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Are people who go to sub-zero NFL games die-hard fans? Or just nuts?

Jan 3, 2014|

We discuss the frigid nature of this weekend's playoff games and whether or not taking on the cold makes you more of a fan or not.

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Given to the a lot of passes almost in favor of running game the check down throws to do anything anyway Hillary and watch them play and Philip Rivers is playing an offense that looks more similar to what Brady did early in his career what you've seen from Manning a lot of the quick throws quick check downs is not a huge surprise it is accuracy numbers -- -- -- -- -- like the I don't like that mentality. The easiest path. In terms of who you play. Like get a -- I you'd like -- have yet that we like to play two games rather than three minutes that's obvious and it it helps you physically to. To rest right now where the Denver in the -- and or or Seattle or Carolina two games get to the Super Bowl basket. But when you're one of those teams it has about. I just think your mentality has to be we can't wait can't wait until somebody comes here. Ams can be hell you say yes and that's not the mentality of the patriots fans right now right now I would have now you look at this it is not what is this team that are due to other people. How to other teams have to matchup with them it is. Oh boy. Give me the easiest way to get a feeling like him because after this team is more likable than some of the recent versions of the end. That's a respondent Bob Allen was in talking about this -- and was the first Monday was its last week. Right before New Year's. -- before Christmas he was saying it was just before after the diapers to I'm David -- after that. Some pretty grossed -- But there was he was talking about how. He really prefer is these shears team likes him so much -- what are all these different reasons why basically what I realized he was wrong he did not like them for the reasons he thought he did -- like an underdog. He likes -- team that isn't expected to win the -- the patriots have been. For the last few years and this team as you're saying right now people are doing and don't expect them to win. The way that expectation has been and maybe it's just maybe it's the injuries Mendez and everything that sort of related to this season in and what's transpired throughout the year. But no one and maybe just begins a long enough since they've actually won a Super Bowl bet that the expectations for the -- changed. But I think people expect them to win a super ball right now. They don't expect them to tell that to even get to the Super Bowl happens great. And makes it so much more fun anything they do becomes value added for what you -- were open for this these. Yeah I think -- I don't I don't think it's Aaron Hernandez. Injury thing at all I think it is the manner in which they play. Advocates though a lot of the comebacks and the the close wins. Over some you know some teams that are good some teams that are and it it's it's it's hearts you. Just take a snapshot of the patriots in state this is who they are. You know what distracted the strength is he an ambiguous character strength as a Herm Edwards said it and a lot of people within their right. The strength as they can adapt to any situation. So try pinning down a chameleon. Let -- they are their commitment. So it's hard to say they're good at this well -- that they are they're gonna put the game calls for this. They can pretty much adapt to whatever the game calls were they if they have to get into a shoot out. They can be a shoot out -- they have to win a close game a low scoring game. They can do that do. If if they need to. If this just like an ugly. Ugly game in the elements. Mother filed with that and they. If it's a nice 65 degree days Steve from Fall River December. And it's it's perfect conditions -- -- -- If it's a negative 55 windshields go to Chicopee Obama follow John I don't par -- it. Exotic hey how you don't -- that we had. -- -- You were commenting a couple of hours ago I was I was in the car and I wanted to call you. But the Cincinnati game over will win when they beat San Diego if you remember. Prior to that game the week before they go on to Miami and played the dolphins and beat them when it was like 88 degrees. Dallas that would that the game would -- Winslow was carried off the field from exhaustion. Yes yes and to add another point I was at the Tennessee game when they when they beat them I I don't remember the score was like. You know seventeen to fourteen. I would never do that again. I would never do it again it was a last minute thing I was wearing five layers of clothes I was wearing twenty pairs of socks and might he still -- I watched the entire second half walking around the horseshoe. At the stadium just just to get some feeling back in my feet and I couldn't wait to get out there win or lose adequately. It's just Texas of this is true and says someone died at the ice bowl is that true. But if -- die at the ice bowl you know that's never that was an addiction to book. And an instant replay remember that -- and there are all I had no idea of banking that would die at the baseball. -- am not surprised that that's the case I told. Or she get frostbite and its exposure. And it. Right someone dies the -- -- there. Elderly he's always. -- He died after someone died at the epics but he probably angry outburst and he died where there you get angry dramatic dramatic accessible. -- -- To be remembered. On a lot of earth but that final moments you know what was the wasteful and apparently told them don't leave. Your final moments -- going through a -- in game one man died in eleven members of the University of Wisconsin crosses marching and taken us. Today. -- -- lost the thing that you