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Jan 2, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Tim Britton of the Providence Journal, they talk about options still available for Stephen Drew. Then talk to free agent John Mcdonald, and Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon about his time with the Red Sox and the Phillies, as well as his experience with free agency.

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-- you betcha you bet your worst spot by the beaches of Fort Myers it's in about. And -- distinctive clothing. Isn't the hot stove show there's no better place to be right now. Then listening to this wherever you might be your car your living room a phone and act whatever. No better place to be right now and listening to a show called the hot stove show because. Ironically. It is snowing and freezing out and I'll tell you why. Alex Spears got off tonight we're very sad about that he's on assignment once again -- rob Bradford RBI dot com. John McDonald's could be joining us later he was originally scheduled to fill in for Alex as he did so well last year. Lot of publicity about that everyone was all the buzz about his apparent he's going to be back maybe next week. But since -- don't pass the call in from his home. We have another great -- and for Alex and John McDonald. Next up -- -- probably. Welcome Tim thank you for letting me know that I was no better than Clancy. And decision if you want to hurt your group went duels but you really feel bad but play NC. -- It is -- It's outstanding it's just an outstanding place to be because they set them. Not only do you get to walk a mile and a half from the snow where you live fuel -- -- -- yes it was about a half -- walk and I -- and we could have taken plans he could have been anybody from the Red Sox. Beat coverage -- -- hours and every. You just capital of a mile and a half from him so it worked out perfectly and the fact. That you scored a perfect score on your SATs. Those two things you NFC right now. Thank you very much I'm glad to be added ten years ago is still resonates today. Analysts criticized when I'm -- nine invest your -- the Providence journal he covers the Red Sox for that fine organization. Does a great job on rob Bradford RBI dot com we got a lot lined up here. On the hot -- said the tonight. We're gonna start out we're going to be talking about. Stephen Drew. What else are you beat talk about because that's all the -- with the Red Sox as we know I mean they might get into would trade mark a little bit but Stephen Drew was going to be -- talking point. In regards to what the Red Sox have going on will more Friday -- that into the the darkest off. Which is I think that that's not a lot of key throughout the world baseball. Talk about those things as they say John McDonald free agent infielder is going to be calling him later. When we get into the hall of fame discussion with him and with him Tim has some very controversial views Romo made you are also like I should mention that you are also the head of the Boston chapter for the baseball writers. Douglas doesn't do. Youngest chapter chairman in the history of organization -- I I have no idea I don't know like I I've -- -- they are verifying it right now we're gonna say it right now but so that you have some pretty strong opinions. What do you do adult to say you do. Are there on the hall of fame voting. Which is coming up what is the those the title means we don't have all they both either one of -- yet to be in the organization for ten years I believe next Thursday a week from today. Is when the it's announced omitted who didn't. Yeah that sounds about right about cities -- -- bring but it. About right there I think it was a Thursday. Last year it. So that there yeah that's that's why you have that. I am Clancy and just that is why in the past but we're gonna get into the hall of fame voting as they say John McDonald can be calling him he can beat Scott in this. -- this and we are hoping we're hoping. Did Jonathan Papelbon has can be calling. Now I engaging this as a better than 50% chance. Of Jonathan apple one calling and we understand this weather concerns -- -- understand this travel concerns we understand his vacation concerns but Jonathan Papelbon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You would concur with this sort of expectations -- I think your math works pretty well we're going to be all the way up till 7 o'clock Pacific and the hot stove show I'm rob Bradford of WEEI dot com. Alex spear on assignment Tim -- in Providence journal. Witness. You can join the conversations at any time we would be talking about all the -- to -- we we welcome you win on this -- is cold is this. Awful awful New England night. And real welcome -- you get in the conversation 617779. 