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Shawn Thornton: 'I messed up'

Jan 2, 2014|

Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss his 15-game suspension. He said that he was disappointed it was not decreased and added that the cheap shot will not define his career.

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Text -- from the 508. Kirk says I saw a show on board and at the patriots game last week and the guy is just so genuinely nice. And it's. Absolutely obvious that the suspension is killing him. I think that's the impression you get to and the pressure pressure from the horse's mouth this John is joining us on the AT&T hotline and shot is brought to you. By the city of Boston credit union. As John happy new year. Peter sorry guys. Hmmm I'm where great bomb. You it is the impression that a lot of people get chew on that the money Sox -- in the game sucks but. The the just wish that the damage it does to your reputation. Is what bothered you the most because everybody talks about. What do standup guy you you know got -- by the code in that one time you broke it is the thing that maybe some people will remember forever. Partner. I've met but no. Not that I thought that it was not so let us. The mistake -- made. -- I'll play right on line. We -- -- do my arms. -- wants so. Are right on it but I think that that. -- -- -- -- -- don't stop it all. Warriors and play in the rules are built up. There so. But very unfortunate. Circumstance but why not. Yeah it might not. Really not. But. Now and move on. So you know if you messed up is you've admitted you've talked about many times you've been real. Forthright about that if you messed up what was Shawn Thornton's case for less than the suspension and if you were Shanahan and you're sitting down the -- how many games in -- of suspended. Yourself. I thought -- job it -- I think that all. It up there are legally not allowed. -- The decision. But I thought the thought that at the little excessive. Coming in I don't know of adult and out but he's got the -- -- but I thought that in the hope that -- -- especially if ever and a little bit. A little much for my -- I've -- -- yes. It seems to me that it's a lot of character and everybody has said it. That that they would take I was sitting in front row on the glass and it was just strange to see what you did. And how out of character was to -- It does it make sense to you and as the guy in the middle of it you know why why you did that why you cross that line. It. Not really well. That. -- Actions and situations that rose during that game not let that topic in a year or so Africa. Went -- Right and obviously. I mean we know we heard from new as I was saying before he came on I think he handled it beautifully after. Obviously the incident and I know this is not why you do it -- I know you weren't the guy tweet -- I'll put every day you'd see you at a different hospital with some kid at the Jimmy Fund clinic. And then every time -- did an interview you just say I've messed up he did not make excuses do you feel like since that day -- since you you know. Since you. For those punches that you have done everything the right way have done everything you could do to mitigate the damage. What about. The average more. -- -- like Google. -- ought to be out -- So. -- I am tired. I don't think that's. And the right thing to do so com. There. The for all the time these people are. Oh matters stop and pose a threat other. -- You know in the embed its release after the -- expects and he said interestingly and disturbingly. Mr. -- testify at the hearing he knew exactly what he's doing music -- -- controlled his emotions. You feel like in retrospect or at the time did you feel like you were in complete control your emotions why did that. It. There. Unfortunately. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know you. Felt bad about the you know the victim here in your friendly with Brooks orbit the have you talked to him. I thought outdoors. I was gonna shoot back just specific ethnic and the US Olympic team. I'm glad I play. Articulate articulate what it. Six or seven days I think -- skating against -- Not. -- -- -- Obviously. -- -- I'll I'll. Never tried in Germany I think. All of there's there's some -- packets that that -- majority in like Brooke. Is gonna change you on the ice at all as as a -- -- for sure I guess -- but the word is is this change how you're gonna I gonna play. Now that doesn't. But I think what the it was outside outside alliances we. And everyone. Knows that there. -- -- -- The price for absolutely. -- I'll go back is it that put a lot but and so are. Does this some like Marsha and I know your job is to stick up for teammates and in you do well but when a guy like marsh and I'm not sentences to specific. This is a great example that if -- And gets the other guys a little riled up. You hold them responsible if peace in their poke and prod and in the east and they -- is that your job to defend him no matter what. -- -- -- -- -- And it plays. -- -- I think that that's a player. It is like it at all spot but that. The vote to score goals as state it could. Like economic team. Agitators. And enforce his job is to defend an agitator even if the agitator. Is. You know right on that line. -- Also. -- -- Bill. You know there's probably a port circular here as well there -- five and -- I guess that'll report so. March. Are very cute. -- -- -- Vote everybody bought. Via ballot now that here inspire copy he got -- All you got nine days left on the suspension does it feel like. Forever but does it feel like you know it's it's it's gone by pretty quickly. Thought it forever. -- All -- is that another reason I didn't take it. That arbitrators were you know this. Colossal stretch and it -- have been. -- -- -- -- -- -- contract on. So but it. A realized. Or oak tree -- and but -- got -- and he. -- -- I think that. It ought to ought I can't really still out there watching watch out there. Well he'll be healthy and -- -- before we let you go did you think. The I don't know if you've addressed this did you think the or cricket on Ericsson was over the line. I haven't done that I. I don't know I. -- -- -- Quiet -- -- -- -- you look at a newspaper and watched so I'll it lives and -- I can't figure out on puncher and there's. -- -- I think it's almost -- people are both sides though without all so awful on. Quite well shot toward thank you for the time. Enjoy your last nine days of his little. Vacation I guess you -- the rearing to go. At San Jose on the eleventh. Good -- -- on thanks for joining us. John joined on AT&T. Hotline Kirk and until that that texture element of the patriots in whatever one thinks it's kill. -- kill him. Ago like the -- expecting him says that's the price of doing business usually gets suspended here's a look at that way he looks at that. He has followed the rules played in the code I think of forty years for him at least nationally there's no question the first thing we asked the US and is he's this is going to be at the time diesel this is what it is that he's not try to player that -- enough to knock that you've McSorley when he Thacker of course. As you think about Wayne Mackie. What do you think of that green. And he's going to be one -- suspended fifteen games for snapping eats you know. It says he didn't but you know he seems like -- -- of a Christmas Island. Very colorful career a soulful guy you think of that bloody end to Rick Middleton spacing any regrets it. He's -- on he doesn't know why he dated me just make any sense and he hates it. But Sean is Smart and observer of the note that. He's always going to be on it doesn't quite mean it's still when you see eagle -- it all parties. All right it's it doesn't look like -- classic you know on Scott -- punched to the Sheehan. And yet or -- was laid out so -- economy he. I know some people around you think he's taken but I don't think your picket others. It was I was and I can withdraw ice watching. At first I thought it was dirt but -- watches not dirty well you know it's -- well here's the problem he thought Ericsson was gonna play the puck right. And if the way of Ericsson -- touch the park you'd say. What a great hit timing was perfect yet but the puck went by so it looks like he. Wasn't play in the park and he has site I want to make that decision. Note note none at all and I understand people think approach and picking his beating just bought Borden. Great but that's not the job he's been around long time we went -- reports that one flight and what lasts 675. Years and there -- lots of guys on this team Bruins don't fight. That's John's job that's not. Corporate job and that's part of the code Sean knows it means you really don't have to defend them because he does such a good job. You know that -- defining moment defending himself for attempting to explain himself. I still think in this quiet moments ago Iowa and then why did -- that he says he didn't pass like Gene Hackman in hoosiers. In the basket -- -- Mentioning his mask and overcoat sent the hoosiers and do you like movies I'm a movie. Yeah again we'll get back in of that -- -- -- -- about all I need to talk -- -- wolf Wall Street whose. Three hours and the greatest living director economic approach is. It's. I'll take the greatest leader Mel Gibson -- that -- and I don't.

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