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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 1/04/14

Jan 3, 2014|

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It's time for answers the question jerk -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question. I'd be the texts are split. And IKEA and some like -- Whether it's -- -- got like half of the texts say I'm the the biggest in the wondering. Whether or not there's a temperature which buyer would -- super. The other half -- of course there's such a temperature absolute 00 degrees. -- where which is not earth does have so what are we talking about him out but theoretically -- temperature which. I don't know why are you talking that nobody has ever as Everett area yes -- never experienced I was talking theoretically -- value to. Theoretical I'm glad you're talking about it it's mostly -- Well I didn't think it would happen in this -- definitely weren't like some super conducting. Jobs in science -- -- it's like you I did not but I do remember learning an absolute zero. Mr. Clark at -- It should you ask should I got -- that that all lovers -- worked particular candidate Michael that you got days. I guess the answer. -- -- -- look at Jersey's tax put them on his -- oh yes. You like Virginia did in the winter classic the day thank you get that to gone over your queen -- month it -- the that's questions. How can you guys go for hours without talking at all -- last lecture herbal. That part because it was a pretty liberties of people and automated and pop yeah it did it to two minutes. We -- it and how about tonight about the game tonight Ohio State Clemson. Once wrote articles go clips you know mean that it's possible. State when. It wrecked. Nor their record is their last five games 24. My whole family. Killed. People course. Again and -- QB to a started yet. -- -- Not much. Of it was it was gonna watch the Bruins a little of the Celtics don't want to have bowl games in general lost it lost believes the stupidest thing that Europe and particularly game what is the what do you weaned from winning the -- Right recruits and accruals -- -- next year money for their conference and root for. I -- yes I just I think what you'd want reapply them they're too many to a bowl game just like to re NHL teams anything you'd go with better in the element in the got a last night getting their well this year lifetime opportunity to go right right played regular season Alabama still invested in it. Think of them as a better team publisher of Alabama sent an excellent -- -- prepare for this game probable Bob Stoops and it's which games they like the Orange Bowl. -- Credible or smoke -- -- and watchable as well like Cuba next question. What is your favorite pots of in the what do you like Younes please -- daily in for Internet equity during our travels. At the obstacles nuclear explosive. So Michael -- between there actually. Is actually -- -- a full. Miles of all this extra depressed over the torn do you love that guy. -- -- -- says that he will answer any question so. Yes or no. And of itself is a person if a person is against same sex marriage is that person that. Now. I don't necessarily -- could be. I don't know but -- it doesn't preclude them from being mean being against. Religious thing I think -- most view or just where you come from as the media hate your. It's. That but I just for personal use it as my. Home run. The next question. The pitcher to win the Super Bowl this year would that make Tom Brady's greatest quarterback yes so much him. It's the greatest Michael didn't show always -- it bravado is that it was polite is immodest. I -- the third best because you know Otto Graham and actually people that station Johnny Unitas. Immediately. If he wins foreign goes to six and twelve years don't you think makes agree I think especially because it happens in the in this salary cap here. Yet now that you're human and it did play differently okay. I mean a lot of little and if you're looking for ways with Ayers and -- loss -- -- -- into. In -- and what -- Manning. Again what Manning. Is great for the principal now. He's great he's already got it wrapped up as the great as a regular quarterback to ever play. -- man -- got that -- that honor got that trophy to put that your. Your game with you know other awards sportsman of the year. Thing you don't explain -- -- is -- like where you and it got their house -- -- here's here's the it and I can ever have -- libraries. And yes you realize that I am the greatest regular season quarterback -- all -- but he product. -- you don't put in the same rumors like your ratings. Or erase write about it if you have -- -- have a special place for it only got one well outlined Brady's 81 and 24 cents spike. Okay and what is. The winter pertinent. Anyone -- 21 -- she's. Scores do you prepare your tax return. Well hold you prepare your tax return. Or someone in your family prepares. Electorate that -- out there. It's too bad that she wasn't prepared a few years ago I got in trouble with -- it knew it. A lot of money. Lot of money answers. It's -- screwed up artist -- yours came after me personally I would come after you. Who are pretty well Michael read that column and -- hungry dolls we would not let you go it took -- -- -- spring. Lots. Audit by the state of Massachusetts a few years ago and a year in which indeed and a half thousand and they know they audited and executed that it did something wrong they were like yesterday to go to Rome received and sent him all the proof of anything like this was. Five years later though -- at the end of this that I -- them like 38 dollars. Just spent six. 7800 dollars and labored wanted me thirty so annoyed by whoever it is the animal line is you can't -- that you made more money than that the office. Next question 38 dollars yeah. Maybe it was sixty and it was it was a lot more in thirty days. And a lot weren't a hundred dollars through after you made more than 8000. Lesson learned. Next question. Only look for some. This year -- fire he has. -- Yes knowing how does it would -- in -- goal of one is that what viral blisters. And you brought this was that it was pretty fast -- states. It's getting harder and harder houses with you know if you were houses were -- -- -- it -- Favre was great I like the pass the smell and others does -- smell is driven with only -- that means that not your effort tonight tonight for a fire agreed to show the old walk again there. Ridiculous it just couldn't careless errors and how ridiculous you're like. Not here yet another question and other you know during the course. Next question to guys that you guys see Dick Sherman's. Top five most intelligent quarterback. -- petty name some pretty tough it's intercepted not in surprise surprise he did not put Tom Brady on his list. Of the five most intelligent quarterback who was this five. Peyton Manning -- -- Russell Wilson. But Angela -- and -- Aaron Rodgers. Honorable mention -- I don't over to Tom Brady that look if this were the top sixty. Dot -- Russell equities as it is what it is not that I think it is what is activists were top six in the end it that number is ours -- -- -- one of the best currently provide but there are guys that if you're the young guys have to step forward. To him but it's on -- -- all -- -- cheater. Cheaters and -- can new artist in that number eighty most conservative Alex. -- Tony Romo. It is. As best. Ultimately -- barriers. That he's played. Anyway that's -- whereas here for the day -- for the weekend might enjoy yourself tonight thank you too late -- at the Orange Bowl everybody great week and we'll talk on Monday we have -- -- -- do you know. We're Belichick when we don't know which certain. If we have Bill Belichick. We'll talk more unified enemies weekend featured in the memo. TV on TBS. -- -- -- -- -- -- we're done until Monday -- about it.

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