frostbite exposure or. -- fainted this uncles that here. I would've done that is a hard to fake fainting. I don't know I never think that my life but I'm sure that if I was out -- red card Brussels. Attackers -- man card. Did you hear that guys who just called he was out the stupid game against Tennessee and he said he would never do it again. I'm with them or I wouldn't do it the first time. There are thousands of people who schools shoot him down today. I'll take -- take -- -- snorted yeah that's right sounds -- you take my tickets I'll sit at home watching my nice -- and likely get a match with the announcers and all the stats and everything else I -- I can't imagine having an opportunity to -- the Super -- and then and then turning it down questions -- -- -- -- got an opportunity ago no -- It's a problem and -- -- -- general -- Hampshire today. Do her. Support. -- had to leave the little. The little rhythm until you got it. I'd do it right now correct me if I'm wrong but it -- -- targeted the only seemed to be demanding. That. To beat the Manning's back to back. Them and brother to act this year was I mean Eli Manning only two games all year cares. And -- were they the only way they the only team to play the Manning Brothers back to back this year. Generate how many times you think that's happened on the they've always played in different conferences. While their children grow -- seriously how many times do you think it team has played Eli and Peyton and back to back games. You know sarcasm to anger out. I don't understand. -- -- You stay classy San Diego. I don't -- Beat the man is it back to back he's a he's a big chargers is it just -- Now that that's what those of you mean geez is -- the Manning's back to back of all the things you could possibly brag about at them seem like one of Chris is in Plainfield High Court. Hey you don't get -- -- pick up. Opened to be taken but harper you don't but just to candle -- to not only the Tennessee game but all the other cold games and the bad weather is in the one in fifteen seasons and everything else on the line. You know we -- we don't want people like you on that in those and. I don't wanna be there are they are what -- nobody. -- -- one more -- we go to those and why are you more of a fan being at the game the watching the game home. Com it's no kind of like a rite of passage it's kind of like about something where you get a little bit. More closer to the team did that you're that much more of a fan. You don't have to be a lap of luxury to be -- -- And that's -- there's -- reason -- they call that fair weather fan and not someone goes through tough times they take a little bit more from it that you earned -- a little bit more. I don't know man I I don't know I I've I've certainly been a fan of teams my entire life. I loved sports and -- teams so much that I got into this business and decided this was going to be Allen made a living. I never considered myself to be less of a fan because they didn't like go football games in the freezing cold. I would be in the freezing cold I still love football love the teams are loved and watched watched him play every single week as a wanna you wanna go there and watch it. What you when you when you go to those games with the same people at the address at the same way to protect themselves from it -- -- attention there's something that you gain from it. Chrissie about -- guys I don't like you guys are aren't gonna agree on this but you can help with your crews went what do you do. So what do you do and I can tell you what the Tennessee game you know you went to other cold weather games and it carmody did what you will -- -- help us out. All right now I got minus 32 degree boot on -- -- did canticle. Said again that Al -- again that goes down to minus thirty degrees. It's not just at war I'll let you stay warm about the him as the season. Never bet against him to so call you you're you're you're fine you're toast to gear. No I hope. Thursday bit of fire -- let me get a coastal and then you go in the game. I'm not a drama comes about in the game that he can't bring up. I'm I'm talking about -- in this stadium America with the tailgating experience of talking about watching. Our. -- in the stadium is really not a lot you can do -- -- -- watch game you don't want to miss it but when there are timeouts you go to bat I think it's warm in there at least a warmup -- there. Or near freezing but he -- is he is is something you keep -- yourself to warm up workers. Ya. Know any honest don't lie to me on the radio and Arlo. You know out of god and Iverson was -- shore. Like you've never credit yourself to warm yourself off. I had -- -- -- probably aren't thank you Chris and John mitochondria as adjusted. Some more us noble facts -- a spool faster. Who are pretty quickly payless fall and the only one person died look at that -- that frankly -- -- president what that stadium. Frank Gifford put his cup of hot coffee and it froze within two minutes away it's an -- for a -- You ever wanna be out -- that what temperatures appear freeze gallons of anti -- were purchased the gas station across the street and were -- over the press box window is to keep them from freezing there's somebody drank it because it was so cold there like -- out here to chug -- Steele later fans in the first row -- -- field kept on plugging the electric -- of the heated benches in the Dell's site. I I. Guess an uproar that it so there Kroger and green -- take more of these calls posited that Julian and stuff but promised ex alcoholic that UB. There's dismiss this as NFL films music for the winter. It's called old man winter is it but it's an NFL films song yes. -- they're prepared. They have anything for negative 55. But this is purchased when it's cold out there some snow. Tom Brady Reid has steam coming out of his mouth. The ouch