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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Kirk's new contract

Jan 3, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. His new deal was the top story today.

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735. So. Just ready a month -- to them minute and you know would not be happy. Him. Still three degrees and you are listening to Sports Radio WEEI. Broadcasting all over new England and really via the Internet. And WEI. Dot -- They'll forget that which I support. All over the world is -- INS I tweeted that we have big news common and headlines and I gave little hint as and so he's not alike who also get lots of guesses you -- -- -- -- -- men and it's like I do something else for let's say -- announced her. People don't like. When we. Let them down on this will give it to him and get -- of dirt had headlights brought you by AT&T the nation's fastest. And now most reliable Ford GL TE -- pretty big deal I think it's a pretty big deal places on myself. Well OC with the public thanks. OJ Simpson according to New Zealand Herald. Is receiving test for brain cancer. And is begging president Barack Obama for part diet -- -- core -- three or. The jailed former football legend who was serving -- a kidnapping assault and robbery sentence in Nevada prison. Is undergoing secret medical exams precancerous tumor in his brain is convinced he hasn't got long to. OJ says his memories slipping in the -- painful headaches other symptoms resourceful inquire -- your blurry vision occasional stuttering and hearing problems other. Concerns have you ever read or heard any but he says that the CD stuff may have been recently OJ. No it was one question. Why didn't he use that he seemed like time wasn't I mean why is that since. Go back and stated habits like it -- and you can go back and say I didn't know at that time and now that I read up please but he was found guilty for the murder rhetoric. -- -- -- He was found responsible in the civil court that's true you know him. He could say it's your honor. Even in this cases. Crystals on crap. Say you -- have headaches and blurred vision and memory loss and everything else. -- that is the government's going to be used by. And he Javon -- mother house and say absolutely look he had a concussion. But can say about every African football player I mean every. Play meaningless as someone that being Yang and most of mark Killen a girl from now the art doesn't fit. You must acquit the article claims Simpson last -- him for freedom wrote to the president said Mr. President I know my elect is coming to it and please don't produce. We ought to Obama's Obama decided. I think most of the world most the civilized world will be very happy when he rots and dies and he has four years left you. Eligible for parole as 33 years policy -- too little and very healthy -- these finals Orioles. Reporters trying to lose weight by sticking to restrict guide exercise plan for the diabetes related health scare a few months ago but it's a struggle. You began suffering dizzy spells not a lapse -- memories headaches. If you bring you the choice -- -- the sources quote the Jews. Is when this report dying of break so that -- -- -- -- you get submarine when you. It's related it's relayed to us from Boston Herald this morning and accused Dorchester drug lord -- champagne and sports go lifestyle. Ended with his arrest last year says he can't stand the conditions. In federal locked up telling a judge that the food in jail is cold waters file. And the cells have no microwaves. Xbox that probably don't he's writing a letter. Of the ways name's Alexis. Happy thing. The -- -- happy happy thing happen at saints game drug lord Bagger thing. Thing that's the deposed alleged high rolling head of the Henry street gang is request a transfer. To -- Wyatt detention facility Rhode Island or MCI cedar junction. Saying either would meet his needs in the Plymouth County correctional facility. Which is holding him to a federal contract the food is horrible. And Cole he wrote to the US district court magistrate judge Robert Collins. I understand this is present I buy commissary. That I am forced to use cold sink water -- cook with which can bring health issues. So he like. OJ -- complaining about. The conditions. Aces. That they don't get enough so. Sausage letter from lack. Of snow this morning. Sounds like his conditions in the Plymouth County -- for better than sausage conditions here last night and there were but. He'd have the choice to go to hotel miles away sausage did. I points I guarantee they have a nicer TB and once in office decision not allowed to buy sell. The facility issues one by every two weeks after three showers. A -- to brave most of the words spelled a force to base with Ajax dish liquid detergent. And months. Unsanitary. I know that feeling that's probably true. I've also this is a drug lord alleged drug lord leader of the gang. Also that I'm able to attend church I'm a born again Christian of course room. God grace and blessing. I'm truly bothered with this one question you on -- my being denied my god given. As well as constitutional right to practice religion. That's when the judge gets this Vegas you know he. Reads get treated -- you have to you don't that's trouble. What's why not I mean do you really need debate that often. You get to blogs every three weeks that should be enough. -- -- -- Want to help establish our years in prison -- wanted. Get a place we get. Arts he. Do you think who you think -- I was more happy thing or -- Sausage while obviously Craig does not showered and at least what thirty hours. And you -- obviously the Shell -- By the way I got confirmed that the world. Malt beverages consumed on the premises last night. Not by me that's not what I heard as dollars and I talked to somebody in the know that you shot -- -- you're at least one Illinois you know only one. It's okay and -- and that's what figure. Is what spreading rumors against you you at a pizza was right I had to slice and a year that's nothing that states are -- left over and over. In wanna get a fresh one that might you know what else it cost the company money don't like targets sources all of a left over bagel from the breakfast -- -- stop. But kitchens and food for the three days old. -- LB you taste and put back in twelve hours goal came on as much as. No emotions who watches figure out -- shower yesterday. Yeah I did Wear a hall at home gym -- to. Deny. -- -- So it's been thirty hours a five -- We'll be that he is indeed deodorant doesn't smells -- -- can't brush your teeth in this field the men's room -- is being used by 900 people that's senate towards. Oh. It's that brown it's like being in the Plymouth County aboriginal capsule ticket -- in this bathroom it is almost more healthy not. You know all -- that that -- second floor as a -- that anyway. The floor is yours mr. Manning and the -- your -- and and that you're big announcement well it's not that and the world is waiting. Anxiously to -- Which you have to European weather's nicer people. Ours. Assets for three what do we have to commend you and others he principles here because story didn't break that's true. -- -- we no longer have eight. -- weasels lie in wiesel who. Drops -- exit as the boss. Right drops times in every term deal will -- -- -- guy's terrific experience with with the powers that be here happy to announce that yesterday afternoon that. About what 4430 I did sign my contract. I'll be part of the WEEI -- ethnic for the next you know. Couple years gradually patients you I must say this came as a surprise to me yeah not that you got the deal I agree you deserve -- -- Welker. Happy and well paid. I was pretty quick -- hand. -- -- -- and it does have a good -- it was it was a it was a good they were great to -- really had no problems -- in this process you know both of us want to Hampshire warming a little more that's how it works and it worked no longer be part of the deficit Callahan in the family here outside going yeah and I know you had one demand when you went in the Indy says I just wanna make more insult that's all you ask well I mean I specified are not nice right that's out here on expect that is Syria and so at the most support -- -- we all can decide thank you John -- will be the situation. Is that I -- -- in -- in the situation. And who's the boss said well try to him another chance appointee as you guys I didn't have this job I would have steel and it's a really good deal. And we're going to be together here for watchers stuck with me for the next 34 excellent I think the listeners happy and I -- a -- fans out there -- -- And I know the one point eight billion people that click on the BEI dot com every day are going to be excited. Exceptionally excited that your going to be. Contributing again I will say that I was in here yesterday. -- in the producers of -- produces soft exceptionally all excited and I come in and outs -- Your -- for four that was a good idea and he said hey you know maybe should you should. Redemptive that was an hour. So he is silky would have to gradually on air of interest and amicable and you know I know -- know for a fact I don't step child site I'm happy it was really really good. Fair deal with. You know. Obviously people on twelve on the text line congratulations great news congratulations many hand. -- Nadal. Happens. Most of the textures most of the callers -- congratulating deserted poisons that this occurred when -- was out of town -- did not accelerate -- else -- John is you know again -- not to get too -- because I'm not a sentiment but I -- a great deal to you and John and the Bradford as well -- game shot. If this everybody really mutt it was on the air with a few years ago I started on the I might make him -- -- -- phone. I've -- that was one of -- as the -- -- -- to -- out so we did celebrate last night you could a couple of sauces that you in here and laying in your own flatulence in the office we. Went out two minutes favorite restaurant in on said -- do it. I was thankful. Well known that that was established right away it was that you said you're paying for that was half kidding you don't have to -- room girls that only -- -- -- we gonna go to W those. Fleming's. Leagues. And he says can reach -- compete to be Regina. I love the chiefs are -- -- -- got an extra cheese corporate. That was it could call ago as good as -- two orders. I already liked eggs UK we worked. At pizza but it was cheap or second I was gonna it worked out there was gonna try to eat healthy in the new year. A big whatever that pizza was chili con colonias on the it was a whole -- On Castillo with -- again with chicken the -- compounding. -- -- island and it was minute but ordered a just stated and you had cheese pizza and bread for the ravioli. And we pitchers of beer that you just look that at some laughs and we toasted minute hand for just happen. We didn't know -- to issue we bitch about you know. And talked about stuff you know in moonlight. And politicking going on and he's is that chimps got its Australian Emma alone consequently but he wasn't there -- -- I do. But that was all it was kind of off the key was we don't know -- and it was a low key celebration that's what you like right that is the -- like it's your favorite restaurant pizzeria Regina is Regina pizzeria Entergy to go on strike by a year ago there as well man I was single again. I go to three times a week of the hotel. It's a great you have Buehrle who you'd be bacon sausage you have a problem with the view -- it was awesome it's true great hotels in Lagos on part of the identity Callahan noted that did not want the name of the -- to change -- John and Jerry show part of it now. -- forward and so. We're together link and then you got it done man I think Q. -- -- -- -- to some of your demands and embassies patents that I'd been through a few negotiations usually they last longer than like a Russian winter. US quick on values you know those Zachary. Like Jay Cutler's that I wanna stay here to give me which you'd pick as the guys here were and I know they've been -- -- can be sure you -- in the past Alaska and his pain in the -- These guys great great above the two point about a public. And I complain about them at some point they didn't drop a -- that didn't leak it to one of their favorite reporters. That didn't happen which is an improvement on the way things were done for two years. Before the new books to coax that's a great thing is so that's encouraging thing for all of us. Here at the BDC. So that's banks area earlier. A big part it's appreciate. You were because council until. The helmet as much as you do. No chance you're done it's it's it's zero that's the stuff so it's it's it's -- guys realize that the next step Pete gets to pick one. And Jessica and that's man's next to it's about. Public John Jerry at John Monday Wednesday Friday Gerri -- that there's like that maybe as much but I don't necessarily like life. Like that schedule to there is actually -- rather Tuesday Thursday. -- -- -- forty we I awesome. -- Just cannot elect an -- like Carson at the end that's more than he does narrow three days a week to appoint a that's a fair. I get back to these call six -- 777979837. Free form Friday what else again. So the text points out it's reports that when -- loaded the -- chick local pizza with chicken that was redundant. Poll pizza is to channel that now I got the Cilic and -- with beef to. Did you get the idea well right over your text of a pretty support about say 6040 prominent Cilic. Now it's more like 55 if what if update. -- more we get back.

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