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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Middlebrooks and Dell ring in the New Year

Jan 2, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today Kirk discussed the Middlebrooks Dell power couple.

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-- Gerri headlines has brought you by AT&T and passions nation's fastest and now most reliable Ford GL TE network AT&T. Bridging the first 2014 edition of headlines with -- Art so why do you follow -- Miller Brooks on order now of course he has do you do I don't do I don't follow any almost any athletes toward almost all. Moronic and they'll be just. -- A few a few couple patriots got the Red Sox not all of them. All clogged up but new years that once and happy new year that's the worst due to a data you -- -- -- I thought you and I decided not to let you you have made fun and mocked relentlessly. It was amazing I went I didn't look at that -- the next day. To be fifty in -- rose to say happy new year now a lot of it was you know. Less passionate -- action that hash -- great year passionate good luck just shot up Christmas Christmas Day was worse every athlete re tweeting anybody who you picture of them getting their Jersey. So we'll -- Brooks tweets happy new year must view here's to a great 2014 us. Is will and his girlfriend act Jimmie dale mess and now officially. It's just that sort of coming out Fuller picture now yeah couple. Will I honestly -- knew me you hear the rumors and all I heard -- last year and I know you spread the rumor has it. Which -- all the time whether it's an ego. That he watney year. -- What I knew I mean -- Turkey. Although rumors like -- yet. -- of the world through these I mean I. I don't I don't by uttered pretty from people in the knows this -- going on last year yeah yeah so this changes. Her -- hasn't -- -- she can't work at -- Eating -- -- that you're just stuck in a situation she cook and a which you'd have to do like the Bruins. Right that's -- can't beat the Red Sox reporter and I just stay on. This and they leader today I guess but then she's. Leaving -- player on the Red Sox publicly she could never report on him gonna -- she's not we understand she's not mean do you think Jenny dealt await the good Ken Rosenthal war now. We should not report that she's sideline if you had something. But will middle Brooks who was negative she was dating -- race last year two years ago. -- report I mean they don't do that -- and giving you think now and what if you saw her due to will on camera what. Armor and all the did the mark and don't let it out again it's other -- unable him mark if you missed the commonalities. And respected reporter at ESPN. He does some of the heavy stuff promotional. He had abused Antonio on the field after the Rose Bowl win. And the he he probably assumed they cut away. Finishing in the view and hugs. Hugs -- the coach of Michigan -- 2014. World. Religious dances that I'm telling you right now will get will little works its two home runs she asked in a view on the field after me to walk option -- interview. Just weird that you -- your boyfriend living with him. Whatever else that I've I guarantee you. I know people think nights on Twitter on this detecting colon if you want 6177797937. Do you think -- -- Should be allowed to broadcast Red Sox games at NASA. While she's dating a player and I think a lot people say god cares and not a big deal I just all think it's a good luck there. We are still thinks that he's professional broadcaster. Portugal make his broadcast look a little. Less professional and he's on the sidelines if they agree in the tweeted out. With the posed photo like Wright Brothers pictures of her out that night with. Some party Michael walker was there there -- some New Year's party. Did you send a picture you and your wife and I drove by an issue. Which is not a. -- And that's was this was like on the globe website to right it's all one big happy family one big. In sensual relationship. That's what's gonna write about it. Like the inside track again as they did a couple weeks ago we talked about they can write that it's inappropriate for to be on the sideline and. What like somebody in the media you know called somebody to say this should be meanest if you if you if that's -- to take themselves seriously right. It -- takes himself seriously you can't let -- be part of the Red Sox broadcaster. Bob well really the worst it truly is how many teams there are. She could do the Bruins right. Sure I guess. NG we earned all could do the -- sure yeah notre greats like that has to be in the works. We've exhibited by the droppings fox sports one news that she's talking them as well like I can't imagine. They're gonna bring her back is every time you see here now. You know thank god she's. What if he hits a home run she sits right next. Yet she would jump piracy she Abby she should be she presumably she shared that. She wears Red Sox hats and celebration stuff anyways which is really. She views herself as a journalist you I just I don't like the feeling now. It's different this different. There's attacks Indians and a big ears so it'll get liners and a lot. That's the way it is now you know. A cup that the owner the Red -- owns the Boston Wallace's right owns the rights are you read this in the globe I mean the rest after signing off. What do they already know that she's. I don't know. And the -- begins in a couple of their sixties finish running a marathon each state every day for the past year. -- Mari and her husband Alan she 64 he 68 rose at 4 AM each day industrial. And -- 366. Consecutive -- by no days off man and I'm covering him as a witness like my diet and I guess you think that why. You know better than anyone how hard it is in a marathon. And there are sixty east and a marathon every day for how many things. The year for -- 66 like yeah yeah every day everyday at least 26 miles. The couple standard -- involve rising to four amity and bananas grapefruit. It dates moody for breakfast have been and is -- agrees with the -- that would. For itself and bananas for itself a ninety mile mark. Three or just the 23 mile marker for finishing at 4 PM. The avocado vegetable juices out -- as -- -- so let's -- -- would have boat that pulled muscles and stuff I mean there in the sixties. Hey mister -- -- fifth grade child