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Another blizzard in Boston

Jan 3, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the snow storm and their crazy night at a local hotel.

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All right survive good good. You -- okay yeah well on the car this morning. Who. It was full. In the same case. It would wins I think we have that little break from making fun. And make -- partner argue departed partner. Escaped yesterday dissent justice in the rough for years skate. On the last -- out -- Florida. And now it's in the ocean -- hotel prepared for Caribbean cruise. And ridicule and -- and should be. Admiring him this move well he abandoned but -- -- its. Huge economic weakness with. I have no tolerance for. People who. Pretend it's no big deal. Phony macho thing it's there it's up. You know socks a case it's awful if you -- outside don't. -- -- The driving stakes to mean the temperatures were low degree uncle Peter brutal well. Oil's slippery track it is all wrote no. Blood and then you can feel the -- the little. -- -- not the hike was not just the governor gave that -- as the day off. Well he. Don't want them common -- city. And in the work it feels like it -- it feels like. Post apocalyptic. -- drive and their Nader over fibers schools closed. There's nobody there are hotel and everything's canceled everything's close right -- -- post apocalyptic feel to. And I understand I mean -- like mark the governor the best is an awesome I just which people in the stupid theme of this -- is. It's awful it's not normal if you say no big deal on ago chambers. Driving socks the temperature -- your goals. It's awful -- if I don't know I did -- schools hospitals. Civilized. No public hospitals and went South Carolina. Mississippi wanna Mississippi yet -- when it's. -- It's too. I'm actually not this is an ease and I think -- this every -- step outside. It's going to be. The could play that lost the buffalo lost the game and they could play this week from tomorrow. And do you think Belichick practicing outside. He has limits rights also. This says it was the exact same thing this morning. This is balmy compared I was going to be agreements and analysts assessing this. People are criticizing fans for not buying all the. It's two game with the wind chills expected to be minus fifty. The difference between today to go to with a group forecast. Where's the difference between today and Green Bay is the difference between today here and both forty degrees. It's about the difference between you know livable and whatever it is and and you know I told you you we walked from the garage. Due to the India building on that apnea a -- we. All awful lot of light up by about 205. Hours and I had gloves and had a little. Yeah scarf and I have my hat which -- -- -- this might my -- cold in my nose and just freeze it right now and tell. It's going to be a -- -- to be outside agreements -- five dollars if you think you get their half hour before him take about three and a half hours away for four and a -- it's it's warming up warming appears. Here's your forecast for Sunday. In Green Bay minus two is the high yesterday as minus five -- get better minus two is the hot. In agreement some mid day sons minus two. The real field that is minus when he won the wind -- so low Sunday night in this game and Sunday night in green today. Minus twenty the real temperature. Might the windshield Sunday night Green Day minus 51. It's. That's and will going to be watching we've been sitting home watching you know called cap and gets his biceps and you know watching Aaron Rodgers of the turtle acting on with a said. In order to get. And committed to policies. That it claims it made -- not get. Off the belief if he were -- if you were game. Would you expect him to deny it at this point I mean honestly it's. Of course but I mean it wasn't on his time mommy Jason Collins and at least one of the bravest individuals and sports. Waited till his time was done -- males money. Live this -- for years right. He even do that as it. Aaron Rodgers is in his prime arises not only in his -- -- into the playoffs is about to host a playoff game big game chair. Would anyone expect him to say yeah you got me. He got me continually gets women. It does seem. That the ticket you can actually just not right -- but what if you war. It's in this spirit that set and help. We weren't like women. I would ever. Ever say you know as -- images on -- weekly real issue -- he got me I'm day. Maybe you have reached from -- -- they just can't deal with. This closet and probably not this Wednesday I don't think I would do it just for a playoff game in the prime of his career I think he'd have a little more. Thought if ever Aaron Rodgers is gay. He will come out on his time and his time will not be. 45 if you particularly when he's an active oil and now and a tickets though made no one's it's hard enough the deer. Coming out the all details to magic about them in NFL football and I hope that we had this argument -- -- After the guy argued the move rattled -- Aaron Rodgers in my closet this offseason. What happened will be different is dated light -- a player. He could be asked a lot more questions to be a lot more demands -- this time OK -- knows me as a weekly media session that -- -- Brady does it. Is one radio spot you know Brady came out of closet tomorrow. And -- point for the patriots you think that you'd have seen media demands that the -- that would knowing that to me you know I -- -- Rezko and he would here it in the locker room here on the field. Just beat it's -- added. Demands added pressure that he doesn't and he doesn't want to get have the right demeanor at the right temperament that's -- -- key thing and if Rodgers has that are not that seems like he's a pretty low key. And I know -- a Chris Kluwe weakness