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Hulk Hogan is a Patriots fan

Jan 2, 2014|

Hulk Hogan records a message for all the Hulkamaniacs and Patriots fans.

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And that in this half hour ago Joey came across his video. Hulk Hogan any time was. Was he the biggest wrestler in the world made for people might know right on thirty. 33. -- for there was a couple of years in my time. Where was all Hulk Hogan right he was a a god in the world wrestling as a wrestling game grown up and I was right my Wii allows 88899. B ten years old. Saturday night main event paper -- of your -- it was all about Hulk Hogan. So Hulk Hogan apparently owns is that is that it motorcycle shop some sort of beach shop I don't know it's a beach -- each shop Hulk Hogan's bead shop. And for some reason we're still looking for the answer for. He recorded this for the US FaceBook page talk about the -- people -- for the patriot player besides Tom Brady. That Hulk Hogan calls out during what I call Agassi a promo for the New England patriot. All of your brother I got some Gloria about it I right now. They failed to achieve brother loved it spent. McDonald's jobless for awhile but now. -- -- -- Yeah that's it you for a long time -- -- Eric wrote but I got some. He's also you didn't look that -- -- Does it yet I. Iron or anybody's d.s -- hold their backpacks and -- whoever brother duke news addict yeah all our stars the world hole. You can strap your -- you. -- well brother to a one of those pages director and now they've got all -- good brought him at all. How does that -- again. Back up reserve tight and remain. Get a shout out to begin. A Hulk Hogan promo video we -- the patriots. I need to know what the connection is between -- Mulligan who played humane I believe. And Hulk Hogan had no idea. Do promo for the patriots great for the post season. I'm gonna feature memo that all -- this is for you brother but I'll get to what. -- okay. -- -- -- I've got something for you but I'm not gonna tell you about it right now. Somebody's got to Texas or FaceBook -- called showing up here. What this basketball again have in common with Hulk Hogan what is the connection. Between that you just -- -- got to know each other. From what I've no idea focus the California pizza guy right ball -- -- and I have no idea. Blackjack volumes enough knowledge that the connector. If I. I have no idea but I need to help the -- out today that my new years resolution for today only. Is to find out what connection possibly. -- Mulligan. Fourth item for the patriots. Have to -- -- Hulk Hogan and that answer before 2 o'clock to 37. 937379837. Matt -- does not resemble we'll -- -- you'll join us coming couple that get his thoughts on the patriot first playoff opponent. And their playoff chances. Match out of the old need.

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