79376177797937. Or the AT&T -- line. 37937. Or of course at winner and by being here -- him by walking through the snow for a -- -- -- -- it and at Bradford Easter isolation that so my Twitter handle is out Brad -- in your residence at Tim Britton. -- -- Yeah I am yeah PRI to steal -- perfect score obviously -- yet if you enjoy the card receipts and 6177797937. All the way up to 7 o'clock but -- kick things off -- Steven grow disgust. Are you wrote this is what we it was an account with us what we do every single week him. You were on the show from the winner -- right -- the the cast of characters -- master now out of you brown. -- -- -- -- -- And we had Nicole show on Stephen Drew and since we sat there in Orlando. Do you sense anything has changed from that moment where we tried to break out everything was Stephen Drew. I mean if anything has changed it's that there there's even fewer teams that look like they wanted. Their their interest in drew we had Brian Cashman saying the other day with a pretty happy with other until this amateur when they signed Brian Roberts -- that was since that. These seven degrees of Stephen Drew separation show that we had or or before that. But it the Yankees are out of it then we talked a lot about the Mets that show it'll seem inclined to do anything more than what the Red Sox die -- -- -- -- Mets -- -- -- -- -- last week -- Said they're they're willing are they they have no problem going in the next -- with -- dot and I think that's kind of delayed the Red Sox feel that moment -- they have no problem with -- Brooks with the price comes down enough. Then you say well a left side of the infield the Bogart's and drew is. Probably better than the middle Brooks and Bogart's going into next year. And you don't. Have to trade middle Brooks is because you sign drew is still young enough. Sort of enough potential where he can say okay we can stash him Tripoli for a year or have a misstep it's in when drew gets hurt there's your feeling going through has that changed at all over the last month. In terms of him coming back the Red Sox I mean I think it's a better shot than it would set going into free agency. Just because I I really thought Saint Louis would go hard after -- and then when they went for Peralta that kind of changed things. So I think the as the price comes down the more I expect him to return to the Red Sox you know I went through bomb after JP was on last week in a blog post and trying to go through every single team projected starting shortstop there are some. Possible for you couldn't make the cases for a few teams you look at the reds might even be an upgrade over those are. You look at the Mariners although Brad Miller's a guy who they have high hopes for you couldn't make a case for some of these teams. But there is nothing note team that jumps out at you and says -- you know it. That is the landing spot for Stephen rented that you make -- case for -- Pittsburgh with Jordy Mercer there but I think. The draft pick and the idea you'd probably want to sign him for giving up draft -- to a multiyear deal. Is this waiting some teams like that we're in and we talked about this at the winter meetings. And I'd say if you couldn't in my estimation if you're gonna give up a draft pick as organization you better make sure it's more than a two year. That's just how I feel. Now I know that JP was on with a last week and he said. That he thinks he draft picks are overvalued by the industry. That he -- he thinks you should go for the veteran but you cannot build. A team through the draft. I understand what he's saying but still the majority of baseball are still valuing the -- even a team like the Mets where you have your getting past. The first round getting past the second round. Those are -- third round pick is still valuable to a team so would you agree with me in in if you're gonna give up a -- for a guy. If a guy who is at least worth three years to and it. I don't know if I would set it right at three years but I think if you're at it yet to be in the right position as a team yet to be on that win now cusp. Where it lately you know if the Mets at Matt Harvey were hurt or the National League east were little worse than. And it is you can say. Okay maybe if they sign drew that's what gets tempted to 85 maybe six wins next year that's probably not where they are. So that's why a third round pick politics more sense -- hold onto going forward. You know a team like Pittsburgh it might make sense but that's in the really passed the bill to the draft more so there have been go out and spent for free agents or some of these some -- these -- for guys screwed on that. An avenue to Kendry Morales I was surprised he turned it down but wouldn't get a Rouse turned on the qualifying offer that was kind of a signal that everyone's gonna turn down a qualifying offer. And I -- -- guys to -- and we talked about the Boris. Angle on. And I don't know it's fair to one boards in because both agents probably are gonna take the team act. With belting crews you have Adam Katz I think is the guys Adam -- Jets Nelson Cruz away from another agency. And when he's doing that he's saying were gearing up to get you your creating contract. This is all geared