of the golden boy if -- next -- the media the Internet and its and they love him I mean because in all is good and right. Did anyone think that there were in the fill in the special teams coaches. Who were really sensitive in relief now aren't used the word of the day. Mean he shocked that special teams got a football coach in the NFL talent Chris Kluwe -- You know bush at the hell up and punt is especially what he did right -- shut -- -- punt. You view. You know self absorbed -- -- clues are really good punter right -- -- -- you need to -- you didn't play in the league last year. As he was so bad as he was mediocre now he claims it's because. A special teams coach told him. Not to keep the advocate higher. More fair catches because he told him the special teams on the Sox. So that's his argument but nobody Italy picked up last you know every other team in the league attendance and while. This -- outspoken allegation little. Punter he's not a manhunt is average and any you know made too much money and he was just the headache in in town of it's anyone's surprised it -- think. The NFL coaches and teammates goodness you know he's just real conscience. -- he cares. Let's -- around you always stinks let's kick around -- He cares about is there's record wrote that the camera is nine page missive on dad's been yesterday. It's my belief based in their opening happened over the course of 2012 that was fired by. Mike Price for a bigot who did agree with the cause I was working for two cowards Leslie Frazier XP omen that the GM of the vikings. All of them knew I was a good punter remain a good punter for the foreseeable future is my numbers over my eight year career. It showman who lack of fortitude to disagree on the touchy subject. The fortitude to disagree. Disagree. He can't handle -- typical if they disagreed. You know they would. In they would be indulging him could be engaging him it's something they wanted to play football coach football. And he wanted to woody wants this Thabeet. Reveres. Its rebel with a great social culture is and ears and he is what they -- it was a punter. Just a punter right he want to be you know celebrity. Cause celeb. And they wanted to guy comfortable I. -- patriot Peterson right same exact feelings into the same exact thing they would Bob Wright but he's not good if you're good. You get away with that stuff you're mediocre you know if you're mediocre and it's close. The price of the guys on distractions that he's a fifth round pick on the guy they bring in free agents and he's out so you know that's. How coats. And -- you know this idea that if you might say. He's okay punter people jump -- It's unbelievable and this guy is a Euro and black balled I was gutless ball he's out of league completely last year. I'd say he's chances of getting back in the league when you call the coach Howard. Account for what. For not defending him against his big needed special teams coach being a just wanted to shut up on what he's saying is ease what they're simply saying it Frazier. Purposely made his team worse. Are releasing him because of these beliefs which you know I don't know coaches and. Well he accomplishes goals goal was to get a lot of love and admiration from. Folks on the Internet and in the media and you can always count on that here's -- yes. It looked at it like what is the logical conclusion that golf. Because when numbers haven't changed since they were on my career average which has been best and -- in history which I -- -- -- -- contract with the vikings which had one year left. And umbilical unchanged from the year before too when I cut was I had started speaking out locally about six right. It's just -- and people are surprised that some special teams coach didn't say here now. I'm with you let's go march together amendment I was -- and a group to the media who wanted to talk to me to write columns -- TV and abuse. Sake let's concentrate upon the Franken ball Europe punted the players and coaches to respect others anyway you've heard that right not real players. And the idea that they were somehow. Negated because I didn't want to jump on on the on the cause Whitman march arm in arm with them. You got -- you right you've got to be re -- -- -- if you're going to be a punter and you're going to be. Eight advocate. In the rebel that you had better be great. Us and I think it's the -- -- institutionalized homophobia says unitholders problem that. -- city -- if he was. The other way that's wrong about that lousy punter. Or forget forget the other way the the media would run him out of the occasional bit of some other cause right we're gonna get that whatever it was that strong about it. It was a mediocre -- -- like the coach of the blast and ask yourself this accident is some talk of a brave and bold ideas would they say that if he said I'm like come out for traditional marriage and just don't believe in the gay marriage. I'm determined the -- is lots of organizations. He wrote columns and he spoke out against gay marriage yet they keep the golden boy on -- end up probably BofA can be popular among the -- the literati. What I mean that's that you -- yesterday people use the word brave and courage all this it's the easiest thing in the world right. In society and and I was given up on make an incumbent Texas coaches a coward and coaches of big -- now he's even more per Euro. You make a live and probably do you know immediate talk shows write columns. March in parades. Of -- 200 friends on FaceBook 199 of them have liked him I didn't even know about the story to yesterday that was shared by people never watched the NFL he's a hero -- -- everywhere now because he made those comments. Which is I mean fine if you're in the same sex marriage and you see a Republican they'll figure. Talking about it I mean I guess it's perfectly fine it's OK but I don't know. What he did