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NFL Sunday: The Chris Kluwe Controversy and Freedom of Speech in the NFL

Jan 5, 2014|

Dale pokes the bear and gets Chatham and Price to debate the Chris Kluwe situation in which he called out the Vikings special teams coach and the GM and labeled them "coward" and "bigot". Chatham doesn't like his method of writing a column in order to make these claims, but Dale and Chris understand why he did what he did. Are Kluwe's opinions keeping him from a job in the NFL?

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Number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. One segment here that's a little different than the rest and then we'll get back to nuts and Bolten and all that's tough. I'm I'm more or less traffic cop okay I mean I I I really consider myself a traffic cop might my primary responsibility. Is to tee up the NFL experts -- priced from WE com Matt Chatham on meet current and just get the hell out of the wait for the most part. They're my friends but there are also very intelligent NFL guys so I follow them on Twitter. App seat price NFL. Matt Chatham 58. At Tommy current I'd follow them because they have really good information and -- interest in what they said. So I already know old Chatham wants to talk about this because I follow him on Twitter he's got their -- that we might actually have a segment this week about it. Waited and we're gonna talk long week. And we're gonna talk a little bit about the whole idea of free speech in. The idea of whether free speech crop cost Chris Kluwe he -- job in the national football now -- Chris Kluwe used to be the potter for the Minnesota Vikings he was also an outspoken activist activists. -- same sex marriage rights. He wrote us a piece on dead spin this week in titled I was an NFL player until I was fired by two cowards in a big. His suggestion is that Leslie Frazier and -- -- and where the cowards. And that Mike is right for refer I don't know as a price for price for the special teams coach was the big. It's a reasonably long piece. Recently while Britain I think caddies and actually pretty good writer -- an editor -- that probably. And and the premise since. He says that he got caught by the Minnesota Vikings because of that goes into great detail about it. Com. And I I I've followed -- so I know that you know he was out of chomping at the bit about some of this anyway. So I'm I'm I'm gonna let you start with this whole thing your thoughts about the peace on dad's been read this week from Chris Kluwe. Henry. And I here's here's my thing. I don't mean we don't really have a discussion. No but I know the teacher talking about I got into a little bit and I dropped out of you know maybe three forwards and -- the year if it was a with a beer or two. As part you Alec along the -- but here's my thing and and this is this is a principled and has enough to -- clue we have as politics and the thing that happened this job I'm disinterested in any article when when I -- pop into the thing. And you store. Year headline and again I also understand from the -- him point although in his text later he calls them cowards. But I also understand sometimes the headlines not actually done by the writers so you know maybe it's meant for over the top hyperbole if you try to exact. The collectors with Howard Howard and big bright. But I I from any writer's standpoint I think we all understand we answer the bully pulpit years and a microphone or in the column or whatever it is. I don't believe -- I think it is literally one of the most cowardice -- that you can do as someone re seen as someone walking to call someone like Howard. And not understand our future doing it. In an -- you chemicals account for -- worked on my plate. Like devil's advocate with -- for one minute a -- out just he's worked just let me just play devil's advocate with you for one quick -- Let's -- everything says a stroke Oca let's everything in the piece is exactly the way it happened. The the comments that -- -- for supposedly made in the special teams meetings everything stroke. The feel the same way about. Yeah I mean it was Smart thing is I'm not gonna read your stuff the vehicles are from -- But it so yeah you -- have you know it has largely at saint -- that word it's not like you have to label so this is not an anonymous -- -- I mean this is the -- republic republic varies with. -- is with on Twitter and not in the right now this is not. Some guy hiding behind to keep. A policy that this is this isn't some guy who -- you know anonymous sources said an unnamed source says -- stick in his name out there I mean this is a guy who puts of peace to his words and -- the public figured he has stood watch over to. In the siege people on a very Pollock when everything from politics aside this is not just to meet -- hoping anyway. He's this guy who's just lobbing bombs from. Relatives and it still -- and room face to face and that's this I think that's a culture thing from Twitter from long lines off from com enters that the back into things. Calling someone a coward. Through that medium is congress you know let's