to getting him this four year deal so when they get to that point early in the offseason and they're presented with okay. You can take fourteen point one million dollars. Even though you're gonna -- and get that annually. It's hard for an agent to take them because they've promised that -- to deal same -- withdrawal we drew is a guy who'll. Is was thought to get through this year. -- the pillow contract thing. And even though he slumped offensively. Still had a decent enough -- offensively -- an unbelievable year the -- post season defensively you won a World Series. There is no guarantee you're coming out of -- another one year deal in good shape as he is right now yeah and you have. Baseball players reach free agency as Layden as they do you know at 29 or thirty as it is and you don't want a delayed at another year just by taking a fourteen point one million. A guy like drew -- cruise you know might not have the same value. Going forward after next year both of you know Christmas time obviously with the suspension drew has missed time with injuries. You never know what's gonna be like three or 65 days from now. Yet it's it's it's a tricky thing and and that's why I said it's means nothing it's. That's what the qualifying making the decision on the qualifying offers his portraits for these agents workers. For these players because we haven't seen one person except the qualifying offer in two years of doing so far and yet what we have seen is guys go through the offseason. And directly lead -- situations. Yeah I mean it was it was Michael Bourn and Kyle Lohse -- Jared -- February 15. As David Lohse was was more late march right there with Milwaukee and -- ever were talking about it I think last offseason with. But Andrew Miller to -- in -- in January civilian and he was kind of -- he's involved in in the players association saying like yeah this this wasn't exactly how we drew it up. -- you know. And unraveling in the offseason and it's a native got to wait until the next mediated bargaining Cessna -- and yet it seems -- seemed little war that's Tim Britton Providence journal. I'm rob Bradford of WEEI dot com -- be talking about Stephen Drew going for all things baseball things offseason John McDonald. Gonna join as after the next break -- and all fame and what ever he wants to talk about you was great last week everyone was talking about it pairs. The job Jon and I if you listening -- he's going to be calling it a little bit and were hoping to to meet up. But our old friend Jonathan Papelbon once again. Again where we're DG about a 68% chance that he will pick before we go to the break this gonna keep him -- real quick Keith are you doing. You know you're the -- whenever Papelbon cause him okay. -- -- -- look at go to break before -- -- dikes were up against a little bit. Com. It's being. It might think you're you're dead wrong about about drew I think drew tears over. Despite. Goes an affinity for him I'd like to be you know look at it. Objectively. What he to what we have unless we buried doubtful. -- -- -- -- -- Well I think dad's. Kind of depth and and stability there that ended with the Red Sox our team that's. I was becoming awful World Series title this is a oh win now team and -- already breaking and Jackie Bradley Center field. -- in Zander Bogart's at shortstop and or third base so there there are some unknowns there especially offensively. There's a little bit of an unknown with AJ Pierzynski catcher offensively. And then it if you're gonna so will little books and look we know the potential yet he's had what 32 home runs down in almost 709 games yet is basically -- season he's hit thirty home runs. But he doesn't have -- of that on base skill that they like that drew has so I think if you have drew and Bogart's. You've got leeway in case Bogart's fails or even if he's Bradley fails you can have him as the ninth guy and you order if you got a better one through eight. So I mean I think it's it's a debate going back and forth depending on how much money you wanna spend. But I think -- -- right now it doesn't look like you have to spend a whole lot of money to be an emulated adapt the depth is so key year. Today every other position maybe except second base. They have depth across the board where you can stated something happens to this guy they have a fill in there that it's gonna make that loss. -- -- -- Right I mean I suffered second base and I mean look at what you -- -- -- don't happen in the left side of the infield last year you go into the season. Through misses time with it -- at the very start of the year was the -- comes and plays great. And drew comes back laces goes down middle Brooks gets certain places comes in plays great. Did you trade him projected to use that depth to get something more to help your team this year. Brooks comes back plays pretty well. But then you have Bogart's ready to fill in in the post season when things went wrong you had so much W had four guys play analyst side of the infield for extended periods