- -- play that way. I think it'll play very well it's ready for weeks in terms of mentally being -- to cope with the -- And bristling at. That the sector is being helped so I think he's very gusty and the bristling at being felt that was what you know -- reaction from Scotland last night after the move social political. Exit -- why you need. Why you needed it's just an embarrassing I would like Sean -- somebody has a lot over in on the shot up. -- -- -- Because it's all just window dressing up with particular element what he -- -- -- the fighters -- election in your right you really political got it back out there. But that the entire week while you're here in black helicopters in the middle America. And -- pick him up or -- -- -- on to have that happen. John I think it's a great point tigers and I think that was the thing that was. Very very positive to come out all this sort of new focus on an injury suits the protocol after it happens. Mike my beef has always been with the rule changes to somehow sort of prevent -- which need -- my view none of worked. I look at the -- -- Jamaal Charles situation last night and that's a completely. Those all or. On preventable. Head hitting sideways fall on the ground on the ground Israeli I look at all the penalties that have been through all the flags have been thrown on the plays of these guys have been hit him. In ways that are supposedly dangers -- their head but none of actually I would say the percentage of those who give it in the flag and columns. How many guys that you got hurt in the way the the the blue flag was meant to prevent them from getting her garage to its tiny miniscule. So it's and to me that's exhibit beer or whatever the other point that. You can't protect from concussions and rules again and and to your point hammer hole in the off the field softer that's what's really valuable that's a really good that's come out of this. Really making the hurdles difficult to get back in -- you know with west. Another good example -- that that next week were you really need -- pressured the league's gonna go throw. You know Thursday games in the middle of of your schedule. That's just that's the good stuff that's really got a right that's really at the home run to me the rules the try to prevent the on preventable on the field sort of got the guts out from the -- Yet that the court you explain to me. It's against Baltimore. And he remembered the entire play. Where he didn't remember anything from the time. It occurred and so sideline but don't worry we will have to -- -- Errant. Gluten optical back in the game. And I hear that Obama. Given back in the right what we saw what ever written a card quick creek still remember you know I didn't yes stumbling young you. Put the fear it attractive -- the -- who I thought that being. While it looked pretty good and then it -- back for huddle he staggered yeah. They ran into the huddle he finished the game and then exceed a couple of playing normal. And that to -- words. That should never happen anymore and I don't think it will likely be critical for -- if -- epic legal field last week. What what we -- people who -- -- So -- all -- little much better job than he can because. They've got through it and protect it until we also -- -- or potentially -- -- so regrets there there -- interest in in. In mind is saying you know what particles tonight. Speaking of all this Tom where does this team stand physically going into this week. It says it looks like at least from the outside the recording is okay that's holders OK -- is as well as they could be at this stage of the season. Biggest concern -- about you know if you could put. Would re injury aggravated. And he's going to be compromise that's a that's a big problem I think that you know can -- pumpkins. In our committee and I think she's so -- we will see much approximately is this week. And I think that's the biggest concern. Because what people might we will release petrified of paradox and that doesn't mean that. With a critical sort of -- search area is what hurts you're not gonna catch -- -- when he got some feel they'll have to look cult or. And he's doing and really get down there and incompetent and as well. Which you can -- hard it would with you know. Different orders and maybe wanted to play on -- about. Some -- rookie of the year on this team that we were kicking this around in the media worker and the other day there are some guys were advocating for for Ryan for. Is his ability to come away were -- I think five picks this season you know some people talked about Colin some people talked about Dobson. Who who's the guy who stands out for you was there at the rookie year on this team. I would say collateral has to be in that mix I would take all of their notes that it Logan Ryan really and spoke like -- over those three. And I don't think it's welcome to Dobson who go -- Achieve higher than I think we anticipated them silk. And tepid statement that but I think a lot of focus has surprised me more than anyone for the most surprising rookie. -- -- -- right and start to finish has been. The most impact full but I think all of this happened biggest role of that. -- -- Hey guys that's Chris Jones -- -- -- there as well 11. One quick question that we were not going down the entry trail. One guy noticed on film would die you know personal -- respect for Genesis game and that the guy just blows people up and I loved watching -- play -- Brandon Spikes. But I did see -- -- film last week you get pancaked by Lovie Smith tied into used to be years turn into pretty nice blocking guy in buffalo. I sought to when he plays were to me it looked like the sky is -- so not himself right now. He's just not able to fight back when when he starts going one direction within the is this does he have the kind of injury that week off is gonna gonna help much or resist just kind of a right -- nothing to try to. The -- sort of survived and. I think it to survive it. From the indications that -- it's probably going to be something we have to be addressed the Nazis -- Four to become the freeagent -- but you're right. He is not playing a politically any extra network for six weeks -- Yeah I mean he he has some amazing utilized but he has a tough time you know. Just science that. And I figure skater direction and anchoring green side running forward so you know they're probably in and feel like situation there. You know it's not dire. But it sprain and a lot of players in different positions if you were running backwards wouldn't be able play whether he's running straight downhill. And you know heat seeking linebackers so he's he's able to do something but in terms anchoring in changing directions it's the work is. Pilot so let's forget for a moment who we think the patriots would be at a battery advantage to play next week. Tell me what you think is gonna happen in this game 1 o'clock so another words and they are gonna play next week. I think it's going to be extremely -- I think that Cincinnati and all over -- it will will really win out. I think the count on the back and among the quarterbacks you can look -- Eric Newman is not gonna -- symptomatic. And beaten good people got involved local. Both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick mentioned Terrance -- senior guard who was worthy of consideration. For all local. So that's a significant. God could be missing but I still think there's too much talent in the Cincinnati defense. And Philip Rivers. As much as he's improved this year stood offensive approach for the wrong team -- long time -- pick Cincinnati in the low scoring game here. In the late game in the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. I really creepy beat Colorado. I I don't think that's different Cisco. He's gonna go in their play well on the road area I just say you know -- knows there are. Right there with Seattle but I think they're in Green Day. In the elements. Coming across. I'd really like. The lyrics get Francisco I love that -- basically Rick relate. Is that I love that take his isn't our -- that's where the bracket busters and that the -- the team that's playing a wild -- weekend and people in the giants and the ravens in the you know Steelers do it in someone come out I think that's a teen people think it's coming -- Men that whether I think really changes in response to his present or. Funny would it mean that the last night's game you know it's called but in Hungary NBC a brought to a little bit. Fit. I don't think the letters. He's -- -- OK you look like -- Yeah. It -- -- stupid -- the editor Eric bolt like ten yards. We couldn't get a grip he was impacted by the weather significantly -- that's -- to a quarterback's feet which. But less so he did it with regularity and that was as important in the forty yard completion -- field but the weather impacts these guys. Especially the skill positions that -- Chris city alike in the two games that I I gotta go against Tommy here I got to save I think the 49ers could be that team could be that sixty to come out of the NFC and an opponent scared everyone sort of I'm gonna take the 49ers im gonna take the Bengals because I just don't believe in the chargers defense. And out by -- Item -- since the I'll stick with. Sampras -- I think their better team but I will not be surprised if if -- round so -- unanimous we all think Cincinnati's going to be here next week -- I'm picking at Cincinnati to win as well. But I'm with Tom on this when -- Green Bay. I just look I don't think either team. -- can prepare themselves for what they're gonna step into -- say got to practice and Eric at least they lived there aren't enough you know technical -- to the supermarket and you go oh my god -- this is cold. I don't know if anybody can be prepared for wind chills of minus thirty year or worse. I think the Packers are a little more acclimated to -- I think they're gonna find a way to win I just. Got to -- about these games he's the ability for coaches to throw their play cards that the nearest you know what local -- was found. Or we're gonna try to play and that's what I think web whichever coach -- select except today. Might make -- difference. -- appreciate it we'll talk to next week. Here by -- currency us and any dot com brought you by Tom currency -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard. Call 1800 get hair so we're unanimously think that Cincinnati Bengals come to Gillette Stadium on Saturday night. Well being morons by about 4 o'clock this afternoon in essence the 2013 and though he's told. Total idiots Noah knows anything about it and -- enjoy the playoff games are body when it will be back next Sunday morning. Not Saturday will be here Sunday morning. Will be able to -- -- the game Korea on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI.

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