let's say that you can't stomach the accusations are just aware that your frame the argument that -- Carol it's just the war -- -- single work it's just the single world he's also calling someone like -- while you're doing it through a keyboard is he's also not. Doing he's not calling could go to calories calling a special one yeah Atlantic to -- about what he's not calling these bombs bursting -- they. Andy was very that it etc. but anything that's for that's declared that we power thing similar drugs or understate just a little self awareness thing to understand that your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hold clue years and didn't hole into his office but met with Williamson -- -- -- do when he's doing what you do. I really like what you're doing I'd like your approach like the fact -- -- outspoken on this subject -- I wanted to point that he had just bend the way wedding. Now one of his son's friends had just gotten married to -- same sex spouse and it was a beautiful -- and he any specifically said Chloe. Keep being an advocate for this keep. Keep you know sounding out the irony here is he goes back into a meeting with Leslie Frazier who had told him don't do this anymore. And he tells Leslie Frazier well that he will pull -- to keep it on this and Frazier seemed a little non plus and basically -- well like I guess I've been outvoted here. And and the irony of the whole thing for me. Is that I think he got the -- cut Purdue for Brees. I can -- that Pakistan was too expensive to be and -- slightly better than Everett potter in the NFL I also wonder if Chris Kluwe -- was -- Pro Bowl quarterback. -- and setting aside whether or not he would meet these comments if you would have been cut no he wouldn't be yeah course. -- punter it's easy to cut a punter who is by his own admission slightly above average. Are making too much money they saved a whole bunch of money. Tell it to put a kid in the spot who was slightly below average. So they're saying. Just in inept in the league with salary cap patriots cut guys all the time for money reasons it. Here's the thing so again by our own full full disclosure I didn't dive into it did you -- account but if it if you were point of view from the end of this is that. There's enough evidence that it may not have been because of that. But but I did catch the blur by a couple of highlights -- what he wants to come from this. Is he wants to make sure that that special teams coach never gets to coach again and that both of the other guys never did another opportunity to coach released someone has to look really hard. Sounds like. Everything I'm presenting here tells me that you are really might have meant for non football stop or before football reasons. But that I got this personal vendetta that I need to take out so again. But my bit -- -- thing is I didn't wanna given the politics over the -- wanna dive into the particulars because when writers choose this particular mechanism. You'll lose me because -- Indian army -- -- being accurate let me say he said specifically. He said he he he wants to make sure that -- for never -- the coaching position in the NF up. He then says I also hope that Leslie Frazier and -- -- Take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are the people they truly professed themselves to be. He didn't say he didn't want them to -- what's the rest of what nothing to miles about their futures -- out I don't know he just said and NM I'm quoting directly from his piece here. He said if there's one thing I hope to achieve from sharing this story. It's to make sure that might prefer never holds a coaching position and again in the NFL. And ideally never coaches at any level. I'm going down to the -- a couple lines he says I also hope that Leslie Frazier and Rick's Dielman take a good look in the mirror. And ask themselves if they are the people they truly professed themselves to. As well so he didn't say he didn't want them to ever work again -- Abdullah polio have got to work -- great for he doesn't wanna see him get a job once again in the interest of being accurate I just wanted to OK and here's the thing. He may have a great point you may have -- case -- you start to -- increment keyboard was so just drop that. Present case Robert -- opt to like think that Mike briefer said these things in the special teams meeting I absolutely -- I I absolutely believe that he said those -- here's -- here's the way it will now I mean there's a roomful of people so it's a kind of finger you're gonna come public with -- gonna have -- people -- either vouchers say fearful of -- you know what though I think that -- guys and you you've been the most special teams meeting before we talked about this -- -- the 52 53 minute roster. Necessarily inclined to speak out I think in terms of really speaking their mind in those situations with a possibility. But this look at -- -- -- a good job when you have a job you're probably not gonna call spiel man Frazier our. Publicly or privately you're probably do you wanna keep your job in the National Football League so you probably not -- -- it. He had some very vocal disagreement