of time. You into next year with what you have right now without drew. It counted on Jonathan Herrera. And Brock -- and no brain no nighters and we go through every year we go through the same thing nobody sees that you go through this team conversations in spring training. But what you gonna do with the all the guys Jose Iglesias perfect example last year heading into camp -- you have the XX part. You what you could spend all year Pataki and ball. It's so important this is one thing that they -- over and over and over again is that. The reason they won last year was because of that. That's that's their priority right now it's not get the Josh Hamilton it's not paying the 22 million dollars a year to Ellsbury is getting the depth because in the -- mine. That's how they feel like they they won last year as Tim Britton the Providence journal I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com after the break to be joined a third man in. And John McDonald. Another co host in I guess it would that -- I coast. Oh what a stretch and -- and you know I -- if if not will coined the phrase John McDonald created infield will be joining us talking helpings baseball. And perhaps perhaps. Our old friend Jonathan Papelbon will get to at all after the already. Reported that 60% 68%. -- that -- Far as I'm concerned it's it's gone 268%. Of the time works every time every single time rob Bradford W yeah. WEEI dot com. Would meet Tim -- Providence journal also what is John McDonald. Via phone because of the weather situations. And also joining us right now from parts are known. Jonathan Papelbon. We just -- about. Ball go to John McDonald and hopefully get to. Hopefully you'd Jonathan Papelbon back. What's going out hey John I you don't. I'm -- and got -- sort out whether I'll listen it's like you're here. It's like they're here on the hot stove show sponsored by Eagles distinctive clothing and the beaches of fort Meyer isn't about. It already I would already be in the car for five hours today. Well I guess that it needed that is all dead it's all I don't know if you re kick it up pretty strong -- on it we ticket properties fraud and I don't know how you feel we talked a lot about drew would Bogart's in. And everybody. Last week. -- -- a -- Willis in the beginning of it has any teams about your view drew. You might know him -- no no not at him as a person. By him is coming back. No I think you mean he either way not feel like the Red Sox are our our coverage they've got a really young player. They've added -- which is another. Good player to have on this team not to get Andrew back without the possibility just gives -- more depth which. Every kid they all want to ever positions so you know I think they're a good position either way they wanna go. Well John you know another person I think they should -- back whereas Jonathan Papelbon. And that's exactly who we have on the line a former teammate of John McDonald out by you don't. Is there. Well we have some technical -- in hiring bacteria like you without Saito and everywhere throughout this day today. So you're on wouldn't be rob Bradford with him Britain's here province earlier don't know him -- that you wish you did and and also John McDonald your former teammate. -- -- -- as it is there but thought that. Somebody would be nothing you please double -- the card tables. You have. All. I've been on the kill them here so I figured give a little break. Will where exactly -- -- and you're young you don't have to say exactly as we don't want RB autograph -- Are -- and okay -- -- -- quick look -- it and see if well you know you're I don't know what it is that mr. beyond art and -- look at our right now are as fair. The hit anywhere that would argue -- well that's why John McDonald's on the phone right now. I thought I hit the studio they want practice now. I would stand -- you disappoint things of the entire offseason was was the fact that you'd never went 20% squat -- you Ron. Well it to offseason there right. I don't know I don't know. Does so it was a big order seeing him here sometime in January down -- Arizona tomorrow -- known Mozambique's. Beat beat there's there's that Clark has of their pressure wryly. Yeah was hot spot for those. Well got hot spot her outward -- Jordan grew up in -- and or California. Okay what they have a different. They have different species and we did down there in the south now. Well I. I believe what I see when you guys go hunting -- by anyway so that this'll -- offseason -- -- this offseason been a different for -- because -- be -- week. I don't know if you look at the Internet I don't know if you look at MLB trade rumors but -- -- sorry rob was O'Donnell what you do at all. Did I -- But and have the budget by as as that was the case when you are here this but a lot of trade rumors. You think there's anything to these these rumors that you might -- Amid I think there's a little bit -- remembered oh yeah I mean I don't know. I -- it's hard to AME. I don't know Bartlett -- I don't know I