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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 1/3/14 - NFL Wildcard Weekend Edition

Jan 3, 2014|

Four topics at 4PM centered around this weekend's NFL Wildcard Playoff games.

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-- And now -- -- Silicon Valley store or roller board or the four. -- -- -- -- Well we solved. On it's rate W. -- there are 44 brought you by CB on -- and yes I do about. Question for you that I'm curious and then right after a while for accurately I wanna know this is the real back story behind your new relations you know keeps right on the Internet it's got to be true. -- sink backs aren't ours is to your Google my name again this distracting. Terrible results. Question number one. San Diego Chargers got hot at the right time and now they're in the playoffs. Could the Philip Rivers led chargers surprise anyone and make a run this year in the playoffs. Jobs. I'd buy it I buy it because. What you have and so this is this is how would happen. San Diego would have to go to Cincinnati where it. They were they played here earlier this year they lost by a touchdown on seventeen or so you're sexy -- chargers. -- -- -- -- Greatest song and exports this song here. Little garage band hit it have aspirations of making ridiculous what you get together for the love -- the music they produced this but. Then San -- would. Not to go to Denver. Divisional opponent they've knocked off this year could pick a different way. Just think -- Donald wants. So now. We're left with. Either way Clinton. Horror. -- city Denver. Amazed -- against the Indianapolis. Knocked up your city twice this year ticket they'll let us. Miserable. It's a long way to go I think they're good team I think -- yet they're capable of it is about you know. It's good is it that that song though that ever competitors works. There's going to be another song and sports now. It's not the Super Bowl shuffle the T pain version of the mine we don't some -- that you know. -- -- I don't know what might be but you don't like -- -- -- about it they're good I think they're scary to Yemeni. Is it in the majors can't play them in the first round the only team couldn't play -- rivers I think of the four quarterbacks playing tomorrow in this weekend. Might be the most battle tested with -- man with Lehman says that he had -- building Andrew Luck is beatable don't crazy Terry's team. All the way to New York this year but those rivers the good quarterback. They get a good defense and they were number eleven ranked defense this year points wise they're pretty -- -- -- got out of the right time of the year. Up north and tell the chargers first round opponent since many angles or thought as being dangerous team. They've been very inconsistent and firing their pretty damn good team consent C find themselves making published Nelson -- the the camp now -- what it is very simply now Andy Andy -- as their quarterback and he's not good enough to. It's sort of an adult yet. Do you think of an example and in somebody out there probably in Australia this that this has happened -- mean. 1979. But I can't think of an example of the coach quarterback combination. It never won a playoff game before it into the playoffs before never 11. And then. -- on Iran. To win three playoff games. And the super low. After having zeros. On their -- I can't -- anybody doing that so Marvin Lewis gets its first second third and fourth career. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean it doesn't qualify -- was article written for them so that's. It's it's adopted by them and let its rhapsody for the how. Now Britain. A quarter quarters quarters. -- -- -- find -- at the -- Bruins do the -- not rocker's -- which again not written for them but it probably got cut -- -- song that is written specifically. The San Diego -- I think it's the only number I am thinking oh well -- -- -- -- -- so they had acquired -- best songs but this sport yes on in the history of sports. Well the -- -- I mean brass bonanza Saturday typically identified with the way better than stadiums on veterans better than the budget article in Iraq general parked matter at all but it ala. New England Patriots -- we were beset with humorous that now. I don't know that I remember what last year members. And it -- had it and do a song about each of the 32 teams even harassment -- that patriots on you remember that. Ago it was OK but it -- that came out I guess there's. The boys acrobatic lifted -- entered. Yeah -- bad idea. With the popularity nationwide. -- Indianapolis Colts have been right arm and legs Andrew -- all season and the colts right Andrew Luck trained to Super Bowl glory yes. That's my pack my pre season picked. As the colts against the Seahawks in the Super Bowl and I still feel good about the whole aspect of it by. They're certainly capable of -- an offering. Reggie Wayne I feel whole lot better hold the team. Mean it they won games -- -- playoff teams this year Andrew Luck has been very good under pressure one playoff game a year ago as the experience. And is not great but it's not the worst defense you've never seen either. If they get run and play some good football catch a break. They're capable of getting to the Super Bowl maturity. I -- their you know I don't like them I think they're a little. Too inconsistent for my taste and got some impressive wins -- And in their column they knocked off the Broncos they've knocked off the Seahawks. They've been they've been very good candidate they shut down the achieves. By a couple of touchdowns and played earlier this year. But it just too inconsistent from actors you know you you look at a team. This time a year and he's taken that team put it together and get hot. And and win three straight to get to the Super Bowl. I'd be surprised. If they did not register with all these questions about AFC teams. None of them would shock me out to -- that. Wouldn't be shocked. Because I think the AFC one through six is fairly even. But I'd be surprised by -- -- that they really. We have one battle lost here. We look at them this year they lost five games right -- week two of the season they lost to Miami 24 -- right about especially the beginning they're good game back and forth a although it was a home. That's a they lost at San Diego in nineteen tonight's -- now playoff and gave a supercharged they lose it here's brought their worst loss to Saint Louis 38 to eight they just got rule -- -- By Saint Louis in the middle of the year but that there are the two losses Arizona who finished with the same record -- -- -- probably would have been a playoff team for an -- strong NFC. And and Cincinnati at a playoff. They have not have the other than the Saint Louis one of home battle lost you know what they've had an Arizona Cincinnati both come on the road they've got that. During the season they had that patriot disease to where they would get off to really