with briefer in special teams meeting he's -- -- in inlets. You know added this is important to remember in the context of this conversation he's -- very outspoken guy. In so we -- bring Chris Louis on to your team again setting the politics aside UConn in no way. Your sign an opt for unique circumstance here's the other thing to go I mean I understand that. We'll all what's going on and a full season regardless of it's a thing about politics or something with your family that's going on or whatever off field interest you have you don't need to bring that in the locker room and and people. Coaches how on this and it's such an immersive job if -- that the mental -- requirements to get this -- do it right are so high. That not because of what particular political -- you have -- because it's a distraction. That and in its interest him because he does mention and I'm just trying to scam this year's number I'm talking through this -- He does mentioned that it had been brought up to him that it was becoming a distraction from his team's coach I just want to talk to you about placing the ball here in a certain place I want you keep these terrible to worry about your party were about to holding. That's stuff is becoming a distraction have a bad game Richard you know that the but bad week after. Lost here again but recently at the point is there were on field thinks so. The ideals that. Off field stuff is starting to affect on -- play naturally stored in a great on the coaching staff and some of the other players the room. I but the -- point people come forward and out of that as well -- growth to political thing or not. I think most people generally -- at that way but like dude. Whatever into that's great maybe handle that march but especially when this was happening around a vote it was a during the season and you know to answer in November -- -- chris' question now. -- simply and easily. And I'll just use examples from the patriots just for the sake of making the discussion Tom Brady could -- -- Logan Mankins could say anything you want it Vince Wilfork could say anything you want it and don't anyway and they don't my point is they could say all the same things. Chris Kluwe we said ending don't anywhere or if you're a potter pretty easy to Jenna and I went after Ryan -- you're not -- -- But here here's the thing -- it its relief. It's putting forth the view that those things that you care about off the field which may be. Tremendously legitimate things. But it -- office that those were more important what's going on here and that doesn't -- wall locker within the guys are we supposed to tunnel vision -- -- for those five months. So again you know and again the -- -- bring -- the point. And all that you questioned for several. So your -- map to buy call me a coward that I am calling you by our over taxes being to our guests. Yes that's it that's my point. -- the cultures come that way were you feel safe. From wherever your city and a tight that I sort of got up were aboard he would have my face. And that's the point this is where the cultures -- -- I I go back miracle when and implement I mean they might as once you know that we have at FS. That you're you're not talking about. Again the texture anonymous EO guy leaving a message on up to the -- of restored to talk about -- -- -- Republicans republic figure who. Now has two gold acting too. An article front office. In if you want another job. Explain and so. -- ask you what he has to deal with them with a -- that he's. Brought into this situation for earlier us a great journey got an average out Leslie Frazier got a job -- humans got updated job now let it all about -- for I don't look at the numbers here frankly in just from a from a big -- statistical overview here. Minnesota special teams what their -- With -- with the middle of the road to have tip of the top third the weeks ago. I know again fear not I -- a lot of front offices are just gonna look at the bottom line is that it's good numbers of electing the tire parliament. I would think though that that a head coach who did bring him. Would say it can set this stuff in your special teams from the -- this stuff yeah but the idea that it's a death penalty is a skewed way oversell. It's something -- might be to be -- of -- fine for my opinion big issue but he's wishing will be on store there through Watson and guys are not textured as bring up a legitimate point here and and we will go to the break on. It's the coaches who rotted in the locker. -- -- -- -- He was making it was -- he -- do we are interviews he was he was answering questions that media members asked him about this topic. It -- it was the coaches and especially the special teams coach who brought it in the locker room not Chris Kluwe that is a fair point I think by the -- And in that picture was in a locker room and I don't I could top fired a couple of Texas and Gaza and all Minnesota the can verify the majority nature. Fire him off let's find out NFL Sunday presented by complaints insurance -- -- Polanski they shops or use a visit complaints he dot com today.

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