yeah -- and together with. The finger. Ball -- the ball's here that changes -- he's themselves. Somewhere to get that from where you know say you've done that before you know somebody was damaged your basket drive fees that. Well actually get to meet city went into the bathroom to get warm air. I kind of -- my mind way that you would do that at a certain point you would get so I'll hold that would keep you warm out there but she would have been dating habits of you could be able to hang around people now discussing what you're looking around I'd be such a miserable person to be around to begin with nobody wanna hang around here he would freeze eventually. I guess that would be -- terrible. Joseph wasn't chosen -- when I got to look at yourself. Tell what's going on. We noted that Joseph. And a couple of thoughts on playing in tonight's poll are. Let's let's bring her home so close to home -- mall -- what sports for a moment imagine that the patriot two point right yes OK here I think you're right now to vote and agree what what I am a little but -- -- -- -- -- -- All right -- -- opportunity. To get seats. Conservatives speaking. And counting the cracking and -- some people say it's a 102. None -- -- ever get it for free though let's let's commute for -- you have free tickets. Well uncle uncle Michael is that you are free tickets to consider before you got you got got got to I got to two at the fifty I can't I can't help you a parking but you've got free tickets -- now -- to a parking it's like 600 dollars number no seriously about it. About fifty bucks of parking so. -- -- a warning goes -- -- I would take that extremely serious I would rather. -- -- -- What some -- And joy and beautiful and TV yeah. And you know have a good time some friends and family. I've been sit there at that -- the outline even if you give -- I'm not saying yeah. And the depth and literally you know like and chip. Announced what do you and your life is not going to be in jeopardy helmet to the guy died at the -- that REIT is tie -- -- -- 68 you're barely exactly got 68000. People this game will be sold out in England won the local community will not have to come in and save the patriots. To lift the black. Oh. 68000 people have dealt with that many of them have. Dealt with multiple times. And day they are here living to tell about it. They thought that extremely excited -- always took his life in jeopardy or not just the your life project created a lot of ground to bigger than what we have to do and ulcers is gonna stop. Criticizing the patriots fans. For not being into it enough I hear -- and -- in other peoples and -- would do that again so people we're going to the games are doing something that. Many people wouldn't do. And if they're not cheering loud enough for your -- can. Get a break you wouldn't be out there are now in twelve degree weather. I would not think I I copped to it immediately I would not be the bigger picture part of this though. It's just the way the NFL game has changed trying to forgetting about just the cold in in Green -- the fact that it that they needed extensions to sell playoff games out. In three NFL cities -- of which I think we consider to be pretty good NFL cities Indian Green Bay the third be in Cincinnati. It is is at least. Any indicator of how the game has changed and how they have adopted such ATV friendly thing the NFL more than any other game. Was almost designed to be watched on TV with all the camera angles all the stats the announcers the complications -- need for replay. The game is so consult there's so much going on. On every single play an HD has just brought out so many interest in parts of the game. That -- That's where they make their money they sign -- what three billion dollar deal with television. And are we surprised when ticket prices are high the people aren't as excited to go to the game when watching at home is such a such a great experience. Well we've talked about this with some of the summer teams that are are thinking about new stadiums or updating their stadiums. They are talking about having. GB's. Better more TVs. At the arena so they're basically trying to lure people -- like you off the couch get off the couch and come to the stadium. Wi-Fi is a big part of it. This is not a factor now but it's factored in the regular season checking on your fantasy football team. Making sure you're informed and other games even though you're at this game supposedly with all of your energy. Directed at this team means something you really think about. It has become. I think they wanted it to become a TV sport but now it has it has exceeded -- the money is in the TV and that's where they're making most of the money so why not -- mean at some point drop down the prices a little bit to make it more you know a little bit more worthwhile to go to the games especially if you're having trouble silence only dropped the prices when they're forced to right now there are forced they're getting -- look at it may say on this is an aberration. As you just you just pointed out Seattle Seattle tickets sold out very quickly. The patriots won't have problems selling their tickets. You look at Cincinnati and Indianapolis. A couple of backwater. Not like that urbane greenback exactly. But now Green Bay is a great. -- -- that's a great football town it's all that got. I don't because most of the I don't are also up part of the ownership that they have an issue I don't wanna Saturday I don't consider Indianapolis secret for now. -- that he certainly. It is a great football town but I certainly didn't think they would have any trouble selling tickets. And I was definitely surprised when I saw that Indianapolis with its recent football history and with a Andrew Locke was having difficulty selling playoff tickets. Now I guess I was pretty surprised they still think