don't know. I don't think critical. -- or value I think they I think they. They'd love it solid love. -- figure out who has the most value what they think they get a ticket to have to do that justice. Know what's going on with we cheapened their roster at all times whether -- at free agency that. Threat someone in the back in the bullpen wanna know who -- looking for a closer just in case they need to move someone in the future. I'll I'll look at it -- the about the team this year and the starting rotation that yeah. You let it. Would that lead Hamels. Had a bone they Kenderick minister pretty good pitchers to be close behind -- back. Yep up to -- we just lost -- -- second here. Is down this step and is not good cellphone reception. It it. Do you think about that guy -- you look at some of the pitches that that they haven't and I and I know there they they say it's an aging team. But they have some good they have good arms Tuesday at the front of the rotation -- -- -- of the from the rotation with some young pitchers with credible coming in behind them and Kyle Kendrick has been a good pitcher over the course the last five years not a great -- that he's been a good pitcher -- for pretty good. Pretty -- is a talented team -- you back Willis. -- that OK ordinarily don't get remotely good service hero Matt not okay bye bye as John was saying -- talented team in. And to go back to how you don't pay attention to do the the trade rumors and to what John said about them just try to find value I would imagine this stage in your career you can use this stuff to write. Yeah yeah definitely you know long and obviously right about -- and -- -- each -- understands how it works on. They're definitely -- it worked in that -- guy who would they give bullets bomb. You know. Four for us on our team honestly believe we have more talent than any other roster out there but. If you don't take that talent. And you basically get there and you figure out each other's. Little protein content is figure out how to -- that make yeah. 25 man roster formidable one. Notable work I don't care how much money's there how much. How many guys in the opener how many starters it did. It it doesn't work you look at the Red Sox last year and John will probably tell you. That moment he walked into the Red Sox clubhouse there was an entirely different feel from last. And I'm I'm not putting as word got out by any means but. It sure what you have group we got -- gopher. So there aren't that big gains but for example a playoff is. You have to do have each other's back and count almost -- like what you gonna do before next meant what the next guy at. Front -- you don't do for you and. -- -- and when it was a lot of it was a lot of fun few differences you know five teams and then walking in that locker room we're in Boston. And you guys killing each other -- that sixty expecting the World Series that you gonna get onboard. That didn't get out there early because don't when you don't don't let it be the first out there in the -- try to beat him out there he's -- over the golf ball. The fun part about it was just we just seeing. How guys stay there every day instead -- who's gonna who's gonna win this game today and that's. That's all that matters and that they get on every team but -- this Kentucky last year there are so. They're so open about it which made it it made a lot of -- he wanted to hit the ball Parker there every day exactly and and correct me if I'm wrong you don't you don't have to have. The highest payroll for the most athletes. Or the biggest thing he can to land that's not it. You gotta you gotta be around guys that want to work hard at what they care about is is winning in and doing everything they possibly can get that done it. Not given the win -- anybody's thought it would young pitchers over the course of your career how are not paid attention to detail. That they're gonna. They're gonna lose games because they're not they're not extremely prepared exactly what they want to do that -- it's its big lead it's taught you kick. Have pitchers that. They'll want to go through growing pains while there on the mound and want to keep on trying new things you know -- -- guys that are prepared for that you look -- bullpen. That are. They're they're on board that there is that they're not gonna dealing we talk but does a lot this year you know with with their pitches you know -- can do. First sides -- first ever attend the ball on the mound they're gonna have your idea of what they wanted to do. Out and that's John McDonald free agent infielder former reds are -- -- free agent infielder with -- also Jonathan Papelbon and -- What is things you guys you guys are talking about it and thinking. About some of the stuff that you went through last year. You bring through some of these club bounces it with the Red Sox where it's been great clubhouse is they've known how to win. Did you try to kind of will yourself on that club ousted you try to kind of directive that way at all and can you even do