slow starts. And then have to fight to come back and they did it a couple of times one. Really impressed that they didn't think they -- it -- Houston. Like the patriots did they also pitted against Tennessee. He got down by twenty points and then we're able to come back win. Like the patriots you do that post season stuck -- turn out to -- wins against playoff teams I still think picture. -- The Kansas City Chiefs season has been a tale of two seasons the first half of the season they were undefeated and since then they've been almost completely terrible. -- the chiefs get hot again and make that -- I like the chiefs. Like their personal -- defense their coaching staff like Alex Smith. Deathly afraid of Jamaal Charles in this home run ability. Track star ability. Only thing I don't like about the chiefs is -- history you know what was the quarterback the last time -- -- -- chiefs. One play off game would super won a playoff game won a playoff game a month to month. One Super Bowl Super Bowl three was -- -- -- to glory forever and for over to report. The -- efforts of corporate jets -- So the next year to beat Minnesota if -- AFL wins again -- boss from Kansas City you always refer to them as the former world champion 1970. The last and -- Super Bowl that's purple about -- this will never happen again that's the trouble with -- at 230 in the afternoon. For. It was out of her Tulane stadium light up just short or where they go God's. -- yeah. -- -- That so that there's not -- there's -- -- the millionaire he would winning right now we are happy to have the fees and they had. After the debacle of last year they've got a couple of all pro players. That they got the talent they just don't have the history of of winning the game. I'll go the text message here 37937. The shafts. Are fake good at that they are there fake it. Decent team and not a bad teams but they were the worst team in the league a year ago that's gotten better with a new quarterback and new head coach those things matter and had some talent already but they're -- that they be one playoff team all year long they're they've been good not great and they were much better at the beginning of the year and have been at the end of the year. I don't think the chiefs are bad teams but I think there's good -- -- don't think it hasn't got the sport right yes before he gets to have been and his girlfriend. The basketball this question here. Which team. Outside of government -- and it is it is in its own category and they gotta buy the patriots but which team. Could the patriots facing you'd say. Man -- I'm afraid is. I don't wanna see him. -- -- -- -- It's -- -- -- -- -- probably say Diego that the closest but that's the one team making a play in the in the air first on. But I'm -- during the playoffs -- a -- -- look the team would be San Diego but -- order to face San Diego they would have to that the chargers have to knock off the Broncos and ordered it. To me if the fate could do that team that you call a fake news -- the chiefs and got playmakers on defense. Have playmakers on offense. Got a coach who is. Who's been there before who has been in big games before that -- -- the job in big games there's been there I don't know. So we think that's fit that's the only thing I could really knock someone is just. History does that really matter. It flat -- what matter. In January you are going to be thinking about using the Kansas City Chiefs and Alex Smith are going to be thinking about you know Joseph Montana. And. Or court rulings the exhibit 97 I don't mind that stuff but. The culture of winning learning at an avenue kind of figured out along the way I still think they're there in little ways off these are coming up Rezko a person by the choices test. -- -- The cats. Passing notes ads casting was the royal rulers rally cry and nice and -- contender but it's not the head of the Britain that have the beauty you hate testing like a lot of people and I don't hate it -- I don't hate testing you hate as the -- I had less -- I used to -- There was nothing worse than switching dirty water in Tennessee. One's rights -- Oh. Well I thought I hit it at the fact that it's now after dirty water -- which more acceptable. And play dirty water that's on details. I like better than sweet Caroline Baltic to -- Carol yeah. And again. In the week especially since you know sweet Caroline. That the story -- written and I read you for Yahoo! News where I saw this this. Some say it is romantic. Others call to decrease. But and I'll leave her name off because in trouble this -- eat his story but this girl does not seem concerned what others will think of her recent search. -- -- She posted copies -- -- no. Around town addressing ban. He mystery man she met recent mean she felt she she felt it was a missed romantic connection or no red band from the specific bar. I made the wrong choice on December. Eight left off home. The determined woman -- I print it off about 75 notes and I think I got about sixty up all of them on down. Restore what happened the other fifty notes on. This woman -- somebody. Else. To -- now. And that's what. The that's what looks. Already starting to -- -- so shut him down and she said she set down their friends with piracy and put him. Unity the wrong choice offseason. And maybe it means your home with somebody else. She combined the old fashioned method post and signs of online efforts and search using the Twitter account. The Twitter hash tag behind -- -- and and then spread across social media -- many who -- on the woman's quest for love because parents accident one hunt down she told the that they met at this restaurant any memorable. Long conversation about. Religion eight. Morality culture and how do you define culture and a society definitely. Not things you just randomly talk to someone bar wasn't that -- -- -- clearly made an impression on court. -- and this is really yeah. Do you think I'd have those drunken conversation between she explained I chickened out. Atlanta Arizona getting his parents -- -- and after was our -- the importance of yes and yes that's right. Good after five batters threw me. They were talking to on this -- -- -- she says I chickened out and left without getting his number were giving mine -- just ride the object of perfection. He's probably early to mid thirty's white male with brown hair. Long brown. Brown -- average. Comparable or better than Tim Tebow now. Other than the -- sounds like our guy young men could pass early in there could be almost thirty times you turn 29 month 29 he could easily be 32. At least according to connect those -- your story. Courtney and I am very happy. A little disappointed in Yahoo! News for twisting the facts a little bit but we're good. Investor opportunity opportunity lost sorry court I'm still confuse opportunity now -- -- this woman. Printed 75 signs and only got sixty -- what happened the.

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