they're sucking for luck at all by the tickets allotted tickets so Peter King we don't want that campaign Peter King was on earlier today. With -- -- Maloney talked about the patriots and as they get ready for their game next week in people who could jump out and surprise you in the name. That he brought up probably isn't a surprise new englanders but maybe to the rest of the country. I mean I think what happens. Is that you adjust to the personality out. -- only done and I think that Julian Edelman has a chance in the policy and to. Burst into America's living terms. Julian Edelman going to burst into your living room next -- next Saturday and I hope not. No I think more likely is that going to be a surprise guy he's from my Julian element a lot of people don't know. I've -- the star of the of the patriots win their playoff game. Against Cincinnati or Indianapolis or Casey probably Cincinnati or Indianapolis. They went their playoff game is going to be. That the stars going to be a name you've heard before it's probably going to be -- -- like would your reply or Steven -- you'll be here saying hey. You'll be apologizing. And questions Steven Ridley. I was done with them. After week's seven week eight week nine but look at the game he had yesterday ran for a 114 yards and a fifteen yards a couple of touchdowns great ground game from the patriots. I think -- those guys on the backs are more likely to be. Of the -- Lee Daniels gonna do you think mcdaniels gets it he's going -- hard ball and that's going to be their strategy. Having their best chance of winning games the Julian Edelman side because I agree that Julian Edelman side of it is interesting because. He's the one who ended up. Or whether he plays the same position or not whether the clones of each other or not. Whether it was intended this way or not he sort of ended up taking Wes Welker spot as the guy what hundred plus catches -- that are. He's also going to be the next one is gonna have to get paid in this offseason is contracts on. So you pay him is he is DA. -- is the easy creation of this offense which I believe he has or is he good enough and unique enough. That you need to pay him to me this is an obvious answer how many times do we -- all this is the guy you've got to pay only to find the Bill Belichick says no I'm not going to do that he wants to leave. I'm going to eventually let him leave my system is good enough but especially at this position all filled with the next. It's it's amazing that the the entire league had their shot Julian cattlemen. And -- really have anybody. Who was interest and enough to it to step up. And give them something to think about and came back to the patriots almost like. It really have another option. I think you'll have options. In this offseason. If the prices. Even mildly. Above what the patriots expect to -- I don't think they'll -- Public you know what the greatest thing about him and his Brady continued all day to it that's what he says I'm used to it. Now you know what makes -- conversational more interesting is if they win the Super Bowl. They wanted to super ball M maybe. Maybe they do bring about -- -- on what is of all the guys in the Super Bowl MVP years. Deion -- -- -- -- He traded Deion Branch what a couple years later -- of the opportunity WL the more money. By I want a lot more mare finally you want more money than we're willing to pay you bye bye have fun in Seattle will bring you back when you come crawling at the very end of your career when both of us are are desperate you're a lot more desperate -- we are. -- -- pay the money now let's Seattle paid the money and you'll -- at the end John's in his truck I -- John John was going -- It into an area that's the million man. They are a lot because it -- well and I've been to a lot of the differ reachable bowl games have -- and it's all a game. -- Play a game against Oklahoma gonna hear it. Yeah when we speak my he would meet in regular season it would most union reception is great moment -- I was at the Tennessee Titans playoff game Ireland. -- -- Or did that he would get all the what moves. So cold my it it probably had about twelve players. Good every piece of Gelman don't demand to keep myself law it was it was brutal. And in the taco -- Eddy Arnold would pit fire we had to act in the PL aren't around I think it's appropriate. And that was memorable night but I hope I never go through that again. And you're old enough to extinguish flames. Now that scientifically possible to be old enough to extinguish flames now -- you are you sure. All right you're jobs just talking about the the fire pit Apatow doesn't extinguished. What does it became difficult enough to looks the only real. You need to deprived of oxygen in. Do it feels like at some point it would get cold temperature ever heard of strong win and established buyer how it makes it how -- sustain. A win for fires -- they want out of the brings oxygen I just wondered whether or not there was a level of cold which which flame just. And it gives up perfect temperature helped win that game for the patriot. The Tennessee game it would happen at the end Drew Bennett. Dropped that he is wide open -- -- they've -- -- resorted to Charlotte at the hands are like that. One game reports the very least. Because it tied the scored if not one Steve McNair had. Hi Rodney Rodney -- in the area Drew Bennett has dropped that we drafted because. For home you know Steve -- you know -- -- earning. Two yard catch. Yeah and he being at home. In those conditions really helped. Partly it's the question coming up in a minute Archie got some early questions today which aired a moment list but he got a question any question any subject like he's in the building. Just text 379837. AT&T tech's final answer questions -- now that we.

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