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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, gets Mut and Merloni ready for Wild Card Weekend

Jan 3, 2014|

Mike joins Mut and Merloni for his weekly chat on a Patriots Friday prior to Wild Card weekend in the NFL. Mike previews the potential opponents that the Patriots could end up facing after this weekend's action.

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We'll talk to sports Illustrated's Peter King an hour for now as we get is set for wild card weekend month -- 937 WEEI patriots. Enjoy the wild week they'll play one of three teams the Bengals the colts or the chiefs in the divisional round next Saturday night joining us. On the AT&T hot on talk all things patriots -- body for me as PM boston.com. A bike race Mike happy new year Oreo. Happy new year -- Lou great to talk but -- always in my. Let's start with what was that last couple days -- looking back at this year for the England patriots and we battle list of our. If you APA -- disappointments individually for the team made a list of three we had Danny Amendola. Donta hightower and Steven Ridley as the guys who stood out to -- and -- disappointments. Are always there really good patriots here we get that was strike we leave somebody out when you look back and say. It is earth to beyond -- expected more out of it didn't see in 2013. But definitely I think that in the -- there you know -- came in with a reputation has couldn't stay healthy and that didn't happen forum I also think. Ridley it's fair you know third year in and you'd like to think there was issues fumbling -- behind him. I might nitpick on high terror a little bit only from the standpoint of I think he's been asked to do things. That are a little bit outside of may be is. We -- house that you will you know because of the Mayo injury and I I know you could counter and say well that's a first round pick he should be able to. To do more than that and and that's a fair counter argument. Because I think about it popped the top of my head. If not him then who and. I might say on the whole I might say offensive lines like -- -- that unit might be a little more consistent in the games they lost but thought. I think sort of struggled at times so that's absurd Spock might be when we could go back and forth. It's funny bring up 'cause I had them as honorable mention -- my surprises because I I look at the ball -- injury back in October you're starting right tackle. I'm Mankins -- kick out the left tackle sold their misses time somebody named Josh Klein is thrown into the mix in the last two weeks especially. You know Lou mentioned Brady's been a touch they've run for yards -- I felt like given the injuries like they perform pretty well I'd give it knowing how many injuries they had. But definitely stronger at the end of the year I guess my counter to that would be you know I think about the jet skiing and they -- and when -- -- turned in the early third quarter you know they had trouble. Protecting Brady yet they'll be one example and you're right you know they -- have -- to move some guys around the former injury Mankins is that would so. I guess when you look at does the full sample the sixteen games you could maybe put him on either side but. I think that probably stick with the idea that with all the changes that they had on offense the one constant. -- at least entering the year with the offensive linemen and really think the unit really met maybe what my personal expectations would have been for the media until the end of the year here. Elect we look at surprises -- Jews and -- leads that list and a 105 catches I think. I think if you're optimistic part that 657 in that range of an impact that you receive some like that come from him. Well -- you can and Lou and the reason is that he just didn't know if you would be able to stay healthy I mean he's basically. Within the same situation that they Amendola. In terms of if he stays healthy -- you figured he could be special. But he couldn't do it over four years so what confidence you have entering his fifth year that you were gonna get a full sixteen game. He cannot -- in the cycle back to the offseason he was a freeagent Lou. Anyone could add up. He he almost didn't get it seemed like to get the giants just to bring him in for a visit to try to get the patriots to maybe move off of what will let them get them. One year offer that just goes to show you these players -- like stocks. You know his stock is high right now he's gonna get paid this year anyone could have on the staff stopped even for probably 25 cents on the dollar what he's gonna go for the year. General the that was Logan Ryan and I put on there just because like with this some guys nicked up banged up other -- -- to -- -- who was -- and he sort of just jumped in thrown into the fire and then didn't look lost. Yes -- good choice Lou you know when they kick him in the third round I think the perception with sort of twofold at least the way acts -- it was. I read another records guy you know sort of it's just the right guy right that's the first thing and then the second thing is. Let's talk about the history here you know that the defensive backs that have been drafted here some touch and go. You know on on some of these guys so it just sort of the next guy that's gonna disappoint like appearance we'd be like a Brandon meriwether like Patrick Chung. And he's been on the other side of the equation tough kid. Smart kid and I'll tell you -- one of the things I really liked about him was when he. Intercepted that pass against the jets and ran it back for the touchdown and may be unfortunate jester. You know at in that game you learn something about these guys -- the way they handled sort of do you have a follow. But something like that I thought he showed maturity. For rookie that that reminds me a little bit of Matthew Slater and his rookie season so some good things there for Logan act. Like Greece and ESPN boston.com is joining us all circle back -- settlement because you just. You say it's next week is going to be to the opponent and LP a conversation with golf in Alaska now. How did they handle the settlement contract -- I mean they got him for. 765000. Bucks he's he's got to be the the lowest paid hundred catch guy and history. All of the National Football League they paid Danny Amendola. Ten million dollars guaranteed a lot more money and settlement Al produced human and was on the field more how. How do you view this -- for a moment is he gonna get paid -- dole money by the patriots. I think they can do it because if you look at the structure and how you sort of set things up. In terms of your salary cap and -- certain money to different positions I mean outside of in the don't look they got you know three guys on rookie contracts which are generally. Really easy to absorb so I don't think that the handcuffed. If he. You know if that's what the market has -- and I think they can do with. It's just a matter of if they want to do they -- those guys dispute