yesterday that was so great it's gutless epic which of the season's over and I zarrella for our pal Matt Chatham said -- is it right at the wouldn't -- be the definition of a coward when you're dumb play and you're never see the guy again. And you write a column one day it's an and you know every other media pick it up and say they're cowards he this he thought the day he was released he's released because of this. So by the by the biggest microphone there wasn't tell that story that. Caucuses coward so you know I -- he's just self absorbed if so is -- -- -- he's enjoying his time music. As heroes. Is a celebrity in the eyes of -- development will be I don't know who beat two -- story. Not -- will be media I don't know who will write him and checks but. He'll always be talk show's always the it spends from the right and SP -- -- invited -- wouldn't speak at different organizations but. I don't think it was gonna want upon for them again no -- -- he's not a good punter anymore. If he were -- have a job. As -- with a special teams guy amber a big day like remember his name. You go ahead Brandon Albert David Brendon but the Miami and anybody out there that would Baltimore. Sure some special team should lap. Eddie lewis' job because that's what happens in the NFL. And he talked -- -- favorite game Aaron -- Aaron Rodgers again black -- -- I do not an out clause I think it probably damage but I will say this though. Mike McCarthy doesn't want to. You know the owner of the GM that teammates don't want to. That's one more thing right it's it's it flies in the face of everything these guys who live report in on the live with a focus in the tunnel vision in the in the next game right right. And the next play but we have an idea that some coach whether it's a creative guy like Belichick -- who secure. It doesn't matter or Leslie Frazier wasn't secure. -- do that any coach at any level of football would applaud a player because he decided to. Come out of the closet and become this news as heroes advocate it's right it's courageous spokesman for the cause. -- Mike McCarthy would beg him on his knees if he knew. He we're gonna do that cannot do what not to do that too hasty and we argued this about the tail thing I don't think it's epic story -- just comes out. In -- world after. The first week. Do you say comes out of closet and march. I think it's the story training camp for a week or two minutes while he would win you know sportsman of the year and what -- -- right but I mean the united with all kinds of Barbara Walters and profiles coverage from the Andy Dick is a team they would come out and say and yeah you think so. And mocking a minute in a football locker room yeah I mean to the press now -- nothing absolutely not not like to get dealt like Sturm would do. We put the hammer. Right but he says right it is I mean if you -- if your definition of homophobia is wise cracks jokes and outlets and grab and they're junkets you want to semi. If that's the definition homophobia then it's it is a bastion of in the last national poll muffled. I'm sure there's examples of that and you know in industries like construction jobs there's no women or. Military in certain place with no women this same home. If that home and in a joking way is homophobia and you know the definition is oh movement right then yeah it would he would hear that he would absolutely here offensive. Things that we or most people in their workplace would never hear in -- he had the right temperament. Yet to be able to play but that's the guy if you -- if you want to advance the cause which is what you know the media in general wants to do. I mean it is is -- Boston Globe exists I mean it is it's in you for one issue candidates it's -- one issue newspaper. It is succeeded wildly. In advancing its cause. But if they'll look to take the next step Aaron -- perfect perfect right great great player small market. Confident. Just well spoken guy. Perfect guy Jason Collins was not mean -- -- don't get me wrong. Everyone -- some except that girlfriend to whom -- rate is. You know and again live. Live this life for eight years -- she had a little problem with but it -- was you know ready to. Among them. Pedestal worship a man. Aaron Rodgers who ticket to a whole other level it beat beat beat maybe the biggest media star in America. You know the -- -- again think of the -- will be available aren't available other -- and he'd be untouchable all of us you know what the the the clintons or Bill Clinton got a lot of grief for the Don't Ask Don't Tell thing and -- -- the market ridiculous it is. But the bottom line is that's what coaches. And military leaders would prefer just. It's not ready but that doesn't mean that don't bring it doesn't mean it Aaron Rodgers should do that if you want to come up close -- block it about his difference and I'm not ailment but just say any business that's if you're Mike McCarthy that's -- like this this job. This place of and has nothing to do -- sexual Rochus comes out march 12. Will matter October 12 they're playing a football -- question I guess not I thought I was wrong about book of Buckley and I thought he'd get some -- has got some. -- comments just beside but I do think any doesn't like let's say this but I do think she's very well liked guy very nice guy. And it be different gorges dodged it Shaughnessy Ron Borges you could be different. -- Shaughnessy. And I was in the locker room or is in the press box with all these people that paid in the -- and a crowd -- up eleven. -- -- tough one edit edit edit edit it might just -- a collapse -- trouble point you're be you know -- water -- and a golden boy is that right of the bloggers you're pick. -- popular in the -- You don't have to have if things get behind the ocean. That would in any -- he's ever anyone bought real I felt speech you can do right now. Is what he's. Is