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Peter King, SI, goes around the league with Mut and Merloni

Jan 3, 2014|

King gives his take on the pressing issues in the NFL including potential sellout problems this weekend and Chris Kluwe's comments.

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Always part of our patriot Friday as. -- ready for wild card weekend patriots into the bye week they'll play one of three teams. That -- this weekend Mott and -- 937 WEEI Peter King. The Monday Morning Quarterback -- joins us on the line. -- it's a Peter you had Seahawks patriots early in the year I've senior updated pic of patriots over Seahawks. It's Super Bowl 48. I also see a joint settlement as the MVP call that one back in the pre season Q when you -- got an update the idea I -- if you. And I called Julianna and -- a hundred Alter -- accurate it's you the one Peter -- I would. I mean. The way I look at. This post season. England it's going to be continuing in. Tom Brady making you weird guy that was done most of his career. I mean it -- -- this is redux of Corey brown the year because all the balls. And you know he. That's the thing about this team you know kinda reminds him greedy right now is in her work. You look at her work last month remember how he was a total loss -- when he lost. When he lost refueling. They play for release her about a month and he couldn't find a weapon. And what happened is he got. He -- used -- great weight and to Rick doctors and and a bunch of guys like air and and that -- even harder for a Richardson. Sole -- I think what happens. Is that you share for the personality out. -- -- he's done and I think -- Julian Edelman has changed in the policy in two. Burst into American living -- You know you talk about Andrew Luck when you look at you know this weekend in the potential opponents for the patriots next weekend. Is it because of Andrew Luck is where where do you rank Indianapolis who -- the one -- the you'll be afraid of. I'd be -- sentiment. Which is the team the perimeter their patriots are currently in yet yeah I mean prayers you know one thing I think it's probably become. A lot of people probably in the English and I must say that I watched an awful lot of it keen to. You know the game -- earlier this year and obviously when. In the patriots went to Cincinnati and lost the game. And and a lot of people say well you know the torrential downpour. Again and all that and I don't have a crystal clear. Memory of that but the one thing -- you remembers that. For the first at least. Like two and a half quarters bickering. You know it was kind of crummy weather but you know they were able light. And I think if you look back at that game and I remembered thinking about it. If I'm not mistaken I think the patriot target like Niedermayer first and possessions so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And even the angle that you know aren't -- they're very very formidable foe. For a lot of teams they've played you know look at teams in the playoffs Cincinnati. You know his speed you know that he even though they haven't played maybe. As tougher schedule. As a team like San Diego. Mean they've beaten -- They've beaten Green Bay. They've beaten. Seen the -- beaten Indianapolis so. I mean. He sprinkles. I don't I wouldn't predict them to go to our early in the game but there's going to be one of the -- divisional test that the patriot. Well and the reason I. I've flipped a month ago I agree with you Peter are now looking Andy Dalton. And the four picks in week seventeen of the twenty picks for the year and say. A those three quarterbacks luckily through nine Alex Smith -- -- view is a a pretty competent game manager any Dalton that the guy that might have that. Two or three pick game and -- a guy threw interceptions and eleven of of sixteen games this year. Is Andy Dalton he's the one I can imagine having the turn over filled game that gives the patriots defense and their offense good field position in game on fox. I don't know I would be president of I mean you don't who we've never equate to play opting. At the ball in his -- 2323. Progression. He is not for touchdown pass yet and you know that access something it says to me that. Let's see you do it they wouldn't spotlights -- brightness and so I think. That guy in my opinion this weekend got under most pressure and all these innings. -- -- -- You know it's funny talk a ball pressure because today it is not be playing this week the week. We both agreeing that this post season and the race to get to the Super Bowl in the AFC the -- got -- the most pressure on the ms. Peyton Manning. The show that he can get by you know first round at the potentially beat Pate Tom Brady you know in Denver to would you agree that there's more pressure on him and anyone. Oh without any question I mean I I think that everybody's going to be. It's such a media saturated society now watching the NFL. That if they meaning doesn't win this year with home field in in -- 37. After -- -- and when -- went. You know but it it was the same last year and they bloggers media. The Broncos just couldn't hold on at the end of any at all or interception. And over aren't so. It's is this is this is a postseason that. Your Peyton Manning. And you plane in the AFC championship game on. I am more than a few -- the morning I woke up at my hotel and Edgar on the Sunday a couple of weeks. We're talk in the Monday Morning Quarterback Peter King let's. It sounds like they're gonna avoid a but it came down to a couple of extension the last second that that three of the four playoff games Peter. Took a real