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Jonathan Papelbon talks about his time in Boston and Philadelphia

Jan 2, 2014|

Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon joins Rob Bradford and Tiom Britton on the Hot Stove show. They talk about the trade rumors that have been brought up about Jonathan, hunting for Bigfoot with Dustin Pedroia, and getting ready for the 2014 season.

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Already. Reported that 60% 68%. -- that -- Far as I'm concerned it's it's gone to 168%. Of the time works every time every single time rob Bradford W yeah. WEEI dot com. Would meet Tim Britton Providence journal also what is John McDonald. Via phone because of the weather situations. And also joining us right now from parts are known. Jonathan Papelbon. We just lost Johnson now. Ball go to John McDonald and hopefully get to. Hopefully you'd Jonathan Papelbon back. What going to update John I you don't. I'm doing fantastic short putt well I'll listen it's like you're here. It's like they're here on the hot stove show sponsored by Eagles distinctive clothing and the beaches of Fort Myers and then about. It already I would already be in the car for five hours -- well. I guess that it needed that is all dead it's all I don't know if you re kick it up pretty strong but we ticket properties fraud and I don't know how you feel we talked a lot about drew would Bogart's in. And everybody. Last week. I don't know if you Willis in the beginning of it has changed about your view drew. You might be noted that no no not at him as a person. By him is coming back. No I think it means he either way -- -- the Red Sox are our our coverage they've got a really young player. They've added -- which is another. Good player to have on this team -- think -- -- back about the possibility it just gives -- more depth which. Every kid it's all want to ever position and so you know I think they're a good position either way they wanna go. Well John you know another person I think they should added back whereas Jonathan Papelbon. And that's exactly who we have on the line a former teammate of John McDonald out by doing. Is there. Well we have some tactical sense in firing bacteria like you without Saito and everywhere throughout this day today. So you're on wouldn't be rob Bradford with him Britain's here province earlier don't know him -- that you wish you did and and also John McDonald your former teammate. Hey John -- as it is there but thought that. Somebody would be nothing you please go away from the card tables. You have. I've been on the kill them here so I figured give a little break. -- where exactly you back and you're young you don't have to say exactly as we don't want we autograph counts to. Our program in this OK but -- -- putt but. Yeah well you know you're -- -- or -- at that particular art and hot look at our right now -- that's fair. The hit anywhere that we're yarder where well that's why John McDonald's on the phone right now. Out at the studio they want Japanese now. I can't got you know the disappointing things of the entire offseason was was the fact that -- never went on -- -- -- to -- like Ron. Well -- two off seasons there right. I don't know I don't know. Does so it was a bit bigger -- to see him here sometime in January down -- -- Arizona tomorrow is supposed known as and beat. Beat beat there's there's that Clark has of their pressure wryly. Yeah was a hot spot for those. Well got hot spot her outward with Jordan grew up in Kelton or California. Okay what they have a different. They're different species that we did down there in south now. While I. I believe what I see when you guys go hunting -- by anyway -- that -- -- offseason -- -- this off -- been a different for -- because -- be -- week. I don't know if you look at the Internet I don't know if you look at MLB trade rumors but I always thought rob was O'Donnell what you do at all. And I think -- But and have you buy it by as as that was the case when you're here this but a lot of trade rumors. Do you think there's anything to these these rumors that you might -- Amid I think there's a little bit truth -- remembered oh yeah I mean I don't know. Some it's hard -- AME. I don't know Bartlett -- I don't know I don't know I don't. I think I think -- or value and I think they I think they. They'd love it solid love field figure out who has the most value what they think they get a -- to have to do that justice. Know what's going on with we -- their rosters and all whether you're at free agency -- Threat from the back -- the bullpen wanna know who was looking for a closer just in case they needed someone in the future. -- -- -- at it been about team this year and the starting rotation that. Lilly the we would lead Hamels. Had a bone they Kendrick minister pretty good pitchers to be close in behind our back. Yep up to practice we just lost -- for second here. Is down this step and is not good cellphone reception. It it. Do you think about that guy eat you look