tweeting from -- -- chiefs. Tweeting from the Versace mansion or mocking him 24 hours ago. An open and oratory at shall we have to because it's just he was a tweeting from his dinner Al fresco. Yes and you know that was an outside a means it's with -- -- that it fresco I can't believe that to be -- that fresco. If -- of the you know birdies tweeting from his. It's would collect cafe outdoor cafe. And it's 76 degrees at dinnertime and we're sitting here with a frozen nostrils. You know unable to get the ice of the cut and and he's in we're mocking him. Or jerk. It's I don't think. And you -- -- we have to take a break for mocking him and anyone else with my professional broadcaster. In on the transition bucket out. -- want to. Today we should take a break from a mocking Dan -- not that we do a lot I. You were accused by one a year blogger buddies why I wrote go easy on Dan. Boy here's why I read here's what I would say I wrote a column a year ago was critical -- because he said. That a fantasy football was the reason fans boo Matt -- hurt in that game which. Incredibly stupid thing right. But the column you wrote was that last week two weeks ago. -- Campbell -- -- group so if you're somebody. That much it to mean I think we went through it line by line well I don't get it you have to either with in the but the -- sees the world the borders of the world -- There have to agree with 500% of the time. We have it. Right so here's what causes me and it and here occasionally I heard from opiates and straight one. These people to swatch policy to go away. I'm sorry I don't want shows ago way you know one I don't know wills writes that column today where I was there they they basically thought I would look at China's economists -- what is the same way I do not want -- to go way I do agree that -- of course let's take privacy away from today's Boston Globe and for just for arguments he's got it does exist like some people. -- and we Benjamin's -- game story. If Michael -- writing about special teams. And you have been Poland writing about the rug out for a label just fine. In -- Gary Washburn doing so schemes so it play should -- you'd have somebody young. Orlando columnist writing something. You there's there's nobody else who would do this and it's a very appropriate topic. I guess we should leave the topic in the case and and most people I talked about we give back you know you'd like. No easy -- that's very -- teachers who was its people stick around. Right around for the temperature to -- and give the temperature at this time church which careful. It's right of the public can handle it in my iPhone for Verizon check the temperature but. He writes about the -- dilemma remedies that you won revenue dilemma -- the what is what is -- question do. -- audience and Chauncey doesn't answer. And I can't he tell. It is hard one. -- Wish him well I hope he comes back again. I'm not sure you come back in the Grammy now and but it's tough it's a free form Friday yes it's free for -- it's a free for frozen for a it was a reform frozen Friday as we sit here. Again I wonder if it's just a did you see Bruce -- at the -- Another real I checked though you know I checked out of the hotel you know why usually just leave. Because the -- was on your credit card straight and I thought about -- stiffness sticking with him. It's it's -- move if we get reimbursed for an element that would explain that to weasel I appreciated and it went to the front that's that you put this on my credit card. Did he do that last night. Just this morning -- get out and -- Five no one was waiting right. I believe it would -- it was any troubles it would have been on your credit card feature -- -- -- credit cards and they said discover. What. You have a discover. She told me discover. MasterCard diners club can act if Mattel is abolished that. Put on mine but honestly. We should pull the you know -- great shout out to that hotel the greatest hotel -- boss at the DoubleTree that would rule because it's our little secret but the DoubleTree on the Brokeback. A soldier's field or lose your wrote it. Was not just as -- was there and -- the Arctic -- guys up there sure but you guys know if guys were like well like a sausage rumors that the office and it -- -- -- night we add. The best easiest time because we stayed right here at the fondness for the money when it's great Jim. Should you come back bring kids used cool if I didn't have indicates I have a wife -- this job. I would case. What was PP. Motorola open the curtain view over a nice summer day it's all right spot in the -- this place June shot multiple our pressure was excellent. He had free Wi-Fi a huge -- -- -- it's good to DoubleTree in and we paid full price right. -- I do -- for a full prize and a wasn't too bad. I give I give that hotel. What's the minus I don't like the thing. Look over fall off. That's that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's immediately sayings like the -- Like it's like. Atop the empire state polling which is one of the worst worst things to do maybe our viewers the worst in line for like six hours. You can't get near mean it's all caged up because people jumped in before April stuff he just kind of get the time ago while. In the -- to hold it takes a whole night what is the benefit having. It's cool look at it a little we thought it was cool. It is cold look and review. So he couldn't -- -- -- you afraid you might fall that's it for the railing and die. A page plus plus yes give him a plus -- -- game. Tom Brady my report card week six was 7779. 7937. As the number of free form Friday. -- NFL playoffs we'll talk Celtics Bruins last night as well. If it gets later I know already -- every pick it where -- -- as real thick of every game and when we get back we are going to tackle Jerry Remy the.

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