long time did the sellout their games I'm not sure if you write about it Monday but how do you view that is that a problem the league at three of their four took until. Friday morning early afternoon eastern time to sell -- playoff game. Well and many they needed help from the corporate community can do so sure. I mean I don't know I think that it's. I think it is telling. I think. The NFL in a lot of ways it sort of reaching the saturation point. You know in what they charge their customers. But I would be a little hesitant to. Durham any conclusion in green today. -- I just think it's. You've got to be a different kind of person. Pay 800 dollars. To be in minus thirty windshields or else. I guess I'm I'm starting out there are bigger -- and I am. I'm saying they have a great time with the game I'll be watching at home in if the game is not -- at home that's the risk that you take it but. I don't know how many people voluntarily unless you absolutely here. Total Packard notes or you're very young say hey look this will be so I'll remember the rest of my life. I set the coldest game ever Lambeau or whatever I don't even know it will. But. -- -- -- and in Cincinnati understudy. I -- -- part of a year -- the first team I ever covered in the NFL. That community is pretty lukewarm. About the Cincinnati Bengals always has been they've got somebody. Crazy ukrainians but they've got a lot of people shrug your shoulders and say a couple of things. When they went off shore up. End. When the ground. When Mike Brown so that means I'll be much more inclined to show up because I don't trucks Mike brown and his ability to build -- -- while. Debate play out for years around now they're doing something right. But and then in Indianapolis. I just think it's a typical kind of midsize market. Some a smaller site market in the NFL. And if they have whatever they having eight at 121000 tickets that here's season ticket holders who didn't -- At the post season ticket at that is not easy in the communities -- -- -- by 121000 seat so. I think it should be concerned but I don't think they should not so. Peter armaments to see if you if you think Josh McDaniels really should consider this. This job in Cleveland you know given how it ended in Denver the second goal around how important is that for young guy that wants to be cautiously. If you if you're asking me I think he should consider it I think you should consider everything. What. You know except there's a couple of times this week for some reason. Cleveland Browns. Have a moat around their facility. And alligators swimming in it. And it is a it's a it's a death sentence for summaries and recently in recent years. No matter what they do no matter who they hire -- matter who they grabbed eighteen when it now it's very easy to say. Well actually being able to do they'll draft a quarterback they'll bring in Johnny means out of either. Well just consider it if your shot when. You're sitting there. You're 37 year old. You're still. In years younger than other guys who were it -- considered for the first on her job is still very young. Bought. Be realistic you're probably. Going to get offered. I leave -- you probably. Have to have one more chance to be an AMOCO. I would bet you wouldn't want their intensity in Cleveland I wouldn't know personally because. You stay in New England which is a great job like accidentally. You know he's gonna get this opportunity. You know in the next two or three years now. You ask me is mark me some wandered -- on call what I. I'd be a lot more -- -- -- -- -- Matt Stafford needs somebody coats and coach art. And they've got some good defensive pieces in place. But I don't particularly excited about could. Like I agree on a percent Peter last one for me. Your reaction of the -- Louis post yesterday on dad's been dot com and and not just your reaction to what Chris had to say but. Our our our Frazier and and the special teams guy coach Mike is -- price for three -- referral wanted to sharpen out -- we might prefer. Are those guys now scarred in the NFL where pre strolled up to consider for job lose a job and let's. Frazier who actually I don't think Leslie Frazier necessarily skirt I think there -- a lot of coaches. Who would ask for a clue he politely not order him and ask them politely. Please shut up. You know I I just think here a lot of coaches who would say that because. NFL teams do not like distractions. They don't like players talking about human rights they just don't. And I'm not defending at -- at all but I am saying that I don't think that in another -- is gonna scare people -- about where we creature. In fact I think you'll be defensive coordinator in the NFL next year somewhere. But. Mike -- -- He at all we will see what happens with the investigation. Is he says publicly quoted him as saint. I think it'd be very hard for indicated drop in the NFL works. Let's could be damning statement on his part. Peter great stuff is always the MBC's got the double -- this weakening its Yelp Peters -- of the MM QB. Talking divisional round Peter thanks. Thank our -- appear Peter King joining us every single Friday when he does he brought to you. By complaints insurance by town fair tire and buy toy go to of Nashua. Will give our picks next album around a wild card if you missed what Chris Kluwe we had to -- can't urged the entire thing. But it distinct takedown in my it's a takedown piece of his coaching staff for the way they treated them. Regis some of that and we'll give you our picks in the 1 o'clock hour for wild card weekend don't go anywhere.

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