at some of the pitches that that they haven't and I know there -- they they say it's an aging team. But they have some good they have good arms is that at the front of the rotation leave him on the front of the rotation with some young pitchers with Pettit Malone coming in behind them and Kyle Kendrick has been a good pitcher over the course the last five years not a great pitcher that he's been a good pitcher -- for pretty good. Pretty Lauria is a talented team -- you back Willis. There -- that okay are married -- get -- -- service bureau Matt not okay bye bye as John was saying he talented team in. And to go back to how you don't pay attention to do the the trade rumors in. To what John said about them just try to find value I would imagine this stage in your career you can use this stuff to write. Yeah yeah definitely outlaw them aren't desperate right about Syria and use their -- here understand how -- works -- They're definitely aware of what I've seen that once I -- media blitz bomb. You know. Four for us on our team honestly believe we have more talent in any other roster out there but. If you don't take that talent. And you basically get there and you figure out each other's. Little protein content -- figure out how to to make. 25 man roster -- to one. Notable work out here published money's there how much. How many guys in the opener how many starters in it did. It it doesn't work you look at the Red Sox last year and John will probably tell you. That moment he walked into the Red Sox clubhouse there was an entirely different feel from last. And I'm I'm not put those -- -- route by any means but. It sure what you have group we got sick gopher. So they aren't that the games but ray Graham put playoff it. You have to do have each other's back and count all the know like what he's gonna do before next meant what the next guy -- Front confirm you don't do for you -- -- You know and it was it was a lot of the with a lot of undefeated differences would be -- -- teams had -- -- in that locker room we're in Boston. And hitting guys killing each other -- -- that sixty expecting to the World Series that you gonna get on board. That didn't get out there early because -- don't don't don't let it be first out there in the -- -- try to beat him out there is Larry -- -- -- ball. The fun part about it was just -- just seeing. How guys stood there every day instead of who's gonna who's gonna win this game today and that's. That's all that matters and I know that they get on every team but this this Kentucky last year there are so. They're so open about it which made it it made a lot of fun when you wanted to get the ball Parker there every day that and and correct me if I'm wrong you don't you don't have to have. The highest payroll for the most athletes or the biggest -- new team to where it's not. And you gotta you gotta be around guys that want to work hard at what they care about is his -- and doing everything they possibly can get that done it. Not given away an edge to anybody -- It would young pitchers over the course of your career how not pay attention to detail. That they're gonna. They're gonna lose games because they're not they're not actually prepared exactly what they want to do that day it's it's a big lead it's taught you kicked. Have pitchers that. They'll want to go through growing pains while they're on the mound and want to keep on trying new things not have guys that are prepared for that you -- -- bullpen. That are. -- there on board that there -- that you're not gonna dealing we talk but does a lot this year you know with with their pitches you know -- can do. First -- -- first returned the ball on the mound you're gonna have -- an idea of what they wanted to do. Well -- and that's John McDonald free agent infielder for reds are -- are free agent infielder with -- also Jonathan Papelbon and -- Or you as things you as you guys are talking about it and thinking. About some of the stuff that you went through last year. You'll bring through some of these club bounces it with the Red Sox where it's been great clubhouse is they've known how to win. Did you try to kind of will yourself on that club ousted you try to kind of directive that way at all and can you even do that can one person do that. -- -- Yes and no -- it's a question you know -- -- new guy coming in that clubhouse so. I'll tell you who you continent a new guy you turn into a lot more than. Speak well. You know. I will say this you know I can't from -- clubhouse where it was in your face it would lose our own view it and we're going to yell at each other and when we don't do what we're expected. Or the election and that was kind of the way out those. Kind of groomed in that because of a baseball player that well and then. I go to Philadelphia has not answered that that way. And you know I know that I get the batter out about you know. From the guys not -- helped out because I'm out there -- say something that. You know alcoholic there was -- I don't I don't feel like I've never shied