similar. They wanna come back with the same receiving -- I would endorse that I think it would be a Smart move. What would concern me from a patriots perspective is. I get bill O'Brien. Down in Houston you could have Josh McDaniels in Cleveland. And we see how this stuff -- those guys go places they want guys they're familiar with that are gonna know a little bit of the system they're gonna run. -- does that. Take settlement value and bring it even higher at that point and I think as we've seen from the patriots sit still. Walk away from you know Wes Welker to walk away from and just go down the line. I don't think this situation will be any different I think they'll set the limit where they're comfortable of it to go in maybe that is right where what they paid Amendola and they probably wouldn't budge after that. Yeah Mike obvious history teams are deploying next week and I don't know maybe it's different maybe it concerns -- different no matter -- depending on which the opponent but. Or be your biggest concerns going into that their playoff game next week for the patriot team. So I I actually think this year is different to me there's been others where you say after worked -- it probably best for them to avoid. Let's say a Baltimore you know the last couple years I don't think. Any of these three teams you know single. -- You are are are in that class I think the patriots that they play -- game should be any of the three I think the one concern I would have as and I watched. Recent gains for all three of the teams is. Is -- look and Andrew Luck factor and I know that may be a little bit of a minority opinion but I actually think. He is. Really special and he plays Smart football and I I would look at and say OK who's the one player on the remaining three teens. That could control the game. Just because you're gonna have the ball at hand you know pretty much every every play. And possibly in the teens he's and I thought more so than Jamaal Charles on the chiefs team that can be looked like maybe it -- And definitely not into an adult I thought Andrew Luck and that colts team I think a little bit tougher. The needy people given credit for we think of them is that undersized team on defense. That he looked a lot different from what we've seen over the last decade plus and I thought there win over the chiefs on the road in week sixteen with pretty impressive to me. What about the pages in particular would it be red zone would -- -- the secondary. Rushing attack that defensively. Specific to the patriots who I this is -- sort about an easy answer and it's. It's it's not really a couple because you watched the game that you see it turnovers on both sides turnovers. Defensively we know how much they need them because they're they're not a great defense I don't think anyone's saying that but when they get the turnovers. You see what it means to them. And on the flip side you watch all these schemes slimy return on -- turnovers the momentum swing. And that and that statistic. Decisively. Corley -- wins and losses and I know you you know anyone can say it but just you watch sticking into its so obvious that really didn't say anything else -- almost like trying to. Make you take something that really isn't isn't as important as the turnovers. Like last year Josh -- name came up immediately right away you know I coaching job potentially already. He didn't go anywhere he stayed here this year he's gonna interview with the browns reportedly. This weekend do you think something is changing that there's something about the browns opportunity this year that's appealing to Josh McDaniels I I view it is the job that. I thought Josh I'd stay away from given what's happening Cleveland how do you view that what's changed where is gonna take the interview this year. So couple things have changed had they you know a year removed so you'd you'd feel like you've given the patriots you know one additional year that it's. -- your family had been bouncing around from. New England to Denver and Saint Louis to New England you wanna get a little bit of since the stability there so you know one more year that has changed I think. The relationship that McDaniel has would make Lombard either general manager. Is a factor in him at least you know deciding to talk about it and -- -- hometown -- you know he's Ohio guy. That's not far from where he grew up and I think all the factors probably make him. More inclined to talk about it this year whether we take -- going to be really interesting to me and I could see. Both sides so that I just. I think the land look at it he's got all of buddies here -- scenario he would ball the disorder where he started coaching and he's coaching. One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Cut twenty to thirty years left in his coaching career. Take this job and it doesn't work out. That he becomes sort of like American G where you're not gonna get another if you ever again so to me at -- you know that's one to really really be careful about. If you're gonna go ahead and do that. Mike -- done this great days out from a game so I don't stop -- given. The first round practice support you've seen -- guys have been a practice not been a practice is there anyone that you as the patriots fan. They should expect them may not see them any game injury wise Saturday night when they host one of those three teams. -- think of the guys and that's a listen real quick Miami and I think Logan Mankins is so tough to figure it along with his ankle is attached to his leg. He's gonna play right I mean takes a lot to keep him off I think. Aaron Dobson the one that would concern me a little bit just the way he's sort of pulled up and and we know -- been dealing with a foot injury so. That would be the one guy would look at and say. That would be the concern and Alfonzo better we saw him play. In you know week sixteen game against the ravens -- but game time decision so we know. They're managing something there but not at a point where you know it's keeping him out -- action there but seems more like a -- insensitivity. -- in the -- got to watch. Like great stuff is always a -- while car weekend we'll talk to your prior to. Divisional football next week for the that's great -- -- -- do and happy new year to Mike -- -- PM Boston -- -- joins us as always on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Is the nation's fastest now the most reliable four GLP networking. Brought it up with a Reese hey it's. It's on the -- talk about the off season and certainly next week's going to be about living in a place so. Philip Aqib Talib. Was the guy at the top their bodies let's -- gallery sign that guy. Has joint settlement entered that territory as as a patriot spaniel what settlement did and an Amendola as injury and say. You can't let him walk away you've got to finally bring back -- as he reached the league status of you've got to re sign that guy. -- but the pats offseason what is on that list. -- will do it next.

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