that can one person do that. Will. Yes and no -- that it's a question you know I was in new guy coming in that clubhouse so. I'll tell you -- you -- and had a new guy you kind of tender a lot more than. Speak but. On you know. I will say this you know I can't from the clubhouse where it would -- in your face it would lose our own view it and we're going to yell at each other and we and we don't do what we're expected. We're the Latino and that was kind of the way out -- Kind of groomed in the because of a baseball player that club well and then. I go to Philadelphia that's not censored out that way. And you know I know that got better after diagnosis. From the guys not clubhouse applicant I'm out there -- say something that. You know -- all exit with the -- I don't I don't feel like I've never shied away from my beliefs are saying that. Think some of the reporter -- may have taken a little bit. Different because now we are Kerkorian out dated who what I look feel and you know we're not we're not -- B or whatever situation may be. So all of it on there. Look Martin is there that you when you made when you made the comment about. About I think I didn't come here suggested that Nike Jordan and I felt the same meal as for the players respect and -- one don't -- -- wanted to be in any big league locker room. Failed to lose and -- apparently has not been wrong with that it took me. Sometimes you can just take that round that. Yeah well and I -- here understood those who is two totally different environment and that there's there's really. You know every clubhouse is different every single one of them is different and and like cancer and that's Latin and take money irks. Actually like take so it takes them and it's a group of guys coming together in the same vocal go to war every day together. And really take that over anything. A -- you know. I don't think anyone's -- here we have certainly talked to you since the Red Sox won did you watch the World Series in and from really the the guy has to be classified as the best closer -- red sox' history it's not even disputed. You look at what Koji did to you appreciate that you've always talked about. You look close in Boston how hard that is but did you number one did you watch World Series a number two what was your -- take away from watching what he did. Yeah I watched you know what are -- in the pro series and everything ever pitched on I loved it man hours. I'll I'll I'll call pitches and to use in there and they hate you sit there watching games I was in good history there. You know whatever but. Anyway I really boastful or I need to I'd almost say it can have a new that they are real bad news that clubhouse light -- you. Probably in the alone slugging outlook. I knew what kind of leadership they had over there would say that it does in. Yeah I didn't do. How would that man out of that -- about Gardner there. I don't know of and I you know I was happy pills or mark you know dark -- -- Game so I couldn't have been -- well. I mean you look at again you look at what Koji did too and and as the guy who stood on the mound in 2007. Being able to celebrate like that and what was your thinking as well from one Red Sox -- to win a championship to another. Well I I've I'm obviously bias in the -- thought a -- thought he would the difference maker. And -- lot ordering a lot of Red Sox won the World Series are actually do. You know he he he did what he was supposed to do and you know particular direction it was just. You know he was in that he was in that group he was and he was just you know you know exactly what you starter so that. You know it doesn't really matter. What you grow world order or what you beauties is familiar RB and that's it. Well now we gotta we gotta hit the road here by appreciate you coming on we had talked you know while in. And it's always good to hear from -- -- Did you two guys and -- Mac regular to this offseason man and your cover future Cuba. Thank than it is to keep pace dog guys Allstate state that little two man. The gavel will do everything for the show it exits so thanks bat are there are about Jonathan Papelbon -- or Philadelphia Phillies John McDonald still way this. Honored to have them once again to -- -- -- job of that interviewed him I was all over if I could put. Let out but that was that was good stuff John thanks for laughter and perspective that was really -- stuff for you guys -- especially the part. Because of people forget what that Papelbon stood -- locker room and said some things people took his controversial comments right. But he ended it basically calling out the team and you were on the team. Yeah I mean I don't know why not -- felt felt call out -- you know that -- coming forward you know no one. If so that they -- asking the question no locker room about you know losing you know what you what do you feel about you we went on the flight after the break. We -- we had injuries. That the team he couldn't overcome a lot cliff Cliff Lee for two weeks we've lost Dominic