in June was running itself -- the motorcycle rider called Notre Dame revealed he was 'cause she'd seen of 45 years. Those kind of things that means either you. So it's a twelve or thirteen hours a -- news. Do -- walk -- in my. That's the team to lose every day. -- Moody's and at the ports and ports right walk run. Do you could run each port. Would I supposed to be spending quality time with them out parishioners. Call 800 tracking. Poll. Right let's do this but I did at Disney cruise which -- kids it's like. One of those levels of hell have -- that it's every element is when I've and you rules on it as they can run free right on the crews. Were it. Everywhere you go. Out screaming kids. But that's the -- -- the celebrity's it's got a final boarding call is between open message it's. So -- made but he made it out afterward stand but he can -- we could turn attention to other causes that was. -- you're in India you know out of Boston right before the storm. We succeed we succeeded and he's gonna be your border advocates flight time lose 850. Us thank you will be there. Some reports. He's working hard to maintain a respectable handicap -- sixteen or seventeen. As Obama points for hands of his rivals won't doing so plays such a -- Sixteen handicap. Since -- first well you know because they said it. Secondly you've seen him swing a golf club. -- -- -- -- -- Sixty S and kept pretty good. It's a bus and boat all pretty good player that's as a 23. That's what you. Would -- Okay which in. Wanting AT ball element of that day. That -- an Obama. Mr. and we've learned you can beat Obama bask in all of us your -- jackass you're probably split 155 rounds ago. A problem. Why you probably because more important things should be working on -- accomplish what by all now. The change we need this -- You put it's the biggest waste of time there is the greatest man I love them and do it. Talk if your car assembly four hours of talk. -- -- Glad to talk to those global warming advocate. Of -- -- -- And I just laughed out loud when it's on the ship full of global warming alarmist and you know scientists right. Up to you know prove that the ice caps are melting and stock in the North Pole. In ice frozen and they had -- -- Zeljko the come rescue them that the climb out of the boat and weighed on the place -- the boats trap they're both Wimbledon. Epic. -- -- -- -- Step outside these days and say. We opted to cycle that -- more local yeah -- -- have to walk from the garage here in the remiss in my face a crisis we have to is ridiculous to have to do something in my balls off. Every year Lake Superior State as an annual batch of words that are over use the -- should be in the English language this year. Read the top two were issued a pretty good over use yet were to become going over lights would be one of them before whatever. I've done as well -- your self the self he was number one good job -- number two -- No more those were tightens those anymore sell itself sees. -- -- -- -- will be working you'll still be working to play I hope. He's tweeting this proves that you yes would you be disappointed he's not tweeting I want I want I want that pictures of the off day like you those those you know shaky pictures that one. Emeka -- it is significant other with their arm around each other's hands and -- It's midnight somewhere. If you like the point he's the best fallen the greatest follow on Twitter and I imagine the tour followed keeps management here. Week mr. -- the beaver smiled -- notes and -- -- away we we have made our -- he has one of our New Year's resolutions here on the show is no more boring -- -- open. It becomes as. Resolution football station. Obvious question. It's -- what it's like -- work you that'll be in the seat should focus -- you I helpful look connect up to try to keep things go. For us we don't you went beyond the music on him anymore music. Even so it. More concise on time. I want to focus completely as a resolution resolution -- normal in interviews and that's the first inning against the New Year's going to be marked man you'll be -- tight right now it is January Tuesday. That is complete bull did that it would have -- guests on all we that's what we do which market do that anymore and it's gonna be forgiven middle march. We're gonna pay it gets him on tomorrow if we can use Sox it's awesome great support team that's like what resolution do you want. Make for the broken culture you can send as the new contract yet hopefully major players here massive you have influence I would like. I'm with on board I think. Sometimes he gets sucked in -- it out for five of our report. Apple could do it and the Lycos up. An upgrade just sausage rap music we have to have music in the headlines section that many hands well especially about while we. Tiger aren't a break Jerry while we have skyrocket them you want every conversation about -- -- -- -- -- mat -- -- will come on two minutes later. What yes that ban on here in the last year -- -- -- our shore -- our Asia with dancing yet. Text 37 interest. That's what other resolution would you like I don't know work and do work on it get anyone -- you -- this field to be specific name. All these you know just like -- and reporter. Newspaper guy and he he has been and that we put on. In the race had nothing that we are facing nothing that we didn't release it gets the point we're. Asking questions you know you could you wanna get rid of so sponsor so we can really get into that world but. You know. And we need Aaron Dale -- last week a -- like I just like him yes yes he's like. Columnists in America which passed it right. Here for me yeah. Doesn't -- right -- wrong. So you've got no names but that's not work on okay like these resolution she thought this out. -- A -- lot of nominations it. She after. He's done with football season's over he's sponsored. Look I'm Mike Lupica. -- like lupica. All of -- and the place. Republicans show visible if I didn't like the book it would married guys still have I'd like I help each of those guys you're gonna have gone no matter what brings you don't have a problem. Think it was short of Arabic that that's my point dummy text and electric and really deal. Those guys responses to would you do about them according BKA doing about that. -- Mark Madden got a good augment them.

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