away from my beliefs or anything that. I think some of the report in -- may have taken a little bit. Different because -- or -- -- an out dated who we're not left field in. You know we're not we're not -- or whatever situation may be. -- -- -- -- Who Marvin is there that you really made when you get to comment about. About I think I didn't come here to this and that Nike Jordan and I felt the same -- as a players' respect and not want -- you don't know -- -- wanted to be in any big -- locker room. Tend to lose. How they did nothing wrong with that it took me think that you can just take that run that. Yeah well -- -- here are understood those who is two totally different environment and there's there's really. You know every clubhouse is different every single one of them is different and and like -- earlier flat doesn't take money you irks. Actually like take so it takes them and it's a group of guys coming together in the same boat called go to war every day together. And really take that over anything. A -- you know. I don't think there was -- here we have certainly talked to you since the Red Sox won did you watch the World Series in and from really the the guy has to be classified as the best closer -- red sox' history it's not even disputed. You look at what Koji did to you appreciate that you've always talked about. You look close in Boston how hard that is but did you number one did you watch World Series a number two what was your -- take away from watching what he did. Yeah I watched you know what -- getting into -- series and everything ever pitched on I loved it man I was. I'll I'll call pitches interviews in there and they hate you sit there watching games I was -- -- this -- there. You know whatever but. Anyway I really out cold or -- I'm -- to I would say it could have a new that they are real bad news that clubhouse light and do it. Probably in the end all and we're gangs and outlook. I knew what kind of leadership they have their days in dusty in. -- I didn't do. How would that man out of that album I'm not a gardener there. I don't know of and I you know I was happy pills or mark you know dark room temperature. Game so I couldn't have been -- well. I mean you're a -- again you look at what Koji did too and and as the guy who stood on the mound in 2007. Being able to celebrate like that and what was your thinking as well from one Red Sox -- to win a championship to another. Well I I've I'm obviously biased and he. You -- I thought he was the difference maker. And a lot of what the arena while Red Sox won the World Series are actually do. You know he's he he did what he was supposed to do and you know particular direction it was just. You know he was in that he was in that -- he was and that he was just you know Miller athlete when you -- -- that. You know it doesn't really matter. What do you throw or where or what you beauty is -- on the negative and that's it. -- -- we -- we get a hit the road here by appreciate you coming on we hadn't talked you know while in. And it's always good to hear from -- Did you two guys and I'm Mac regular to this offseason men and your cover future Cuba. Think they need to do to take pace off our guys -- -- -- that little two man. The gavel will do everything for the show it exits so thanks -- that harder aren't Jonathan Papelbon closed the Philadelphia Phillies John McDonald still way this. Honored to have them once again to -- -- -- job of that interviewed him I was all over if I could but it was. Let -- but that was that was good stuff John thanks for offered a perspective that was really good stuff these guys -- especially the part. Because of people forget what -- Papelbon stood out locker room and said some things people took his controversial comments right. But he ended it basically calling out the team and you were on the team. Yeah I didn't I don't know why not prove felt felt called out it's you know that the -- before -- you know Nolan. -- so that they -- asking the question no locker room about you know losing you know what you what do you feel about you we went on the flat after the break we lost we had injuries. That the team we couldn't overcome a lot cliff Cliff Lee for two weeks we've lost Dominic brown on two concussions for longer than that. Roy Halladay was -- with our luck Ryan Howard a lot session -- field there. He you know he's just all come I would like that loss that I'm a throw like fifteen of eighteen. And when asked -- what it felt like we blew it and you know when you -- -- -- has -- -- of -- kind of to -- wanna win a championship and yeah no I did then you know. Ever here and had no idea what I wanted to I got traded -- so it's different for me. But that he hit you go to where you wanna be an environment that's that you're gonna win you've got a chance to go to the post season. And from what -- and you know what what he's come from. And his pedigree it's all about winning you know the guy you want the back in your bullpen.

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