brown on two concussion for longer than that. Roy Halladay was paired with -- Ryan Howard a lot -- -- feel there. Eat you know -- just all come that would like we've lost that -- -- throw like fifteen of eighteen. And when asked him what it felt like -- and you know when you come if this does not -- -- going to be kind of to wind wanna win a championship and yeah no I did -- then you know. -- over here and had no idea what I wanted to I got traded their so it's different for me. But that's you hit you go to where you wanna be an environment that's that you're gonna wind you've got a chance to go to the post season. And from what John and you know what what he's come from. And his pedigree it's all about winning you know the guy he won the back in your bullpen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure okay awesome to really get to the hall fame talk that Britain has a very strong opinion on the all of a that's coming up we'll get to all your call 61777979837. Will do it all -- Our eyes get -- back into hot stove show up rob Bradford WI dot com will meet Tim -- Providence journal also on the phone. Our try hostess for college tonight. John McDonald Red Sox free agent infielder. And wrote to talk about now before we get to the calls is the hall of fame a week from now we went into the show a week from now we're gonna know. Who the next classes and Tim. Woodward talking about the hall of fame what's the first thing that jumps to -- what is that thing that is -- yeah. Well I'll press this thing that I don't have a vote by you but you are the Boston. The head of the Boston chapter for the baseball writers. You know it which doesn't have a ton of them out of power how ironic -- tasting for the dinner coming yes this -- reported that -- -- Not admit invited you consider as an invitation we have we have -- that that chapter I care your your always invited John. I appreciate that of their regular -- magic happened but haven't so what is the what what's your thoughts -- -- you know what I look at at the ballot and and how I would. Potentially vote if I did have hypothetically vote what what bothers me is the idea that you could only vote for ten guys that you look at their there's 36 people on the ballot this year. And there's probably more than ten hall of famers because the -- because no one got in last year because very few people gotten in recently. That the question we hear when you're trying to vote for the hall of fame shouldn't be more like the ten best or who Wear them however many best to be is this -- a hall of Famer or not I go to Mets beat the entirety of what your vote is based on. And talking to Michael Silverman and of his whole story about this was how he had to kind of lot guys off base on what did you do steroids maybe he can she should be punished now or he's in his first your on the -- double double for him or this guy might not get enough. Credit from other writers will vote for him. And -- shouldn't be the considerations it should be a yes or no question and it's not with only ten people ask if it's a polarizing thing for a lot of different reasons but John. What what's your -- Aikman and you can come from it whatever angle you want you can address what Tim said about. The number of people we can vote for you could talk about who exactly should be voted in because. This is the biggest conversation we have a group of guys who a lot of people won't even. Consider and then you have these other group a -- all these guys are locks to I don't know how you feel about John what he says. They -- -- instead he's 36 -- on the ballot. And the only way you can pared down to pin is is to say okay you know I don't want wrote Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds didn't. You know locked -- America 500 homers hit 3000 plus hits. He's been that there -- two and one of over him in and you end up trying to figure out why guys. -- And why you shouldn't vote for somebody that has statistically. And over the course -- -- -- dominated there and you know -- threw for one reason or another. But still make it it makes accustomed to guard Alex you know commendable for everybody it's all been working on the ballot. You need more than ten votes in more than ten -- -- on -- -- there -- -- -- the players -- -- You both words you use the -- same Tebow. They'll if if the voting was clear on why you Kenny Campbell for people are -- it's the whole thing is if it's just a museum where. They're trying to protect Major League Baseball it is making -- I don't know which way I wanna go on that yet because I'm still pretty close became sore that's understandable if you look at some of the guys in. -- whether or not guys that cheated you know I mean how would you put Jeff Bagwell got to not only for him for one regional that you look at his stats -- put in his stats and and there's a tenure portion of his career where he was dominant means he's taught thing where that you. I would put him on the ballot Craig Biggio. Maddux and -- On where you lead with Frank Thomas strong right. Didn't mean he hit numbers but no way I got no brainer right paging you it is true to me in the middle of his career. He dominated the American League and it in a time when. Mean he did that I played with a -- and so against. Performance enhancing drugs in baseball. You know he's he's -- Bradley did it the right way all time. And as his numbers are our future look at Alan Trammell first shortstop so the green in he being unfairly. Lumped in with -- all of the other guys right now he's on the thirteenth year of his ballot of them being on the ballot and you look at his numbers and what he did in the game compared to all the other short shots -- in the hall of fame and he's. Definitely weren't you though you -- Omar Vizquel on the I think a lot of skills can be -- but how do you coming -- -- Vizquel -- -- already voted for Trammell. -- think adding travels -- the guys that gets kind of trampled on because you got all these other guys still there and bonds and Clemens are still there for a a second year and that will still there and a fourth year. That traveled and Edgar Martinez. And you know Larry Walker those guys is to kind of pushed down those are guys that we should be having a legitimate conversation about whether their whole team were it not like that the most of them are. But you look you mean Kevin Brown did you get 5% his first year. I mean if -- more scheme on the ballot today which he gets 5% if this were his first year they I think that's on the you you wonder bout with Oliva at the minute the maximum ten. And John -- you know I've gone down this road Clement to doesn't necessarily agree with me. But the way. Top ten MVP voting or top fifteen an MVP voting and the reason is. Is because in each air you can't match stats but you can mets' dominance I always said Jim Rice should always been and I think he finished top ten MVP voting six out of ten times. But even though some of the voting can be skewed one way or the other. The the majority of it will tell you if he is dominant in that error I don't know if you agree -- or not but. That's what I'm going to -- -- all the position that you have to go in and how do you. How do you -- dominance because you can take middle infield media shortstop for example partially shortstop but. How you -- -- the shortstop is is dominant or not compared to numbers because you can have. A hall of -- They were Shell with -- he was he's been really good for a long period of time fully dominant that he hit it -- dominate hitters are gonna hit three fort in your lineup. And you've got a lot of other players that. It depending on their position may or may not you know qualify as he has MVP they're gonna get a ton of MVP votes. This goes -- -- -- recent calls and your real quick before we got to take off Darrell. Broke quick -- New York City are you doing. And it has because right -- as good as Johnny Mac in Britain has to go and you do -- a couple a couple of questions you going into next media. -- that we -- six dogs and five. Who has the look so I but yet Workman. Why -- Daryl thanks for the thanks for the caught the gets pretty easy answer and and Tim and I probably agree I think John we talked about this last week which is. You figured out. -- you -- you don't know what you if you can rely on your depth being a veteran instead of an unknown you do that right. -- yes absolutely you keep that many starting pitchers this past weekend -- There's no how would you baseball that would not love that six starting pitchers plus. On all of these in waiting in the wings come up and potentially pitched during the during the course the year in case of injury what do what do. -- -- opportunity for the Red Sox to bring all the -- this spring training in and let. Everything play out. Depth depth depth that's what we keep hearing about. Well we have to take off here -- planet Mikey show coming up the great. Mike Adams -- is -- the tree. The snowstorm. Listen I know John that you year you -- driving here that's understandable or the trees that we get we get to sit in two are the traffic but we have Mikey to listen. So that's it. Though -- next week John maybe next week will will clear of this now he can come on -- Andre are great job thanks for joining us their -- and thanks for walking a mile and a half. Then it was totally worth it. That's right it now we are a good show I got a got a cookie before the show that was excellent account of one another one that's in I know I'll make it that is -- in our alliance that we there's a lot we could talk about it to jump in another studio -- podcast. Doug help you better files Bradford files podcast as to -- broad -- general thank you Jonathan Papelbon. For joining us thank you to John McDonald for joining us. -- thank you to patio behind the glass for producing a great great show. I am rob Bradford this is hot stove show sponsored by schools distinctive clothing -- -- -- -- in ball we will see you next week.

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